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What’s happening at King’s Venue?

02 Locations

Explore the meaning of life ALPHA TASTER EVENING

King’s Community Church meet in two locations in Norwich on Sundays:

CITY CENTRE Wednesday 3 October, 7pm at The King’s Centre

City Centre

The King’s Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH Starting at 10am

MILE CROSS Thursday 4 October, 7pm at King’s Venue

Mile Cross

The Norman Centre, Bignold Road, Mile Cross, NR3 2QZ Starting at 10.45am

Grab a flyer for more information or chat to one of our welcome team on Sundays. Sign up using the form on page 7.

King’s Venue adjoins the front of the Norman Centre.

Issue No. 22 September – November 2012 The Loop Magazine is an in–house publication produced for and by King’s Community Church, Norwich.

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King’s Community Church The King’s Centre King Street Norwich NR1 1PH Tel. 01603 765795 hello@kings– www.kings–

CITY CENTRE Sunday 16 September Sunday 21 October Sunday 18 November Sunday 16 December During the preach Meet in the foyer

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the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

Thinking of making King’s your home? CONNECT Grab a flyer for more information or chat to one of our welcome team on Sundays. Sign up using the form on page 7.

MILE CROSS Sunday 11 November, 1pm at King’s Venue CITY CENTRE Sunday 25 November, 12.30pm at The King’s Centre


Where’s Yoda? Toby Skipper


o we do discipleship? This is a question that I’ve been asked on more than one occasion at King’s and it’s an important one. After all, Jesus did say, “Go into all the world and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). But what is a disciple? Simply put, it is someone who trusts Jesus, has been forgiven by Him, follows Him and is learning to be more like Him. So, if a church isn’t making disciples we have to ask, what on earth are we doing?

“I have found there is no ‘Yoda’. There is no ‘one’ person who can train me completely in the ways of Jesus.” Sometimes in our church culture we have what I have heard referred to as a ‘Yoda’ mentality of discipleship. That if I can find the perfect ‘one’ person to disciple me I will become the Jedi–Christian warrior God intended me to be. In my time following Jesus I have found that there is no ‘Yoda’. There is no ‘one’ person who can train me completely in the ways of Jesus. Now of course there are going to be individuals who have a significant impact on our lives, sometimes over an extended period of time, just as Paul did with Timothy (1 Corinthians 4:17). Personally I’ve benefited from people like this in my own life but the fact is Timothy had been discipled by others before he’d ever had much time with Paul (Acts 16:1). So I’ve become convinced that we are discipled in many different ways, through many different people and that there is no ‘Yoda’. So how are we discipled at King’s and how do we make disciples? Here’s a few thoughts:

SPEND TIME ALONE WITH GOD It’s been said that we become like who we spend time with, so if I’m going to be a disciple and learn to be more like Jesus

it makes sense to spend time with God in prayer and reading His word, the Bible. Jesus modelled this in his own life. He spent time in personal, private prayer and taught his followers to do the same (Matthew 6:5–15). In doing this I allow my life to be shaped by His and so become more like Him. However we don’t learn to be fully like Jesus in our own little personal spiritual bubble. Discipleship happens in the context of community.

INVEST IN A FEW CLOSE FRIENDS On Facebook people sometimes have hundreds of ‘friends’ yet in reality we are not made for more than a few really close ones. Out of the twelve disciples Jesus chose he had three close friends, Peter, James and John (Mark 5:37). These are the ones he seemed to turn to in difficult times (Matthew 26:37) and I’m sure that they formed close friendships with one another. Close friends are the people that really know us, accept us and are real with us. Someone put it this way, “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are.” If you’re married then in many respects your husand or wife will hopefully be your best friend but I think it’s also important for each of us to have a few friends of the same sex that we can be authentic with, accepting of and accountable to; where the conversation goes beyond the superficial, where we can be brutally honest about who we are and where we’re at. Where we have permission to challange each other to move forward in our faith, helping us to become more like Jesus. As the proverb says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” (Proverbs 27:17 NLT)

GET CONNECTED TO A CORE GROUP OF PEOPLE Jesus did life with a core group of twelve (Matthew 10:1) and each of us needs to be living life and serving out from a core group of friends. At King’s we encourage people

to get connected into a Small Group and Serving Teams. These are great places to get to know people and help you connect to the community of King’s. In these settings we are discipled as we serve others and do life together. I get to hear amazing stories of people learing to be more like Jesus as they cook meals for those going through difficult times, visit someone when they’re sick or give their money or possessions to meet another’s need. Many people give of their time and energy to serve others in numerous ways in the various projects we run, and as we serve others we are learning to be like the One who came to serve and not be served.

“We don’t learn to be fully like Jesus in our own little personal spiritual bubble. Discipleship happens in the context of community.” KEEP MEETING TOGETHER AS A CONGREGATION Jesus was also a part of a larger community, he sent out the 72 (Luke 10:1) and left behind a group of around 120 people, (Acts 1:15) which soon grew to thousands! (Acts 2:41). It’s great to be part of something that is larger than my close friends, Small Group or Serving Team; where we gather together with many other different people, celebrate what God has done and have our eyes opened to how much God is doing. At King’s this happens primaily on Sunday mornings, both at City Centre and Mile Cross and it’s often in these contexts we learn to be more like Jesus, through a prophetic word given, teaching from the Bible and through the words of the songs we sing. So if you’re serious about following Jesus and want to be a disciple of His, don’t try to find Yoda but learn to be like Jesus by spending time with Him, investing in a few close friends, doing life with a core group of people and meeting together as a congregation. the Loop Magazine September – November 2012


