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E n h a n c e yo u r s t u d e n t e x p e r i e n c e

Monday 30th Tuesday 31st Wednesday 1st Be A Champion Tea Party Venue: JCs Time: 9:30- 11am RAG Raiding Venue: Outside Fulton House, Time: 11am

Musicians Society Open taster session Venue: Café West Time: 6-8pm Choral Society Open taster session Venue: Chaplaincy Time: 6-8pm Tae Kwon Doe Venue: Pavillion Gym Time: 6:30-8pm Lifesaving Venue: Welsh National Pool Time: 6:45-8pm

Bioscience - Create a Bioscience Movie Venue: Divas, Time: 2pm Chinese Lanterns Mental Wealth Society Venue: Front of Fulton House Time: 5pm Choral Society Open Taster Session Venue: Chaplaincy (Fulton House) Time: 6-8pm St. John Links ‘How to Save a Life Night’ Venue: Lecture Room 4, Fulton House Time: 7pm Drama - Commedia Dell’Arte Mask Workshop Venue: Dining Room Time: 7-10pm History Society ‘A Crawl Through History’ historical pub crawl Venue: JCs, Time: 7.30pm

LGBT+ Pub Quiz Venue: Lecture Room 4 Time: 7.30-11pm The Dance Society’s classes are all free throughout the week. Timetables are available on the society’s facebook page. Search Swansea University Dance Society

Psyke Night - Movie/Pizza Venue: Kier Hardie 248 Time: 7pm

Kickboxing Venue: Lecture Room 2 Time: Afternoon Real Life Cluedo Law Society Time: 2-4pm Venue: Divas Kitesurfing Venue: Swansea Beach Meet at Fulton House Time: 1:30pm, Cost: £5 Lacrosse Venue: Singleton Park Meet at Fulton House Time: 1:45pm Ultimate Frisbee Venue: Singleton Park 2pm Fencing Venue: Pavillion Gym 2-5pm Xtreme Venue: Xtreme Lounge Time: 4-6pm Student Media Venue: JCs Coffee Side Time: 5pm

American Studies Slumber Party Venue: Divas, Time: 6-10pm

Capoeira Venue: Dining Room A Time: 6-7pm

Wargaming Venue: Xtreme Lounge Time: 7-10.30pm

Sailing Venue: Revolution Time: 7pm Cost: £2

Hitch - A Hitch Story Venue: Dining Room A Time: 8-9pm Kayaking Venue: Welsh National Pool Time: 9-10pm, Cost: £1

Musicians do Lazerzone Time: 8pm Archery Venue: Sports Hall Time: 7-9pm Cost: £1.50

Thursday 2nd People & Planet Go Green Stall Venue: JCs Time: 12-1pm Build a Bubble Room Engineering Society Dining Room A Time: 2-4pm American Football Venue: Astro Time: 2pm Explore FIGS (languages) Venue: JCs Time: 8pm

travel 35

societies 32 - 33

careers 31

tv & culture 29

gadgets 28

games 28

film 27

music 26

food 25

front row 24

Basketball Venue: Sports Hall Time: 4pm Cost: £1.50 Badminton Venue: Sports Hall Time: 7-9pm Cost: £1.50

Saturday 4th Beer Pong for Beginners Venue: Divas Time: 7.30pm

Sunday 5th Cricket Venue: Sports Hall 12-2pm Cost: £1.50

Glee Club Open taster session Venue: Xtreme Lounge Time: 5-8.30pm

Comedy Club Time: 4-6pm Sketch and stand-up workshop Venue: Divas

Members of the Dance Society enjoying one of their regular social events

Go on, Give it a Go! What is Give it a Go Week? Give it a Go Week takes place from Monday, 30 January until Sunday, 5 February and it is replacing the Refreshers Fayre that normally takes place during this time. Refreshers Fayre isn’t normally very well attended and we thought this year we would try something new! Why should people Give it a Go? Your time at university will go incredibly quickly, so don’t miss out on the exciting and different activities that societies and sports clubs organise! During Give it a Go Week you can ‘try before you buy’ – have a go at that sport you always wanted to try or meet some new people at a society event. There is no obligation to join the club or society, but if you want to join you will be welcome to.

Debating Venue: Keir Hardie 248 Time: 6-9pm SSWIGS backwards cooking and campfire Venue: 44th Sketty Scout Hut (meet at Fulton House) Time: 7.30pm Criminology Soc Pub Quiz Venue: JCs Coffee Side Time: 7-10pm

fashion 18 & 23

Friday 3rd

Rowing Venue: Sports Hall Time: 5-6pm Cost: £1.50

Musicians Society Open taster session Venue: Café West Time: 6-8pm


features 16 - 17

January 30 2012

How do I sign up? There will be a stall at the front of Fulton House every weekday (Mon-Fri) during Give it a Go Week and on the Thursday and Friday before (26th and 27th) to find out more and to sign up to sessions. Otherwise, grab a sticker from one of our team – they can give you information or have a chat about which Give it a Go session would be fun for you to try! Jiu Jitsu, Pavilion Gym, Wednesday 1st, 5-7pm & Friday 3rd, 4.45-6.45pm

•Events are free unless otherwise stated

Give It A Go  
Give It A Go  

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