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Let’s Dance Jon Vanderburgh

Information Location: Jo Ann Warren Studios Worcester, Ma  Photographer: Jonathan Vanderburgh  Dancers: Jaws Sr. and Jr. Companies. 

Introduction For my final project I took pictures of the dancers at my dance studio. I took pictures of the dancers because they are doing something healthy and are staying active. We had to take pictures of teens succeeding and I believe that the dancers are definitely succeeding.

Time to stretch Stretching is the most important thing for a dancer’s body. It helps prevent injuries during the dances and help’s the body get more flexible. Before class each dancer has time to stretch and warm up so they can be ready to dance. The dancer is reaching over in second to stretch and open up her hips. This will help her with leaps to second and straddle splits.

Keep Stretching Like I said in the last slide, stretching is very important.You need to remember to stretch all of your muscles. The dancer in the picture is stretching his hamstrings. Thins will help him get his legs up and straight when he does a leap or jump. It will also help his kicks.

Still Stretching There are many different stretches that do different things. All of them are great and important. The dancer in this photo is stretching both his hamstring and his hips. This is a very good stretch because it can help with many things. It will help your leaps, your turnout, and kicks.

Time to Dance Now that everyone has stretched and is warmed up, it is time to dance. In this dance the dancer in the front is wearing jazz shoes where as the dancers in the back are wearing tap shoes. This is so the front dancer can do jazz while the other dancers tap behind her. This makes a very interesting dance.

Work on High Knees In a dance marches should have high knees.You can see in the picture that only one or two dancers have high knees. The other dancers will work on getting their knees up so when the competition comes everyone will have wonderfully high knees together.

Body Positioning Everyone needs to have their body in a certain position for the dance at a certain time. Studio’s usually have mirrors so the dancers can see how to position themselves correctly. When everyone gets the right position they can then work on emotion.

Working on Emotion It’s one thing to have a dance where everyone is together. It’s a better thing when everyone is together and show great emotion. A dance with no emotion is usually a very boring dance to watch, but dances that have great emotion are fun and exciting. The dancer in the picture is doing a good job with the emotions.

Stamina is Key Most dances are around 2-4 minutes long and they are rehearsed many times before competition. The dancers need to have a lot of stamina in order to keep up with the music even when they have done the dance many, many times. In this picture the girls do a drop and then come back up. Doing this one isn’t too big of a challenge, but when they are required to do it over and over, they’re going to need a lot of stamina.

Very Important Stretching isn’t the only important thing for dancers. They need to remember to stay hydrated. In between classes and sometimes between dances, dancers have time to drink and rehydrate. This is very important because when you dance, you sweat. Rehydration is necessary to keep you energy and stamina up.

Take corrections and Fix Yourself Nobody is perfect but we can keep getting better. In this picture the teacher is giving the dancers a few tips for getting the right position at the right time. The teacher will give many tips each class and it is the dancers job to take the corrections and fix themselves so they can be better. When everyone works on their own corrections a great dance can be created.

Let’s dance Vanderburgh  
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