04 Grow in character and gifting Training Nights

WordPlus Goff Hope

Marcus Tutt It’s hard to imagine anything as rewarding and exhilarating yet demanding and exhausting as being a parent. It always amazes me how I didn’t have to train for years or pass some difficult exam before having children. Suddenly, you’re a mum or a dad (ok you may have had a bit of notice) and are responsible for loving, protecting, encouraging and training this adorable but loud little person who sleeps and wakes at somewhat unsociable hours! Being a parent is a privilege, but it also comes with great responsibly so, if you are anything like me, you will want all the help you can get. I am really pleased therefore, that we are going to run the HTB course for parenting 0–10 year olds. In each of the five evenings we will watch sections of the HTB teaching material and discuss the issues raised in smaller groups. It will be a great opportunity, not only to hear some excellent teaching but to get to know and learn from other parents. Topics covered will be: ‘Building strong foundations’, ‘Love in action’, ‘Setting boundaries’, ‘Building character’ and ‘Our long term aim’. If you are a parent of a 0–10 year old then why not think about coming along? We would love to see you there. The course starts on 2 October, 7.30pm at The King’s Centre. All the dates for the course can be found on the calendar on page 10, and you can sign up on page 7.

Imagine having a life–giving tonic in the cupboard and never using it, or mind–blowing music on your iPod and never listening to it.... Crazy! But that’s just what many Christians are doing when they fail to understand, love and enjoy the Scriptures. That’s why, about twenty years ago now, we developed the WordPlus course to help Christians of all ages and abilities to get the big picture of the Bible, to join the dots and help make sense of the sometimes confusing details. This autumn we will be running the WordPlus course, taking you through the ten modules covering a wide range of Biblical themes and Christian doctrines designed to help you get to grips with God’s word.

Church in 3D: “Whether you’ve been a Christian for five minutes or 50 years sign up, come along and get equipped.”

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

Toby Skipper

The word ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’. The good news is Jesus; Him doing for us what we can never do for ourselves and there are three things that the New Testament tells us we’re to do with this good news, all of which conveniently begin with ‘D’!

New course starting soon We will be running the course on Tuesday evenings at The King’s Centre, approximately monthly between October and June, with the first session on 23 October at 7.30pm. This time we will be filming the sessions so that they can be made available more widely in the future (already WordPlus has been translated into many languages and taught in many nations). So if you would like to do WordPlus and be part of the audience, just fill in the form on page 7. It’s first come first served as there’s a limited number of spaces!


“About twenty years ago now, we developed the WordPlus course to help Christians of all ages and abilities to get the big picture of the bible.”

1 We are to Declare it (Ephesians 6:20); to tell others about Jesus 2 We are to Defend it (1 Peter 3:15); to give reasons for and explain why we trust Jesus 3 We are to Demonstrate it (1 Peter 2:12); to show people what Jesus is really like If we’re honest none of us are sorted on this and all of us need help to become more effective and confident in doing it. So this term we’ll be running two training sessions on 2 October and 27 November. These will be very interactive, encouraging and I trust helpful as we learn together what it means to be a witness for Jesus in the 21st Century. So whether you’ve been a Christian for 5 minutes or 50 years sign up (on page 7), come along and get equipped. www.kings–

Grow in character and gifting Training Nights 05

‘Manage your Money’ course


for anyone who wants to manage their money better Mike Lamb

The ‘Manage your Money’ course is a three week course open to anyone who wants to have better control of their money. It’s a course about creating a budget and how to manage your income and expenses. It is ideal for people whose circumstances have changed or are soon to change – students, new job, newly married couples, retired or just feeling the pinch in the current financial climate! CAP Money offers a range of free courses to teach budgeting skills to people from all walks of life. CAP Money has been developed by debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty.





Week 1 Creating a budget Week 2 Introducing the CAP Money system and organising your money Week 3 Keeping the system going long–term

Book your place today! The course starts Tuesday 23 October, 7.30pm for three weeks at The King’s Centre. Sign up using the form on page 7. Want to be a good steward of the resources God has given you? Then this course is for you.






ne of my favourite quotes is from a Coen Brothers film which says, “Why does God make us feel the questions if he’s not going to give us the answers?” We all have questions and as the quote says they are often personal, we feel them, they’re not simply intellectual and we certainly don’t approach them in a detached way. Last term we asked you for your questions so we could give time to explore some answers. You could ask anything on life, death, faith, the Bible, spirituality... whatever you wanted. We have compiled the top ten questions and above are the topics you can expect to be covered. Look out for flyers with more details or check out our website www.kings– Invite your friends and family and come along on Sundays to hear more.

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

06 Serving the city Multiple ministries in multiple locations

How are we ‘Serving the city’? Tim Hughes Here’s a few things King’s Community Church run in Norwich that you could get involved in. Feel free to chat to any of these people who make it happen if you fancy having a go! IN THE CITY CENTRE


Over 55s Activities Club

Baby & Toddlers

King’s Care Laundry

Frantik Sundays

Holiday club twice a year. Lots of different activities, and making new friends. Around 100 people each day Contact Val & Colin Thurston

Songs, snacks and toys. Every Wednesday and Thursday during school term. Around 50 people each week Contact Lynn Lamb

Laundry and washing facilities, clothes, and time to chill and chat. One afternoon each week. Up to 15 people each week Contact Tim Hughes

Kids’ club: songs, messy games, and gospel teaching. Every Sunday morning in Mile Cross. 20+ children each week Contact Emma Hughes

King’s Lounge

King’s Care Sundays

Loose Change Theatre

Frantik Home Visits

A great cooked lunch for retired people every Monday at The King’s Centre. Chance to chat with friends plus a thought for the day. Around 50 people each week Contact Faith & Peter Consterdine

A proper Sunday lunch for the homeless, space to hang out, and a chance to hear the story of the Bible. 60–80 people each week Contact Tim Hughes

A community theatre group where everybody has something to offer. Tuesday nights at The King’s Centre. Up to 10 people each week Contact Tim Hughes

Visiting families of Frantik children at home, for friendship and support. One evening each week in Mile Cross. 5–10 families visited each week Contact Emma Hughes

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012





City Centre


Mile Cross

Today’s date Name

Frantik Plus

CAP Money course

A small group for children in school years 5–6. One evening each month at King’s Venue. Contact Emma Hughes

Three evenings helping people manage their finances well. Around 10 people each course Contact Mike Lamb





Under 18


18–30 65+

31–40 Student?

