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CheckPoint: Work Team Concepts

Because a work group can accomplish more than an individual, many organizations create formal teams to complete designated work assignments. For the work groups to be as productive as possible, individual team members, as well as supervisors and leaders, should be aware of group norms and behaviors that can sometimes create obstacles for the teams. In this CheckPoint, you have an opportunity to reflect on your discussion experience with assigned classmates and then to analyze that experience in terms of your reading regarding work teams.

Resource: Ch. 8 (pp. 128–140) of Supervision: Key Link to Productivity Review your discussion experience with assigned classmates. Post your 200- to 300-word response to this question: How did that experience with your fellow classmates illustrate one of the concepts (group norms, group cohesiveness, group pressure, group conformity, groupthink, group influence, group leadership, group self-direction, group communication) explained by Rue and Byars (2004) in Ch. 8 of Supervision: Key Link to Productivity?

Mgt 210 week 4 checkpoint work team concepts  
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