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Food & Beverage


Welcome to the F&B Hand Book, this has been put together to ensure all team know what we expect from them. The F&B Team are an important face of Hobbledown. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor and other social media sites, so we have to make sure what we are offering is excellent customer service, and fantastic experience in a professional clean way. This has been put together with help from the Food & Beverage Supervisor, Mystery Shopper Feedback and as well as the Management team.

Uniform All uniform standards must be adhered to as listed below, Girls -

Black polo shirt, Black Trousers or Leggings, Apron, Black or Brown Shoes & Name Badge

Boys -

Black polo shirt, Apron, Black or Brown Shoes, & Name Badge

Any Fleeces will be given to the team each day when required.

Daily Tasks Things to do when you THINK you have nothing to do: Stocking up – Drinks, Cakes and Snacks, Condiments, Cups, Lids, Napkins. CLEANING – Everything – Follow the cleaning schedule located next to the coffee machine by the window. Clean things that are not on the schedule – behind/ under the coffee machines (both). Behind/ under drink fridges. – Hot chocolate machines – thoroughly clean one at a time, take apart once a week. Surfaces where cakes are kept, salad fridges, under the hot shelves with a hoover and d2/d10 spray and cloths). Clean, wipe down and stock up the condiments stand. Check on the freshness of the food if it has been there a very long time – write on waste sheet then put it in the bin. Assist the Play team when and if necessary. Wipe down trays, if running low. Cash up Food and Beverage tills two and three if quiet and before team leave from their shifts.

Open For F&B 1. Count all the tills even if you don’t use them, if it gets busy you will need all tills up and

running. Make sure you don’t forget to fill out the daily check sheets.

2. While counting the tills, turn on the coffee machines. –

To do this open the coffee machine door and you will find the card inserted in the door. Insert the card into the coffee machine slot, it will then make a beeping noise and then it tells you to remove the card. The machine will then turn on, and it will tell you ‘fill milk container’.

Make sure the milk in the fridge underneath the coffee machine tube is inserted into a milk bottle. The coffee machine will then be ready to use when the writing of the drinks appear on the screen.

3. Then put out the jug of milk on to the condiments stand.

4. Fill up jugs of water to put out with the little white cups onto the counter that is next to

the kitchen door. This is if the play team hasn’t already done so.

5. Make sure the cakes and fruit have been put out by the kitchen team.

6. Stock up on anything if it’s missing/hasn’t been stocked the night before for any reason.

7. Make sure everything is clean and tidy for the day to start.

8. Make a ‘Team Discount’ envelope and a ‘Customer Voucher’ envelope with the date on


9. Stick to your own tills, only supervisors and managers are allowed to use all of them,

unless people go on breaks and other team members have to take over.

10. Make sure before you start you are smiling and ready to greet every customer with a good morning/ good afternoon :) 

Food orders can only be made after 11.30am – but the breakfast menu is from when Hobble Down opens up until 11am. This is all days Monday to Sunday.

Close Down For F&B 1. Look at the cleaning schedule, as this is what you are supposed to do before you leave.

2. Turn off the coffee machine. – Insert the card into the coffee machine, it will then tell you

to remove the card after the beep. It will then come up with a list of options for you to choose. Choose the option that says ‘clean and turn off’.

3. Empty draw and clean it in the kitchen sinks. Insert the draw back into the machine.

4. Then remove the milk tube from the milk bottle and put it into the cleaning container

located at the bottom of the fridge.

5. Click the stop button and it will say ‘milk removed’ then click stop button again. The stop

button is also a yes.

6. Check tube is in the container then click stop (yes) button. Then wait for coffee machine

to do the coffee rinsing.

7. Insert cleaning tablet when it tells you, located at the top of the machine. (Tablets

(combi-tablets) are located in the basket by coffee machine two/by window with the AMC powder and cleaning chemicals). Click the stop button then click yes. Then insert the

second tablet into the cleaning container, which also has the tube in it that is below in the fridge. Then click stop and yes again, and coffee machine will start rinsing again.

8. Sometimes it will say you will need the AMC powder and you will do the same process.

Tablet at the top and the AMC powder into the container at the bottom.

9. Then the coffee machine will turn itself off. Then clean the coffee machine (all

components) outside of it and around it with a damp cloth and a dry cloth for the black strip on the coffee machine as it cannot get wet. Then make sure you don’t forget to empty the bucket underneath on the floor.

