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1. An association was formed by students to protest labor exploitation in the apparel industry. There were 18 student “sit-ins” for a “sweet-free campus” organized at several universities. Data were collected for the duration (in days) of each sit-in, as well as the number of student arrests. The data for 5 sit-ins in which there was at least one arrest and the results of a simple linear regression are found below. Let y be the number of arrests and x be the duration. Complete parts a through d.

2. A group of researchers developed a new method for ranking the total driving performance of golfers on a tour. The main average driving distance (yards) and driving accuracy (percent of drives that land in the fairway). They construct a standard accuracy (y) to driving distance (x). A MINITAB printout with prediction and confidence intervals for a driving distance.

3. Many entrepreneurs have donated money to various causes. Data on the total amount pledged and remaining net worth for the 10 top donors are given in the table. Complete parts a through d.

4. The quality of the orange juice produced by a manufacturer is constantly monitored. There are numerous sensory and chemical components that combine to make the besttasting orange juice. For example, one manufacturer has developed a quantitative index of the “sweetness” of orange juice. Suppose a manufacturer wants to use simple linear regression to predict the sweetness (y) from the amount of pectin(x). Find a 90% confidence interval for the true slope of the line. Interpret the result.

5. A study of the effect of massage on boxing performance measured a boxer’s lactate concentration (in mM) and perceived recovery (on a 28-point scale). On the basis of the information provided by the study, the data shown in the accompanying table were obtained for 16 five-round boxing performances in which a massage was given to the boxer between rounds. Conduct a test to determine whether blood lactate level(y) is linearly related to the perceived recovery (x). Use ι = 0.10.

6. A MINITAB printout relating the size of the diamond (number of carats) to the asking price (dollars) is shown below. Complete parts a through e.

Math 533 week 6 quiz  
Math 533 week 6 quiz