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Shot List Scene 5: Bedroom Close up of Max – match on action Max sitting opposite Rachel. Close up of pointer and both their fingers. Medium/long-shot of Rachel and Max looking at board. Medium shot of Rachel. Eye-line match of Max looking at doll. Close up of board waiting for answer then dolls flickering. Close ups of reactions. POV of Max looking around? Close up/Medium shot of board and hands/arms. Close ups of Rachel, Max then board when the pointer moves. Medium/long shot of Rachel and Max Close up of board as pointer moves again. (Pan) – Max walking to drawer. Medium shot of Rachel and board. Pan of Rachel searching along the wall for the light switch. Match on action of walking to pick up paper. Close up of paper then Rachel’s reaction. Medium shot of Max hiding behind pillow. Side on shot of Rachel kneeling down next to board. Close up of board. Close up of Rachel. Long shot of Rachel and light bulb. POV of Rachel. Pan of Rachel walking to wall. Close up of her face.

Close up of doll’s face. Medium shot of Rachel falling back. Close up of face.

Shot list 5  
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