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4 Need to love your gut? Here’s how 5  Vitamin D – a need for supplementation? 20 Health Store Heroes – natural foods and remedies we love! 21 Discover Your Healthy Living Show Edinburgh: a weekend of natural health, July 18 & 19 23 Janey Lee Grace on being Imperfectly Natural 24 Meet Edinburgh’s local health heroes


6  Wise Buys for the Body 7 Menopause: Why it doesn’t have to be a menace


10  Natural face lifts – quick ways to look your best 12 Wise Buys for Beauty


14  Sizzling summer Good Food barbecues 16 Gillian McKeith’s step guide to a fab beach body 18 Outdoor living – have a hassle free picnic


26  Natural remedies you’ll want to take on holiday 28  Wise Buys for Healthy Travel


30  The low down on stress and anxiety by expert therapist Jan de Vries 32 Complementary Confidential: Four experts tackle one reader’s irritable bowel syndrome


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…to our summertime issue. We’re here to help you find new, inspiring and simple ways to live a naturally healthy life. And because value for money is more important than ever these days, Your Healthy Living brings you natural health news, features and expert help all for free! This issue has TV and radio natural health champion Janey Lee Grace with tips on being Imperfectly Natural, author and leading expert on women’s health Dr Marilyn Glenville getting us naturally through the menopause and top natural health therapist Jan de Vries with the low down on stress. You’ll also find news of Your Healthy Living Show in Edinburgh, where you can meet these three and other natural health experts, and learn about and sample local foods, remedies and therapies. And we’d love to hear what you think of Your Healthy Living Magazine, and how you manage – or struggle – to stay healthy naturally. Email me, or write to the address below. Be sure to pick up your next free issue packed with free natural health knowledge – out at the end of August. Enjoy!


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34  Herbs to help us remember! With medical herbalist Claire Choudhury 36 Wise Buys for the Mind


38  Get good health for less with these fab reader offers Your Healthy Living brings you valuable health knowledge, guidance and inspiration on natural health foods, therapies and lifestyles. We’re here to help you make wise health choices – without compromising your values, your budget or the environment.

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10 top tips to manage an irritable bowel It’s Gut Week August 24-30 so we asked The Gut Trust how best to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Here's what they said:


Keep a diary of symptoms, diet and life events. This can help to identify those factors and life situations that regularly bring on the symptoms.

Reduce or eliminate from the diet any item that reproducibly


causes symptoms. Test this scientifically by eliminating one item at a time for several days and noting the symptom response.

Eat regular meals and allow time to relax and enjoy your

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

food. Do not skip meals and do not overindulge.

Remember that fatty foods, hot spicy foods, excessive alcohol and high consumption of fruit, vegetables and cereal fibre can all upset the bowels.

Lead a balanced life – work, rest and play. Take time out to relax each day and have frequent holidays. Take regular exercise.

Know what medications do and try to find out how best to use them. Ask your chemist about them and look them up on google.

Bear in mind that all drugs have side-effects and what may work for one symptom may make another worse. Do not continue to take medications that do not help.

Talk to a friend or a counsellor or psychotherapist about anything that is troubling you. Try to find a way through.

Consider alternatives. Complementary medicine attempts to understand you in relation to your condition; the therapies provide a focus of confidence and healing. They can help!


Join a self help organisation. The Gut Trust is a charity specifically devoted to helping people with IBS and related conditions. The website has a comprehensive Self Management Programme.

Separating wheat from the chaff

ivity (as If you’re avoiding wheat in your diet due to a sensit ancient the te tolera bly proba can you opposed to an allergy), under Sold asan. Khor , wheat durum rn relative of mode health, the KAMUT® trademark, to ensure its quality and ically genet or ised hybrid Khorasan is grown organically, not taste. nutty and sweet ally modified, and has a natur n and Grown in Canada and Montana, it’s higher in protei rch Resea . esium minerals, especially selenium, zinc and magn USA s, Illinoi in iation Assoc by the International Food Allergy with compared people’s allergenic response to Khorasan sensitive are who e peopl most “For : found and modern wheat ent ® excell an be to wheat, KAMUT Khorasan products can substitute for modern wheat.”

Paul McCartney encourages Meat free Mondays

Beatles legend and famous vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney was joined by Yoko Ono and celebrity friends recently in St Jam es’s Park, London to launch a Meat Free Monday appeal. The idea is that being vegetarian even one day a week will help cut greenhouse gas emissions caused by the meat industry and deforestation. “I think many of us feel helpless in the face of environmental challenges,” Sir Paul said. “Having one designated mea t free day a week is actually a meaning ful change that everyone can make, that goes to the heart of several important political, environmental and ethical issues all at once.” Yoko added: “Give up one day and then it will be two days maybe. It’s a very, very intelligent idea.” Sir Paul said that reducing meat consump tion will also help to fight global hunger and improve the welfare of animals. You can find out more from www.mea The site is sponsore d by Goodlife Foods and has attracted a large following, not only for information on the campaign but also with its recip e suggestions, restaurant reviews and list of famous UK vegetarian celebrities.


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Did you know...?


Having cereal for brea fat later in the day ankfast is linked to eating less weight (says a review byd maintaining a healthy we skip breakfast, we King’s College, London). If food, particularly biscu are more likely to eat fatty in the day. Those who its, cakes and sweets later even if they are eating start the day with cereal, the breakfast skippers, more calories overall than normal body mass index are more likely to have a .

Vitamin D shortfall is affecting our health Millions of us Brits have a greater risk of serious illness because of low vitamin D levels, says a new scientific review commissioned by the Health Supplements Information Service (HSIS). Vitamin D plays an important role in helping combat a host of serious health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and diabetes, low immunity and winter blues. Evidence about vitamin D shortfalls in the UK population has been mounting in recent years and it’s now thought that about three quarters of British adults have insufficient intake of vitamin D, because of poor diet and a lack of sun in the UK. ‘Vitamin D’ is made up of D3, which is produced by the body when your skin comes into contact with UV light, and D2, which comes from foods such as full fat dairy products, eggs and oily fish. Elderly people are particularly at risk as their skin is less efficient at making D3 from sunlight. But we all live indoors far more than we used to and when we are out in the sun we cover up to protect against skin cancer! (This isn’t actually contradictory – you only need about 10 minutes of skin sun exposure to top up your levels.) And during autumn and winter, there is often too little sunlight and anyway we’re covered up to keep warm! Currently in the UK there are no recommended intake levels of vitamin D for most adults and HSIS is calling on the government to review vitamin D recommendations and give us clearer guidance. In the meantime, many nutrition experts are suggesting an optimal adult daily intake of vitamin D is between 600iu and 2200iu. A typical UK diet provides around 100iu to 150iu, so there’s a good case to be made for vitamin D supplementation.

Weigh and pay food arrives

This body painted model launched a Lon don vegetarian restaurant serving up a new concept in healthy eating. At Titbits, off Regent Street, you create your own meal from a range of world cuisine made with locally sourced foods, and pay for it by weight. So you control what you eat, how much you eat and what you pay for it. Singer Leona Lewis, model Lisa Snowdon and comedian Dave Spikey are fans. Great idea!

Health Diary

Now’s the time to....… Join a gym

As the MoreActive4Life campaign gets under way the Fitness Industry will be tempting us with free day passes and gym sessions.

Enjoy a weekend of natural health

18-19 July is Your Healthy Living Edinburgh, the show with free expert natural health help, talks & demos, natural foods, remedies and beauty. Turn to page 21 for tickets or visit!

Eat blackcurrants

Did you kNewnocawst..le.?University have

Scientists at ing a carrot after boiling, found that cutt ts its anti-cancer not before, boos less surface area exposed properties. With ater than if you slice to the boiling w em whole means you them, boiling thfalcarinol, the naturally eat 25% more r which has anti-cancer occurring suga also gives carrots their properties and taste. slightly sweet

Make these antioxidant packed berries part of your 5-a-day. They’re only in season July and August, so make the most of them!

Get the tent out The Big Green Gathering is in Somerset 29 July to 2 August. An eco fest of sustainable energy, local foods, therapies and green crafts. See Love your gut!

24-30 August is Gut Week, a campaign advising anyone with digestive health concerns. Free info pack from




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e looking for an ea sy way to reduce yo eco-footprint, look ur aft every month – loo er your health and save money k no further than the Mooncup®. Made in the UK by a multi-award winning ethical business, the Moo ncup is a reusable alternative to throwaway tampo ns and pads. The Mooncup giv es you longerlasting, hassle-free protection every day of your perio d. There’s no need to worry about differ ent need to carry spares absorbencies, no and no exposure to pesticides or ble aches. Loved by women worldwide , the Mooncup is available at your ind ependent health food store. www.mooncup

e h t r o f s e o r e h Health store Cherries for super antioxidant power!

ate is the Antioxidant CherryActive Concentr bursting with is tle bot Powerhouse! Each ntmorency cherry Mo g otin om -pr lth hea recent tests have antioxidants – in fact, l shot has greater 30m one t shown that jus average portions 20 n tha antioxidant power rry or super che er of fruit and veg (no oth have shown that ists ent Sci . se!) clo es juice com ls and help slow ica rad e fre tle antioxidants bat p you active kee g pin hel the ageing process, and healthy. t that regular intake Scientific studies sugges nutrients may also rry che ncy ore of Montm fortable joints; com , lthy hea help maintain help support and els lev normal uric acid dilute ply Sim healthy sleep patterns. with water to ate ntr nce Co e ctiv CherryA juice, or add to make a delicious cherry fruit juice or to , hie oot your favourite sm from your local ble natural yoghurt! Availa he w.c ww or re sto health

Vegan condoms come with added cocoa! Vegan, cruelty-free condoms have been invented! If you didn’t know it, condoms are usually made with latex, a milk protein, but Condomi uses cocoa powder instead and has been given the Vegan Society’s seal of approval. In Original, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana flavours, Fusion Condoms are in sleek, environmentally friendly packaging and are good value for money. Visit


y d o B Extra nutritional support during the menopause

Menopace Plus is an advanced menopause supplement which provides extra nutritional care during and after the menopause. It combines the original best selling Menopace formula with a unique active botanical tablet to provide even greater support. Each active botanical tablet provides a special blend of natural plant extracts all recognised for their importance during and after the menopause, including soy isoflavones, sage, green tea and flaxseed lignans. Menopace Plus can be taken alongside or independently of HRT and may be beneficial for those who are looking for an extra strength product during the menopause. What’s more, Menopace Plus doubles up as a complete multivitamin, so there is no need to worry about taking any other supplements. For further information and to buy online, visit

