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Get lost in the melting pot of cultures to be discovered in Lima, Peru

The icon and soon-to-be Ben Parker talks to BC about family and career

The Truth About Organic Beef and How it Can Change Your Life Daddy Showers— The Latest Trend Feng Shui for Your Office Best Places to Make Love at Home Dealing with Pregnancy Cravings

living with the Prietos

Paolo and Ria Prieto open up their chic home and share tips on raising three boys


P120 Feb-Mar 2012

Part 1 of our exclusive on this family as they talk about raising son, Kiel, their new daughter, Ondrea, and how they faced trials through faith

organic. Free-range. No Antibiotics. No Added Hormones. Just the way beef should be.

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Dear Moms

(who eat Non-Organic Beef),


Beef comes from free-range cattle that was NOT given antibiotics, has NO added hormones, and eat nothing but organic food. If you’re gonna feed your kids meat, why not give them the best and healthiest? Think about it... Sincerely, The Farm

The Healthy Meat

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INSIDE BC contents 52 8 frugal dating tips for parents Get creative and celebrate special dates with these budgetfriendly tips 58 heaven sent (part 1) An exclusive look at the Sotto couple's family life, as they expect their baby girl 76 living a dream Get inside Ria and Paolo Prieto’s home and find out how they raise their darling boys 82 ironwoman, iron spirit finishes ahead An insightful and inspiration story about how one mother beat the odds


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92 martin sheen An exclusive feature on one of the best Hollywood actors and his role as a family man On the Cover: KRISTINE AND OYO SOTTO WITH THEIR SON, KIEL

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editor’s note

(Left): my baby daughter, maxine, and I with hollywood legend, martin sheen; my girls, maxine and sabina, and myself with the sottos (plus a fluffball named snoozy)

New Year, New Additions This is the prenatal and birth experience of beloved celebrities Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto. In these photos, you will see a radiant, then-expecting Kristine and doting dad, Oyo with their son, Kiel. As far as I know, this is the first and only time that the family has appeared together in any magazine. As most know, Kiel was adopted and is the first child for the couple. I was told that Tin actually had him before she was married to Oyo. I’ve known her for many years now, and I am delighted to see her settled with a family of her own. I am excited to show you photos of their daughter, Ondrea, on the continuation of this story, so stay tuned for that. On the topic of new infants, I am also expecting my third child this year. I found out over 4 tests last December 30th, and my family and I celebrated the turn of 2012 over some sparkling grape juice indoors. The kids didn’t know at the time, because I wanted to see my OB beforehand, just to make sure. Moving forward to three months of nausea after, everything is certain. I have gone for my ultrasound, and was moved to tears after seeing the baby’s heartbeat. I am apprehensive because it’s been 5 years since I was pregnant, and I am surprised at how new this all feels all over again. I am excited, nervous, happy,



worried­—your typical expectant mother. I am researching, interviewing, and reading a lot. I’m older now and with less energy (and much more weight to begin the pregnancy with—ack!), and always like being in the know. This issue, and timely it is, I introduced some editor’s picks. I hope they will be of help when you choose some essentials for your own families. I will choose items for different age groups, and add on recommendations for us parents. This is also extra special because it features one of my favorite Hollywood stars and acquaintances, Martin Sheen. Martin was in the Philippines for the filming of Apocalypse Now, so we had a lot to talk about. I recall him telling me that they practically adopted a family here and have been back several times throughout the years. I believe their son Charlie is no stranger to our country too, having filmed Platoon here as well. Read his story and be inspired. I hope this year brings you and yours much more blessings.

editors’ PICKS

Drypers Weewee dry I’ve been using Drypers for both my previous daughters, so it’s gonna be a treat to continue the tradition with my third. P236 for 24 pieces in large size

THE FARM ORGANICS - ORGANIC BEEF NUGGETS FOR KIDS Indulge your kids with this yummy treat packed with lots of benefits. It is a sure way to enjoy organic beef as a better alternative for your young meat-lovers without compromising their health. P225 per pack of 1 dozen

ginger people ginger chews This helps relieve the uncomfortable nauseated feeling in pregnancy (or just for plain motion sickness). Just don’t mind the taste. P155, Healthy Options pigeon hand and mouth wipes When you don’t have access to soap and water, this provides cleansing perfect for mealtimes. P79.75 for 30 sheets, P129.75 for 60 sheets Musti cologne by mustela Alcohol, paraben, and colorant-free, this hypoallergenic scent is perfect for baby and you. P1,500 JJ Cole diapers and wipes caddy This is a handy tool for moms with babies who move around the house a lot. This way, you won’t need to stash diapers and wipes everywhere.

coconuts Three words: changed my life. A better stomach means a better me.



DYSON AM02 TOWER FAN This sleek model is child-friendly due to its bladeless tower fan that generates smooth air with no buffeting, with remote power control, and 90 degree oscillation.


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the best

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trong cravings during pregnancy are totally normal, and should not be reason for much concern, as long as pregnant moms indulge in moderation. While there may be no explanation for this occurrence among women with child, scientists believe that it is a normal part of pregnancy and must be addressed properly. At times, these food cravings may signal nutritional deficiencies, such as the lack of iron, vitamin B, protein, and other vital nutrients.

W o r ds B Y V alerie A nne del C astillo P h o t og r ap h B Y mark ca b alang

mood food

What causes this hormonal phenomenon that has got us craving for the mundane and the super odd? Does every pregnant mom go through it?




