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1. Question: Consider this story that appeared in the August 11, 1998 Wall Street Journal: Work Hard, Play Hard: Employers use fun to boost morale All 25 partners at Certilman, Balin, Adler & Hyman, an East Meadow, N.Y., law firm, are invited to a free conference-room lunch every day. Managing partner Bernard Hyman says the lunches began as a chance to talk business but soon became anticipated social gatherings. “We tell stories, talk about the weekend,” he says, “talk about the football game, talk about our husbands, talk about our wives, talk about our children.”

2. Question: TCO (C). An October 15, 2004 article by Scott Wyman in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel included the following information on salaries awarded in the county: “When it comes to getting extra money as a reward for hard work in Broward County government, it pays to work as closely as possible to county commissioners -preferably right outside their office doors. The average bonus given to that elite staff topped the $5,000 maximum set in the incentive program 3. Question: Organizational Behavior is just common sense and has little relevance for managers today. Discuss this statement giving examples to support your answer.

4. Question: TCO (E). In the May 18, 1998 issue of BusinessWeek, the story line read “Nice Guys Finish With MBAs.” The following is an excerpt from that piece: “ . . . nearly half of this year’s top B-school graduates turned down their highestpaying job offer, preferring to work for companies that offered room for personal growth or had a more appealing corporate culture.” (p. 8)

Mgmt 591 midterm exam  
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