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[Pet Product]

Pawtee Outdoor potty training device for dogs

Pawtee : Pet Product

Design a product that addresses a need or problem experienced by pet owner


Messy: Sand and dirt instability, spills

Parks, dog parks, beach, neighborhood, lake, store

Bowls Water can be heavy, containers can be bulky


Walk, run






Exercise In-shape Fitness

Inactivity Out of shape Overweight

Pawtee : Pet Product

Health tracking?




Interactions with other pets

Shelter Go to a place


Basic Needs


Storage Disobedient dog



Pet Interactions



Keeping off of roads or out of places

Potty Administered by owner or professional?



Medication Pet Insurance

Grooming Dental work


some pets have teeth some don’t. some require dental care or they get bad breath

Transportation Luggage

Training infants is the hardest part of owning a pet

Pet health is vey important to a majority of owners Shock, chain


Tracking capabilities

Dog too big?

Outdoors How often?


So many different breeds Extremely sad




Commitment Hard to raise a dog when working full-time, going to school





Almost everyone wants a pet but they are very time consuming and require a lot of attention

You must always be able to feed water a pet wherever it goes


Activity Animal Control

How to know whats good or bad for the pet

Too cold to outside



Maintenance Brushes



Sweeping, Vacuum, Lint

Some dogs shed Everywhere! Some don’t shed at all

it is inevitable

Issue!! Hair on furniture, clothes, etc.

Swiffers, usually daily maintenance

Leash Harness More secure than collar, more user control, usually smaller dogs


After brainstorming various problems experienced by dog owners, I decided to choose potty training. Potty training is a universal necessity, and it takes time and a lot of attention. Dog urine has a distinct and malodorous scent. The ammonia and acidity of dog urine is known to kill grass, ruining lawns,yards, and the parks that they play in. There are also no designated potty areas for dogs, something that could be solved with some a product or idea. Puppies have accidents all the time, but it is fully up to the owners to be responsible for their dog’s training.

Product Analyses

I first looked into scent devices and pheromone-releasing products. I stumbled onto Febreeze Small Spaces, a small disposable product that uses packets to emit a scent for 30 days. Dog Potty Training Devices: 1. Training Pads - used for indoor potty training. They still stink up a home and are bulky, wasteful, and make a living space look cluttered and messy.

Pawtee : Pet Product

2. Diapers - Anyone’s last choice. A very bulky and uninviting accessory. Most dogs don’t like wearing clothing either.

User Experience

Nick recieves his Pawtee in the Nick adopts a new puppy

Nick plants the Pawtee in his backyard

He has a very difficult time potty training it

He inserts a scent refill and brings his pup out to pee

He looks online for a solution and finds a new product called the Pawtee

The pup gets a waft of the new Pawtee, and pees on



A month passes by, and Nick cleans his Pawtee off and replaces the scent filter

Pawtee : Pet Product

Concept Exploration

Front View 2 Sizes

2 Rotating Components

Concept Refinement

I decided to go with a dog potty training device, mainly because most of my ideations would be too complex to create based on my current skill and timeline that had. It is also the most manufacturally efficient and sustainable product out of them all.

Pawtee : Pet Product

I also thought that it would be the most reasonable and useful product out of them all.


In terms of a protoype, I started out with a simple cardboard design to see how all of the components would be laid out. I wanted to go with a circular shape because the product would be most likely placed in a yard or park, where an organic shape would look a little more comroftable. I used XPS foam for the stake, and scaled it based on the size of a Febreeze small spaces packet.

Pawtee : Pet Product

For the next protoype I used foam board and more XPS foarm. I went for a little more of the shape and detail in the second model, and started to finalize the basic dimensions, and how the inner parts would work.

Features, Materials and Manufacturing

The Pawtee has built in the internals and guar resistance.

Snap hooks and groov closure.

Dual refill slots for a stro scent, and 8 vents

Made of polypropolen water and chemical re and impact strength. reusable and recyclab

Scent refills made of th polyethylene, and are a mixutre of ammonia pheromones and dog

Living hinge allows for be created as a single reducing production t resources.

Pawtee : Pet Product

All parts can be either injection molded.

Scent refills are create assembly-line fashion, are filled, then sealed permeable layer of pl

Plastic is coated in bo resistant coating and B paint, allowing for an experience.

n lips to enclose rantee water

ves for a secure

onger outdoor

ne for low cost, esistance, It is also 100% ble

hin e filled with a, dog g urine scent.

the housing to e component, time and

r 3D printed or

ed in an where packets with a thing, lastic

oth a UV BPA-free matte easy cleaning

Final Prototype I started by modeling the Pawtee in Solidworks, making sure to keep the design as simple as possible for manufacturing purposes I then 3D printed the housing and ground stake, sanded from 400 up to a 1200 grit, and primed it. I then sprayed it with a matte finish paint and made sure to let it dry long enough before I painted the other sides

Pawtee : Pet Product

The 3D printer was unable to make minute details, such as the snaphooks, living hinge, and ventialation holes. I drilled hols for the ventialtion and added a strip of plastic to use as a living hinge.



[Bottle Cap Concept]


Birdie : Bottle Cap

Future Cap Challenge “Design an innovative concept for a new easy-open cap, attentive to design and user experience, with the aim of creating a fun and interactive product� -Desall

Target Audience

Birdie : Bottle Cap

“Pelliconi currently has an annual production capacity of over 30 billion caps...� -Pelliconi

Pelliconi is an international producer and distributor of field packaging for the food industry.