College/University Address


Contact telephone Email Any dietary requirements?

Radiate Fridays

King’s Money Advice

Hanging out, trips, detached work, Small Groups. Friday nights during school term for youth. 20+ youth each week Contact Ruth Kettle

Personal debt advice and counselling, by appointment. Available across the city. Currently around 5 clients Contact Mike Lamb

I would like to book PLACES for... Please write number of places required...

Girls’ Night Out (29/09) Church in 3D (02/10 & 27/11) Parenting Children course (02/10) Alpha Taster Evening: City Centre (03/10) Alpha Taster Evening: Mile Cross (04/10) CAP Money course


WordPlus (23/10) Loose Change Youth Theatre Creating and performing shows together. Thursday nights during school term. Around 10 youth each week Contact Tim Hughes

Newday projects Street and garden clean up, sports clubs, kids’ clubs, car wash, family fun days to name but a few. Working across the city. 100s of homes and families Contact Ailsa Magee

Connect: Mile Cross (11/11) Connect: City Centre (25/11) Please tear off this slip AND post it in the postbox All data is gathered and managed in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). We will not disclose any information supplied by you to any third party.

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012


08 Serving the city The King’s Centre

A day in the life of The King’s Centre Ed Beckingham


he world of The King’s Centre is ever changing, a whirlwind of customers and friends all with different requirements. At the centre of the whirlwind, the conferencing team try to make sense of it all, trying as hard as possible to keep everyone happy. The conferencing day starts at 7am when I stagger through the door trying desperately to remember how to use keys and turn taps on. Over the next hour I’ve found my way upstairs, changed the lights, opened doors and fed our new favourite goldfish; Tom, Gerry, Elvis and Sherlock. The customers can arrive from 8am and soon afterwards Lynn breezes in, far too awake and always prepared for the day ahead.

Conferencing The conference delegates vary hugely, depending on the time of year, day of the week and more. Aviva use us quite a bit, they are often the first customers in in the morning. Other regular customers include the local councils, NHS services, job seeker courses, French exchange schools and a home school class. City College and the Open University use us for exams; in May and June the students aren’t the only ones worrying about getting everything right. Everyone is important to us, but on days where there are big main auditorium events we will spend hours making things just right. As the conference organisers arrive they will change the rooms to their exact specifications. We try and get this right beforehand, but sometimes the room is booked by someone else. One morning, one customer decided their room was to be in a boardroom style rather than around our round tables; simultaneously another decided their theatre style should be around tables. Smile! the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

At times people will just turn up at the desk asking, well anything. Barely a week goes by without an odd request from an elder (whiteboards are normal, wicker high jumps are not). We have various cubby holes for storing things around the building, and yes there is a spare toilet and an electronic drum kit in one of them, but you never know when they will come in handy, although in that case hopefully not at the same time.

Calmness descends By 10am, everyone is normally settled down in their conferences, most of the staff have remembered where their desks are and the world seems peaceful. Gerry then enters the conferencing world and for me, everything gets a lot quieter. The reality is that Gerry is preemptively dealing with all the questions, clearing tea and coffee stations, preparing tables for lunch, cleaning the building and more besides whilst I’m stumbling about looking for a spoon for the breakfast I forgot about hours ago. On days when church members are using rooms, even this vague notion of productivity goes out the window. And between King’s

Lounge, Small Group, Babies and Toddlers, prayer meetings, Stop Dieting and Start Living, kids’ football and a dozen other things, there are King’s people around every day. Lynn will always talk about how lovely it is to see people and all the many wonderful and different ways people use The King’s Centre. I’m just worried about the mess really.

Picnics I relented a few weeks ago and accepted an invitation to the Babies & Toddlers Teddy Bears Picnic. The idea of a large amount of canapes with only a few small children in the way appealed and so I went downstairs. I was then trapped in a wendy house for ten minutes by a two year old; no amount of cocktail sausages and bacon dates help that. Mmm, bacon.

Lunch Lunch happens, Gerry runs around with trolleys burdened with trays and ice and lemon for the water. Lynn often seems to help. I stay at my desk, in case something happens on reception. On some days we have volunteer receptionists who do sterling www.kings–

Serving the city The King’s Centre 09 work, like Allison, Pete and Nigel. Cheryl is my favourite, and not just because she occasionally buys me cake. She goes the extra mile for everyone, always helpful to leadership trainees, WordPlus customers, conference delegates, staff and people who can’t remember the name of that song from the radio last night. But these receptionists do all the hard work at this time, leaving me to ponder which of the salads, soups, paninis, sandwiches, sausage rolls and other food I want for lunch.

Meetings After we’ve all had lunch, calmness descends on The King’s Centre again. Elders resume studying and Dave Howes. And at 2.30pm, Lynn, Gerry and myself meet to discuss what is happening in the building over the next two days. In most organisations this would only be postscript, but at King’s this has become much more. Probably because of Susan’s daily non–sequiturs interrupting a mundane meeting and definitely because

there is often more going on than we have space for. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle on a rollercoaster that starts every five minutes: everytime you think you’ve completed it the sky collapses and you start again.

