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1. Oct 2012

health care reimbursement account


Health Care Reimbursement Account [Update for 2012]

HRA - Health Care Reimbursement Account Trend For 2012 And Beyond Aon Hewitt, a global human resources company, ran two surveys in 2009 and 2012 about US company health care plan offerings. Aon Hewitt surveyed 370 employers in 2009 and nearly 2000 large US employers in 2012. The companies participating in the 2012 survey represent as many as 20,000,000 employees. The original surveys are at for the year 2009 and for the year 2012. Here are the basic raw results of the surveys in 2009 and 2012. The percentages correspond to percentage of companies offering the particular type of plan. • • • •

HRA, Health Reimbursement Account grew from 13% (2009) to 18% (2012). HSA, Health Savings Account grew from 19% (2009) to 34% (2012). PPO, Preferred Provider Organization fell from 92% (2009) to 79% (2012). HMO, Health Maintenance Organization fell from 46% (2009) to 38% (2012).

The conclusions about the Health Reimbursement Account and other trends that we can draw from the surveys are as follows: 3 years 2009-2012 have seen the passage of the ACA (Affordable Health Care Act of 2010), and tremendous, up to 8% per year increase of health care costs. The overwhelming trend is the shift from traditional HMO and PPO type plans to modern, cost saving Consumer Driven Health Plans, of the HRA and HSA type. Find more information on these popular health reimbursement accounts:

Affordable HealthCare Act Of 2010 And HRA  

Affordable HealthCare Act Of 2010 Is Causing HRA (Market Driven) accounts to skyrocket. For more information, see http://healthreimbursemen...

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