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Discussion Question 1 Due Date: Day 2 [Main] forum Post your response to one of these questions: How might managers use the grapevine to their benefit? As a manager, how do you think you would use the grapevine to further organizational goals? What's your opinion about Internet gripe sites like those mentioned in OB in the News (p. 311, Organizational Behavior, 11th ed.)? If you were a manager who found out that one of your employees was posting on a gripe site, how would you address this with your employee? How might the gripe site contribute to organizational business? Discussion Question 2 Resource: Appendix J Due Date: Day 4 [Main] forum Read the scenario in Appendix J. Post a list of your three highest conflict-handling scores to the Main forum. Include a brief description of how you would manage the pizzeria scenario using a combination of your best conflict-handling styles. Explain how you would use the conflict to your advantage, thereby making it a functional conflict. Describe how your preferred styles contribute towards the solution. Comment on your classmates' posts by suggesting strategies to further their negotiations.

Mgt 245 week 5 discussion questions  
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