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MGT 210 Week 3 CheckPoint: Incident 6-2: What Should I Do Next? Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

CheckPoint: Incident 6-2: What Should I Do Next?

Carpenters are often told to measure twice, and cut once. Spending adequate time on strategy and planning is like measuring, and implementing the plan is like cutting. Extra time and effort during the planning stage are crucial if you want to avoid common problems later on.

As a supervisor, you may be called upon to develop a plan without being given specific guidelines. This CheckPoint offers you an opportunity to determine what information a supervisor would need to create a plan for upper management and then to outline how you would prepare the plan.

Resource: Ch. 6 (pp. 89–108) of Supervision: Key Link to Productivity Read Incident 6-2: What Should I Do Next? Answer the three questions on p. 108 following this incident in 200–300 words.

Mgt 210 week 3 checkpoint incident 6 2 what should i do next  
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