For better moods in the menopausetle yet effective

n provides a gen BetterYou BeYouAgai created minerals and vitamins bs, her of on lati mu g, for ein ll-b we and e anc l, bal to help maintain contro nopause. A unique me the d un aro particularly health by BetterYou’s team of formulation designed imum ratio opt the e vid pro to als and nutrition profession rients, 100% whole food nut of naturally sourced and nging needs. Formulated cha essential for a woman’s mood , and to help maintain for optimum absorption symptoms the uce red and rity cla maintenance, mental from your erm fatigue. Available of anxiety and short-t call st cki sto al For your loc local health food store. n and advice visit atio rm info t duc pro 0114 290 3679. For .com


As a woman you need to know what choices you have around the menopause and understand the safe, effective and natural remedies available… says Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

’t n s e o d e s u a p The meno ! e c a n e m a e b have to O

ver 20% of the female population are postmenopausal and it is estimated that by 2025 there will be 13.6 million women over 50 years of age in the UK. It is vital that women know what help is available to help manage menopausal symptoms and to know that those choices can include a natural approach. There are two views of the menopause – one that is a natural event and the other that it is a hormone deficiency disease. If it is taken that the menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life then it is something that the body can cope with perfectly well if given the chance. The average age for the menopause in the UK is 51 and it happens because a woman literally runs out of eggs. In the run-up to the menopause, the peri-menopause, the number of cycles in which eggs are not released increases. Oestrogen begins to decline and ovulation becomes less likely, although a woman can still have periods. Not all women have a miserable time during the menopause. Symptoms can vary and some women sail through – the only thing they notice is that their periods have stopped – while others can experience such extreme night sweats that they have to get up to change their night clothes two or three times a night. Symptoms of the menopause can include hot flushes,

night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, declining libido, osteoporosis, ageing skin, lack of energy, joint pains, weight gain, headaches and changes in hair quality.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

HRT was originally introduced in the 1930s but in the last few years a number of well-respected clinical trials have shown that the risks of taking HRT, in terms of higher risks of breast cancer, heart disease, strokes and thrombosis, do not outweigh the benefits. In 2002, the large Women’s Health Initiative Study was abandoned after five years instead of running for eight because the study found women taking HRT had a 26% higher risk of breast cancer, a 41% increase in the chance of a stroke and a 29% increased heart disease risk. Many women have taken this research to heart and 2030% of women do not collect their HRT prescription, and 20% stop within nine months of starting it. Putting these statistics together with those women where HRT is contraindicated because of a history of breast cancer or thrombosis, and it is easy to see that there is a large population of women who are not on HRT and need another way of managing the symptoms. Also, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, ➼ YOUR HEALTHY LIVING |



âžź showed that there was no significant difference between women taking HRT versus a placebo in terms of quality of life. Those taking HRT did not report sleeping better, more energy, less depression, better general health or more sexual satisfaction.

Phytoestrogens and breast cancer

A well-balanced diet is essential during the menopause as it enables your body to adjust automatically to the hormone changes. Eating a good amount of fresh fruit and vegetables is important. Caffeine in tea and coffee can bring on a hot flush for many women. The same can apply to spicy foods and alcohol. Up to 85% of Western women will experience hot flushes compared to only 14% in some Asian countries. As a result, scientists have been studying the benefits of a group of plant hormones known as phytoestrogens. Almost all fruit, vegetables and grains contain phytoestrogens in varying strengths but it is the isoflavones (one of the classes of phytoestrogens) that are the most beneficial kind and which are found in legumes such as soya, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, etc. In the human gut, bacteria convert isoflavones into substances that have an oestrogenic action, although they are not themselves hormones, which is why fermented soya foods such as miso and tempeh are thought to be especially beneficial. An average Japanese woman’s daily intake of isoflavones is between 20mg and 80mg per day, Asian women’s diets about 45mg per day, while American and British women generally consume between 1mg to 3mg per day. Also, the UK seems to have a breast cancer death rate which is about six times higher than that of women in Japan. Studies conducted in the USA have shown that when Japanese women move to the West, they develop more cases of breast cancer. The level then rises to one similar to that seen here. Many experts think the main factor is diet and this is borne out by the fact that as the traditional Japanese diet becomes more westernised, cases of breast cancer are increasing among Japanese women in Japan itself. 8 | YOUR HEALTHY LIVING

The key diet points for a healthy menopause are :

1 2

Stabilise blood sugar levels by reducing the amount of sugar and refined foods in your diet. Reduce or eliminate caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee which contribute to the blood sugar problem but also act as diuretics, depriving your body of nutrients vital for your bone health, especially at this time in life.

3 4 5

Ensure a good intake of essential fatty acids from oily fish, nuts and seeds, which help lubricate your joints, skin and vagina. Avoid soft fizzy drinks which contain high levels of phosphorus and increase the risk of osteoporosis by causing you to lose calcium through urine. Include a good intake of phytoestrogens in the diet from many sources and not just soya.

The right vitamins and minerals

Women are not getting everything they need from their food. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey published in 2003 which looked at adults aged 19 to 64 showed that only 15% of women actually achieved the five-a-day target for fruit and vegetables.With vitamin and minerals, 74% of women failed to achieve the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) for magnesium, 45% for zinc, 84% for folic acid and 15% for vitamin D, all important nutrients for women around the menopause and in the prevention of osteoporosis. A good quality multivitamin and mineral, designed for the menopause, should form the foundation of the supplement programme. Particular emphasis should be put on the following nutrients: Vitamin E Over many years clinical studies have shown its effect on reducing hot flushes and night sweats. Vitamin E is also helpful for vaginal dryness and one study showed that just 400iu taken daily for between one and four months helped 50% of the women taking it.


Vitamin C Not only is vitamin C important for preventing illness and for encouraging good health in general, vitamin C with bioflavonoids has been shown to help reduce hot flushes. It also helps to build up collagen which gives skin its elasticity and it is therefore helpful in the prevention and treatment of vaginal dryness and helping retain the elasticity in the urinary tract – so preventing the leakage or stress incontinence that is common at the menopause. B Vitamins Symptoms of B-vitamin deficiency include anxiety, tension, irritability, lack of energy and poor concentration, which are often symptoms associated with the peri-menopause. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Signs of an essential fatty acid deficiency are dry skin, lifeless hair, cracked nails, fatigue, depression, dry eyes, lack of motivation, aching joints, difficulty in losing weight, forgetfulness, breast pain – all symptoms that could be ‘blamed’ on the menopause. EFAs can help with many of these symptoms, including vaginal dryness. Magnesium Magnesium is known as ‘nature’s tranquilliser’, so it can help with anxiety, irritability and other mood changes in the menopause. Magnesium is also important for bone health at the menopause as it helps to metabolise both calcium and vitamin C and to convert vitamin D into the active form needed to ensure efficient absorption of calcium.

Which herbs?

From all the published research, the herb that has the most dramatic effect on hot flushes and night sweats is black cohosh. It was originally used by Native North Americans and is very effective in helping with hormonal imbalances. It has a generally calming effect on the nervous system and, as well as the hot flushes and night sweats, can be helpful with other symptoms including anxiety, tension and depression. Other useful herbs at the menopause include agnus castus, dong quai, sage and milk thistle. It is better to get organic herbs where possible. Women can now live 30 to 50 years past the menopause and they want to live those years in good health and free from symptoms. By eating well, taking good quality supplements and exercising, your health and quality of life will improve. Remember, you can do a lot to help yourself.

You can hear Dr Marily n Glenville talk about Natural Altern atives to HRT and Fat Around the Middle at Your Healthy Living Show Edinburgh on 18 & 19 Jul y 2009. Visit www.yourhealth for details or turn to pag e 21.

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health. She is the author of several international best sellers, including New Natural Alternatives to HRT, Getting Pregnant Faster and Osteoporosis – the Silent Epidemic, and has clinics in Tunbridge Wells and London. Visit or call 0870 5329244.




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ways to look radiant this summer moisturiser Get more from yourrt Liz Earle when she

Boost your skin from within

For a radiant face you can’t ignore inner health so be sure to get enough of these nutrients: Selenium for skin elasticity and to slow down aging; vitamin E and vitamin A or betacarotene to help reduce free radical damage to the skin’s cells and reduce UV light damage; and vitamin C for collagen synthesis, to keep skin firm and elastic. Omega 3 fatty acids from oily fish and unsaturated fatty acids from olive oil, nuts and seeds are also essential for your skin.

expe We agree with beauty ts uality natural ingredien says that pure, high-q c ive than their syntheti may be more expens mpare. results are beyond co counterparts, but the de loa d with choosing moisturisers “I would recommend th the skin’s se are compatible wi potent plant oils as the sily within the and are absorbed ea own natural structure idermis,” says Liz. upper levels of the ep ts label for a al’ check the ingredien When choosing ‘natur l ingredients and turally active botanica high proportion of na an item is, the up the ingredients list plant oils. The higher z warns us to t is in the product. (Li more of that ingredien um liquidum – oils – listed as paraffin stay clear of mineral of the skin.) as they just sit on top amin E – it’s r by natural-source vit Liz says: “I also swea ins for helping all the antioxidant vitam the most important of l skin protector. glow and is a powerfu to maintain a youthful amin E, as rds ‘natural-source’ vit Always look for the wo n the synthetic times more potent tha this is close to three in E and skin in natural-source vitam variety. Borage is rich is in all of our ich is why borage oil strengthening GLA, wh moisturisers.”

Have a DIY facial

Give yourself a rosy glow with a revitalising home facial. This one is recommended by Weleda UK’s natural beauty consultant Loraine Murry to restore skin radiance and save on expensive salon treatments. Loraine recommends wild rose, or rosa mosqueta, as her favourite ingredient for a rosy glow.

1 A  pply a creamy natural cleansing lotion with moist cotton pads. Breathe out as you sweep from the centre of your face outwards; feel the tension leaving your body. Repeat until cotton pads are clean. 2 Add 5ml of a natural toner to a bowl of steamy water. Rinse a fresh flannel, wring it out and lay it over your face. The heat immediately relaxes facial muscles, stimulating skin circulation. Take a few purifying breaths. 3 Using the pads of your fingers with light, stroking movements, massage a little beauty oil into face, neck and around the eyes. 4 To give your complexion an extra boost, apply a hydrating masque as a harmonising treat. Take time to drink a glass of water. 5 Take a fresh cotton pad and add some cooling natural toner to strengthen and purify. Use gentle sweeping movements to refresh the face. 6 Seal in moisture with a hydrating natural moisturiser. Allow skin to rest before applying make-up. Better still, take the day off and stay au naturel!