Homeward bound Once this meeting is finished, life at The King’s Centre is a walk in the park. I go home at 3pm. Olivia comes in at this point, and everything gets suspiciously tidy. Gerry still has to prepare all the rooms for the evening ahead and also the following day, clear and clean the lunch areas and prepare the tea and coffee urns (I have the honour of turning the switches on in the morning; oddly Gerry doesn’t mind this). The conference delegates leave, generally thanking us for our hard graft, occasionally followed up by a letter – the one on House of Commons letterhead was a particular highlight but I’ve got to save something for a sequel – and the building becomes peaceful again, until the evening brings Alpha, Radiate, prayer meetings, team

meetings and the weekend brings church and all the many different aspects within it.

A great place to work It is genuinely a pleasure working in the conferencing team at King’s, I have never enjoyed a job more (and not just because of the amazing food): working hard as part of a team going the extra mile for everyone and demonstrating the difference that God makes in our lives. There are difficult days – it’s a work place and so that’s inevitable – but the support from everyone around (that includes you!) means its a genuine pleasure to wake up, fall out of bed and drag a comb across my head far too early in the morning. One final example of this: Tom, key member of the team and regular accomplice of Gerry, is away in his native Poland at the moment. The support for him has been brilliant, a clear witness to who we are in God, and that Don has covered so excellently in his absence illustrates God’s perfect provision for us.

SAT 29 SEPTEMBER, 7–11pm Norfolk Snowsports Club, Whitlingham Lane, Trowse Girls, bring your friends and enjoy a night of slopes and smiles at Norfolk Snowsports Club. We can’t promise snow but we can promise fun! Suitable for all ages there are various activities to choose from including tubing (£10), a ski taster for beginners (£7) or open ski session (£7). We have sole use of the bar/lounge for the evening. With a great view of the whole of the slopes you can watch others or just hang out with friends and enjoy a drink. Bring your own knitting, cross stitch, card making or jewellery making and share ideas with friends or you might enjoy multi–player Wii® on the big screen or the pool table! To book You can book your place at the information area on Sundays or through the church office during the week, telephone 01603 765795. All activities must be booked and paid for in advance on a first come first served basis. the Loop Magazine September – November 2012



September – December 2012



King’s Walk 2.30pm Blofield/Brundall Bring friends and family for fresh air in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.


Church Family Meeting 7.00pm, The King’s Centre Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get together with all the King’s church family from both sites. We’ll be worshipping God, and hearing important news for the future.


Café Music 7.30pm The King’s Centre Come and chill out at King’s Coffee in The King’s Centre for an evening of good music and good coffee.


Intro 10.00am The King’s Centre For folks who are new to City Centre and want to discover more about us. Join us during the preach to hear about our vision and values and fire your questions!


Baptisms 10.00am The King’s Centre We have baptisms taking place during our Sunday morning meeting at City Centre. Talk to your Small Group leader if you’re interested.


Prayer & Vision Night 7.30pm The King’s Centre This is a great opportunity to gather both sites together, to hear about the vision for the future and pray about the awesome things God is doing. No Small Groups this week.


Girls’ Night Out: Ski Saturday! 7.00pm, Nofolk Ski Club With a choice of skiing, tubing or drinking coffee this promises to be a fun night for all. Sign up on page 7.


Student Lunch 12.30pm The King’s Centre If you’re a student you probably can’t cook as well as we can. Come and enjoy Sunday lunch on us!


Mobilise East 6.00pm The King’s Centre For students and twenties. Come and meet with God, hear great messages and get to know some new people.

Alpha will be running at The King’s Centre on Wednesdays and King’s Venue on Thursdays. Get your head out of the hedge and come along.



Church in 3D 7.30pm The King’s Centre Come and learn what it means to be a disciple for Jesus in the 21st Century. Sign up on page 7.


Parenting Course 7.30pm The King’s Centre A great five week course from our friends at HTB (founders of the Alpha Course). If you’re a parent of a 0–10 year old why not check this out? Sign up on page 7.


Alpha Taster Evening 7.00pm The King’s Centre Interested in coming on Alpha? This evening will give you a flavour of the course. Sign up on page 7.

04 05 07 07 14 21 21

Alpha Taster Evening 7.00pm King’s Venue, Mile Cross Café Music 7.30pm The King’s Centre

Student Lunch 12.30pm The King’s Centre

Girls Night Out: Fellas, we’re taking bets on the number of bruised buttocks...

King’s Walk 2.30pm Location TBA

Student Lunch 12.30pm The King’s Centre

Intro 10.00am The King’s Centre Mobilise East 6.00pm The King’s Centre

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

For the very latest up–to–date happenings visit www.kings–



CAP Money Course 7.30pm The King’s Centre CAP Money is a three session course to get you back in control of your money. Sign up on page 7.


Connect: Mile Cross 1.00pm King’s Venue, Mile Cross Thinking of making King’s your home? Come and explore church membership. Sign up on page 7.



Prayer Night 8.00pm The King’s Centre Join with the whole church family (both sites) to pray about the awesome things God is doing.

Student Lunch 12.30pm The King’s Centre

18 18 18 23 25 25

Gift Day Two Morning meetings at City Centre and Mile Cross Intro 10.00am The King’s Centre


02 04



Quiz Night 7.00pm The King’s Centre Bring your friends and family for a night of good food and good laughs. Sign up in teams through Small Groups.

Baptisms 10.00am The King’s Centre

Café Music 7.30pm The King’s Centre

WordPlus 7.30pm The King’s Centre Get to grips with the Bible on this monthly study course. Sign up quick on page 7. Places are limited.


WordPlus 7.30pm The King’s Centre Get to grips with the Bible on this monthly study course. Sign up quick on page 7. Places are limited.



Gift Day One Morning meetings at City Centre & Mile Cross An opportunity to give to the amazing things that God is doing both at King’s and across the world.

