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TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments I want to give a thanks to Mr. May for always being here for me. And all my people. All the black people that I ever hooped with. Y’all silly but I love y’all.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Taylor Swift is about to do a concert in Houston. She looks in the crowd while shes preforming. She sees the cutest boy alive. She asked him whats his name is. The boy said his name was Sebastian. She gave him her number they’ll take for hours. They even went on a date. They went to the carnival and some hobo gave Taylor and Sebastian a box. They were scared to open it. They thought something bad was going to be in it. But then they said yolo. They both got home cause they were dating at the time. They opened it & Taylor got sunked in & Sebastian left cause yolo. She went back in time. Now the story began……

TABLE OF CONTENTS European Exploration – 1 The First Settlement: Jamestown – 2 Plymouth Settlement – 3 The New England Colonies – 4 The Middle Colonies – 5 The Southern Colonies – 6 Events Leading to the American Revolutionary – 7 The American Revolution – 8 Our American Government – 9 The Presidency of George Washington – 10 American Political Parties: Federalist vs. DemocraticRepublicans – 11 The Presidency of John Adams – 12 The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson – 13 The Presidency of James Madison – 14 The Presidency of James Monroe – 15

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Presidency of Andrew Jackson – 16 The Industrial Revolution and the Technology Age – 17 Westward Expansion: Manifest Destiny – 18 Reform Movements – 19 Events Leading to the American Civil War – 20 Famous Court Cases – 21 The American Civil WAR – 22 RECONSTRUCTION – 23 FINAL CHAPTER – 24

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