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Living &  Loving  In  The  Moment          2012/  19  min  54  sec/  Color/HD/  English  /  USA           Director/  Writer/Producer   Jonathan  A.  Lewis         Cast   Phrederic  Semaj.  Joshua  M.  Watson,     Monda  Scott,  Christina  Ford           Publicity,  Sales  and  General  Information:   Jonathan  A.  Lewis   (323)  301-­‐8427              

Living &  Loving  In  The  Moment     Logline      


This is a story about a father dying of cancer who has to find the strength and courage to be there for his 17-year-old son. Can he make a difference in his son’s life before he dies?

Synopsis     This is a compelling story that surrounds a tight-knit African American family of three. Life seems to be headed in the right direction, for Allen (The Father). Then he finds out that he has an aggressive cancer, which will leave him dead within months. This news comes, right before his teenage son's 18th birthday. With only a few months left to live, he sets out to ensure that his son will have the essential tools such as wisdom and knowledge to make it in life, should he pass away. Along the way he has the support and unconditional love from his wife, Michelle

Living &  Loving  In  The  Moment    

Director’s  Statement      

A lot of people have asked me “Why did you write this story?” My reply is, “First and foremost I wanted to depict an African American family in a positive light.’’ Second, I’ve always been attracted to stories that show human beings in their ‘raw,’ most vulnerable form, and interacting with other human beings in assorted walks of life. As I reflect, I realize, the latter, will always be my answers, because that is what most satisfies my heart and soul. Being as though, I myself, am an African American man, and a director/writer; I feel as though I’ve been blessed with a passionate drive and platform to convey my message and artistic expression through cinema. When it came to putting all the intricate pieces together, I knew that I wanted a dynamic relationship between Allen and Kevin – father and son. Once I had the foundation everything else fell right into place. Ultimately I wanted to show a father’s unconditional love for his son and wife. Life is about connecting with loved ones and being selfless. ‘Living and Loving In The Moment’ means: To live without regret and love unconditionally in every circumstance – good or bad. To take time and appreciate the small things in life, like smelling flowers on a cool spring day, appreciating the beautiful songs that chirping birds sing in the morning, or just simply spending time with your family. It’s about finding those precious moments – that most people take for granted—and cherishing them like it’s your last day on earth. We’re here for moments; let’s make the best of it. -- Living & Loving.

Living &  Loving  In  The  Moment     Cast Phrederic Semaj- Allen Baker Joshua M. Watson – Kevin Baker Monda Scott – Michelle Baker Christina Ford – Rachel Stevenson

Crew Director/Writer/ Producer  -­‐  Jonathan  A.  Lewis       Co-­‐  Writer-­‐  Kay  Heyman       Executive  Producer-­‐  Rosemary  Smith       Line  Producer-­‐  Mary  McDaniel       Director  of  Photography-­‐  Ricardo  Cruz     1st  AC    -­‐  Mitch  Grzegorek     1st  AC  -­‐    Ade  Yinka       2nd  AC  –  Jeffery  Post       Production  Designer  –  Raymond  Rodriguez    

Gaffer/ Key  Grip  –  Shawn  Riechers       Grips  –  Kenneth  Prieto,  Myke  LaMarr,  and  Jason  Ruiz     Production  Sound  Mixer  –  Ronell  Ellis     Hair  &  Make-­‐Up  –  Hillary  Perkins  and  Alexander  Armand       Production  Assistance  –  Jason  Ruiz  and  Tionne  Wilson       Editor-­‐  Nick  Duke       Music  Composed  &   Performed  by  -­‐  Jesse  August  Jennings       Music  Supervisor-­‐  Patrick  Jae  Amunson       Dialogue/ADR  Editor  -­‐Matthew  James  Daugherty     Background/  FX  Editor-­‐  Joshua  Wesley  Ellis       Foley  Artist  –  Erick  Diaz  Munoz       Compositor/2D  Tracker  –  Carlos  Beltran                                  

Living &  Loving  In  The  Moment    

Director &  Cast  Biography’s     Jonathan  A.  Lewis  –  Director,  Writer,  Producer      

Jonathan A.  Lewis  was  born  and  raised  in  Pasadena,  Ca.  At  a  very  young   age  he  showed  an  immense  interest  in  filmmaking.    At  age  thirteen,   using  his  dad’s  camera,  he  wrote  and  directed  his  first  short  film.   His  initial  like  for  filmmaking  quickly  became  an  obsession.     At  age  eighteen,  Jonathan  attended  Clark  Atlanta  University  where  he   took  an  array  of  film  courses  under  the  watchful  eye  of  his  Professor,  Dr.   Herbert  Eichelberger.  After  graduating  from  Clark  Atlanta  University   and  receiving  a  Bachelors  of  Arts  in  film,  Jonathan  decided  to  further  his   education.     He  attended  The  Los  Angeles  Film  School  where  he  began  to  flourish  as   a  director.  While  in  school,  he  excelled  in  all  his  directorial  efforts,   further  cementing  him  as  a  director/  writer  on  the  rise.   His  most  recent  directorial  effort,  Living  &  Loving  In  The  Moment,  is   receiving  immense  positive  reaction  from  viewers.     Jonathan  A.  Lewis  is  currently  in  pre  production  on  his  next  film.    