LOOK Be bright eyed

If you’ve been over indulging it will show in your eyes. Up your betacarotene intake, which the body converts to vitamin A, by eating fruits and vegetables that are deep yellow or orange such as carrots, squash, apricots and peaches. Also eat bilberries or blueberries as they contain a particular type of flavonoid known as anthocyanidins, which are brilliant for the health of the tiny blood vessels within the eyes. And a slice of cucumber over each eye really does work – hydrating and soothing itchy eyes – while cold tea bags with the excess moisture squeezed out revitalise tired eyes, and raw potato slices work for puffiness.

Smooth your lip

s Lips look and feel at their be st when they’re so ft and super smooth. Dehyd ration, sun and some lipsticks can cause crac and dry lips so ked gently exfoliate to smooth and plump them up, then use a naturally protective lip ba lm frequently to keeps them moisturised. Lo ok out for lip ba lms with pure essential oils, cocoa/shea bu tters, beeswax and herbal extra cts for non-grea sy super protected lips without resorti ng to chemical synthetics or pa s, rabens.

Use natural anti-ageing ingredients

Synthetic vitamin A (retinol/ tretinoin) works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but rose hip oil is even better. It’s full of trans-retenoic acid, a relative of vitamin A, and good for scar tissue and pigment problems such as sun spots. Rio Trading beauty adviser John Inder says any rose oil is good but unprocessed rosa mosqueta from the Andes is particularly helpful for scarring. “But don’t expect it to smell like roses – it’s from the rose hips not the petals. There’s no lovely fragrance but it’s a great beauty oil to nourish and hydrate the skin. And if there’s scarring, the GLA will help repair the skin. It may take a while if the scars are old but you do get really good results.” Catherine de Groot, co-founder of the Trilogy Age Proof range, says to combat visible signs of ageing skin we need to use nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamin E and the antioxidant lycopene. “Also I recommend proven natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, green tea, liquorice, evening primrose and organic rosehip oil, which help to moisturise, plump and brighten the complexion, so it feels firm and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.”

Massage your face

Get rid of the frown and clenched jaw with a five minute face massage. It will also bring oxygen carrying blood and nutrients to the skin’s surface and revitalise the cells, stimulating collagen and elastin. Place your thumbs on your temples and fingers on your forehead. Glide your fingers out to meet the thumbs. Repeat covering from the hair line to above the brows. Then working from the centre outwards, use a light touch to massage along the brow bone. Using the first and third finger, make small round circles to massage from the temples gently down along the length of the jawbone on both sides until your hands meet at the chin. Next, gently rub up and down a few times either side of the nose before using your middle finger to very gently tap around the eye sockets a few times. Finish off by gently rubbing and tugging your ears upwards from the lobes.

Drink antioxidant rich smoothies

Reduce oxidative stress and boost your skin by making yourself an antioxidant smoothie. Cherries are a top antioxidant fruit and you can also add some spirulina or blue green algae for a B vitamin boost. Health consultant John Carey of CherryActive suggests this recipe as it’s packed full of goodness for a healthy glow! Into a blender or smoothie maker add: • 1 medium Banana • ½ Mango • 250ml Fresh Orange Juice • 20-30ml CherryActive Concentrate or handful of de-stoned Fresh Cherries • Ice cubes Blend until smooth, serve and enjoy!




Health store heroes for

Beauty Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify If everyday life has taken too much out of your complexion, give your skin a treat with this beautifying herbal infusion. Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify is a wonderfully cleansing herbal blend which will gently remove impurities and help to restore skin tone. It’s rich in herbs known for their gentle, purifying properties: red clover, nettle and dandelion leaves, plus chamomile and soothing lemon balm. Let its Active Botanicals get to work to help cleanse your skin and put back a healthy glow. or email

in Relief for dry sore sk %

epotions is a 100 Skin Salvation from pur those suffering from by d use ent tm oin l natura suitable for people also and skin irritated, dry mulated by a mother for s wa It prone to eczema. l and effective way ura nat a in an attempt to find er’s chronically dry and of treating her daught n Salvation has helped Ski n the ce sore skin. Sin ing with conditions fer suf ple thousands of peo ches through to pat ranging from minor dry . ups e flar skin c chroni ely are made with genuin The salve and bath oil are t tha ts natural ingredien l state as close to their natura in rich are ey Th le. sib as pos sen cho lly efu car , oils nourishing swax… soothing herbs and bee very nothing else. Simple but ge ran s tion epo pur e!! effectiv y bab l ura nat es also includ dbag skincare and herbal han size rescue salves. visit Tel 01273 623123 or k o.u www.purepotions.c


The Best of Beauty gentle hair colour HERBATINTTM – The original gentle hair colour with no ammonia, fragrance or alcohol – is still causing waves. In an Internet survey that attracted over 4,000 responses, HERBATINTTM won an amazing 47% of the vote and was awarded Best Hair Colour 2008 compared to all brands, including the majors ones. In 2009 HERBATINTTM has been awarded Best of Beauty by Better Nutrition Magazine, which celebrates 70 years as a leading US magazine for health conscious consumers. So now you know, when HERBATINTTM say they’re the best, they’re not alone. Visit

FOOD Barbecues are best when they are hassle free, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Here’s three delicious and nutritious recipes to try…

Lemony fish parcels Serves 1 (easily doubled)

a clever

This is 1 lemon ok fish on way to co 100g/4oz couscous ue so it the barbec 25g/1oz pine nuts, toasted y out. doesn’t dr 1 small courgette, thinly sliced Small handful of fresh dill leaves, chopped 150ml / ¼ pint strong vegetable stock 1 haddock or other firm white fish fillet


 old a large sheet of foil in half F and scrunch one end to seal so you have a square bag with two sealed edges and two open. Zest the lemon and mix with couscous, pine nuts, courgettes and dill. Season well, then tip into the open ‘bag’. Halve the lemon, then cut two thin slices from one half. Juice the other half and add to the stock.


 ay the fish on top of the L couscous, top with lemon slices and pour over the lemony stock. Scrunch the remaining open sides tightly to seal. Cook the parcel on the barbecue, and pull down the lid or cover with an upturned roasting tin, for 20 minutes until the fish is cooked and couscous is fluffy.

Halloumi watermelon and mint salad Serves 4

Polenta bruschetta with tapenade Polenta is ground corn and an ideal carbohydrate for anyone on a wheat or gluten free diet.

250g pack halloumi, thinly sliced Flesh from 1kg/2lb 4oz chunk of watermelon, sliced 200g fine green beans 1 small bunch of fresh mint, finely shredded Juice of 1 lemon 1 tbsp olive oil, plus extra to drizzle Toasted pitta breads, to serve

Serves 6 700ml/1¼ pint vegetable stock


 arbecue or grill the halloumi B on a high heat for a few minutes on each side until golden and crisp.


 eanwhile, toss the M watermelon, beans and mint together with the lemon juice and olive oil, season well, then layer on plates with the slices of halloumi. Drizzle with a little more oil if you like, and then serve with warm pittas.

140g/5oz instant polenta 2 tbsp chopped fresh basil Olive oil, for greasing and brushing 9 tsp (about ½ 190g jar) olive tapenade 9 SunBlush or sun-dried tomatoes, halved 100g/4oz mixed salad leaves, to serve


 ring the stock to the boil in a B pan, then reduce to a simmer. Stirring continuously, pour in the polenta in a steady stream and cook for 5 minutes until thickened. Stir in the basil and season. Spread over an oiled shallow baking tin measuring 24cm x 18cm. Leave to set for 1 hour.

14 | your healthy living



Halloumi is a salty Greek cheese, perfect for using on the barbecue as, unlike most cheeses, it doesn’t melt.

 ut the polenta into 9 C rectangles, each 8cm x 6cm, then cut in half diagonally to make triangle shapes. Heat a griddle or barbecue until hot, brush each triangle with oil and cook for 4-5 minutes each side, until crisp and golden.  op each triangle with ½ T teaspoon of the tapenade and half a tomato. Serve warm on a bed of salad leaves.

Recipes and pictures from Good Food: 101 Barbecues and Grills, published by BBC Books (£4.99) and available at or



Gillian McKeith's 8 Steps to a Fab Beach Body

Here are some tips for improving your body, so you can look your best on the beach :

To truly enjoy it, you need to feel confident in your bathing costume. For many people this means reducing the bloat around their midriff and improving their skin tone and texture.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

 at fruit on an empty stomach. If fruit is eaten with or after other foods, it can E ferment meaning gas is formed. This can lead to bloating.  void sugar, refined carbohydrates and alcohol. These can all lead to fermentation A and bloating as well as providing empty calories.  se herbs and spices instead of salt. Salt causes water retention that can lead to U bloating. Herbs and spices such as ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, celery seeds, mint, fennel and parsley may all improve digestion. Chamomile, fennel, ginger and peppermint are all useful digestive teas. Chew each mouthful thoroughly before swallowing.  xercise daily. Exercise is vital for getting the blood flowing to the digestive organs E and skin.  upplement with probiotics to repopulate the gut with good bacteria and digestive S enzymes to aid digestion.  tack up on healthy snacks. You don’t have to feel guilty for indulging in snacks, S snacking is good for you so long as you snack on wholesome healthy foods. Foods like olives, seeds, raisins, fruit, fruit smoothies, nuts and miso soup are all healthy, quick and easy. Another yummy idea is celery, peppers, carrots dipped into a healthy hummous.  tand up straight – this immediately improves your physique and flattens the S stomach, AND TELL YOURSELF ‘I LOOK GREAT!’ because you are!

Make mine a low fat smoothie! There’s nothing like a summer smoothie to enjoy all the nutritional and taste benefits of fresh fruit blended with the protein and low fat goodness of soya milk. Here’s two for you to try:

Very Berry smoothie Serves 2

Preparation time 10 mins 1 cup cranberry juice 1 cup So Good Original soya milk 1 cup frozen mixed berries 2 scoops vanilla non-dairy ice cream Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Decorate with some strawberries or other fruit on top.

16 | your healthy living

Apricot and Almond smoothie Serves 2

Preparation time 10 mins 500ml So Good Original soya milk 8 fresh apricots, seeds removed 2 tablespoons of crushed almonds 1 tablespoon wh eat germ 1 tablespoon ho ney Place all ingredien ts in a blender and blend until sm ooth. Decorate with so me flaked almonds sprinkle d on top.


