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Medical Aesthetics

Business Considerations

Accreditation & Validation •

Good medical practice

Keep up to date

Adhere to codes of practice

Be honest, do not exploit or pressurise

Aesthetic Associations Pay £715 per year membership fee to be included on an online register. Members include all providers of medical cosmetic treatments including non-clinical

Pay £345 per year to become an ‘Associate Member’ After a minimum of 2 years you can apply to become a full member. Forma!y ‘British Association of Cosmetic Doctors’


1. Work for an established clinic eg Sk;n 2.Set up you own clinic 3. Buy an Oris Medical franchise

Clinic Setting

• Location • Is there a market to sell to? • Is it inviting to cliental? • Does it project the right image?


• Have a dedicated phone number • Allow an hour for initial consultations • Allow 30 minutes for repeat treatments • Always take contact details

Post Treatment • Contact clients 1 or 2 days following treatment • Marketing via email or texting

Supplies • You will need the basics for an aesthetics clinic ‣ ‣ • Do you need prescriptions? • Make sure you have enough stock

Stock Control

• Botox has a short shelf life • Plan your clinical days carefully


• Think about your target market • Websites - SEO - Adwords • Promotions • Publications

Client Retention • Don’t rush consultations • Not just another transaction • Review the treatment you provide • Build a loyal client base • Deal with complaints openly and honestly

Oris Medical Franchise •

Receive benefits of:

Being promoted via our high ranking website

Call handling, booking service & online diary

Bulk buying power associated with the brand

Use of logo & branded artwork / promotional material

Perception of quality when associated with Oris Medical

Access to advanced training

Support of experienced piers & business development consultant

Initial investment of £5,000 plus 10% of turnover

Training - Business Considerations  

Training - Business Considerations