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Issue 1 | SS 2014 ÂŁPriceless

I give a random guy off the internet a makeover to show you what I can do

It’s what makes work seem like a pleasure, and I explain why working for you would be just that

Why hire me? Jonny Tarrant explains why you should take a chance on him and what inspired his love of fashion. Be prepared for people-watching, icons, catalysts and lessons learnt... Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. No, I’m not referring to Marlon Brando’s sulk-face; I’m talking about what makes me want to work for you: my passion for style and fashion. These two domains have always formed a serious and much-loved part of my world. Sure, everyone says this. So what makes me different? Well, I learnt about style and fashion not through books, but through people. It started with my (slightly strange) tendency to ‘people-watch’ when I had time to kill or was waiting in a queue. I would observe the way people moved, the clothes they wore and the way their clothes

Many of the skills we learn/have are transferable, and creativity is definitely one of them. Years of thinking about how to communicate a message to an audience in an inspiring way have led me to devise ideas that are not bound by the ordinary, but instead, sprung from the unexpected. For me, I may create an outfit using a number of means, for example, from a catalyst, such as, a photo, a memory, a moving image, a colour, an object, a sound, a taste or a texture. Alternatively, it could be one item that forms the starting point for an outfit, such as, a pair of tassled loafers or clubmaster sunglasses, around which the rest of the outfit is devised. In all, to be creative it takes courage and a willingness to let go of certainties. I would like to believe that I have these qualities and can use them to your advantage.

I learnt about style and fashion not through books, but through people.

Masculine: Marlon Brando effortlessly embodies the image of the strong, stylish yet quietly confident man.

Years of working with and managing people from all walks of life has taught me that nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. For me, I see quality of service as being all about understanding the client, seeing things from their perspective and exceeding their expectations with what you can deliver to them.

 High levels of passion for style, fashion and making people happy  Proficient understanding of current trends and cuts, fits, colours, patterns, fabrics, garments, accessories and techniques to make someone look and feel great

 Creative flair and a track record of devising Nobody achieves anything worthwhile without ideas that capture attention for right reasons hard work – it is a maxim I was raised with as a  Strong work ethic developed from years of child and a reality I learnt as an adult. It has taken hard work, achieving success and learning great deal of educational, emotional, time-based from failure and financial investment on my part to get me to  Practical business sense and use of initiative in this point, and this certainly doesn’t look to stop. all aspects of work In short, hard work is and will always be part of who I am, and I hope that I can channel this  Ability to connect with people and bring out engrained ethic through working for you. the best in them

A perfect fit: for me, no-one showcases great tailoring and sculpted fits than better than David Gandy.

moved on them. Many people would see coats and trousers, but I saw identities, expression and emotion. It was then that I learnt: fashion and style are about channelling these very three things through what we wear. Eager for more, I looked to style icons to learn their ethos – some of these being, David Gandy (pictured above), Marlon Brando (top right) and Tinie Tempah (right). From observing people in the street, to talking to fashion industry insiders and reading all the style/fashion magazines, my love of fashion is borne from the every-day and the everyman.

It would be easy to say that being from the background I’m from I have little business knowledge, however, it has taught me to think in terms of outcomes and growth, while also caring about the quality of service along the way. Working in marketing required me to use my initiative and common sense in making decisions that are right for achieving our endgoal. Together, I look to uses these skills in helping you grow your The ‘impossible’ cool: Tinie Tempah proves frequently that you can be business and success. contemporary and trend-led while also sticking to be basic principles of style.

The Dilemma “I want to be noticed for the right reasons, but I don’t know how. I currently dress to disappear into the background, but I want all of that to change. Under this exterior is someone who is warm and wants to be confident and stylish.”

Fashion junkie, Jonny Tarrant, takes this chance to show you how much he loves fashion and (possibly) how much he needs to get out more. Thanks to Google Images, a slightly obsessive nature and a twelve-pack of Jaffa cakes, here are some ideas for making a forgettable wardrobe become anything but.

Name: Derek Age: 33 (I’ve had a hard life, alright?!).

Weight: Umm, would that be metric or imperial?

Derek, 33, Scunthorpe

Longines Conquest Watch: £760 If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a stylish watch is definitely a man’s. This offering, from Swiss designer, Longines, has ageless style from the chronographs, but all cased in contemporary packaging. The refined shape and finish help to lift Derek’s look from Scunthorpe to San Tropez thanks to this class act.

Paul Smith Leather Biker Jacket: £699 No gentleman’s wardrobe is complete without a decent leather jacket, and this one is no exception: one of Paul Smith’s best, it broadens and squares Derek’s shoulders, stopping them from looking narrow and rounded. Leaving the jacket open will skim his stomach and create a vertical line to make Derek seem taller.

Persol Steve McQueen Sunglasses: £275 Soak up the rays with these timeless classics that will complement your features if you have a more rounded face.

Height: 5’ 8” Eyes: brown Hair: brown Skin tone: light Body shape: circle

Cuts and Fits Top: slim-fit (but not too slim), V-necks, vertical stripes, set-in sleeves, short sleeves, full length sleeves, thin (but peaked) lapels, cropped jackets, padded shoulders.

Bottom: tapered slim fit, mid to high waist, vertical stripes, pinstripe, long inside leg.

ASOS V-neck T-shirt: £6 This simple wardrobe staple lengthens the neck and broadens/ squares the shoulders. Teaming it with similarly dark jeans creates a unified, vertical line that draws the eye up and down, making Derek appear taller.

Acne Slim Fit Tapered Jeans: £140 Take a good look, gents, as these denims are the perfect fit for the man who wants to make their legs appear longer, but would rather not stomach the squeeze of skinny-fit jeans. The dark shade complements the dark t-shirt which creates a vertical, unified line that draws the eye up and down, thus, increasing Derek’s perceived height.

Colour Palette: Muted

Best Avoided Raglan sleeves, mid-length sleeves, polo-necks, funnel-necks, threequarter length shorts, baggy trousers, oversized t-shirts, threebutton suit jackets, doublebreasted suit jackets, wide lapels.

J Shoe Foxton Tan/Navy Brogues: £150 These stylish kicks complement the brown/black/blue colour scheme and provide a more individual take on the standard tan brogue. Thanks to their low-profile height, they do not make Derek’s legs appear any shorter.

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