Hopefully at some point this summer you will have a chance to enjoy the feeling of warm sand between your toes and the gentle rolling of waves against the shore. There is nothing better than being at the beach on a warm, sunny day.


The perfect picnic! When the sun is shining and the kids are on holiday, make the most of the glorious warm days and go for a picnic. With a delightful variety of picnic spots around the UK, choose from these delicious foods to take with you... As we know, British weather is notoriously fickle so take a selection of hot and cold drinks. Want to try something a bit different? Whole Earth Organic drinks are 100% delicious and come in a variety of flavours; try the Organic Lemonade with its sunripened luscious lemons, or the Organic Elderflower which is sweetened with agave syrup and has a refreshing taste. If it turns chilly, you’ll be glad you brought a warming flask of Red Zinger from Celestial Seasonings!

Crunchy Peanut Butter Chicken prepare in advance and just as yummy served cold! Serves 4 1 egg 150g Whole Earth Crunchy Peanut Butter Salt & Pepper 70ml milk 8 chicken drumsticks 100g fine breadcrumbs Groundnut oil/flavourless oil

Method: y Preheat the oven to 200°C. y Mix together egg, peanut butter, salt and pepper. y Gradually add milk, beating with a fork to blend. y Dip chicken in egg mixture; then add in crumbs. y Place in an oiled baking dish so they lie flat. y Drizzle the chicken pieces with oil. y Bake for 40-45 minutes until the chicken is cooked through and tender.

18 | your healthy living

Whatever destination you choose, finger food is the way to go! Think outside the hamper; combine smoked salmon and cream cheese on a Kallo organic rice cake for a luxurious lunch or Whole Earth peanut butter and jam wholemeal sandwiches for the kids.

FOOD Crunchy is key – carrots or Kallo Breadsticks with hummus make a light and nutritious snack. Or why not try Whole Earth So Crispy range of soya and rice bites for a delicious alternative to crisps?

And for afters, munch on a delicious Kallo Organic Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thin. At only 57 calories per slice, you can enjoy them without feeling guilty !

Top 5 places to picnic ential The ess t checklis c i n c i p

1. Rug ipes osable w 2. Disp cream 3. Sun nsils and ute s e t la P 4. napkins 4. Paper aws and str s e s s la 5. G aid kit 6. First 7. Radio screw s 8. Cork r game or othe ll a b d an 9. Bat learing – for c g a b ic h at 10. Plast r rubbis ! up you ay of the d the end

1 2 3 4 5

The UK has fabulous picnic spots for a lazy outdoor afternoon or a break during a trip or walk. Here’s five of the best from Visit Britain to get you started:

Avon Valley Country Park, Bristol

With 50 acres of beautiful countryside adjoining the River Avon, children will love the adventure park, which has a mile-long junior assault course.

Wellington Country Park, Hampshire Beautiful nature trails and lakeside walks, camping and BBQ areas, plus a miniature railway, crazy golf and adventure playground. Excellent spot! Beecraigs Country Park. West Lothian

Situated in the Bathgate Hills, Scotland, Beecraigs stretches over 913 acres and outdoor pursuits include archery, canoeing and orienteering.

Ragley Hall, Warwickshire

Ragley Hall is the perfect place for a picnic by the lake with the peacocks, and a nearby Kids Zone, 3D maze, trampoline and climbing frames.

Barafundle Beach, Pembrokeshire This little-known Welsh beach has been ranked among the best beaches in the world. Wonderful rock pools and caves to explore and perfect for a picnic. your healthy living |19


Your health store


It takes guts to be healthy !

IntestCare from Sa lus UK is a deliciou s tasting liquid supplem ent which may help to maintain int estinal and digestive health. The intestine s play a key role in our digestion and also in our body’s defence systems an d are therefore important to our ov erall health. IntestCare provides vital nutrients to support the intest ines including; turmeric, apple-plum ex extracts and magnesi tract, plant um. IntestCare is recom mended for those people who want to actively support their digestion along with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s fre e from preservative s, artificial flavourings and colourings, lactose and gluten, and is suitable for vegetarians and veg ans. Available from health food stores. Salus (UK) Ltd Tel 0800 389 9458 or

s of kitchen traditione ar ye 0 6 ith w s ie rr u C te or in quality. Som t a compromise in tas in

rs ago. Produced a quick curry withou e set out to do 15 yea It is possible to make this is what Curry Tre bs, along with oil, but her le sib and pos ces im s spi wa ian said it de using the finest Ind ma te. are tas xes ise mi rom ce spi mp India, their give it its No Co other natural stuff to ives, trans fats vat ser pre , onion, some salt and ten glu s, ificial flavours, colour art m ce they are fro ien e fre ven are con xes and Curry Tree mi too. Due to their taste n ria eta le, go ahead veg sib % pos im 100 if you still think it’s and MSG. They are and 45 Indian cities. So ies ntr cou 15 in le availab and try one! ops and www.curryt dent health food sh en ep ind m fro le Availab

Dairy free new dynamic trio from Plamil

Anti-sneezing bswialng,mnew

son in full With the hayfever sea can TM traps pollen before it HayMax Aloe Vera organic, le, isib inv the ly app make you sneeze – you – less nostrils and hay presto drug-free balm to the TM Aloe Vera has all ax yM Ha ng! ezi TM with pollen, less sne perties of HayMax the pollen barrier pro of Aloe. cts effe air rep skin the added soothing and ganic Or st Be ed vot s It wa Soothe that sore nose! nded by experts me om rec is and 6 Product 200 ng. of ITV’s This Morni such as Dr Chris Steele ldren. chi and n me wo nt It’s suitable for pregna ps, ndent health food sho Available from indepe Waitrose. and co Tes , -op Co chemists, the or visit Call 01525 406600 your local stockist for


Award-winning Plamil introduces its new scrumptious Rum & Raisin organic chocolate, made from farm co-operative cocoa, and joining the premium range of Plamil’s organic chocolates. Plamil further combines ‘free from’ and ethics within its no added sugar chocolate range, now extended to an alternative to milk chocolate. All the taste of dairy milk but with no dairy or sugar! And now a delicious organic rice egg-free mayo provides an alternative to egg/soya mayo. As with all Plamil mayos this variety has a light, smooth and delicious taste. All made to the highest vegan standards in Plamil’s own factory, powered by 100% renewable energy. Available in health stores. Tel 01303 850588 or

Organic raw hon ey goodness Introducing the wo rld’s first organic M anuka honey lozenges made fro m 100% pure hone y (0% additives). Manuka honey co ntains clinically pr oven anti-bacterial properties that fig ht infection, parti cularly in the mouth and throat. Even better, Green Bay Hone made from raw, org anic 15+ active M ysuckers are anuka Honey without stabilisers, so they taste great too! Available in three flavours to suit all tastes. Perfect for mums on the run, children, frequent travellers and singe seeking a proven na rs tural remedy in a portable, convenien format. Available from independent t health stores in UK and Ireland, Wait rose and Ocado at £3 .99 pe r packet. More informat ion and special offers at www.greenbay

l a r u t a n e c n ie r Expe h g r u b in d E in h healt A weekend of all that’s healthy


our Healthy Living is coming to Scotland for the first time this year, the weekend of 18-19 July. Healthy Living Shows are fun and informal natural health weekend events for all ages, whether you know a lot or a little about ‘healthy living’. The two days will be packed with free seminars and live cookery demonstrations, with health experts and exhibitors on hand to offer you professional help and advice on a huge range of health topics. From complementary and alternative medicines and health foods, including locally sourced, special diets, vegan and vegetarian foods, to natural and organic fair trade products, ecologically friendly homeware and bodycare products, it’s all there to try. You can enjoy a massage or treatment in the therapy centre, or undertake allergy, fat and bone-density testing with the resident experts. Sample organic wine and foods, investigate natural beauty products and herbal remedies – and of course spend wisely on health by taking advantage of special show prices. Leading celebrities from the natural health world will be there, including BBC Radio 2 presenter and eco champion Janey Lee Grace, and renowned natural therapist and TV presenter Jan de Vries. See you there!

18 & 19 July

The Assembly Rooms,


y kb o o y b Jul 6 for

e e r f

ts! e k tic

Book before July 6 and your tickets are FREE! Visit

s Your Healthy Living show essential and 2009 from 11.00am to 5.00pm When:  Saturday 18 July200 9 from 11.00am to 5.00pm

Sunday 19 July et, The Assembly Rooms, 54 George Stre Edinburgh EH2 2LR Monday 6 July FREE when booked online before cessions £3 Con £5, lts Adu r: Tickets on the doo by a paying adult nied mpa acco n whe E FRE 16s Under


cost: To book tickets visit: www.yourhea /YHLSEdinburgh Follow us on twitter:

Pick of the FREE talks & demos at the Show FAT AROUND THE MIDDLE Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK’s leading women’s health expert, explains why fat tends to settle around the middle and how to get rid of that belly fat for good! NATURAL ALTERNATIVES TO HRT AND THE PREVENTION OF OSTEOPOROSIS Dr Marilyn Glenville explains new evidence on HRT and how to alleviate menopause symptoms naturally. IS YOUR SKINCARE MAKING YOU SICK? Radio 2 presenter and Imperfectly Natural author Janey Lee Grace takes a close look at personal hygiene for men, women and babies. SAVE MONEY, SAVE YOUR SKIN Janey Lee Grace’s recommendations for the best natural alternatives to skincare and beauty products. SAFE HAVEN OR TOXIC HOME? Janey Lee Grace looks at indoor pollution from synthetic chemicals and gives you natural, low cost alternatives.

