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NatCo’10 is … “I am very happy that two years ago I found AIESEC and now I am even happier because I have the opportunity to invite all of you to NatCo'10. Why is it worth to participate in this conference? Come and see! Just remember to bring willingness to learn new things and a good mood:) We are looking forward to meeting you (face control)”

Kristina Semaškaitė

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OCVP Logistics

NatCo’10 is … “I am really glad to introduce a National conference of Lithuania for all the members from new ones to oldies. Take your chance to communicate with new interesting people, generate ideas and get some knowledge - you'll need it for your exciting future. See you there ♥ Don't forget your sincere smile!”

Ingrida Petniūnaitė

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OCVP Sales

NatCo’10 is …

“Old and new faces, friends, fresh information, fantastic parties, few hours of sleeping, loads of work and even more joy”

Edita Simanavičiūtė

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OCVP Delegates

NatCo’10 is … “A memorable time spent together with AIESEC members, amazing feeling when reading sugar cubes and invaluable organizational experience. I am here to help you experience a part of that”

Justina Baltušytė

Contact me: E-mail: Tel. no.: +370 627 28213


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