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“Rancho Mirage should be a sophisticated live, work and play community, with unique luxury branding, a commitment to excellence and a self-sustaining financial model that remains viable for the foreseeable future.” – Councilmember Scott Hines

Our Future


y 2044, there will be little to no vacant land remaining in Rancho Mirage. A landlocked city surrounded by the spheres of influence of neighboring municipalities and the topography of the San Jacinto foothills, there is a finite amount of remaining opportunity for development within the city limits. Rancho Mirage is a high demand zip code. Once built out, the composition and character of our community will be nearly impossible to change. It is for this reason that we must plan now for the foreseeable future of our City, in order to preserve and protect our brand and the quality of life we have all come to enjoy and expect.

Scott Hines Has Vision

By 2044, the City of Rancho Mirage will be a fiscally selfsustaining, model city with an established international luxury brand and a reputation for high quality, resort-style living.

Through smart growth planning, the City of Rancho Mirage will achieve the right balance between residential and commercial development to ensure a robust business tax base to underwrite city services and infrastructure for the foreseeable future. Rancho Mirage will be known as a business-friendly community that implements best practice approaches for public-private partnerships in order to nurture and develop a vibrant business community, which is key to the entire community’s fiscal health.


“We are a City of excellence. We must strive for excellence in all we do. We must plan for the future with excellence.” – Mayor Scott Hines, Mayoral Installation, May 2012

Key Tenets • BALANCE

Through its land use authority, the City of Rancho Mirage will take an active role in planning for the ultimate buildout of the City.

The long-range plan must achieve a healthy balance between residential and commercial development to ensure that revenues from sales tax and transient occupancy tax (referred to as “bed tax”) exceed the costs of delivering excellent city services and maintaining high caliber public infrastructure for the foreseeable future.

This ensures that residents will never experience an increase in their personal or property taxes as a result of deficits or insufficient business tax generation.


We will establish a premier brand and dominance in the national luxury tourism market by achieving excellence in all we do and fostering a climate of collaboration and support for our business community partners as they successfully offer high quality services and luxury products.


We will establish a reputation as a business friendly city, implementing best practices to develop, support and retain vibrant businesses that generate significant revenue for the City and / or provide products and services that enhance the lives of our residents and attract visitors to our community.


The City of Rancho Mirage will take a citizen centric approach to public services. This includes priorities such as aesthetic beauty, a variety of recreational opportunities and intellectual stimulation through public art, a robust public library and public enrichment experiences.


Our Tax Base

The City of Rancho Mirage is considered to be a “no-property-tax” city. The City did not have a separate property tax rate prior to the voter enactment of Proposition 13 in 1978 and is, therefore, prohibited from imposing one without a vote of the citizens.

Property tax revenue generated within the City is not remitted directly to the City’s General Fund. Instead, it is remitted to other taxing agencies such as Riverside County, school districts and other special districts. As a result, the City’s General Fund only receives a very small portion of its total revenue from property tax. The majority of our revenue comes from sales tax and hotel “bed tax,” both primarily generated by visitors vacationing in the Coachella Valley.


“It is important to have a vibrant business community so that residents are not faced with tax increases to maintain public safety and other city services.” – Councilmember Scott Hines

“We estimate that for every dollar the City invests in local businesses, taxpayers receive a return on that investment of six dollars in increased tax revenue.” – Isaiah Hagerman, Director of Finance, City of Rancho Mirage

What Our Business Community Needs

Rancho Mirage must develop a better reputation as a business friendly community that attracts the right businesses to support both our need for tax revenue and our luxury brand. We must do a better job at building and supporting a vibrant business community in order to perpetuate our quality of life.

It is not difficult to create a list of standards that businesses must meet to qualify for City business support programs. These might include the requirement to generate tax revenue through sales tax and/or bed tax as well as those located in commercial corridors or zones. Additionally, more subjective criteria like luxury branding, business experience and a demonstrated track record of success may also be required.