Don’t miss Adrian Holloway, 2 December at City Centre and 9 December at Mile Cross. He’s no relation to Josh ladies, sorry.

Mobilise East 6.00pm The King’s Centre Prayer Night 8.00pm The King’s Centre Baptisms 10.00am The King’s Centre

Connect: City Centre 12.30pm The King’s Centre Thinking of making King’s your home? Come and explore church membership. Sign up on page 7.

25 27

King’s Walk 2.30pm Earlham/UEA Church in 3D 7.30pm The King’s Centre

London Community Gospel Choir 7.30pm, The King’s Centre Multi–award winning LCGC are back with us for another exciting night of gospel music. Bring your friends and family, they will not disappoint.


Adrian Holloway 10.00am The King’s Centre Adrian helps to lead Church of Christ the King in Brighton. He is a gifted evangelist so bring your friends. Adrian’s message will be shown via video at Mile Cross on 9 December.


Authentic 6.00pm The King’s Centre Authentic is the new name for our student work at King’s (see page 14 for more information). If you’re a student this night is one of the regular events for you.

07 09 09 16 25

Café Music 7.30pm The King’s Centre Student Lunch 12.30pm The King’s Centre Mobilise East 6.00pm Venue TBA

Intro 10.00am The King’s Centre Christmas Day 10.30am The King’s Centre

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012


12 Gather in friendship and family Small Groups

Why Small Groups? Steve Hope

Why should I join a Small Group? Out of obligation? Or because one of the leaders in church told you to? The reason is because it is God’s own plan for us. When God created us, He placed in our hearts a need to be in friendship and community with other men and women. Community is God’s idea and is not an optional extra to the Christian life, but is very much part of God’s plan that you live the Christian life, through challenges, growth, and joy alongside other follower of Jesus. God has designed us to live in community.

What does a Small Group look like? Well they come in varying shapes and sizes, typically about five to fifteen people, meeting

weekly often in someone’s home. There are dozens of different groups, on different days, at different times and different locations throughout the city so when you’re trying one for the first time, don’t feel you have to stay in that particular group, you might want to try one or two others before settling in a particular group.

What can I expect at a Small Group? Many Small Groups plan their diaries each term, the focus is always community; community with one–another and community with Jesus. That may take the form of time unpacking, and discussing the Bible following a Sunday preach, worship, prayer, or a meal together as friends.

How can I join a Small Group? It’s dead easy, speak to one of the Welcome Team on Sundays, or email Steve Hope at steve@kings– You will find a small orange booklet at the information area that will tell you more about Small Groups and why we value them.

Small Grou s them? at KingWhy’s do wephave

“EvEry day thEy continuEd to mEEt togEthEr [in thE tEmplE courts].” Acts 2:46

as a church to gather in We believe God has encouraged us and gifting and go in friendship and family, grow in character are an essential and practical mission and service. Small Groups groups people can build part of this journey. Within smaller step out in gifting in a supportive and accountable friendships, together and sow into the less intimidating atmosphere, serve community around them more effectively.

Let’s get quizzical... QUIZ NIGHT Saturday 17 November, 7pm at The King’s Centre Look out for flyers to invite your friends and family...

Saturday 1 December, 7.30pm at The King’s Centre, NR1 1PH Look out for flyers to invite your friends and family...

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012


Resourcing the Region Beyond Norwich



City Centre


Mile Cross

Today’s date Name

Beyond Norwich


Toby Skipper

ur vision at King’s is to see ‘a church of 1000+ followers of Jesus who are serving the city through multiple ministries in multiple locations and resourcing the region through active involvement in apostolic mission’. Earlier in the year around 80 people came along to a meeting called Beyond Norwich. The aim of the evening was to explain and explore what it means for each one of us to play our part in resourcing the region.

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY ‘RESOURCING THE REGION’? The apostle Paul talked about a region, field or sphere that he was responsible for (2 Corinthians 10:13–16). These were churches he had helped start and after appointing local leaders continued to serve in various ways. He actively drew local churches into being part of apostolic mission; by starting new churches and strengthen existing ones (Acts 13:1–3, 16:1–5); by caring for the poor (2 Corinthians 8:1–24; Galatians 2:10) and by praying for the mission to advance (Philippians 1:19; 1Thesalonians 5:25; 2 Thesalonains 3:1). We learn from this that a churches mission starts on its doorstep but doesn’t stop there. Every local church needs to be involved in global mission at some level. At King’s we are part of the Newfrontiers family of churches and within that are connected to a growing group of around 50 churches under the name of Relational Mission. These churches are spread across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent, stretching across the sea to Northern Europe, France, Germany, Belgium and Canada. Our vision is that every member of King’s will be actively involved in this apostolic mission. That each one of us will help resource the region we are part of by giving, praying and for some going, for short or long term. On the evening of Beyond Norwich around 50 people filled in the form attached. The aim of gathering this information is to help us help you be part of resourcing the region. If you want to play your part then please fill in the form attached, post it in the box provided* and we will seek to keep you informed as to what’s happening, what to pray for and opportunities to serve in mission beyond Norwich. * The red postbox in the wall in foyer area at City Centre, or the white postbox on the information area at Mile Cross!




Under 18


Female 18–30 65+

31–40 Student?

College/University Contact telephone Email RESOURCING THE REGION...

Please tick...

I would like to receive prayer updates on Relational Mission activities I am up for being part of short term trips to other nations I think I might be called to be part of a church planting team in the UK or another nation I think I might be called to move to an existing church plant in the UK or another nation I think I might be called to lead a church plant team in the UK or another nation Please tick... CHILDREN & YOUTH WORK: I’D LIKE TO EXPLORE HELPING OUT WITH...

