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Microscopic Purps Do you see tiny red lights in the dark swamps? We have discoved a fascinating creature from the unseen microscopic world. Its name is “Purps” Its a slow lethargic creature that moves along the swampy river beds. Every step it takes its paws illuminate with red light. Our inspiration to design this creature came from “Patricia Pinccinini” and “Lynne Burning”. We liked how “Lynne” layers form to create a bug-like spine. The use of bright fabrics and illuminated black light came from “Lynne Burnings” enchanting techniques. We wanted to create a creature that held its own bright colour in the day and as well as under black light in the dark. “Purps” technology includes Lilly pad, 8x 3 watt shocking red LEDS, 7.2 volt external battery plus 2 pressure sensors.


MR purps is a lethargic swamp creature.