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Graphic Design  AS  ticklist     Graphic  Design  definition   +  example  of  a  good  design  website  (link  and  why)   Logo  Project:   4  examples  of  existing  logos/research  with  annotations   Drawings  of  ideas  for  logos  with  annotations   -­‐  black  and  white  and  colour   4  logos  created  using  illustrator   Development  of  logos  showing  experiments   Logos  on  a  product  –  e.g:  t-­‐shirt  key  ring   Evaluation  of  logos   Photoshop  personal  interaction  -­‐     Photos  taken  of  self,  before  any  photoshop  editing   Background  photo  and  ‘why  you  have  chosen  the  photo’   Photoshop  people  interacting  without  background   Final  composition  with  background  –  showing  any  development  or   alternatives  and  details   Photoshop  brush  background  with  personal  interactive   Michelle  Thompson  analysis  (details  on  my  website)   Examples  of  Michelle  Thompson’s  work   Separate  photos  and  backgrounds  used  for  own  Michelle  Thompson   style  piece   Final  Michelle  Thompson  piece  with  any  developments  or   experiments   Evaluation  of  Michelle  Thompson  piece  –  how  have  you  linked  her   styles  to  your  own?   Extension  work  –  story  taken  from  a  newspaper  that  is  illustrated   using  Michelle  Thompson’s  style   Guerrilla  advertising  project   Research into existing tv companies + annotations   Mind mapping and a diverse range of ideas (many ideas)   Drawing up of ideas/examples OR rough Photoshop examples

Finalisation of idea – refining of advertising/experiments


Outcomes – the idea actually produced and realised   Layer  experiments  x    7  (see  for  examples)     Layer  experiments  using  own  photo   Illustrator  piece  –  using  layers  and  drop  shadows  (including  patterns)       Evaluation  of  Induction  work  

Extension or  personal  work   Extension  or  personal  work    


* Guerilla  advertising  project  only  produced  in  JOL’s  lessons.  KED  has  alternative   list  for  those  students  

Graphic design AS ticklist  
Graphic design AS ticklist  

ticklist for havering graphics