Pre–School School Years Reception – Year 6 School Years 7 – 13 at City Centre

at Mile Cross

Please tear off this slip AND post it in the postbox All data is gathered and managed in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). We will not disclose any information supplied by you to any third party.

14 Gather, Grow, Go Students

Hello to all you studenty people! James Wilson


ey there! Whether you’re returning from a summer serving orphans in the developing world, working off your tuition fees or pure Olympic indulgence you are welcome back! A massive welcome too if you’re already malnourished, confused about why your dirty washing has not been done for you or if you’re just simply a fresher.

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes... Some of you of older students will notice a few changes. Authentic is the new name for all things studenty (if that’s even a word). At Authentic we want to grow in our love for and enjoyment of Jesus, find our place in church family life, give our lives away serving others and be transformed and equipped to reach our friends, our universities and the nations.

Sorry, what? Free food? We enjoy food, especially when it’s free! We have student lunches every week for the first three weeks of autumn term and then once a month throughout term time to make up for the lack of nutritional integrity and the overload of microwave meal madness. It’s also a chance to meet key leaders in church life, share stories and catch word of what God is doing at King’s, at university and in the nations.

Sunday nights Authentic Sunday nights will happen once a term; a chance to gather as a student body, to be encouraged to meet the challenges of student life full on and be equipped to live authentic lives which reveal Jesus in all his glory. Once a month on Sunday evenings we have Mobilise East where the 18–30s from around the region gather for passionate worship of Jesus and to hear challenging messages as we pursue God’s purpose for our lives. There’s a tonne of delights that demand your time when you begin university: learning to live without Mum, your course, your flatmates, new friends, hobbies, sports, a raging social life and the consumption of food and varying liquids amongst other miscellaneous frivolities. Many of them promise life and the majority of them will be fun and freely available. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and life in all its fullness,” an offer which is open to everyone. The truth is, even with everything else that Uni offers, you need no delight more than Jesus; He will change your life, and the best news is that he is freely available too!

Chill out with good friends, good coffee and good music. CAFÉ MUSIC Fridays, from 7.30pm at The King’s Centre

For students and twenties

14 September 5 October 2 November 7 December


the Loop Magazine September – November 2012


Go in mission and service Children & Youth

Have you ever met a giant?

Building Church Community – online! Jon Mullender

Simon Oldfield


ave you ever met a giant? Have you ever talked to one? Have you, I wonder, ever stood on one? I suspect that you have. I don’t mean the scary kind of giants who inhabit fairy stories or fantastical films. No, I mean the kind of giants that the British scientist Sir Isaac Newton spoke about. He once explained that he had only achieved what he did in his life “by standing on the shoulders of giants” His giants were those without whose exploits, successes and lessons he would not been able to do what he did. His giants were those people who had inspired him. The Bible tells us that ultimately our achievements are only possible because of what Jesus has done in our lives, because of his death and resurrection, and the gift of the Holy Spirit. However God also puts ‘giants’ in our lives. And, again, I don’t mean the scary or fantasy ones; I mean those who inspire, encourage and challenge us. Paul writes about this at the start of his letter to the first Christians who lived in Rome;

“First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world.” – Romans 1:8

These Roman Christians were clearly having a great affect on those that heard about them and served as a strong encouragement to others – they were giants in faith, and an inspiration to others – by hearing what they’d done they were encouraged in their own faith in God.


Who have the giants been in your life? Who has encouraged you to follow Jesus? Who inspired you about the love of God? Who helped you see you see what an amazing impact the Holy Spirit could have in your life? Who first explained to you the good news of the cross, of the resurrection? We all need giants.

And can I invite you now to be one? In and around King’s we’ve got loads of children and young people who are seeking to live exciting lives for Jesus. God has great plans for their lives NOW, not just when they become adults. Could your faith inspire them? Could the lessons you’ve learnt teach them? Could the journey you’re on encourage them? Could they stand on your shoulders? Could you be a giant to the children and young people at King’s? If you’d like to get involved with children’s or youth work at King’s we’d love to hear from you. There’s lots going on, there’s lots of opportunities and there’s lots of great children and young people who can’t wait to stand on your shoulders and do great things for God! Get in touch by filling in the form on page 13 and popping it in the postbox provided.

King’s have recently invested in a new web– based management system to replace our existing groaning database. The software called Church Community Builder (CCB) is designed with team leaders in mind but provides a great resource for members of the church to connect with each other and get hold of information easier. Dave Howes and myself spent some time researching the different systems and what they offer and together with Steve Hope highly recommend this new system. CCB should handle almost* every piece of church administration – offering volunteer scheduling, attendance, group, event, and resource management and is built to work seamlessly across multi–sites. It should eventually replace the need for dozens of emails going back and forward between our leaders and last minute desperate phone calls. If you’re anything like me the thought of a new church database does not float your boat particularly – there could certainly be more exciting things to be concentrating on, like weeding your patio for example. However Dave and I were both surprised and encouraged by just how much this system has to offer, the difference it should make to our church administration and the fact that it will equip our leaders to spend more time leading – more time spent with people rather than crouched over a computer writing emails or formatting Excel spreadsheets (life–changing inventions though they are). We hope to begin training leaders on the new system shortly. This will be a gradual process so please bear with us! Our aim at present is to roll out the new system church– wide in the new year. Watch this space, though you’ll do very well to miss it. For all you lovely laid back down–to–earth folks who don’t do computers or the internet (I envy you) – have no fear! We (Dave) will work hard to ensure you remain able to access all the information you need and connect with people in the easiest way possible. *CCB will not replace our existing website www.kings– the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

16 Serving the city King’s Venue Mile Cross

What’s happening at King’s Venue?


