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East Norfolk Sixth From College Risk Assessment Form RA

Activity / Task:


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Please ensure that ALL staff & students (where necessary) are made aware of the findings Identified hazards Tripping Damage to equipment Getting run over People acting up because of the beer Cast or crew getting lost

Who might be harmed & how? The crew The equipment Any member of the crew Anything or anyone Laurence

What further action is necessary? (write “none” if appropriate)

What are you already doing? Make sure wires are covered We are being respectful and careful Keeping an eye on Arthur and making sure he knows where everyone is I’m giving them beer as payment the video ( they are all 18) make sure our driver is sober. Keep an eye on Laurence

Action Plan from “further action”

None None None None Keep a close eye on Laurence

By Who

By When (Date)

Please ensure that the Assessor and Line Manager have signed this prior to it being passed to the H&S Co-ordinator Assessed by:

Name: Signature:

Assessment upon completion of action plan LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH (Delete as appropriate) Accepted by Name: S Offord/Ellie Buchan Line Manager: (delete as appropriate) Please ensure this is filled out fully and correctly Date: Signature: Date:

All risk assessments are subject to an annual review by the assessor; this may be sooner subject to any significant changes to the activity / task.

H&S F03 - Rev. 12 Date: June 2011