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Reach Ministries APPLICATION FOR: REACH Missions Trips P.O. Box 301 Ryderwood, Baltimore, MD 21139 Phone 443 415 0023 Fax 443 708 5232 Applicant:____________________________________________________________ Location/Dates________________________________________________________ ***************************************** Pastors Name: ________________________________ Phone: __________ Church: ______________________________________ Phone: __________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ Housing arrangements you prefer: Church___ Hotel 4 occupants___ Hotel 2 occupants ___(check one if applicable) Vehicle type and availability ___________________ seating capacity___ Tee Shirt Size ($10 each) ______________ A Deposit of $_______ is enclosed for my week ($50/person covers meals all week) *Please bring a book bag filled with school supplies (pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, binder, etc.) These supplies will be distributed to the needy families in the Baltimore area. An offering from the local church for tracts, Bibles, water, food, and other giveaways would be a great help. I am an applicant from out of town ____ I am an applicant from Baltimore ____ I will be planning to stay all week ____ I plan to be a partial team member ____ What days are you available?________________ Comments:

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _______________ Please mail to the above address. This form may be photocopied for multiple applicants.

Reach Missions Application  

Misions trip application