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Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Products

Swiss army knives have been round for ‘thousands’ of years. The first ‘Swiss army knife’ was founded to be derived from the roman empire and has been carbon dated to 200AD, it consisted of a spoon, blade, spike, spatula, fork and a tooth pick, so it has similar aspects to the most common modern day Swiss army knife. The Swiss Army knife we know today was coined by the US as they couldn’t pronounce the German Word in WWII. The First Swiss Army knife was manufactured in 1891 Karl Elsener, which later became Victorinox. The WWII Swiss army knife consisted of a knife, bottle and tin opener a spike all in a handy size instead of all being separate. The Swiss army is still given one as part of the kit today. There has been many different types of the classic Victorinox there has been over 50 adaptations since the original knife with extra tools such as a saw and crew driver. Recently Victorinox has created a tool to the left with contains 85 devices on and weighing 2lb. This tool is more of a showpiece than to be actually used it boasts all of Victorinox’s tools and costs in the region of $500-1000.

Victorinox has come along way since the Swiss army knife. They have a range of products and garments. The army knife has been modernised ‘keeping up with the times’ by having a USB flash drive incorporated in them. Luggage is a big part of Victorinox line; they are strong and rigid to stand the length of time similar to the original army knife. The Swiss are renowned for watch making so there watch line was inevitable creating stylish and brilliant watches. They have also ventured into the fragrance line; the bottles are very striking with straight lines and original to the style of Victorinox.

swiss army knife