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Dan is an employee at a regional mid-size computer company that has recently been sold to a larger, national computer manufacturing corporation. Dan is in charge of computer production orders, and because of this recent shift in ownership, his department’s day-to-day operations are about to change drastically. Dan has been an employee of the mid-size company for 10 years, and thinks that the current way of doing things in his department does not need any improvement.

Respond to these questions after reading the scenario: If you were Dan’s new supervisor, provide a method for how you would address the issue described above and justify the effectiveness of your solution. Why would Dan find your solution effective or helpful? Why would your solution be effective or helpful from your perspective as a supervisor?

Read one of your classmate’s responses to this discussion question. Provide them with constructive feedback, offering suggestions to help them clarify and revise their solution. Would the solution be useful in other situations, or is it specific to this one scenario? Why or why not?

Read Exercise 18-1: What Is the Problem?on p. 322 in Ch. 18 of Supervision: Key Link to Productivity. Response to these questions: Determine which of the approaches

listed at the end of the exercise that you, as a supervisor, would choose to take. Explain your reasons.

Mgt 210 week 8 dq 1 and dq 2  
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