10. All done- Make sure all beans are removed from the top of the coffee machines and put

into a tub into the fridge underneath at the bottom of the fridge. Also half opened packets are to be put into the fridge also.

11. Make sure you put the cakes into containers that are located in the kitchen round where

the jugs are kept.

12. Then put them in the kitchen fridge which is the second fridge round the back across

from the freezer and put the fruit in the kitchen on the side by the microwaves.

13. Take the milk off the condiments stand, and make sure you get a fresh jug and tip the

milk into it and put it into one of the two fridges. 14. Stock up on any little things that might not have been done cakes/crisps/condiments etc.

Closing Times Monday to Thursday and Sunday the kitchen closes at 6pm and the bar closes at 6.30pm and then the farm closes at 7. Friday and Saturday the kitchen closes at 7pm and the bar closes at 7.30pm and then the farm closes at 8pm.

Discounts for F&B Managers – David, Nick, Charlie, Sarah, Dave, Jon, Hazel, Michelle, Kat, and Dolores, Cali: •

Free Hot Food & Hot Drinks

25% Free Snacks / Cakes

50% cold drinks – David, Nick, Charlie, Michelle – for Free.

Team – •

50% Hot food and cold food

Snacks, Hot food and Cold food Full Price

Hotel Delta Radio Calls: Hotel Delta 1 -> David Long Hotel Delta 2 -> Duty Manager Hotel Delta 3 -> Dave Moore Hotel Delta 4 -> Dolores Nicholson Hotel Delta 5 -> Play Team Supervisor Hotel Delta 6 -> Sarah Trevillion Hotel Delta 7 -> Party Team Supervisor Hotel Delta 8 -> Hazel Cripps Hotel Delta 9 -> Jon Madge Hotel Delta 10 -> Cabin

Annual Month Vouchers

January -> Bring an adult guest for free February -> Bring a child guest for free March -> Free regular hot drink April -> 2-4-1 on any hot meal (maximum two free meals per transaction) May -> Free kids meal from the kids menu June -> 2-4-1 on wraps at anytime

July -> Bring an guest for free August ->Bring a child guest for free September -> Free regular hot drink October -> Free kids meal from kids menu November -> 2-4-1 on wraps at anytime December -> Free regular hot drink when ordered with a kid’s meal

Annual Pass Prices Adult Any time: £66 Child Any Time: £78 Under Two: Free Over 65 + Disabled: £56

Animal Feeding Times 11.00 -> Otters talk & feeding -> Otters Enclosure 11.15 -> Meerkats talk & feeding -> Meerkats Enclosure 11.30-12 -> Rabbits & Guinea Pigs -> Meet & Great Bundles Barn. 12.15 -> Birds of Prey -> Aviary 2.15 -> Otters talk & feeding -> Otters Enclosure 3.00-3.30-> Rabbits & Guinea Pigs -> Meet & Great Bundles Barn. 3.30 -> Meerkats talk & feeding -> Meerkats Enclosure

For their welfare the birds of prey are not brought out in extreme weather.

Things F&B team should not be doing/ have on you: •

Drinking/ eating behind the counter.

Standing around not doing anything – if there is time to lean, there is time to clean.

Have / being on your mobile phone.

Leaning on the counter/surfaces/fridges.

Money in your pocket/ bags behind till

Talking about unnecessary topics.

Only supervisors / managers can shout through to the kitchen to call through for any food at busy times, as it gets confusing to the kitchen team.

Cabin Rules •

No mobile phones.

No magazines/books

No belongings bags etc.

No sitting on the sides

Any issues should be written down or passed onto a team member/manager straight away, so they can be dealt with.

Make sure the picnic areas and wash stations are kept clean and tidy.

To be friendly and polite when serving customers.

Fire Escape •

First of all stop serving customers

Make sure team block both set of doors

Senior/Duty Manger that are dealing with the assist should be informed

Then other team can help play team assist with getting everyone reunited with one another and make sure they evacuate as quick as possible.

When assisting customers out the fire exit doors make sure that everyone is to go to the car park which is the fire evaluation point.

Lost Child Procedure If a child or a parent comes up to you and is looking for their parent or the parent is looking for their child these are the steps that should take place: 

First ask where was they last seen.

Secondly if it’s a parent looking for their child would they understand an announcement if their name was called.

