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Abstain from over spending, avail Green smoke Promo code By FoxLindsay on March 29, 2013 Like


E-cigarettes and Green smokes have been fairly successful in getting people to stop the intake of ordinary ones. Those regular cigarettes contain tobacco which is the major reason for innumerable health issues across boundaries. These Ecigs, green smokes and safe cigs, across countries, are spreading like hot cakes. Not surprising because these are risk and danger free inventions. The feature that keeps this gadget appealing to one and all is that it resembles a conventional cigarette. You get an ideal and a healthy replacement without a cringe in the pocket. Furthermore, you no longer have to face an embarrassment when showed the boards of a non-smoking zone by a waiter or an attendant .With this new device in hand; you are not publically banned and feel as free as a bird. When you go around in town with these e-cigs, you define fashion, style, safety and responsibility towards the environment, society and yourself.




They cost way less than what normal cigarettes do. A lot of people may not be able to afford due to the heavy taxation on these products. So it’s light on the pockets.

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Secondly, Green smoke contains nicotine but not tobacco. One nicotine pack lasts as long as the set of cigarettes. One also has an option of selecting the content, ranging from 0- 16 mg.


It enables you to enjoy the same sensation, emotion and experience that a normal cigarette gives. It is odorless and does not leave behind the lingering breathe.


There is no waste, no ash or ashtrays required while using these kinds of smoke.

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How does it work and what does it contain? The battery of the green smoke heats up the component inside. This is continued till the point when it turns into vapors. This essence makes you feel like you are doing the regular puff. As a result you do not crave for a cigarette just after this activity. The cartridge includes ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, purified water, nicotine and flavor. All of this helps you to know what exactly goes into your body during this process. You are not under any tension or pressure of combating any serious disease especially lung cancer.

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How does the Code system work?

Green smoke Promo code can help save a huge amount once you are ready with the starter kit and refills. Companies are usually trying all the online gimmicks and tactics for exposure and marketing. So if you are not logged in, you might lose out heavily. There are best deals, offers, discounts, sale, freebies that you can avail off. ·

Go to the website and chose the products you wish you order. Save it to the shopping cart list.


Enter the green smoke coupon code.


Click on the apply changes button to receive discounts and offers


You can use the code as long as you want. Each time you reorder, refill or replace anything you can save a massive amount.


You will be able to reserve more money if you enroll in the monthly refill plans.

Saf e Cig discount code can be availed on various accessories of the brand. These garnishes include clutch bag, charm bracelet, lanyard. They start from 5% to 20% depending on the good. These packs do not expire and can be used as long as you want. Infact, you can benefit by using the discount in your next purchase. You can catch up on the various flavors and tempting tastes. These can be transported and shipped worldwide thus providing easy availability and accessibility. So don’t restrain yourself and embark upon this new journey of guilt

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Fa ce b o o k s o ci a l p l u g i n

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Abstain from over spending, avail Green smoke Promo code  

E-cigarettes and Green smokes have been fairly successful in getting people to stop the intake of ordinary ones. Those regular cigarettes co...