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CheckPoint: Employees’ Union

Supervisors must often juggle the different needs and expectations of various organizational stakeholders, such as upper management and employee unions. Supervisors must also be aware of legislative changes designed to prevent discrimination and to protect different classifications of workers. This CheckPoint presents a scenario in which you, as a supervisor, must determine how to balance these various needs and expectations.

Follow the steps listed below to complete this 200- to 300-word CheckPoint:

Assume that you, as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant, have heard rumors that the union, which has been virtually inactive until now, is planning to take complaints to upper management. Outline a plan you could present to upper management that might prevent the need for union action. Explain how this plan also represents your responsibility to the employees’ union.

Follow APA formatting guidelines for this paper.

Post as an attachment.

Mgt 210 week 6 checkpoint employees’ union  
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