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AS Photography – ‘Night’ brief Start date – Monday 5th December Deadline – Monday 23rd January

Week 1 th

1. Analyse of one of the following photographs and upload to Tumblr. All these can be found on the ‘Night’ Powerpoint.

5 Dec

   

Naoya Hatekeyama – The ‘River series’ Anne-Laure House – Photo collages of windows Philip Lorca Di- Corcia – ‘Head’ series Bill Brandt – from ‘A night in London’

2. Take photographs on the trip to London on Thursday:      

Week 2 th

12 Dec

Long exposures – movement Reflections in water (river) Lights Windows in buildings Night portraits Alleyways

3. Edit 6- 8 photographs from the trip. Upload these to your Tumblr. 4. Write an evaluation of the trip photos. Upload to Tumblr. 5. Choose a photograph to analyse in relation to your choice for the independent photographs that you will be taking over Christmas. All of these photographers have photographs on the ‘Night’ powerpoint that you can use.       

Week 3

Person sleeping – Richard Billingham. Candles – Nan Goldin. Photographing from a moving car at night - Naoya Hatekeyama ‘Slow glass’ or David Bradford. Trees etc. lit up at night – Bill Brandt Reflections on wet ground - Rut Blees Luxembourg Person lit with streetlamps or car headlights – Brassai Interior scene outside – Gregory Crewdson

6. Working independently take a set of photographs of one of the following ideas:

/4   


   

A person sleeping at night. Candles – either illuminating objects / people or as objects themselves. Street scenes and lights from a moving car at night (include car mirrors, windscreen etc as well to show you are in a car). A night walk into a forest – trees etc. lit up by torchlight (go with a group for safety). Reflections on wet ground at night. Person lit by car headlights or streetlamps in an otherwise empty street. Interior scenes shot outside in a garden e.g. person in armchair in garden at night.

You can try more than one of these but in total you need to shoot at least 40 photographs.

Week 5

7. Edit 6-8 photographs from your ‘Independent’ set taken over Christmas

2nd Jan

8. Write an evaluation of the ‘Independent’ photos. Upload to Tumblr. 9. Go to the website of Diana Thorneycroft and select ONE image from one of the series that uses toy figures. Analyse this photograph. Upload your analysis to Tumblr. 9.

Take ‘computer silhoutte’ photographs using your ‘Trip’ and / or ‘independent’ photographs as backdrops. These will be done in class.

Week 6

10. Edit 6-8 photographs from the ‘computer silhouette’ shots.

9th Jan

11. Write an evaluation of the ‘computer silhouette’ photos. Upload to Tumblr. 12. Get a range of your photographs from the different sets (at least 4)printed at Snappy Snaps. Photocopy a range onto acetate. 13. Second trip taking photographs back to London to re-photograph.

Week 7

14. Edit 6-8 photographs taken on second trip.

16th Jan

15. Write an evaluation of the trip photos. Upload to Tumblr. 16. Select your 4 best photographs from the entire project. You will need to develop these one final stage before they can be final outcomes. Choose one of the following techniques. Ideas for this will be discussed with you.

  

Projecting the photographs onto other things and re-photographing. Re-photographing sections of the photographs using close-up lenses. Printing the photographs and placing things on top of them then re-photographing.

FINAL PROJECT CHECKLIST             

Analysis 1. Trip 1 photos (6-8 edited). Evaluation of trip photos. Analysis 2. Independent photos. Evaluation of independent photos. Analysis 3 – Diana Thorneycroft. Computer silhouette photos (6-8 edited). Evaluation of silhouette photos. Trip 2 photos (6-8 edited). Evaluation of trip 2 photos. 4 final outcome photos. Final evaluation.

night photo  

a collection of photos from nightime

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