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Using Portable AED Unit As A Random Bystander

(Why are portable AED units so crucial?)


A major 1995-2005 analysis by American Heart Association, has revealed just how

crucial it

is for any lay person to make use of a portable AED unit.


AHA reported that between '95 and '05, in a randomized large scope study in the use of tactically situated mobile automated electronic defibrillator units, or portable AED units, indicated that Heart Attack Deaths will be effectively

avoided by lay folks, or

bystanders, acting on time.


The lay people seeing the heart attack need to execute

4 steps,

a 'chain of survival':


1) C all 911 and request Urgent Medical Services, EMS.


2) T he CPR, cardio pulmonary resuscitation, carried out by a bystander.


3) Q uick delivery of a shock from a portable AED unit, quite possibly by bystanders. CPR carries on after shock.


4) Q uick advanced life support by nowarrived EMS.


It always takes between

8 and 10 min.

in most locations inside the US for the EMS to arrive.


likelihood of surviving falls by 10 percentage points Given that the

each passing minute, it is crucial for any bystander to administer a sequence of CPR and AED action prior to the EMS turning up.


For info on

brands and models


portable AED units and for a lot more info about the research project, visit . http://AEDMachine.NET/