If it is a yes ask what is the child’s name and age and a description of what they are wearing.

Then find another team member to radio a manger/ other team to help find the child and to check areas where the child was last seen.

Then to ring/radio up to reception to put out an announcement of the child’s name to come to the food and beverage servery to meet their parent.

If it is a child looking for their parent, try to get as much information as you can from them to help locate their parent – for example who have you come with today, what is mummy / daddy’s name? what colour hair does mummy/daddy have? What are they wearing?

Then get someone from the play team to radio reception/ manager or use the phone to ring up and ask to put out an announcement with the child’s name for their guardian to come to the food and beverage servery.

Cache Box Throughout the day you should put money into these boxes located underneath the tills – the little black boxes. You should only have £100 in notes in your till at one time.

o I would say throughout the day only keep two twenty pound notes, four ten pound

notes and four five pound notes at one time unless you need more for change at the time. These boxes work by putting in the notes five at a time and pulling down the handle. Cashing up


To start with get a piece of paper and pen then write down £1 - £2- 5op – 20p – 10p 5p- 2p- 1p- on it. Then start to count each of these coins and write down how much you have of each. For example £1 -42. £2- 12. Etc.


Once you have done this for all the numbers add up the total of them all.


Then you would need to take money out to make it to the nearest whole number for example if you have £73.55 then you would take out £3 and 55p to make it £70.


Then because the float needs to be £100 you would add in £30 worth of notes that you have from the till to make it up to make it £100.


Then when your float is £100 make sure you fill in the daily till check sheets (PM) of what is left in your till (your float) and then add it all up and it should make £100.

After this ask a supervisor or if you can print out a Z report. You do this by going onto the till onto bar tabs and in the top left hand corner it says to clock out instead of that underneath it says print out Z Report click on that. •

Before you start cashing up make sure you get the money from the cash box underneath the till. To get the key go up to reception and ask one of the managers to get it from the safe for you.

Make sure you get your next sheet in front of you which is the main sheet you will need when cashing up. This is the Daily cash up sheet.

Next get two envelopes and on one of them write the date and F&B Cash and then on the other write the date and F&B EFT.

Once you have the money out of the counter cache boxes put the key in a safe place or give back to a manager/supervisor.

Then start filling out the sheet, start with the date at the top and in the section where it says till name put either till one, two three or four ( cabin) depending on what till you are cashing up and your name underneath where is says cashier name.

Once you have done this start writing out the money you have in each box for example £20 – 200.00 £5 - £15.00 £1 – 3.00 50p – 0.50 5p – 0.05.

Once you have done this add all the totals up: 200 + 15 + 3 + 0.50 + 0.05 = 218.55. Then put that total in the box where it says Cash Total in Till Box A.

Then look at the Z report and whatever number you have closest to the number you have got in cash is the number you are supposed to have and put into the box underneath where is says Z reading. Not the EFT number.

If there is any difference put the difference in the box below •

Then look on the Z report and where is says EFT write the number into the box where it says Card reading Box B. And then put the merchant card receipts you have which are in the till and put them into the envelope you made saying F&B EFT and put the amount on you have on the envelope.

After this then add Cash Total in Till Box A. and Card reading Box B. together to get your grand total. For example Cash total A =218.55 and EFT 134.90 218.55 + 134.90 = 353.45. And that number you would go in the grand total box.

Then underneath you would put what the Z reading says again the number closest to what you are supposed to have.

Any voids and refunds you would have would go into the next box where it states

Voids and Refunds. With these if it is a card refund if will not come up on the Z report but you would just take the refund amount from the EFT reading. For example Refund – 5.60. EFT – 134.90 = 129. 30 And that’s the number you would put on the Card Z reading box instead of what you would normally put.

With cash refunds it would have already done it for you on the Z report so you literally put the numbers across from the Z report to the sheet what they say.

o Once this is all done put the cash, the daily check sheet and the Z report and Cash

refunds into the cash envelope.

o Any card refunds should be put into EFT envelope before closing it.

o Once this is all done make sure all the grand totals are added up along for all the

tills to get one set amount. o

Once all is accounted for make sure all envelopes with all the tills money and cache key and daily cash up sheet is all brought up to reception and the total amount of all tills is added up and put into the big envelope with all the other money from different departments.

Supervisor: Kirsty Stevens Line Manager: Sarah Trevillion

F&b hand book updated  
F&b hand book updated