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==== ==== Build an Electric Car - $$ Save Money $$ ==== ====

Are the prices of gas getting you frustrated beyond ends?  Does it feel like your tank just isn't getting as far as it used to?  Do you feel the days of great gas mileage at low costs are behind us?  If you are ready to throw in the towel, there are a few secrets that the fuel industry doesn't want you to know that can help ease the pain at the pump.  These secrets will get you a little more gas for your buck.  But whom are we kidding; gas prices are well beyond a buck.  The must try secrets to getting better gas mileage: · Plan your trips wisely - Just by planning your trips wisely, you can increase your mileage and save time.  The around town fuel gets lower gas mileage, so you want to try to combine as many small trips into one big trip.  This will help increase your mileage by smart planning. · Don't Tailgate - When you tailgate another car, you are slowing down your reaction time.  By doing this, if the car brakes in front of you, you will have to brake quickly to avoid hitting them.  You will use more gas to brake quickly.  So let your foot off the gas and give a little room between you and the car driving in front of you. · Get an Oil and Oil Filter Change - By getting a regular oil and oil filter change, you will reduce the friction and wear on your car.  This allows your engine to run at its maximum efficiency.  Now you know some of the secrets the fuel industry doesn't tell you.  These will help your tank of gas get you further.  These are simple things you can do right away in order to start getting better gas mileage today. 

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==== ==== Build an Electric Car - $$ Save Money $$ ==== ====

Build an electric car