has been a few years since King’s started meeting in Mile Cross and it’s encouraging to hear stories of people still moving into the area to be part of the community. This is what Jesus did. I love the Message paraphrase of John 1:14 “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood.” Jesus was not God at a distance but God with us. It’s important we live out this truth as we serve the city in multiple locations, because the church must never become a nice cosy club for Christians and I trust at King’s this will never be the case. One of our more recent locations is King’s Venue in Mile Cross, located next to the Norman Centre (where we meet in Mile Cross on Sunday’s). We’ve had use of this building for just over a year now and thought it was about time we gave a brief update on what’s happening. Here are a few words from those who are doing the stuff…

RUTH KETTLE RADIATE YOUTH “Every week we run Radiate Fridays at King’s Venue for school years 7–9. We’ve been there for two terms, the youth from King’s are loving it and we’ve met loads of young people from the Mile Cross estate. This term we ran a Connect Café for those who wouldn’t call themselves Christian but still wanted to be a part of Radiate. Around ten young people have come along over the last term and spent time chatting about topics relevant to teenagers giving us the chance to show how the bible relates to a teenager’s life in the 21st Century.

Toby Skipper

MIKE LAMB KING’S MONEY ADVICE “It’s been a few years in the pipeline but now King’s Money Advice is up and running! We use the meeting room at King’s Venue as our office where we can do the letter writing, scanning and printing for clients. We can also meet clients there confidentially, though it’s important to say we also see people at The King’s Centre – whichever is the most convenient. We started KMA mid– June and had been contacted by five people by the end of July, which is an encouraging start. This is a huge area of need in our city and I trust we will be able play our part in bringing a solution to those who need our help.”


We’ve also had great times of fun in Peterson Park, using the Kings Venue as a base (for filling up buckets of water and super–soakers!!!), met loads more young people and have had conversations and opportunities to invite them along to Radiate. Finally, we’re hoping to run a Youth Alpha at some point this year...”

TIM HUGHES LOOSE CHANGE YOUTH THEATRE “Loose Change Youth Theatre is a theatre group for high school aged young people, especially from around Mile Cross. We meet on Thursday nights to make shows and perform together. We’ve just done an Olympic thriller in the style of Charlie Chaplin! Some of the group have started coming to Radiate too, and we’re enjoying getting to know all the families. This year we’re hoping to get more kids involved, and see our current group really flourish.”

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

King’s Venue, together with the Norman Centre, had an Open Morning on Saturday 18 August following a week of Newday projects on the estate.

“Frantik Plus is a chance to do more of the stuff we do at Frantik Sunday – it just happens to be after school on a Tuesday. It runs from 4.30pm until 5.45pm (though you can stay longer for extra games until 6.00pm) for children in school years 5 and 6 who already come to Frantik on Sundays. We use this time to explore the things we hear about Jesus and the Bible on a Sunday and help each other out with some of the stuff in life we find difficult, like friendships or making the right choices. Of course we also play some great games and have amazing snacks too.”

AND THERE’S MORE… So as you can see there’s lots going on at King’s Venue but that won’t be the end of it, we’re looking to provide free internet access, maybe start a coffee and craft morning and I’m sure there will be even more creative ways we can continue to serve the community of Mile Cross. King’s Venue can be found adjoining the front entrance of the Norman Centre King’s Venue (The Norman Centre) Bignold Road, Mile Cross Norwich NR3 2QZ www.kings–


from HTB

Tuesdays from 7.30pm at The King’s Centre 2 October 23 October 6 November 27 November 4 December

Sign up using the form on page 7.

Getting to grips with God’s word... Tuesdays, from 7.30pm at The King’s Centre 23 October 27 November 22 January Sign up using the form on page 7. Hurry! Places are limited.

CAP Money MANAGE YOUR MONEY COURSE Tuesday 23 October Tuesday 30 October Tuesday 6 November 7.30pm, at The King’s Centre Sign up using the form on page 7.

Explore what it means to be a witness for Jesus in the 21st Century CHURCH IN 3D Tuesday 2 October Tuesday 27 November 7.30pm, at The King’s Centre Sign up using the form on page 7.

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

18 Grow in character and gifting Book Reviews

Andrew Wilson If God, Then What? Lizzie Brien


Christians, we get asked tricky questions all the time; people want to know why we make certain lifestyle choices, why we believe in life after death, why we continue to believe in God when children are starving in the developing world. If you have ever had one (or all) of those questions chucked at you across a pub table, or, indeed, if you were the one doing the chucking, Andrew Wilson’s If God, Then What? might be the book for you. If I tell you that I found this book easy to read, there will be some who will breathe a sigh of relief and rush to the bookshop after the next meeting. There will be some, however, who might interpret ‘easy to read’ as ‘insubstantial’, which is simply untrue. One of the first things you should know is that this not a book in which a well-respected New Frontiers pastor lays out the things he believes, expecting you to simply nod and say “OK then”. Described as a fundamentalist at the age of fourteen by his RE teacher, Andrew Wilson has since realised that simply telling people they’re wrong for not believing the same things as you is largely ineffective unless you’re prepared to back up your claims with some kind of evidence. If God, Then What? is therefore built around ten of the big questions that as Christians we ask and are asked, including how did we get here?, why is there suffering

the Loop Magazine September – November 2012

in the world and is there a solution?, and what really happened on Easter morning? While he’s perfectly happy to tell you what he thinks, Wilson also takes great pains not only to show how he arrived at his conclusions but also to lay out the various opposing arguments in a balanced and respectful way. While this will appeal to committed Christians who want to be able to speak confidently to their friends about Jesus, Wilson is also very clear that he’s also talking to people who haven’t yet made up their minds and that no matter where you are in your journey, these questions are worth thinking about. “I’m sure the very process of writing a book means that I’ll communicate an awful lot of what I think about things, so I can’t pretend it’s just a list of conversation starters. But I hope that, even if you don’t agree at the moment with the answers I hold, you’ll enjoy thinking through the questions. At a time when lots of people have given up on truth as troublesome, or meaning as mindless, these might be the ten most important questions in the world.” (Wilson, 2012)

