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Where are we going? waterboxes

The idea was to put something in the water that would be so odd that you must stop for a while wondering what is that. Then

when you work outside you have a completly different room to dismantel, first there is the large scale of the outside, -then there is all the things already there to be understood, accepted or neglected...

Almost everything we buy has been in a box, this work deals with questions around our fast moving, material runned society. So to put it as simple as possible, we began with a question...

Where are we going?

Where are you going were realised for the OpenART festival in Ă–rebro, Sweden in the summer of 2008. We got fantastic support, from the guys at the Technical department, both before and during the construction of our large boxes.

It was really a great experience working together with people who has normally almost no contact with art. Different questions were asked, different solutions were made, -not bad, only different. What stayed was the fact that we learned alot from each other, there was much laughing and many anecdotes were told during the working process. In the end we felt that everybody were proud, and the great moment was when we put the large boxes into the water.

Where are we going? Since the last five years we’ve added the box into our work, turning them on the head, putting light or sound inside, stacking them togheter like landscapes or just as single pieces. For us the box is like a sign of our time. Almost everything we use, own, has been in a box, like food, furniture, clothes and more. We’re somehow the boxed era, and not to forget, -we all have our own private boxes, -TV’s, -palms, -computers, -cellphones and more. They’re instruments which makes us travel through space and time, -giving us access to the world in a new way. Pumping us with usefull and useless informations at the same time. They connect us with our friends in a lightspeeded joy that brings us away from here and now, or..? Well the question that comes to mind, is: -Where are we going? And don’t we all have one or two unpacked boxes from the past? Either with physical or emotional impact. Stored boxes that can change our mood instantly the very moment they open. It seems like everything is being packed in and packed up in this world.

Jonnson/Aguirre Where are we going waterboxes / 2008

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Jonnson/Aguirre Where are you going? Floating sculpture formation Each 240 x 120 x 240cm 2008 Wood, joists, banner-prints, plastic, metal, etc

Short description: Three enlarged �paperboxes� made to float on the water. Each box only secured with one anchor point, then this allows them (the boxes) to move more freely with the wind and the water current. Images are from a photoseries that talks about comming closer to situations and feelings such as; being on time, anger and questions dealing with loss and acceptance for new situations...

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this is a grasshopper project

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”Where are we going” was realised for the Örebro OpenART festival 2008. The boxes moves around, changing positions due to the wind and the water current.

Where are we going?  

Outdoor installation for the OpenART festival in Örebro, Sweden.

Where are we going?  

Outdoor installation for the OpenART festival in Örebro, Sweden.