EMOTIONAL HEALING leading UK therapist Jan de Vries explains the three bodies of health ‘Physical, Mental and Emotional’ and ways to avoid the health pitfalls of modern day life. FAMILY HEALTH Debra Nobes from Solgar Vitamin & Herb gives you simple tips on how to maintain and support your family’s well-being all year round. Plus THE END OF THE CHOLESTEROL ERA by Dr Tom Gilhooley and NAPIER’S THE HERBALISTS by Dee Atkinson. ENJOY LIVE COOKING DEMOS with chefs’ tips on simple, healthy cooking for all the family – with locally sourced ingredients. For talk times and demonstration details visit

Feel great, look healthier – without costing the earth, naturally...

your healthy living |


18 & 19 July

The Assembly Rooms,

Edinburgh ville, Meet Dr Marilyn Glen st oni the UK’s leading nutriti at specialising in women’s health, nd. the Natural Health Practice sta of risk at are you Have a bone scan to see if You ne. chi ma t osteoporosis or try the Body Fa helpful advice and lts resu r you of get a print out s a small charge on with what to do next. There’ is free if you buy for the test but the body fat test books or one of Dr Marilyn’s best selling . Stand 86. a dietary supplement on the day

Visit the ‘farmers market’ part of the show to taste Yorkshire Punch. Prepared from an old monastic recipe, Yorkshire Punch and Lakeland Punch contain 14 different herbs and spices to relax and cheer you! Try it hot or cold. Stand C

With over 180 products, Lifeplan has been dedicated to nutriti onal, herbal and specialist produc ts for over 25 years. Lifeplan ow ns Goldenhills honey, Grandma Vines skincare range and Healthilife supplements, and distribute s the popular Kiwiherb products. They say, “Please come along to our stand to find out more about the products and services we offer and see our latest product launch – Alo e Vera Juice.” They have a special 25% discount show offer. Stand 126.

Everything you need healthier life...

Experience all kinds of local natural & organic foods, drinks, remedies, vitamins, therapies and expert help at Your Healthy Living Edinburgh. Here’s a taster…

Discover and samp le the future in skin care . Feed your skin with Live Na tive’s therapeutic raw vega n organic fragrant moisturisers, sex lubricant, remedial ba lms, HomeSpa and perso nal hygiene products. Hand made on the Isle of Skye from co ld-pressed plant extracts, their premium quality Skin Foods are unique in the world, being all raw blended (without heat) to retain nature’s store of therapeutic enzymes, nutrients and antioxid ants. You’ll get 10% disco unt at the show, with a variety of gift packs available. Visit www.livenative.c and stand 4

visit the Solgar Make sure you althy Living. This stand at Your He t amin supplemen award winning vit rs, he uc vo ff -o ey on company has m ialist one-to-one goody bags, spec s d delicious tasting consultations an In . ts uc od nal pr of unique nutritio ed bes, an experienc No a br De , ion dit ad be ll wi r, ke and spea nutritional adviser ole topics for the wh h alt he discussing w ho on s tip ple sim family, giving you ’s ily m support your fa to maintain and y, sa ey th round. As well-being all year e, oic ch ’ rts pe ex e the “A chance to mak and 114 your choice.” St

Win a year’s worth of vitamins at the Viridian Nutrition stand – complete a fun crossword and learn about the best selling Cognitive Complex – and check out unbeatable special offers on Joint Complex & Joints Oil, ViridiKid Multi & ViridiKid Oil, Ultimate Beauty and Sports products. Nutritional advisers are on hand to give guidance. Stand 138

Discover seaweed as a food and therapy, at the Seagreens® stand. Try a family sized sample of wild seaweed Salad & Table Condiment and Culinary Ingredient, the subject of ongoing government funded research to replace ingredients in food manufacturing such as salt. Seagreens® has pioneered human food quality seaweed in Europe, producing it in line with EU and USA Biodynamic and Organic standards and free of pollutants. At the show you can get around 50% off the products and find out more about seaweed from Seagreens® founder Simon Ranger. Stand A

Remember to visit the A.Vogel stand where the full range of A.Vogel herbal remedies, bodycare products and foodstuffs will be on display. As well as offering information and advice, you can get a 10% discount for purchases made at the Show, and you can also pick up discount vouchers that can be redeemed against purchases at your local health store. And there will be a chance to taste an exciting new product. Not to be missed! Stand 102

A weekend of natural health... free talks, live cookery demos, expert help... discounted 22| your healthy living

For organic skincare that is 100% pure and natural, visit Lemonburst. Check out the luxurious Iona Naturals range – you’ll love the sexy vintage packaging! Discover chemical free deodorants, natural nail polishes and take away a free natural cleaning chart with every purchase at the stand. Lemonburst is an ethically run, family owned company that recycles all its packaging and prides itself on personal service. Visit stand 120

Go coconuts with Tian a! You can get up to 25% off raw cold pressed coconut oil, gluten free coconut flour and coconut mil k. Try the new Organic CocoTop – an irre sistible nutritional snack and topping on Buy 1 get 1 Free! All Tiana products are certified organic, are unbeatable in taste, nutrition, health benefit s and value for money. Stand H

to lead a

Kallo Foods welco mes you with open arms to the Edinburgh Your Healthy Living Show . Their brands include Kallo, Whole Earth, Gillian McKeith, Thursday Plantation and Rabenhorst (www . An d you’re invited to co me and see them for a tasty sample! “If you like it, which we are sure you will, yo u can also buy our pro ducts – we look forward to se eing you there!” Stan d 26

Try Nibchoc hand made snack bars that harness the power of cacao. From an Oxford-based company with a founder from Edinburgh, these snacks have no artificial ingredients, refined sugars, dairy or wheat. Taste the wonders of unadulterated cacao at the show – with free samples of eight Nibchoc varieties to try, and bars and bites available at a discounted show price. Yummy! Stand G Time to try Buy discount ed Probiotic Superfoods an d other best selling su pplements from Safe Rem edies, the family-run natu ral health food company which supplies practit ioners and stores as well as the public. Safe Remedie s says, “We look forward to seeing you there, but in th e meantime if you would lik e some more information plea se go to www.saferem” Stand 66

Spiny Bitter Gourd! It’s a Southeast Asian fruit with high concentrations of important phytonutrients such as beta-carotene and lycopene, used for healthy vision and skin. You can find out more about Spiny Bitter Gourd (Momordica cochinchinensis) and other supplements such as natural vitamin A – and purchase at discounted prices – at the Natur Boutique stall. Stand 83

nutrition, remedies, beauty and therapies...…

18 & 19 July

The Assembly Rooms,


Imperfectly Natural with Janey Lee Grace

You don’t have to get it all right I’ll come right out and tell you now I’m not a particularly dark shade of green and, as the title of my books and website (Imperfectly Natural) suggest, I don’t get everything right, but I do believe that if you look after your own health and wellbeing you can usually tick the eco box in the process. The average home is more polluted than a busy street corner – scary isn’t it? That’s not just the carpets, furniture, furnishings and chemical fog from cleaning products, but also the cumulative effect of our personal care products. The good news though, and I do like to focus on the positive, is that there is now a 100% natural alternative to just about everything, from nail polish to shaving foam, and if you replace your products one by one, you’ll be helping your health, saving some cash and doing your bit for the planet. It’s often what’s not in it that’s important – if you get my drift! For example, a product claiming to be a natural and organic Aloe Vera shampoo may indeed contain 1% aloe vera but in addition you’ll often find parabens and a host of other entirely non-organic ingredients! Of course, even better is think ‘old style’ before you even reach for your wallet. Nature has already provided so much of what we need and a reasonably stocked kitchen will hold the perfect remedies for minor ailments, the perfect solution to add to the elbow grease for cleaning and the perfect ‘potion’ for your skincare regime. For example, when you’ve finished making your avocado salad the dregs can be made into a wonderful face pack or, for cleaning the house, an already used lemon (no-one ever dares throw them away in our house), some bicarbonate of soda, a dash of white vinegar and a micro fibre cloth will handle most jobs. As for laundry detergents – well now you’ll need to read one of my books to find out why I’m always banging on about ‘balls and nuts’…!

Janey Lee Grace is author of Amazon number one best selling book ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’ (Crown House). The ‘pocketbook’ version is out now. She has a thriving website and forum at your healthy living |


18 & 19 July

The Assembly Rooms,


Meet the local health heroes Edinburgh’s health stores and clinics will be at Your Healthy Living Show this July, bringing you their combination of natural health knowledge, traditional values and passion. With their locally sourced organic and natural foods, wine, remedies and natural beauty, don’t miss this chance to meet and question these real health heroes… With 10,000 quality and value for money products, meet Real Foods, one of the first retailers of natural foods and healthcare. Their shops are in Edinburgh’s trendy Broughton Street and Brougham Street, Tollcross from which they satisfy 500,000 customers annually. Real Foods’ promotions save you money and there is always something unique on their shelves. You will enjoy the best natural and ethical products at an affordable price. From locally sourced and seasonal goods including organic fresh fruit & vegetables, real chocolate, organic wine, fairtrade, beauty care and ‘free from’ items. Taste and try Real Foods’ ingredients at the show with our sponsored live cooking demo theatre. Rhona Leslie, Sales Director, says, “Real Foods has been Edinburgh’s Community centre of health for over 30 years and offers a unique, friendly and informative shopping experience. Come and see us at the show for free samples and a free Real Foods organic cotton shopping bag.” Stand 16

With 45 practitioners seeing over 22,000 patients last year, Napiers, in Bristo Place and Hamilton Place, Edinburgh and in Glasgow, is one of the UK’s largest natural medicine clinics. Napiers’ shops are traditional herbal dispensaries with trained medical herbalist staff dispensing herbs and giving advice on remedies to purchase across the counter. Napiers runs specialist Mother and Baby Clinics, Women’s Health Clinics, a Fertility Clinic and a Bowel Health Clinic. Practising alongside the herbalists you’ll find a team of acupuncturists, osteopaths and body work therapists. Owner Dee Atkinson says: “At the show we are going to have teams of practitioners – Napiers Herbal Team, Alexander technique, Shiatsu, Acupuncture and more. We will be offering mini-taster sessions, health checks and on-site massage.” Stands 74 & 108

Hanover Healthfoods was established in 1904 and is probably the oldest independent health food store in Britain. Despite its small size, the store has 1700 different health foods, supplements, herbal remedies, sports nutrition and natural skincare products. The Hanover Street store is innovative, always keeping an eye out for special new products, especially locally made ones. Manager John McKee says: “We have a well-trained and enthusiastic staff with nearly 70 years’ collective experience in advising on health issues. We have heard most things, however embarrassing! Our staff have been to see most of our stock being made so we have confidence in the quality of what we sell. “At our stand you can meet our friendly and attentive staff and sample some of our very special products! Ask us anything. If we don’t know, we will find the answer for you quickly. Look upon us as a Google for your health needs!” Stand 98 The Jan de Vries name is well known in Edinburgh, not only because of Jan’s clinic but now also with the new Health & Diet Centre in Edinburgh’s Newington Road. The health store has an extensive range of supplements and skincare, local and organic products, vegetarian and special diet foods, along with eco-friendly products. Therapists in Craniosacral, Reflexology and Podiatry are available by appointment. Store Manager Yvonne Gallacher says: “A range of products will be available at Your Healthy Living Show, so why not visit our stand and sample items from our food ranges as well as our skincare products! “We also hope to have our therapists there to give more information and advice on the treatments they offer. Jan de Vries will be giving a talk at the show and visiting our stand on Sunday 19 July.” Stand 130

Enjoy trying different ethical & local foods and therapies that wont cost the earth... 24| your healthy living

LIFE Ah holidays! Sun, sea, and… er, pesky bites, sunburn, upset tummies and travel sickness. But take a few natural remedies and skincare products and you’ll be well prepared...

