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P2 and P3– Publish an e-book on regarding user side and user side. ICT – Unit 28 – Level 3 Extended diploma Jonathan Bullock

User side: Connection speed This can affect the speed of how the site loads on your machine because every page we visit has to be download the resources and it may take longer on a slower connection. Choice of browser: Choice of browser can affect the compatibly of various websites or even file types for example Safari doesn’t like flash videos due to apple so this would affect your online experience while using a browser such as Internet Explorer this would be able to use flash and other supported files but there may be speed issues while using it. Hardware: Hardware can be an issue because Memory, hard drive space can cause problems when browsing the internet. For example you need space to store cookies, history, passwords, book marks and the browser it’s self. Viruses: Viruses can affect the speed of your machine and can also cause problems with online security. Most viruses are used to gain peoples online Identifications, Passwords and could even lead up as far as fraud activities. Bandwidth: Bandwidth can limit your browsing experience because it is the amount of information you can get all at once down your phone line and if you have limited it will take slightly longer to get the smaller pages and even longer to get the bigger WebPages that contain images, videos or music. Malware/Spyware: Malware /spyware this can affect the machine because many types of malware spyware can affect the performance of your machine and also can affect your online safety. Server Side: Users: Amount of users on at one time this can affect the server because the load maybe not capable of holding thousands of users at one time. Severs are limited to how much storage space they use which means if the files are hosted the server can be under allot of pressure if many people are using it. Hardware: Hardware if the hardware is old and doesn’t contend to modern requirements this could cause 404 errors because the hard drive in the server will be used up. Many old servers have small processers, hard drives and RAM.

P2 and P3– Publish an e-book on regarding user side and user side. ICT – Unit 28 – Level 3 Extended diploma Jonathan Bullock

File types: File types and sizes can affect the server because if we have larger image files such as High definition JPEG files they will take longer to load and allot more space than a low resolution jpg file. Software: Software on the server can cause crashing issues if an item on there is not software friendly. Software can also be buggy or weak causing hackers to get in through the buggy backdoors. Viruses and how they can affect systems: A computer virus is software that goes from one computer to another and that messes with computers workings. A computer virus may delete data on a computer, gain access to an e-mail program to spread the virus to other computers through a message, or even delete everything on the hard drive. Computer viruses are most easily spread by attachments in e-mail messages. Therefore, you must never open an e-mail attachment unless you know who sent the message or unless you are expecting the e-mail attachment. Viruses can also be seen as funny images or sounds these are known as Trojan viruses.

Anti-virus software is the main form of defence against viruses getting into a system. An anti-virus software program is a computer program that can be used to scan files to identify and get rid of any viruses across the system and then eliminate it when it’s found. Anti-virus software typically uses two different techniques to accomplish this: 1) looking at files to see for known viruses by means of a virus dictionary. 2) Find different behavior from any computer program which might indicate a virus is present. Once the anti-virus software finds the source of the virus it will alert the user of the particular server this will then give different options on how it will terminate the virus. Once the virus has been destroyed the computers on the server will continue to run fine.

Jonathan Bullock - unit 28 - P2 and P3