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Hey All, if your searching around looking for the best ab workout, I can give you a bit of help. But before I do, there is something you need to know. Now you have probably heard this before, but no matter how strong or in shape your abs are, you will not get those SIX PACK ABS, FLAT ABS, or whatever else you want to call them without losing a bit of the subcutaneous abdominal fat. All of us have it, its just that some need more work than others to get rid of it. You can have the strongest, most RIPPED ABS and not be able to see them if you still have a fat curtain holding off the AB SHOW!!! So what I am trying to say is that most of us, yes myself included, need a little more structure to achieve our six pack goals and I'm not talking about major lifestyle modifications either. What I am talking about is using a program or routine that includes more than just your token crunches, but holds off on the rice cakes, as let's face it, no one enjoys those styrofoam-like snacks. Personally I have really found benefits from the use of a certain program that provides both value and practicality in its approach for attaining those six pack abs. If your are truly searching for the BEST AB WORKOUT, with the best tips and plans to satisfy the abdominal fat loss component of your quest for SIX PACK ABS, then you should visit the site in my resource box, as I've tried it and it must produce results for much more as it boasts a less than 1% RETURN frequency, which awesome at any level: Now, for the almost best ab workout check it out below: 1. DECLINE CRUNCH'S - This is one of the best exercises for creating a six pack. It provides a very good contraction at the top of the motion and can add some real solid lower and mid abdominal muscle. For added difficulty the exercise should be performed with the hands behind the head as the hand will provide added resistance. Be cautious not to pull with the hands though, as that can lead to neck injury and/or pain. 3 SETS X 25-50 REPS 2. WEIGHTED SIDE BENDS - This is an exercise that you will see a guy doing every so often as a peanut gallery observes with curious gazes. TRUST ME, IT WORKS. This exercise will provide those shredded obliques which are crucial in providing a frame for those SIX PACK ABS!!! To perform the exercise, you need to take a dumbbell in ONE and only one arm (some try with two until they realize that they acting as a weighted balance and achieving Nothing!) and bend to the side, while paying close attention that there is no extra bending in the knees or torso. These can also performed at the end of the workout if preferred. 3 SETS X 10-15 REPS

3. SEATED KNEE-UPS - To perform this exercise, you need to sit crosswise on a bench while using your hands for support on the side of the bench. Then lift your knees up while trying not to lean back too far with your torso. For an added exercise you can also twist your legs to the side to put that extra emphasis on the obliques. This is an excellent core exercise that will work a lot of additional stabilizing muscles. 3 SETS X 25-50 REPS 4. AB-BALL CRUNCH'S - This exercise will really hone in on those hard to target upper abs. You may want to hold off on this exercise until you can comfortably do the rest of the routine as all for exercises may be a bit too much to begin with. In any case this exercise is rather self-explanatory as you lay on an ab ball with your mid back on the ball and your knees at roughly a 90 degree angle. You then raise your shoulders to a crunching position in a smooth controlled motion. 3 SETS X 15-25 REPS There you have it, you have "one" of the Best Ab Workout's to start off with. I do truly recommend adding in some dietary and more specialized ab routines though as it is extremely difficult to achieve those ROCK HARD ABS based on exercises alone. If you are interested in this type of program, check out the site below, it worked for me!

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==== ==== TurboCharge Your Fat-Burning Furnace ==> EAT LIKE A PIG? Get SHREDDED? You Know You Want To ==> Here's How ==== ====

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