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MGMT 550 Week 2 Assignment Create an Email Message (2 Papers) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit This Tutorial contains 2 Papers

For this assignment, you need to create a response to each of the email messages provided. The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply writing principles while responding to business email. The emails you'll receive simulate internal and external. Assume that you are employed at the Blue Bay Resort and Conference Center. As you might expect, the culture is fast-paced and fairly informal, with employees relying heavily on email. While speed is important, high value is also placed on precision: All of your email responses should be grammatically correct and error free. You will play the role of the catering director for the Blue Bay Resort and Conference Center. You took this job five years ago and are busier than you ever imagined you might be—running from meeting to meeting every day. Your only time to respond to your email is during your short breaks between customer meetings. As usual, you have a flood of messages which all seem critical. Your challenge during this assignment is to respond to all of your email and write clear responses. When responding to each of the messages, consider all of the following: What do you think is an appropriate response to your message? What information do you think should be included? What might be inappropriate for this type of message? How long should an appropriate response be? What would you consider too long? What tone should you use for the message?

Mgmt 550 week 2 assignment create an email message (2 papers)  
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