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Word from our Director Dr Gilbert Tan



In May 2000, I started my polyclinic posting as a family medicine trainee in Geylang polyclinic. I then went over to Bedok polyclinic and worked there till March 2003 when I was transferred to Bukit Merah polyclinic to assume the role of deputy director. It seemed prophetic that one

1 New Year Holiday 19 Cut Waste - Recycling: collection date 23 Human Table Soccer Tournament

fine day, my 97-year-old grandmother mentioned that I


should ideally be working in Geylang polyclinic since I live in close vicinity (5 minutes drive). After that, I was

e i k c la & Sam


14 15 16 Chinese New Year Holiday

approached by HQ in February 2008 to be the director of


Geylang polyclinic, as Dr Ruth Lim had stepped down to work part time. Almost 22 months have passed by and I must say, the


Work Life Harmony Day

challenge of being a director of a large clinic continues to be exciting. Inspired by my previous boss, Dr Michael Wong, I want to lead Geylang Polyclinic with the earnest intention to improve the clinic further and a desire to be

Like many who come to Polyclinic, she comes

a people-oriented leader. The idea of having our very own

and she waits... It does not matter to her whether

newsletter is to provide

she is being attended to by any Health Attendant or anyone else,

a platform where we

it does not matter if she can get a Q number at the late hour, or whether Francis

can have an opportunity

will chase her away, she has been coming, without fail, for the last two years,

to stop, breathe a little;

to Geylang Polyclinic and she waits near the side exit of the clinic.

to read about other “What does she want?” I hear you ask. Is she sick with a chronic disease? Is she seeking an MC (male cat)? Does she have an appointment with someone? As it turns out, she waits patiently for PSA Sam to finish work. It started two years ago when PSA Sam was waiting for a ride

aspects of our staff and happenings in our clinic, beyond the usual interaction through

home outside the clinic, when “Blackie” (as Sam named her)

syndrome. Asperger’s licated tortoises. d il M . e is Torto ally comp to meet equ e k ly! li ld u o W eed not app n s in p a r r e Confident T


approached her one day. Sam decided to feed her with some food,

official communications.

and, in return, Blackie kept her company. Gradually, like most

The editorial team has

relationships, they formed mutual acceptance, trust …

worked very hard to put

and friendship.

this inaugural issue together and I am sure everyone is eagerly looking forward

So, say hello to Blackie the next time you’re waiting

to it! Happy reading!

to go home, she is here to keep you company!


From the editors We are very excited at the launch of our very own Newsletter, Geylang Gazette, or G2 for short. Dedicated entirely to featuring staff of Geylang Polyclinic, it will be published quarterly and we hope it will be a fun read for all, giving us a chance to get to know one another better. If you like any part of this first edition, or if you have any ideas for the future editions, we welcome your feedbacks and contributions. You can even join the editorial team too. Just speak to any of us directly! All the best for 2010! Jonathan, Estelle, Cherry

MAS RIZA MOHD RAZALI Our unique and bubbly Clinical Executive has finally had to leave us. Despite being CE of Pasir Ris she still pops up at our clinic events! What makes this place so irresistible to her and who is the real slim shady? More R&B inclined, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Justin Timberlake would be playing from the stereo of her ‘dream’ white BMW X5. Take her to see any film with Al Pacino or Johnny Depp and fast sport cars (a recurrent theme!) she is quite the adrenaline junky. But Mas, now married and motherly is happiest at home. Previously cabin crew with United Airlines, Silk Air and finally Singapore Airlines for 9 years she eventually joined as SingHealth crew. Mas exudes enormous empathy for all those around her. It is reflected in the countless times she had helped people in the clinic without expecting recognition or reward. If you see her around you’ll never fail to notice how happy she makes others with her quirky sense of humour. Never allowing a busy day to ruin her mood, one of the secrets to her popularity,

Geylang Polyclinic

Hawaiian Beach Year End Party

‘I sayang all my MRO staff’ and that makes her one executive that will be sorely missed!

We could have been forgiven for forgetting we were celebrating in the polyclinic. With hula skirts and colorful flower ornaments a dash of imagination and we might have all been at a bar in Hawaii sipping on cocktails. Congratulations to the organizing committee on an excellent job, delicious food, fun games and laughters all around. Everyone had a chance to relax and these photos speak for themselves! Big thank you to Dr Andy for taking these beautiful photos.

MARIAH SULAIMAN Don’t be fooled by her petit frame, she has taken on the formidable task of Clinical Executive in one of the biggest Singhealth Polyclinics. Prior to this she was already in the healthcare line working for Vitakids/Pink of Health. A self-described health freak she swims, cycles and plays netball. Inter-clinic sports competitions watch out, we can look forward to this athletic lady pulling us up the ranks. She’s been watching Channel 8 Chinese dramas since primary school and adores Classic Malay films starring P. Ramlee. You will find Siti Nurhaliza on her music player and anyone who’s walked into the CE room lately can’t have failed to notice how meticulously organized her desk is. Coming to grips with the Q-matic system has been her greatest challenge so far (no surprises here.. our Q-matic system seems to have a mind of its own!) but she is positive nothing will phase her. Mariah is delighted

Smile you’re on camera!!! ..a quiet moment in the eRoom

to be working in Geylang and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Big welcome to Mariah!



Geylang Gazette  

SHP Geylang staff newsletter

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