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Are you plagued with stubborn belly fat? Well, there's great news. You'll soon discover that there are 7 Essential pieces to the fat loss puzzle that, when applied, will put you ahead of 99.9% of others trying to rid themselves of unwanted body fat. 1.) Clean Up Your Nutrition - Nutrition is a huge piece of this fat loss puzzle. We really are what we eat. If we eat Twinkies we can't expect to have a 6-pack. One simple rule you can follow is to try to eat "whole" natural foods. If you stick to foods closest to their original form you'll be way ahead of the game. Foods without a label are best. And if you have to buy packaged foods, stick to the foods that have minimal ingredients. Be sure you avoid partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup like the plague. They're big NO NO's. And also try to buy organic, locally grown fruits and veggies, free range, grass fed, hormone free animal products and avoid the white stuff (white flour, sugar etc.) like crazy. 2.) Get Moving - The bottom line is you've got to move and expend more energy than you take in if you want to lose weight. There's no magic food combination, pill potion or formula other than you have to create that caloric deficit in order to get your body to burn off that stubborn belly fat. 3.) Have Someone In Your Corner - Social support is a huge factor to Fat Loss success. If you're off on an island by yourself the chances for your success are much lower than someone who has a grounded support system in their corner rooting them on to the finish line. Your support team can be your spouse or significant other, brother or sister, child, mom or dad, friend, neighbor, coworker, personal trainer, or lifestyle coach. Don't try to go it alone. We all respond better when we have to report to a person for accountability and support. 4.) Set Smart Goals - I'm sure you've seen this little acronym before. It's published in just about every goal setting, self help motivational piece out there. And there's a reason for that. I'm sure you've also heard this little saying...."If you fail to plan you plan to fail" And here's another one...If you don't know where you're going, how do you expect to get there? I'm sure I could spend all day going through ditty after ditty, but the bottom line is in order to succeed in just about everything in life you've got to figure out specifically what you want. Specific - What specifically do you want to do? Do you want to lose 5 inches off your waist? Do you want to lose 12 lbs of fat? Figure it out? Then it'll happen. Measurable - A big factor in your success is to come up with a measurable goal like losing 3 inches in my waist or 9 lbs of fat. You must include a number. Just saying I want to lose weight won't cut it. Attainable - Choose a goal that's attainable. Set yourself up to succeed. Realistic - Kind of means the same thing as attainable. Be sure that your goal is realistic and you're confident that you can reach it. Time-bound - Set a deadline or finish line to your specific goal. For example I'm going to lose 9 lbs of fat by June 1st. You've given yourself an end point. Your goal is not open ended like "I'd like to lose 9 lbs" If you give yourself a deadline you'll be more apt to comply. Otherwise its human nature to blow things off and say you'll start tomorrow.

We all need deadlines, that's how we're wired. 5.) Perform Some Type of Strength Training - Strength or resistance training will not only reduce your body fat percentage and help you lose those unwanted lbs, but it will also help prevent or reverse other ailments. Strength training is a must if you plan on flattening your belly and banishing that unwanted belly fat. For one it helps raise your metabolic furnace because of the increase in muscle or lean tissue. And secondly the intensity of the activity will also crank up your metabolism and help you burn more calories than you take in. End result.....flatter tummy, thinner thighs and a leaner you. 6.) Do Interval Cardio Training - There's so much confusion about Cardio training that it's no wonder some folks get that paralysis by analysis syndrome and wind up just not doing anything. The facts are however, that you must perform the type of activity that you'd like to get good at in order to gain the most benefit. In other words, if your goal is to be a marathon runner you need to train like a marathoner, if you'd like to get better at mountain biking, get on that mountain bike and if you want to get rid of your belly fat and don't have a lot of spare time, cardio bursts or interval style training is the way to go. 7.) Take Baby Steps - Set yourself up to succeed by taking baby steps. Small gradual lifestyle changes are not only doable but they stick. So don't bite off more than you can chew and just pick one positive healthy lifestyle change to work on per week and before you know it you'll have achieved all the goals you outlined at the start of your healthy lifestyle journey.

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==== ==== Wanting to lose STUBBORN BELLY FAT? ==== ====

Find out how. Dr Endorsed 'Natural' Fat Loss ==>

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