Cap should allow easy opening No use of bottle opener For standard sized bottles Arouse curiosity Incorporate user experience Sugges fun use

The cap shall be intended for several brands of beverages Suggest an innovative and highly aesthetic design Client-Brand customization Reserve area for the logo, colors, etc

Compatible with bottles with a neck finish of 26mm and 29mm Ergonomic shape Intiutiveness of use

Cap should be easy to remove Pry-off gesture preferred Alternatives may be considered Safe and ease of use

Can be single-material or multi-material Keep into consideration possible eco-sustainable materials Recyclability Use previous winner Maxi P-26 cap as reference

Project Goals I intend for the Birdie to be 100% recylable, made from only one material. I also wanted to incorporate ocean sustainability, and the use of recycled ocean plastics. Some of the funding acquired from distribution sales would sponsor ocean cleanup. I also wanted to incoporate bottle cap designs and inscriptions to promote environmental sustainability, and educate those on the importance of recycling and climate change.

Birdie : Bottle Cap

The name Birdie came from inspiration when I was doing my research. I saw a lot of bird carcasses, mainly ocean birds, containing a bunch of plastic. which tied to my project perfectly. The form of the opened cap takes on the shape of a bird as well. Freedom of color variability for branding and marketing purposes is easily accessible.

Af ty m Iw fe

I lo of to m

HD re m

Market Research

fter some research on the various ypes of bottle caps currently on the market, I came to the conclusion that wanted to use one with a break-off eature.

ooked more into the preforations f a milk carton seal and decided o go with that as the main dynamic mechaniscm of my bottle cap.

DPE plastic is very cheap and easily ecyclable, so I wanted to use that as my only material.

Inspiration The initial bottle cap design came from a variety of inspirations. Pastel colors are trending, along with healthy and sustainable lifestyles. I wanted to incorporate wings into my cap because of my interest in travel, and ended up researching tropical birds.



[Lamp Housing]


Ambient Light Source

Korel : Lamp

Create housing for a lighting kit that is 100% 3D-Printable


The Korel lamp is inspired by a relaxed lifestyle, and soft, pastel colors. I wanted to bring a sort of organic, plant shaped figure, and a feeling of being close to a beautiful beach. Korel was also designed to show only the minimal amount of components, while providing an ambient or dynamic light source in one’s bedroom or home

Project Features

The Korel lamp is intended to be made from 100% recycled PLA plastic, and fully 3Dprintable. Each component is very affordable, and very easy to acquire. I used to purchse a 120 color, energy saving light bulb with variable color settings, and a single bulb lighting kit. These two components totalled to 25$.


After redesigning my 3D model about 20 different times on Solidworks, I was able to successfully create a mold for the lighting kit that fit within the constraints of the 3D printer. To save materials, and show more of my skills, I created a hollowed out mold, with 3mm thick walls and 2mm thick lips so that I could fasten the two molds together. I had to sand down the excess plastic to fit the lighting kit. I then 3D printed the top part of the lamp, which encases the light bulb, with translucent PLA. I printed in sections to save time, and used an extruded output on the 3D printer to reduce the print time drastically. I superglued the sections together to form the top of the lamp and the final model was complete. The overall print took about a day.

Translucent PLA plastic

Day Glow

Lighting kit housing

Night Glow

Functional Model

The final model ended up working perfectly. A nearly seamless design gives the Korel lamp a very minimalistic feel. The remote that came with the lightbulb allows for use of the lamp from a distance, so you can use it from across the room. Low brightness settings allow for a sweet ambient light source, while higher settings make the lamp shine during the day.



[Parametric Design]


Flat Pack Model

Bronco : Flatpack

Create a flatpack design, exploring CAD concepts, Fusion 360 workflow, parametric design, and laser cutting

Project Constraints •Entire design must fit within a 30.4cm x 60.8cm x .3cm piece of plywood •Process must follow: Sketch - CAD - Illustrator - cardboard prototype - wood final •Must use Fusion 360, must have at least 2 working parameters •Must contain at least one joint that requires a working parameter

Bronco : Flatpack

•Components must be fully constrained from one another


Process Bottom: Elevation Sketches with scale size dimensions taken from the actual car. Top Right: User parameters on Fusion 360, originally set in millimeters but changed to inches.

Bronco : Flatpack

Right: Extrusions of the CAD sketches laid out, later to be rastered in Adobe Illustrator

Original Laser cut settings - ended up being too weak to fully cut all of the parts through the cardboard

Pieces cut in the Epilog helix. The axel beams were not high enough so I had to change the design

Below: Parameters originally set at 3mm, but the cardboard was slightly thicker so the piece didn’t fit smoothly

Rastering and Vectoring

Epilog Helix Laser Settings for 3mm Thick Plywood:

Bronco : Flatpack

Vectoring: Speed 20% Power 100% Freq: 500 Hz Rastering: Speed 90% Power 90%


Profile for Jonny Ogata

Jonny Ogata - Industrial Design Portfolio WIP  

A rework of my industrial design portfolio that is still in progress

Jonny Ogata - Industrial Design Portfolio WIP  

A rework of my industrial design portfolio that is still in progress