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I live in city of Bogotรก, It is a small city

Above the mountain Monserrate there a church

there stairs for climb Monserrate

Monserrate is in front of the Virgen of Guadalupe

inside the church there very religious statue

there funicular for climb Monserrate

outside the church there is much trade in food

This is the Simon Bolivar park

In the park's soccer fields, basketball and tennis

In the park there is a gap

near the lake there is a concert stage

next to the park is an amusement park

Around the packet there is a jogging track

The center of the city of Bogota This is the square Bolivar

in the square make concerts

near the square is the Museum of Gold

In the museum's historic gold pieces Colombia


My city alvaro romero moscoso  
My city alvaro romero moscoso  

My City