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WINTER 2040 Wellington region weather and climate The Wellington region has a temperate climate, with moderate rainfall, relatively mild daytime temperatures, and infrequent frosts. Annual rainfall ranges from 800 mm in the eastern Wairarapa, to 7000 mm in the high parts of the Tararua Range. The region tends to get low rainfall in the summer and high rainfall in the winter. High rainfall at any time of the year can cause flooding along streams and rivers. Windy Wellington Wellington is renowned for its wind. The wind-funnelling effect of Cook Strait leads to a high frequency of strong winds around the southern coast, while the rugged topography results in local variations in wind direction and strength. Wind records from Cape Palliser and Castlepoint show that the Wairarapa coast is among the windiest spots in New Zealand. Maximum wind speeds can be very high during extreme weather events: winds of up to 200 km/h were recorded at Kelburn during the Wahine storm on 10 April 1968, and a peak gust of 215 km/h was recorded at Hau Nui in the Wairarapa on 19 October 1998. fig.1_ Roaring forties, areas between latitudes 40째 and 50째 south in the Southern Hemisphere, where the prevailing winds blow persistently from the west. The roaring forties have strong, often gale-force, winds throughout the year. They were named by the sailors who first entered these latitudes. fig.2_ fig.1_ fig.2_ fig.3_go outside



Wellington, a city with character. A living breathing city, with a temper. A wild temper . Wellingtons erratic weather is a part of this city something we cannot escape, the winter 2040 capital collection aims to force fashion and weather to work handin-hand. Collection in a literal sense, garments to complement a sensory city. Wild Wellington, howling, sodden and bitterly cold. To emphasise the elements. To celebrate sensory fashion

fig1. Collection jacket



Sodden wet on a winters day in Wellington, the weather is not forgiving. Celebrate this, collect the water from the sky. See how wet you can get.

Experience the wild winds, feel the full force. Catch it, let it blow you around. Be like a dandelion in the wind

CREATE Let the wind and rain create sounds on the skin of this garment. Listen to nature at work.

STORE Hold onto that collected water from the sky. Store it in your jacket front and back , soak it up, feel the weight.

fig.2. specifications



Wellington fashion winter 2040

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