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Work Experience

TECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES - Outdoor Power Tool Team (Ryobi) Anderson, South Carolina Design Intern, Sep 2012-Dec 2012 Wo r k e d t o g e t h e r t o c r e a t e a n e w b r a n d f r o m t h e g r o u n d up. Fast-paced environment focused around quick c o n c e p t g e n e r a t i o n . S k e t c h i n g a n d S o l i d Wo r k s u t i l i z e d .



FISHER-PRICE - Infant Team E a s t A u o r a , N e w Yo r k Design Intern, Sep 2011-Dec 2011 Conducted design research and participated in group brainstorming with designers/marketers/engineers in d e v e l o p m e n t o f a n e w l i n e o f I n f a n t To y s .

ROCK-TENN MERCHANDISING DISPLAYS Wa t e r t o w n , M a s s a c h u s e t t s Design Intern, Mar 2012-June 2012 Wo r k e d a l o n g s i d e J o r d a n N o l l m a n a s h a l f t h e d e s i g n department. Brainstormed, sketched, 3d modeled, and worked with project managers and engineers.

FISHER-PRICE - PowerWheels/Ride ons E a s t A u o r a , N e w Yo r k Design Intern, Sep 2011-Dec 2011 Designed a Ride-on product from concept through engineering. Held weekly design critiques with my boss a n d o t h e r d e s i g n e r s a l o n g t h e w a y.

W e s t C h e s t e r, O h i o Design Intern, Sep 2010-Dec 2010 Aided in the design process with other designers, while a l s o c a r r y i n g o u t m y o w n d e s i g n s . Tr a i n e d a n e w f u l l time graphic-design hire.

ROCK-TENN MERCHANDISING DISPLAYS W e s t C h e s t e r, O h i o Design Intern, Mar 2010-June2010 Aided in the design process with other designers, while also carrying out my own designs. Interacted with Designers, Sales staff, and Customers.

UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI - Cincinnati,Ohio B a c h e l o r ’s D e g r e e , I n d u s t r i a l D e s i g n , S e p 2 0 0 8 - 2 0 1 3 Graduation Date: April 2013 Cincinnatus Scholar Deans List 3 . 7 6 / 4 . 0 G PA

COLERAIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Cincinnati, Ohio C o l l e g e P r e p a r a t o r y, A u g u s t 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 8 Graduation Date: June 2008 W i n d S y m p h o n y, M a r c h i n g B a n d , W i n t e r P e r c u s s i o n 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 8 4 . 0 G PA 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 8 To p t e n i n c l a s s

Grinder Bringing angle

















Adam Jonovski -

Why Ryobi? Ryobi is aimed towards the

Their products have an emphasis on

“Professional Consumer.�

safety and innovation.

They have a very robust cordless tool catalog that uses one battery. This is a great architecture to build into

Adam Jonovski -

What’s Wrong?

Limiting The hand grip is not adjustable for either left handed users or to gain extra attacking positions. This limits the user.

Unsafe The switch instantly rips the motor into high gear and will continue running even without any user interaction, causing gruesome accidents.

The disc guard is such a hassle to


adjust that most users will not take the time to situate is correctly and safely.

Adam Jonovski -

What’s Inside? The motor takes up the bulk of the grinder’s body. This cannot be changed very much without sacrificing some power. While keeping down the length of the tool itself, the cord ultimately limits the user because they are always tethered down and limited in their movements. The grinding disc is attached to the spindle by a nut. This requires a seperate tool to tighten it with which is stored in the auxillary handle. The Angle Grinder contains one

Brushes transfer power from the cord

simple gear interaction. This

to the motor. The bottom housing

increases the likelyhood that drive

is removeable to allow the user to

train adjustments can be succesful.

replace the brushes when worn out.

Adam Jonovski -

Make it Work Make it Safe

Make it Easy Make it Sexy

Adam Jonovski -

How’s it feel? Motor and battery size dictates the size of the Angle Grinder, but adjustments were made to maximize comfortability in various situations.

User feedback on overall size and fit was given based off of foam models. This allowed for a direct comparison against the existing product.

Adam Jonovski -

Final Product A Ryobi Angle Grinder with an emphasis on safety and clarity in use. To encourage safe behavior the safest thing to do is the easiest thing to do.

Adam Jonovski -

Motor only runs if both safety and variable trigger have been pressed

Disc guard adjusts by hand when clamp is depressed

Handle rotates along ring and locks to three positions once button on the end of the grip is engaged.

Pressing both head buttons pivots the disc to two locations, increasing attacking options

Adam Jonovski -

Adam Jonovski -

Bat & Crawl While in


working design

on of

the a

Infant toy

Team that









Adam Jonovski -

Make it Play Make it Wobble

Make it Roll

Make it Fun

Adam Jonovski -

Final Product Starts as a sitting “bat at” toy with

Toy transforms into a “crawl after”

lights and sounds encoraging baby

toy once the baby develops. Lights,

interaction while developing his/her

sounds, and a spinning treat inside

motor skills.

encourages baby to move!

Adam Jonovski -

Adam Jonovski -

Intermission Take of

a mine,

minute either

to done

check for



some or


spontaneous during


doodles free


Adam Jonovski -

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Adam Jonovski -

Home Printer Redesigning and
















Adam Jonovski -

What’s wrong? Rarely used

Too big


Printed out documents are becoming

Home printers have a very large

Most printers only have two outdated

less and less needed, but every once

footprint. If it’s too big for the desk

functions, scanning and printing. As

in a while it is required, forcing users

many purchase a seperate cart for

a result they can be left untouched

to keep a printer at home.

the printer to sit on.

for months at a time.

Adam Jonovski -

Make it Useful Make it New

Make it Compact

Make it Work

Adam Jonovski -


FRAME is a wall-hanging smart printer, designed to remove the footprint current printers encompass while increasing it’s usefulness.

Adam Jonovski -

How to Print




Adam Jonovski -

Between Prints The front OLED screen can be set to different modes via smartphone when it is not being used to print.




Adam Jonovski -

How’s it Work? The only button interaction the user has with the printer opens the paper tray

A statically charged rim keeps printed papers in place after printing, yet still easily removed by the user.

As seen in current mobile printers, inkless printing uses varying degrees of heat to bring colors out of specially prepared paper. Adam Jonovski -

Adam Jonovski -

Juicy Cup Bringing foster









foods both

in kids






Adam Jonovski -

Who’s it for? The Casual

The Sporty

The Kids

Adam Jonovski -

Kid Concepts




Through the use of simplified lids,

As an engaging activity for kids,

A lid with multiple rubber rings for

juicing and drinking out of the same

slam the silicone lid on top to actively

grip facilitates juicing and drinking

vessel can become a quick fix.

juice berries underneath.

into the same container with a flip.

Fewer parts and a simple design mean less work for the user when it comes to use and cleaning. Further refinement will lead to the final product.

Adam Jonovski -

Final Product

Juicy Cup The Juicy Cup allows for juicing and drinking out of the same vessel in a quick, easy, and safe way. Ages 6 months and up

Adam Jonovski -




Adam Jonovski -

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