With so many successful business people living in our City, a citizen commission should be created to help determine which entities the City invests in, supports and the general direction of our business support programs. This group of commissioners would work closely with our staff to provide unbiased recommendations to the City Council so that together, we can grow and nurture our business community through public-private partnerships. Some potential business support programs could include: • Low-Interest Loan Financing • Relocation Assistance • Property Improvement Grants • Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Financing • Public Infrastructure Facilitating Development/Consumer Business Access • State-of-the-Art, Aesthetic Signage in Commercial Corridors • Business Promotion Programs and Events • Brand and Tourism Promotion Efforts • Chamber of Commerce Support • Fast Track Permitting • Reduced Permitting Fees • Business Tax Rebate Programs 6 ...and many more!

Key Development Zones

Commercial development isn’t appropriate everywhere in Rancho Mirage. In order to prevent traffic congestion and other problems, the City must be wise in where it allows businesses to locate. Below are the key remaining areas where commercial development is acceptable.

Section 19

“Because of the good work of city councils past, we have a number of areas in the City that will facilitate the advancement of our business community to support our residents’ quality of life. It is up to those of us serving in elected office to be vigilant stewards of our land use authority and promote and facilitate smart growth in future years.” – Councilmember Scott Hines

Section 19 Located in the Northern area of the City, this large parcel of land will eventually become the downtown area of Rancho Mirage with exciting shopping, dining and entertainment areas in a medium density live, work, play neighborhood environment. Section 30 Located along the Monterrey Corridor, areas of Section 30 present opportunities for the extension of the Monterrey Marketplace and various retail opportunities for residents living in the area. Section 31 Across from Sunnylands and along the Monterrey Coordinator, Section 31 is zoned for a healthy mix of residential and commercial development with the potential for the addition of a new destination resort with conference facilities. HWY 111 Commercial Corridor This cross-Valley arterial thoroughfare will remain key in the coming years. Rehabilitating various shopping areas like the Rancho Las Palmas Shopping Center will be key. Additionally, increasing the excitement and energy of our City through state-of-the-art signage and street lighting efforts should also be considered.

Key Market Sectors in Rancho Mirage

While our country clubs and spectacular residential communities are the single greatest asset of the community, the luxury brand of Rancho Mirage is also enhanced by tourism epicenters to include our three resort hotels: The Omni’s Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa, The Ritz Carlton and the Westin Mission Hills.

Other attractions like the Annenberg Estate at Sunnylands, the Childrens’ Discovery Museum and The River are also a draw. And of course our excellence in healthcare and wellness with well-known facilities like Eisenhower Medical Center and the Betty Ford Center are also meaningful. With these institutions come a number of supporting cottage industries and key market sectors that should be prioritized when considering the City’s business support program administration. These include:

Tourism Related • Destination Resorts – Luxury, Niche, Boutique and Flagged • Tourist Centric Shopping, Dining & Entertainment – Luxury, Niche & Boutique, with emphasis on Fine Dining and quality over quantity • Destination Events such as the Kraft Nabisco Championship • Conference and Convention Facilities Health and Wellness Related • General Medicine and Medical Specialty Services • Fountain of Youth Cosmetic Procedures • Spa Industry Focus

Residential Retail and Dining Related • Furnishings & Furniture • Luxury Automobile Sales • Luxury Art • Fine Dining


Financial Planning Horizon

Based on his academic background with a Masters Degree in Public Management, his years as a public policy consultant and his four successful years on the City Council during some of our must difficult economic times, Scott Hines has conducted his own independent analysis of what will be required to achieve financial self-sufficiency in the future. Below is a summary of that analysis:

Today’s Year-Round Population: 17,800 Today’s City Budget: Approximately $23.5 Million Today’s Existing Business Licenses? Approximately 660 Today’s Revenue Breakdown Bed Tax = 27.9% Sales Tax = 20.7% Other = 51.4% Remaining Acres for Build-out: 15,796 acres A Balanced Build-out Includes the Following Land Uses: Residential: Approximately 5,200 acres Non-Residential: Approximately 1,031 acres Institutional: Approximately 304 acres Open Space: Approximately 8, 036 acres Right of Way: Approximately 1,228 acres

Projected Population in 2044: Approximately 32,400 Projected Needs of the City Budget in 2044: $42.8 Million Needed Increase in Revenue by 2044: $19.3 Million How do we get there?

