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MGT 216 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Ford Pinto Case Study Review Click Here to Buy the Tutorial eam-Assignment-Ford-Pinto-Case-Study-Review For more course tutorials visit

a. Read the following case studies: 1) The Ford Pinto Case in Ch. 12 of Business Ethics (DeGeorge, 2006, pp. 298-299) 2) Issue 15: Was Ford to Blame in the Pinto Case? in Ch. 4 of Taking Sides (Newton & Ford, 2008, pp. 291-319) • In a 1000 to 1200-word paper, address the following: 1) If you were involved in the ethical dilemma discussed in the case study, what solution would you recommend? Support your decision with examples and supporting information. 2) Explain ways in which external social pressures have influenced your decision. 3) There is a term in art called the Period Eye, referring to the way a viewer looks at something through the eyes of the time in which it was painted or happened. Examine the case with a Period Eye. Is the solution you have formulated today the same as that which you would have chosen in 1971, when this case originally took place? Support your argument. • It is important that you follow usual APA report-writing guidelines in presenting this paper – I want to see an introduction that includes the reason for your writing, the body of the report which ties these terms together, and a conclusion which specifically recaps important points. • The paper must include references for at least two scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook sources for your case review. This may include the journal articles from the University Library assigned for the course, or other independently-researched sources.

Mgt 216 week 3 learning team assignment ford pinto case study review  
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