Going on holiday? What natural remedies will you pack? W

hether you’re jetting off to exotic climes or taking the bucket and spade to Brighton, pack a natural health first aid kit to cover common holiday upsets and ailments that can spoil the time away. Before you even get there, for many, especially the kids, there’s that dreaded prospect of a not-so-bon voyage. The poor brain can get confused by the unaccustomed motion, causing nausea, dizziness, even symptoms like cold sweats. Conventional treatments for travel sickness include antihistamines and drugs that block nerve signals. For gentle alternatives, warming ginger or cooling peppermint are great digestive aids for troubled tummies and to quell sickness. One way to take your medicine is to make up a thermos flask of ginger or peppermint tea, or infused fresh grated ginger root or peppermint leaves, or opt for more convenient capsules or tablets. For the best homeopathic treatment for sea sickness symptoms, ask for advice at a knowledgeable health food store or consider consulting a homoeopathic practitioner. Some companies make specific travel formulations that combine a number of the individual homeopathic remedies recommended for travel sickness. Another approach is acupressure, the application of pressure to the points around the body – the meridian points – that control the flow of energy. Look out for bands to wear like a bracelet that are designed to stimulate the point that controls nausea just above the wrist.

Calm down!

It’s not just motion sickness that can ruin travel but also anxiety, particularly about flying. Flower remedies are formulated to manage emotions, and the most well known one, Dr Edward Bach’s Rescue Remedy of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem, is often recommended for fear for flying. Amy Liddall, a Bach practitioner at Bach Original Flower 26 | YOUR HEALTHY LIVING

Remedies, certainly recommends carrying Rescue Remedy in your travel bag in case of panic attacks but her prescription to really prepare yourself for the flight is the Bach remedy specific for known fears, Mimulus. Start taking it two weeks before you depart, two drops, four times a day.

Here comes the sun

You may be heading as fast as your budget airline can get you to a guaranteed hotspot, or hoping that the weather will be on its glorious best behaviour for a stay-at-home vacation. Either way, the advice on staying safe in the sun is to apply commonsense liberally. The golden rules are stay indoors or under shade at the hottest time of day, and at other times make sure you cover up… in a hat, t-shirt and high factor sunscreen. Conventional sun creams rely on chemicals to absorb potentially damaging ultraviolet radiation. The more natural alternative is a sunscreen containing the earth pigments titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, or a combination of both, which act as a physical block to the sun’s rays. These mineral creams can also contain herbal extracts to moisturise and soothe the skin and protect against free radical damage. The higher the sun protection factor (SPF) the better the protection against the UVB radiation, but you also need to take note of the star rating system which indicates its effectiveness in protecting against UVA rays. If you do have too much sun, a high quality, pure aloe vera gel soothes and helps replenish lost moisture in the skin. On the other hand, you could simply forget sunbathing, and treat yourself to one of the excellent natural self-tanning lotions found in health shops for an almost instant tan.

Bugs off

To make the most of the great outdoors, you need to be cleverer than those nifty little bugs. If you want to avoid the widely used chemical DEET found in many insect repellents, try aromatic plant oils instead to drive


Protect your tummy Tummy upsets and diarrhoea are an occupational hazard of far flung travel, with an estimated half of all intrepid travellers being ambushed by the dreaded TD – Traveller’s Diarrhoea – the result of e. coli or salmonella. Most people recover without any medical assistance, although it’s essential to drink plenty and ensure you replace the fluid and body salts you have lost… rehydration formulas are light and easy to pack and health store options can include vitamins for an energy boost. And with a little forward planning you can really maximise your natural defences by looking after your digestive system’s own friendly bacteria. A probiotic preparation is a real travel essential and works best if you start a course before you travel. “There are probiotics specifically aimed at travel and they are far more effective in this situation than a general probiotic for daily use,” says Jalal Janmohamed of Wren away mosquitoes, midges and flies. Essential oil-based sprays and roll-ons usually employ a combination of oils, such as citronella, bergamot, rosemary, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus. And there is also neem, a traditional Indian plant extract whose reputation for effectiveness and non-toxicity is spreading. Scottish scientists tested it against that pesky holidaymakers’ companion, the Highland midge. The insects’ sensitive antennae evidently detected even tiny amounts and a concentration of just 1% neem stopped them biting their victims. Natural insect repellents need to be applied regularly to maintain your defences, as Julie Preston of the Neem Team explains: “When I’m on holiday I apply a spray when I go out in the morning or the evening and then reapply every three or four hours,” she says. “And it’s commonsense that if you have been swimming or perspiring heavily you need to top up more.”

Laboratories. His company’s travel probiotic combines four strains, including a sticky probiotic yeast which picks up the harmful bacteria so it can be flushed out of the system. “Start taking a probiotic two or three days before you go on holiday, everyday while you are away and then for a couple of days after you get home,” advises Jalal. Probiotics can also help if you are unlucky enough to get diarrhoea. One probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces Boulardii, popular in the US and Continental Europe, has undergone clinical tests to prove its ability to flush out bacteria such as e. coli and salmonella. S. Boulardii is a natural food supplement reckoned to reduce discomfort and urgency and help restore usual bowel movements, but not by artificially reducing the muscular contractions of the intestines as anti-diarrhoea medicines do!

First aid kit

And finally, for those minor ailments and mishaps, remember to include a selection of natural remedies in your first aid kit. For starters Your Healthy Living recommends: ✚ Antiseptic cream such as tea tree to prevent infection in rashes, sores or cuts and insect bites ✚ calendula salve to promote healing ✚ comfrey or arnica ointment for bruising ✚ homoeopathic arnica tablets in case of a shock like a nasty insect sting or a bad tumble ✚ a deep heat rub for headaches and sore muscles ✚ Peppermint tea or peppermint essential oil (add a drop to a cup of hot water) for indigestion ✚ A gentle natural laxative such as senna tea in case of constipation. YOUR HEALTHY LIVING |



r fo s e o r e h e r to s h lt a He

Travel Probiotics for travelling abroad OptiBac Probiotics ‘For travelling abroad’ is formulated to help maintain digestive health and natural immunity when abroad. Designed specifically for travellers by the probiotic experts at OptiBac Probiotics, ‘For travelling abroad’ contains four probiotic strains and guarantees at least 5 billion friendly bacteria in each capsule. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria probiotics coat the gut to form a protective layer and Saccharomyces boulardii flushes out pathogens such as salmonella and e. coli (which cause 70% of traveller’s diarrhoea) before they cause an upset tummy. ‘For travelling abroad’ does not need refrigeration and provides a 20 day course (£8.99). Available from health food shops and pharmacies nationwide. See or call 01264 369 936 for further information


Protect your tan from bites!

on summer sun to work Before you jet off to the essential item the e hav you e sur ke that tan, ma ect check list – Stop Pic Ins on anybody’s holiday your tan h nis tar to nt wa ’t Repellant. If you don al then Stop Pic is the ide with a skin full of bites, stop those hungry bugs to solution: a preventative rce and a soothing afte feasting in the first pla tle gen a is Pic p Sto ! skin bite to calm irritated ing smelling roll-on contain but effective pleasantbasil, mint, jasmine , me thy ing lud inc various oils ve le for those with sensiti and lemon and is suitab l. 60m skin. RSP £5.49 for or www.naturesdream. 29 81 1 0845 60

The Peppermint travel companion Oil of Peppermint is the perfect travelling companion as it can help ease travel sickness, soothe headaches, increase alertness when driving, and can even scare off mosquitoes and ants. Obbekjaers Oil of Peppermint should always be included in the holiday first aid kit. To prevent travel sickness, suck up to six Peppermint Tablets during a journey, or drop Pure Oil of Peppermint on a handkerchief and inhale regularly to prevent nausea and drowsiness. Mosquitoes and ants hate Oil of Peppermint. Sprinkle the oil in a room, use in a fragrance burner, or dab behind the ears when out and about. Available from most health food stores or visit or email


? d e s s e r t s g n i l e Fe

s e o d t a h W ? n a e m t a h t

It’s not all in the mind, says Jan de Vries


evels of stress and anxiety have reached epidemic proportions, and for most of us stress and anxiety have become an inescapable part of our everyday existence. To be honest, life without stress can be very boring, and a certain amount of positive stress can be beneficial. But when the situation becomes so bad that it affects us in every way possible, then we have to address it by trying to find out what aspect of our life is detrimentally affecting our health. Most people are familiar with the body’s response to an emergency. The heart pounds, the muscles contract and the lungs expand, and while this is happening we are capable of greater than normal strength and speed. This response is the body’s automatic way of enabling us to rescue ourselves when faced with an emergency. The same physical reaction occurs in what is sometimes called a chronic stress response. In this instance, stress is a psychological and physical response to the demands of daily life that exceeds a person’s ability to cope successfully. The difference between the two is that the body’s response in an emergency starts and resolves itself relatively quickly – the adrenal glands secrete the hormone cortisol until the emergency passes, then returning to its normal function.

Chronic stress is more complex and can last longer. It can affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. When our body is subjected to high levels of cortisol for an extended time, as with a highly stressful lifestyle, there is ample evidence that this can damage the heart, raise blood pressure and contribute to digestive problems. Stress can also lead to a breakdown of tissue, influencing bones, muscles and nerves, and can cause much toxicity in the body. Long term chronic stress may damage the entire nervous system and suppress the immune system. There can be many triggers for emotional stress, including work resentment, jealousy, unhappy marriages and loneliness. Physically, this can result in symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, muscle tension, high blood pressure, headaches and insomnia. It can also lead to more serious problems like alcohol and drug abuse and aggressiveness. Mentally, stress can lead to memory problems, getting things out of proportion and attitude problems. For some people, anxiety and stress are persistent and overwhelming, interfering with daily life. The good news is that alterations in the central nervous system and the immune system can be reversed when stress is removed. The key is to learn to deal with daily stress to allow the body

A student of Dr Vogel in the 1960s, Jan de Vries ND, MRN, DHom.Med, MBAcA, DSc(Hon) is a worldwide speaker and author on natural medicine. He has a residential clinic in Troon on the west coast of Scotland, where he sees people from all over the world.


to return to its normal state. We have to look not only at our physical state but also our mental and emotional states, and then find the right balance. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are frequently used in combination with behavioural therapy to ease stress and anxiety, but there are several herbal remedies that can be used to help resolve these problems, and they do not have the negative sideeffects associated with many modern pharmaceutical drugs. With any stress condition, it is crucial to get plenty of restful sleep and carry out relaxation exercises. It’s also important to make sure you keep to a stress-free diet; one that is low in animal fat, no white flour or sugar, and high in good carbohydrates. The most important thing is to first recognise the stress; second, follow a low-stress diet (which I have advocated in my books on food); third, try relaxation, such as the Hara Breathing exercise, (mentioned in many of my books); and fourth, take some homeopathic or herbal remedies specifically formulated for stressful situations.