Total Business Licenses by 2044: 1,202 Revenue Breakdown by 2044 Bed Tax =31.6% Sales Tax = 27.7% Other = 40.7%

The City needs to develop at least one more destination resort hotel with conference facilities and a total of 1,562 hotel beds in Rancho Mirage at build-out.

At build-out, total employment at both tax-generating and non-tax generating businesses is estimated to be approximately 25,000 jobs in Rancho Mirage. 9

“It is important that we elect people to the City Council who understand financial management and public finance. Infrastructure bonds, revenue bonds, the General Fund versus special financing districts – it can get confusing if a member doesn’t know the ropes.” – Councilmember Scott Hines

“In all of my world travel, I’ve never experienced a community filled with so many interesting, highly educated and successful people. We chose this community for its excellence and quality of life. I am committed to preserve that, enhance it and make sure we pass it down to future generations.” – Councilmember Scott Hines

Preserving Our Quality of Life

The founding citizens of Rancho Mirage were smart to capitalize on the demand for high quality residential and resort housing in the Coachella Valley. Because of their vision nearly 40 years ago, the City has had the unique advantage by developing a reputation as one of the most affluent residential communities in California. It is the character of Rancho Mirage that must be protected. And so with ongoing development, we on the City Council must be committed to the vision of those who came before us. As the remaining parcels of vacant land are developed, approvals for projects, new business and residential communities must come with requirements to match or exceed current architectural standards of excellence. Beyond just development, the City Council has a responsibility to promote recreational, cultural and enrichment opportunities for our residents. Programs at our award winning library, the new amphitheater at Whitewater Park, the Writer’s Festival, our Speaker Series and new ideas should be developed by creative minds who aren’t committed to just replicating “the way we’ve always done it.”

Rancho Mirage is special. Its citizens are special. And our future is bright!

Thank You to These Supporting Businesses Acqua Pazza

Shame on the Moon

Rancho Mirage Florist

Dr. Mina Narula

Quick N Clean Car Wash

Jennifer’s Kitchen

Drs. Bir & Bir – My Physicians

Fulvio Foods

Resort Parking Services

Team Sun Construction

Fashion Nails

Ben and Jerry’s

Babe’s Bar-B-Que and Brewhouse

Shabu Shabu Zen

NestEgg Group

World Education University

The Honey Baked Ham Company

Koffi Corporation

Misty’s Consignments

Johnny Rockets

Allan Pitchko Galleries

The following resources were used, in part, in the creation of this document. In some cases, information and data was used in its totality, though exact quotations may or may not be represented for formatting purposes: Prime Prospects 2013 The Rancho Mirage General Plan Sales Tax Fiscal Year Report 2012-2013 Transient Occupancy Tax Convention and NonConvention Properties 2012-2013 Property Tax Rate and Data SCAG Population Projections General Fund 10-Year Projection General Fund Revenue Charts FY 2013-2014

“Scott fully understands the needs of the business community in Rancho Mirage, and we are behind him 100%!”

– Jason St. John, General Manager, Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse

Paid for by Friends to Re-Elect Scott Hines to City Council 2014 ID# 1358490 | Campaign Treasurer: Jeff Wolter 70669 Boothill Rd, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Scott Hines is a fresh voice on the City Council. He is Qualified.

He is Accomplished.

He is Compassionate.

...He is the Independent Voice.

A Trained Leader

Scott has over 20 years of formal leadership experience as a former Air Force Officer, private sector CEO and board member of numerous non-profits.

A Government Expert

As a former public policy consultant, Scott worked closely with local, state and federal government – including many local cities like Rancho Mirage. He has also served for four years as a City Councilman and exceled in his elected position.

A Community Activist A Business Professional

“I don’t pretend to have it all figured out. You should be suspicious of any politician who tells you they have all the answers. You and I may not agree on everything – But I listen. I care. And I try to do the right thing for our City with every vote I cast. I’m asking for your support to continue my City Council work on YOUR behalf. Thank you for supporting me.” – Councilmember Scott Hines

Scott has publicly advocated for many of the underrepresented populations in our community like low-income seniors, the homeless and foster children. Scott founded and grew his education company into a national powerhouse and is now developed innovative new educational software. He understands how to manage budgets, lead a large staff and get the mission done.

Rancho Mirage Vision 2044  

Scott Hines' 30-year plan for the City of Rancho Mirage