Tim Chester A meal with Jesus


Angie Hope

ome of you who have been in the church a long time will remember dear Henry Tyler who played a key part in seeing the church established on good

foundations. One of the things he used to say with that familiar twinkle in his eye was that he preferred ‘feasting to fasting!’ There’s obviously a place for fasting, as we read the bible, but this particular book adopts a similar stance to Henry, maintaining that Christianity was always meant to be conducted around a table with the intimacy of a shared meal. Jesus himself, according to Luke 7, came “eating and drinking…” so much so that his enemies, the Pharisees, accused him of doing it to excess – He must have seriously enjoyed eating and drinking to earn this accusation! Luke’s gospel is full of stories of Jesus eating with people, demonstrating the feast of the kingdom and embodying the message of God’s grace. The ‘Lord’s Supper’, eating the bread and drinking the wine, focuses us on the finished work of Christ on the cross, and helps us keep the main thing, the main thing. It reminds us too that we’re learning the habits of cross-centred living. In this book, the author explores meals – how they represent something bigger and more meaningful than just eating food. They connect us to one another, bring us close; any unresolved conflict cannot be ignored when we gather around the meal table and of course, meals were central to the life of the apostolic churches. Furthermore, the biblical requirement for elders to be hospitable (1 Timothy 3:2) suggests that meals were central in the life of the New Testament Church. The author argues that meals are an important part not just of Christian fellowship, but also of mission – an acting out of grace, community, hope and salvation. This flies in the face of our contemporary culture, where many people eat on a tray in front of a TV or computer screen, alone, merely engaging in a virtual world. He looks too at our attitudes and relationship with food and eating, explaining how at the Fall, food was the way we expressed our disobedience and mistrust of God – our attempt to live without God (expressed through eating the forbidden fruit). He maintains that food is meant to express our dependence on God, our submission to His good reign. There are some helpful insights here when we consider the issue of eating disorders. One final thought from this book... if you take mountains and meals out of the Bible, it is in fact a very short book! www.kings–

Grow in character and gifting Music Reviews 19

Parachute Band Matins : Vespers Jono Davies, Louder Than The Music


ew Zealand based worship group Parachute Band are back with a new interesting concept album, titled ‘Matins : Vespers’. Since the second generation of the band they have released three albums, ‘Roadmaps & Revelations’, the amazing ‘Technicolor’, and ‘Love Without Measure’ which was given a high rated review on LTTM. OK, now on to the concept of the album, and it’s a little bit different. ‘Matins : Vespers’ is a double album based on the concept of ‘morning songs (Matins)’ and ‘evening prayers (Vespers)’, which the band says, “combines the exciting exploration of Parachute Band’s sound with a nod to the ancient rhythms of worship. The album’s name references the concept; a modern twist on the old canonical offices.” Opening track Hope Is A River kicks off this first half of the album titled Matins with an atmospheric tone. This slow beating start is matched with some infectious vocals and melody, with the band singing Hope is a river that runs through me/Jesus. A powerful start to the album that continues in to the more upbeat and pounding Keep The Fire Burning. The song has a clean driving beat, very similar to the Snow Patrol sound, with the banging drum beat keeping this going. Promises opens with some modern dance bleeps and beats. One of the strongest points of Parachute Band is the quality of the vocals,

and this track show these off with abundance. Run To You (+ Meet You) is one track that shows the band at their best. A strong, passionate, heartfelt, gut–wrenching song. The lyrics of I need You, I can’t get enough of You are sung like nothing else matters. In Your Name has a slow clap start and a bluesy kind of guitar sound, not that this is a bluesy song – far from it, but it has that indie raw guitar feel to it that can be associated with that kind of style. The song then morphs into a passionate heart–cry of Your promise remains, sung over and over again with vigor and zeal, then in the chorus the band declare In Your name there is healing, in Your name we are free. The song In Jesus took a while to get into, with it very much leaning on the atmospheric synth work and creative drums, this wasn’t one that stood out at first listen. The same can be said of The City of The Lord, which has a more acoustic vibe to it. Still strong songs, they just both took there time to sink in for me. Part two of the album, titled Vespers, is described as the band paying tribute to the practice of ‘evening prayers’. And I now know what they mean by that, as both opening tracks Hark and Halt are heavy on the reflective atmospheric orchestral synth work. I could easily see this being put on in the background during a time of prayer and it being a useful tool in the background for people to cry out to God. Consecrate moves on from the atmospheric synth work to be led by just a piano, as beautiful as the first two tracks but something different to keep the album moving on. Still and Linger tend to be more choral and atmospheric, again something even more different to the previous tracks. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting it to be all instrumental, but it is. Simmer ends the album in an atmospheric manner that again makes it easy to use in your own times of worship to God.

A brave move for a band that could easily have got away with producing another album similar to ‘Love Without Measure’ and still done well. Yet Parachute Band have stepped out of the box and tried something a bit different, some people might be disappointed that this isn’t the usual twelve tracks of out and out praise, and I can see that view. But for the creativity on this album, and for the band to push themselves so much in doing a different concept, really must be commended. After saying all that, I really enjoyed this album and will highly recommend it to anybody looking for something a bit different.

Standout Tracks Keep The Fire Burning Consecrate Run To You (+Meet You) This review has been reprinted with kind permission from Jono Davies at Louder Than The Music. Check out more great music reviews at

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Martin Smith God’s Great Dance Floor 1&2

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