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MGT 210 Week 5 CheckPointRecruiting, Selecting, Orienting, and Training Click Here to Buy the Tutorial,Selecting,-Orienting,-and-Training For more course tutorials visit

CheckPoint: Recruiting, Selecting, Orienting, and Training

Staffing is one of the most important responsibilities a supervisor undertakes. Successful organizations must determine how to find the best people and then ensure that those people become and remain an effective part of the company. Based on organizational needs, procedural preferences, and size, organizations approach recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training personnel in different ways.

Resources: Appendix B, Ch. 10 (pp. 163–181) of Supervision: Key Link to Productivity, and Microsoft® Word Tutorial: Creating Tables

Review the Microsoft® Word Tutorial: Creating Tablesat

Use the table in Appendix B to compare and contrast the ways in which a large company and a small company might approach recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training personnel.

Post the table as an attachment.

Mgt 210 week 5 checkpointrecruiting, selecting, orienting, and training  
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