Jan de Vries will be speaki ng further on stress and anx iety in his Emotional Healing lec ture at Your Healthy Living Show , in The Assembly Rooms, Edinb urgh on Sunday 19 July at 3.0 0pm. See www.yourhealthylivin




y r a t n e m e l p Com

l a i t n e Confid

The Tai Chi Instructor I think maybe Tai Chi could help you Maureen. IBS can have many causes but certainly one common cause is stress and reading your letter I can understand the potential for stress in your life. Tai Chi has a certain rhythmic quality to it and I believe this is where its ability to help with stress related illnesses comes from. Every mother knows rocking a baby will help it to sleep. Tai Chi has this rhythm built into it. You might like to find a teacher who can teach you a set of exercises called Qi Gong. These are gently moving energy exercises that you can do in your own living room or outside in the garden. They combine movement with breathing awareness. Essentially a moving meditation which focuses the mind on the present moment and helps you to forget your worries. Andy Spragg, Tai Chi Instructor and owner of Re-Vitalise, the UK-wide Tai Chi retreat company.

“What can I do for my IBS?”

The homeopath IBS can be aggravated by certain foods and dietary changes can certainly be helpful. Aloe vera juice might help settle the inflammation, but it doesn’t work for everyone and even if it does help, won’t tackle the root of the problem. Homeopathy aims to trigger your own system of healing so the symptoms don’t happen in the first place. Homeopaths see many patients suffering with IBS symptoms, and we treat each person as an individual, prescribing a remedy based on the symptoms, how you cope with them and the effect they have on your life. We also look at personality traits and trigger factors, so 10 people with IBS are likely to need different remedies. In your case, the stress of your husband’s job loss may well be playing a part and a homeopath would talk this through with you. To find a Society of Homeopaths registered practitioner, see Tina Burchill RSHom practices at the Leicester Clinic of Classical Homeopathy,


The Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy can be helpful for sufferers from IBS in several ways. People with IBS have a bowel that over-responds to stress and is hypersensitive and so the pain threshold is lowered. Working with a qualified practitioner to understand the connection between your beliefs about stressful situations and what you therefore demand of yourself and the resultant symptoms can help manage your reactions to stressful situations. Hypnosis can also help to alleviate the painful sensations associated with IBS. Researchers at Witherington Hospital in Manchester found hypnotherapy helped 71% of patients with IBS and the improvements lasted five years. A combination of in-session work and self hypnosis, which any qualified practitioner can guide you through, will give you a resource to use to build up your relaxation response and therefore to alleviate the discomfort. Beverley Harper PDCBH, MBSCH, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist practices in South and Central London

The Nutritionist Name Maureen Age 54 Lifestyle

Living in Norwich with her husband, who has recently lost his job, Maureen works part time as a cashier and admits to being a bit overweight.

Health concern: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – with alternate constipation and diarrhoea, bloating and cramps.

Maureen says: “I try to ignore it and get on with life but it’s quite painful sometimes, and tiring. The worse thing is if I need to find a loo quickly when I’m out. Diet wise, I eat more fruit now and brown bread instead of white and think that helps. And a friend has recommended drinking aloe vera juice. What else can I do?”

Ideally start with a stool test. Imbalances of yeasts and bacteria often contribute to IBS symptoms of bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. Unchecked these bugs may also contribute to intestinal permeability and food intolerances. If a stool test is not possible then try a good residential strain probiotic to supply beneficial bacteria which can make a new healthy colony and reduce symptoms. Normally adding more fibre from wholemeal bread is a great idea but if your bowel is being particularly irritable at the moment be careful not to overdo the fibre. Have plenty of vegetables but have them cooked in a soup or stew rather than raw until things are more settled. Include porridge for gentle soluble fibre but use the fine oatmeal rather than the whole oats. Chew your food carefully as when stressed we don’t tend to digest as well and so become more bloated. Yvonne Bishop-Weston has clinics in Harley Street and Croydon and does telephone consultations. See


Health in a Bottle Jargon Buster

Antioxidants – natural chemicals which can reduce cell damage caused by free radicals

Polyphenols – very strong antioxidants removing free radicals in the body

Phytonutrients – compounds in fruits, vegetables and other plants which researchers have found have disease fighting properties


re you confused about the benefits of the different types of fruit and vegetable juices on the market? Do you lead a busy life and want to supplement your diet with the goodness of fruits and vegetables by consuming them as a juice and are unsure which products to choose? We are drinking more juice than ever – from 7.4 litres a year in 1980 to 24.6 litres a year in 2006*. So it pays to know what you are drinking and choose the ones with the most health benefits. All Rabenhorst juices are pure juices that are not from concentrate and contain the original substances present in the fruit itself, so you can be sure that you are retaining the goodness of the fruit or vegetable. This results in a yummy juice or nectar with most of the vitamins and vital substances still present. The Rabenhorst range includes both nectars and juices, so what’s the difference? Well, fruit juices must have a content of 100% juice while nectars are only required to have a certain minimum content. Rabenhorst decides whether a particular fruit is made into a juice or nectar depending on its acidity content and the amount of its fruit flesh. Vegetable juices are a fantastic way of upping your intake of vegetables, they are non-diluted, non-fermented or lactic-acid fermented products made from fresh vegetables. To enhance the taste, ingredients are added with the strictest care, for example a pinch of sea salt is added to the tomato juice and a dash of lemon to the carrot juice. To win a free sample of Rabenhorst Juice turn to page 38. *Source: Verband der Deutschen Fruchtsaftindustrie e.V.2007

Organic and pure, beetroot is the first ‘super-root’, full of the antioxidant betanene, which gives it its deep colour

Rabenhorst Cranberry Cooler Ingredients: 60ml Rabenhorst Cranberry Juice ½ tbsp of lime juice Lemon slices Soda water Instructions: Pour the juice into a glass and add the lime juice, lemon slices and ice. Top up with soda and enjoy!

Top Five Tastes

Organic and pure, carrot juice is rich in betacarotene, the nutrient so important for eye health

The prune drink is made from concentrated dry prunes, which is thought to have a higher impact on digestion than a pure plum juice

Goji is the superfruit of the noughties! Blended with banana and apricot, it’s a delicious tasty cocktail

Wheatgrass contains valuable energising mineral nutrients like iron, magnesium and calcium and is a well known detox aid




Can herbs improve our memory, keep a clear head and relaxed focus? Herbalist Claire Choudhury lets us in on some secrets…

p l e h o t s Herb p r a h s y a t your s


o you sometimes forget a familiar phone number or find yourself at the top of the stairs but can’t remember what you’re supposed to be fetching? If you do, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Short term memory problems and poor concentration affect more people than you might imagine, not only because our population is an ageing one, but also due to increasingly hectic and demanding lifestyles. Luckily there are some wonderful herbs to help your mind stay focused, relaxed and sharp. From Rosemary and Sage to Gingko and Lemon Balm, herbs have long been associated with healing and strengthening the mind. Hundreds of years ago, master herbalists like John Gerard recommended Rosemary to “quicken the spirits and make them more lively” or Borage flowers “in sallads to exhilerate and make the minde glad.” But before you choose a herb to gladden your mind, it’s worth remembering that poor memory can be caused by a number of very different factors. Understanding what lies at the root of your own symptoms is the key to successful herbal treatment. Take a moment to ask yourself when you first started to feel unfocused or forgetful. Have you been going through a tough time at work? Anxiety can over-stimulate the mind, making you feel unfocused and forgetful. In this case, calming


herbs such as Vervain are what you need, not stimulants like Korean Ginseng. Then again, you might be approaching the menopause. Herbs for hormonal balance may be all you need to help clear that ‘foggy mind’. If your symptoms started following a bout of flu or diarrhoea, your mental sluggishness might be due to post-viral fatigue, so consider taking an antiviral nervine such as St John’s Wort.

Herbs for burning the candle

Older people with poor memories may well benefit from circulatory herbs such as Garlic, Ginkgo and Hawthorn. These herbs help maintain good blood flow to the brain and keep it well supplied with oxygen – rather like opening the window to let in fresh air. On the other hand, if you’re young and burning the candle at both ends, you’re more likely to benefit from herbs such as Borage, Siberian Ginseng and Liquorice. They support your adrenal glands and help stop your brain from being flooded with too much adrenaline. Don’t be surprised if you can’t focus when you’re stressed. The fight-or-flight reaction is specifically designed to make you forget everything except the immediate danger in front of you – very useful when you’re facing a saber-tooth tiger, not so useful before a big day at work! Sometimes all you need to feel fresh and alert is to get more sleep. Easier said than done? Then consider taking a tea each night of German Chamomille, Lime Flowers and