Phrederic  Semaj-­‐  Allen  Baker       Phrederic  Semaj  is  a  native  of  San  Diego  California.  He  has  trained  with   instructors  such  as;  Larry  B.  Scott  (Revenge  of  the  Nerds),  Chris  Barnes   (ABC's  Life  with  Bonnie),  Tasha  Smith  (Tyler  Perry’s;  For  Better  or   Worse)  and  Ivana  Chubbuck  Masters  Class.    Phrederic  Semaj  portrayed   Tom  Robinson  in  the  play  "To  Kill  A  Mockingbird,”  which  led  to  him   winning  the  “Inland  Theater  League  Award  for  Best  Actor”,  which  sold   out  for  8  consecutive  weeks.           After  his  many  television  appearances,  Phrederic  landed  the  lead  role   for  the  HBO  short,  “Let’s  Love  Hate”,  which  was  directed  and  written  by   famed  actor  Shia  LaBeouf  (Transformers).    He  ended  out  2011  with  a  

heartfelt performance  in  Kinnik  Sky’s  “Sunday  Mourning”  playing  the   role  of  Christopher,  which  led  the  cast  to  seven  NAACP  Theater   Nominations  for  2012.           Phrederic  Semaj  performed  as  the  lead  in  Brandi  Burks  “Reap  What  You   Sow”  at  the  Wilshire  Ebell  Theatre  in  front  of  a  sell-­‐out  crowd  and  soon   after  performed  in  Brandi  Burks  “Come  Sunday”  at  The  City  Of  Refuge   with  an  audience  of  almost  3  thousand  people.  His  “leading  man”  film   debut  in  “Living  and  Loving  In  The  Moment,”  won  “The  Viewers  Choice   Award”  and  “Audience  Award”  at  The  Valjean  Friday  Night  Film  Festival   for  2013.  Semaj’s  next  performance  gained  rave  reviews  as  the  lead  in   the  critically  acclaimed  stage  play  “The  Good  Negro,”  in  which  he  gave  a   stellar  portrayal  of  Martin  Luther  King  Jr.     Phrederic  Semaj  isn't  just  another  face  showing  his  versatility  in  film,   television  and  on  stage.  His  plan  is  to  continue  to  grow  and  develop  his   craft  and  he  thanks  God  for  the  opportunity  to  share  his  talents  with  the   World.      

Joshua M.  Watson       At  the  age  of  20,  Joshua  M.  Watson  relocated  to  Los  Angeles,  California   leaving  Tampa,  Florida  behind.  Within  six  months  he  landed  his  first   leading  role.  Now  at  the  age  of  22,  he  continues  to  grow  tremendously   as  an  actor  studying  his  craft  at  the  renowned  Aaron  Spieser  acting   studio.  He  has  had  leading  roles  in  many  films  and  theater  productions   such  as  "18",  "The  Application",  and  "Living  &  Loving  In  The  Moment".   He  looks  forward  to  the  success  of  upcoming  projects  and  those  further   down  the  line  in  his  career.      

Monda Scott     Monda  Scott  is  originally  from  Houston,  Texas  and  grew  up  in  San  Diego,   California.  She  has  been  living  in  Los  Angeles  for  the  last  two  years   pursuing  her  acting  Career.  Monda  Studied  acting  at  Stella  Adler  and   also  studies  the  ‘Chubbuck  Method.’    Some  of  Monda's  recent  work   includes  the  film  'Wake'  where  she  was  the  lead  and  the  mother.  ‘Wake’  

is currently  in  postproduction.  She  also  worked  on  the  movie  ‘Anna's   Story’  which  is  now  on  lifetime  and  Netflix,  and  ‘The  Original   Stereotype’  which  is  also  in  postproduction.  Monda  has  also  been   featured  on  the  Emmy  award-­‐winning  daytime  show  'The  Doctors'  on   numerous  occasions.  She  also  featured  on  the  show  'Two  Broke  Girls’.         Monda's  favorite  actors  include  Gary  Oldman,  Vincent  D’Onofrio,  Diana   Ross  and  Helen  Mirren.    She  strives  to  one-­‐day  be  among  one  of  the  best   actors.    In  her  leisure  time,  Monda  loves  to  read,  dance,  travel,  exercise   and  meditate.  Her  favorite  quote  to  live  by  is  "Whether  you  believe  you   can,  or  believe  you  can't,  either  way  you  are  right”  -­‐Henry  Ford.    

Christina Ford     Christina  is  an  actress  from  the  Washington  DC  area  and  a  graduate   from  Spelman  College  with  a  degree  in  Theater  Arts.  Her  film  and   television  credits  include  Hollywood  Chaos,  Douglass  U,  Dukes  and  the   Duchess,  Nickelodeon’s  True  Jackson  VP  as  well  as  hosting  various   music  entertainment  shows  in  Atlanta  and  New  York  City  such  as,   Unsigned  Hype  TV,  U  TV,  Vibeone  TV,  and  Chris’  Music  Concepts.    She   enjoys  mentoring  and  empowering  young  women.  Some  of  her  favorite   pastimes  include  traveling,  teaching,  the  beach,  and  giving  all  the  glory   to  God!  “I  can  do  all  things  through  Christ  who  strengthens  me.”                                  

Living &  Loving  In  The  Moment    

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