More brain boosters Passiflora. If that doesn’t do the trick, you might need a slightly headier combination such as Valerian, Wild Lettuce, Hops and Jamaican Dogwood. St John’s Wort is ideal if you find yourself waking in the early hours of the morning and just can’t get back to sleep. Of course, there may be nothing wrong with your memory or concentration – you just want more of it! If you’re revising for exams, consider Korean Ginseng or Kola Nuts to keep you alert, but don’t overdo them as they can make some people hyperactive. On the day of the exam, focus on nerve-calming herbs such as Scullcap, Lavender, Vervain and Rose – a calm, clear mind helps improve memory recall. The mind works best when the body is well nourished, so aim for a healthy diet which includes ‘brain foods’ such as oats, almonds, oily fish, pumpkin seeds and avocados. Heavy consumption of alcohol and the use of recreational drugs are likely to diminish your concentration, possibly permanently. Stimulants like caffeine and sugar may pep you up for a while, but eventually exhaust the body, so avoid them if you can. Keeping well hydrated helps sharpen your mental acuity ➼

er (the brain is about The fats essential for optimal brain pow efits of omegaben The s. 50% fat!) are omega-3 fatty acid Alzheimer’s with ion nect con in ed 3s have been research lar disorder bipo , rder disease, anxiety, attention deficit diso disease. n’s inso Park even depression, poor memory and ence veni con on nce relia with , diets Our 21st century e did. onc they as 3s foods, don’t contain as much omega ty of plen g eatin of it hab the into So it’s a good idea to get /or and oils hemp seed oil-bearing nuts and seeds, flax and y heav of es trac d avoi (to s taking pure source fish oils capsule the of one take and dly frien k stoc fishmetals) – or be totally the algae that the fish new marine algae supplements from feed on! our brain from free As we age, we are less able to protect attacked and this are radical damage. Important nerve cells our mental abilities. in line dec a to tes oxidative stress contribu xidants – which The way to defend the brain is with antio antioxidants are n know best neutralise the free radicals. The mineral selenium. e trac the and tene vitamins C, E, betacaro and wholegrains, and We get these from fruit and veg, nuts lements found in supp ry dieta from good quality antioxidant es. natural health stor

If you take medication from the doctor, have a serious medical condition, or are pregnant or breast feeding, some herbs should be avoided. To find a medical herbalist in your area please contact the National Institute of Medical Herbalists on 01392 426022 or at Claire Choudhury qualified as a medical herbalist ten years ago and runs a busy herbal practice in south London. Further details are available at



MIND ➼ if you feel tired or sluggish try drinking a class of

water. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result. So let’s consider some of the key herbs that help nurture memory and concentration. If you feel your mind needs a real energy boost then adaptogens like Siberian Ginseng or Damiana can make a real difference. Antioxidants such as Green Tea, Hawthorn and Bilberries are useful at any age as they help reduce oxidative damage to the central nervous system. All are pleasant to take as a tea. Berries should be decocted (boiled in water for ten minutes) and leaves can be brewed in a teapot for at least ten minutes. Ginkgo is the herb of choice for older people, though it should not be taken alongside blood thinning medications. It will help protect against blood clotting and promote circulation to the brain. Lesser Periwinkle and Rosemary also help boost blood flow to the brain, though avoid Rosemary if you have high blood pressure. Elizabethan herbalist John Gerard’s claim that “Sage quickeneth the senses and memory” has been backed up by recent research published in Psychopharmacology 2008. Sage does indeed significantly improve how efficiently the brain processes stimuli and consolidates them into secondary memory. Sage is also an oestrogenic herb, so an obvious choice for menopausal memory-lapse. Oat Straw is a wonderful stabilising nervine herb that is useful at any age to help develop mental stamina. A generous dose can be taken over a long period of time, and because it helps balance blood sugar levels, you may find yourself craving fewer sugary things too.

Herbs to lift your mood

Peppermint tea can give a great lift to the mind and is calming to the digestion into the bargain. Try inhaling peppermint essential oil from a bottle or an atomiser to give your mind a great wake-up call. The medieval herbalist and philosopher Paraclesus described Lemon Balm as a “living forever tonic”. As yet, his claims for eternal life remain unproven! However, modern research does indicate that Lemon Balm can significantly improve symptoms of dementia, as well as lift mood and ease indigestion. Research published in Ethnopharmacol last year indicates that the Indian herb Gotu Cola can increase attention, working memory, alertness and mood, though significant improvements were only noted using high dosage levels. Scullcap is a splendid herb for anyone with a racing mind that won’t stay still enough to concentrate. It’s great for those whose head spins with ideas and fears, day or night. As so often in herbal medicine, one herb can have seemingly opposite effects. Scullcap helps calm your nervous system, so at night your sleep improves, yet during the day it helps you to think more clearly. So there you have it, just some of the many herbs that can help focus your mind. And if you’ve already forgotten what you’ve read in this article, it’s definitely time to hit the Rosemary and Ginkgo!



Heroes for the

Dr Stuart’s Ginkgo Plus

If you’re having trouble focusing on the task in hand, or simply need to clear your head, why not take a bit of a breather, put the kettle on and make yourself a reviving cup of Dr Stuart’s Ginkgo Plus? It’s a motivating mix of uplifting herbs like spearmint, lemongrass and ginkgo which combine to help boost your concentration, refocus your mind and redouble your efforts. It’s made with Active Botanical quality herbs which will soon leave you refreshed and raring to go, with renewed vigour to tackle the tasks ahead of you. or email

Need to clean up your language? and family

ing friends Ever found yourself giv g why they didn’t follow advice and wonderin a book that recognises it? Clean Language is or often an answer to ays alw ’t isn that advice tead of giving advice ins t tha and the problem, stions and help que at we can ask some gre uti sol ons – which they people find their own tivated to follow. Clean mo re mo far be will then taphors and Opening Me ling vea Language: Re and Judy Rees an lliv Minds by Wendy Su Publishing, is available use Ho n ow Cr 9), 6.9 (£1 from

CHANGE YOUR LIFE BECOME A HOMOEOPATH Homoeopathy offers a rewarding career. It provides an opportunity to work closely with people, freedom to work independently and gives great satisfaction from seeing patients heal. The North West College of Homoeopathy is fully recognised as a leading homoeopathic educational provider by the Society of Homeopaths. Established 25 years ago, the College offers a well-organised, student-centred classical training in homoeopathy. The College provides experienced and committed lecturers, a welldeveloped network of regional support and a pioneering clinical training programme. For more information contact North West College of Homoeopathy (Manchester) Tel 0161 975 6205 or visit


Magic or Quantum Physics? was done by filtering the chaos out of the electron information flows present in all systems (both mechanical and biological). This does what conventional engineering states to be impossible, i.e. it improves power, consumption and emissions all at the same time.

Many chronic ailments with which conventional medicine is completely helpless (arthritis, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, asthma and many more) can be greatly alleviated simply by eliminating the chaotic energy from our body water. This, in turn, causes our blood to become fully functional and to pick up the deposits and deliver them to the kidneys for natural discharge. In addition to this, eliminating stress and rebalancing our body energy systems enables our natural immunity to return to full function! Ask Karma Singh, Managing Director of Harmony United Ltd, and he’ll tell you that there is very much more to life and health than the mere physical body.

The first successful experiments with human health using this technology were carried out in 1994, although it was not until 2001-2003 that major advances in this field were made and the technology became generally available from Harmony United Ltd. The technology is completely non-invasive, completely safe and has a wide spectrum of applications as can be seen on the website

Professor Bruce Lipton PhD, through his pioneer work in Epigenetics has shown that the human body should, theoretically, stay healthy for hundreds of years. He has further shown that there is no mechanism within the human physical body which could ever permit it to become ill. The only possible source of ill-health is disturbances in and disruption of the energy from which our bodies are created. Human immunity to parasitic “attack” is perfect and can never be broken by any invading microbe. It is only when informational perturbations cause the immunity to be temporarily “switched off” (as described by Prof. Lipton in the “The Flu Fairy Tale”) that germs can rapidly multiply. The true “health” problem which we all have to cope with each and every day is not bacteria and viruses but maintaining the purity of the energy fields which create our bodies.

Further details from Harmony United Ltd Tel: 0203 286 6936 Books by Karma Singh Prof. Lipton’s website Visit stand 72 at Your Healthy Living Show, The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, with a presentation at 4pm on Saturday 18 July.

Some 20 years ago, a German engineer by the name of Joachim Wagner perfected a device which improves the performance of car engines and increases the working life of many automobile parts by up to 70%. This

Profile Plus, Scotland’s only dedicated leisure and lifestyle PR agency, is delighted to support Your Healthy Living Show. Based in Scotland and London, Profile Plus has earned a reputation for producing

We have just launched a brand new online PR service, PRISM – Public Relations, Internet and Social Media. PRISM is available on a project or an ongoing basis – we provide education and training for clients in new media, carry out an audit to establish an organisation’s profile online and then create a PR strategy based on where you are now and what you want to achieve from an online presence.

creative and effective PR campaigns for food, drink, hotel and leisure clients.

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measurable return on investment.

Our services are tailored to each client but might typically include:

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1 E mail your name and postal address to with the Free Draw Code (eg HONEY in the email subject box).


2 S end a postcard with your name and address with the Free Draw Code (eg HONEY) on it to: Reader’s Offers, Your Healthy Living, 15 Burton End, West Wickham, Cambridge CB21 4SD.

The closing date is 12 noon on 31 August 2009, unless stated otherwise. Your Healthy Living reader offer and prize draw terms and conditions Winnersareselectedatrandomfromalltheentriesreceivedattheclosingdate.Winnersarenotifiedbyemail, or by telephone if they have entered by post, within 28 days of the published closing date. Byenteringaprizedraw,competitionorofferyouagreetouskeepingyourdetailsonourdatabaseandthatyour datamaybeutilisedbycompaniesconnectedtoJHNProductionsandthoseinvolvedintheseoffers.Ifyoudonot wish us to retain your details to contact you about future offers, please write ‘No offers’ at the top of your email or postcard. TheprizedrawsandcompetitionsareopentoUKresidentsaged18orover(unlessotherwisestated).Youmay enter more than one draw but there is a maximum of one entry per person per prize. Proofofsendingdoesnotconstituteproofofreceiptandnoresponsibilitycanbeacceptedforentriesthatarelost, delayed,incompleteordamaged.Entriesbythirdpartiesarenotaccepted.Therearenocashalternativestothe prizes and prizes are not transferable.


ByenteringthedrawsyouagreetoparticipateinHealthyLivingMagazinepublicityifyouwin.Winners’names areavailableonwrittenrequest,withanSAE,tothepublishersJHNProductions.Asthepromoter,thepublisher’s decision is final. No correspondence can be entered into. Intheeventofunforeseencircumstances,thepromoterreservestherighttoofferanalternateprizeof equalor greater value. If winners are unable to take the prize or not contactable after 21 days, a redraw may take place. Winners accept prizes at their own risk. For those that involve travel, winners should obtain their own travel insurance and ensure they are fit to travel. Thepublishershallnotbeliableforanylossordamagewhatsoever,arisingfromprize/competitionadministration or winners’ acceptance and use/enjoyment of the prizes. Where specific terms and conditions apply to a prize or offer, they will take precedence over these stated ones.

Your Healthy Living Magazine - July August 2009  

Your Healthy Living Magazine - July/August 2009 Edition

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