As a mother, you want your child to hear and understand every word of love you say. But hearing loss and brain damage can get in the way of that, especially for babies who catch the bacteria that may cause both otitis media and meningitis. Otitis Media, or “luga,” is an ear infection that is one of the leading causes of hearing loss in the country,(2) while meningitis is an infection of the brain that may lead to mental retardation. Both Otitis Media and Meningitis are infections that belong to a family of diseases called pneumococcal disease. 1 out of 3 Filipino children who suffer from invasive pneumococcal disease, or IPD, will die.(3) Give your baby adequate protection against the most common bacteria causing meningitis, pneumonia, sepsis, and ear infections. Ask your doctor and protect as early as 6 weeks of age.(4)

A disease awareness campaign supported by

REFERENCES: (1) Hausdorff W., et al, “Multinational Study of Pneumococcal Serotypes Causing Acute Otitis Media in Children” PIDJ 2002; Vol 21 No.11: 1008-16. (2) WHO Ear and Hearing Disorders Survey of Quezon Province; Martinez, NV et al 2001. Better Hearing Philippines (3) Santos J et al. “Active Hospital-based Epidemiological Surveillance of IPD in Children in Metro Manila, Philippines” poster presented at the 2010 ISPPD, Tel-Aviv, Israel Capeding et al. Pneumococcal Serotypes Among Filipino Children Admitted to a Tertiary Care Center For Infectious Diseases in 2000-2005 PIDJ 2007 vol 11 no 1 (4) Synflorix Country Prescribing Information GDS003/IPI03) SYN001640411

bc report g

P R E G NA N C Y others, you might have symptoms of pica, a strange craving linked to iron deficiency. A word of advice—avoid consuming non-food items during your pregnancy, as it may harm not only yourself, but also your child. If you think you are experiencing pica, go to your doctor and have yourself checked for signs of anemia and other nutritional deficiencies. Your doctor will be able to provide you with a healthy diet plan that will address your condition, and help you better deal with your cravings in a safer way.


Because our bodies are not just supporting our nutritional needs but also that of the unborn, it needs more than the usual essential nutrients to fully maintain our well-being. Consult your doctor for any concerns regarding your health throughout and beyond your pregnancy, to help better deal with any deficiency issues.



If you find yourself craving for the non-food items like dirt, chalk, laundry soap, baby powder, and toothpaste among BC MOMS SPEAK: What was your weirdest craving when you were pregnant?


While moms can and should give in to their pregnancy cravings in moderation, there are still some guidelines to follow to ensure your child’s optimal development in your womb. Such include the following:

Apples with bagoong! –BC’s MBM, Sherilyn Reyes-Tan 2


I didn’t have “pica” or anything, but I craved frozen things. I’d freeze cupcakes, fruits, sandwiches! Lol. I was addicted to Subway. I wonder what my eating habits will be for my second pregnancy. –Liz Güitrón With my first baby, I liked inihaw na mais at talong...and I hated eating hotdog at that time. –Mariacris Custodio Cheese with peanut butter! –Florence Lara Loreto Everything red…apples, strawberry, tomatoes and pulang itlog. –Zaila Billones Gelindon





Adobong pusit in white sauce. For my second child, all kinds of dishes with eggplant. –Caroline Hatol


I loved eating black-colored food like chocolates and dinuguan. –Tuesday Noriega


I just loved to eat halo-halo at midnight. –Keigh Dee



Kinakain ang ice and mango with toyo and asin sauce. –Mau Casanova


I loved Spanish bread dunked in orange juice! Hehe! –Pam Peralta




1. It’s important for pregnant women to get sufficient amounts of calcium. If milk is your calcium source of choice however, make sure that it is pasteurized—meaning that it has been heated to a certain temperature level that removes impurities—before consuming, as it may contain listeria, a life-threatening bacteria. 2. Pregnant women must also avoid consuming raw or undercooked meats and fish, as it may contain various disease-carrying bacteria, including salmonella. Remember that while our digestive systems may be capable of dealing with such, our child’s digestive and immune systems are not yet fully developed, and may be more vulnerable to these impurities. Deli meats are also discouraged, as it may contain listeria infectioncausing bacteria that can penetrate the placenta and harm your child.

3. When consuming vegetables and

fruits, make sure they are thoroughly washed in warm water to get rid of the soil remnants and dirt, which carry toxoplasmosis-causing bacteria. Avoid salad bars and opt for your regular cooked greens instead. 4. While coffee is a good pick me up on most days, pregnant moms must be careful with caffeine and such drinks. Too much of this can pose as a risk to the baby, so de-stress with your favorite decaf instead. 5. Drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy is often discouraged due to the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. However, due to the lack of defined safe levels of alcohol in an expectant mother’s system, there’s no telling whether how much is acceptable. It is therefore a mother’s choice whether to indulge every now and then, or completely abstain for the sake of her unborn. bc

otherhood. m f o ift g e h t mbrace

Pro-health. Pro-baby. Pro-mother. That’s what Wyeth ProMama is all about. It is specially formulated for your nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation. It is fortified with Immunity Enhancers such as the anti-oxidant Beta Carotene and Vitamins A, C & E to help you feel healthy from within. Expect you and your baby to be in the pink of health with Bone and Muscle Builders • Calcium and Vitamin D for bone development • Iron for red blood cell formation • Protein for the development of tissues Help your baby achieve developmental milestones with Mental Enhancers • Zinc and DHA to support mental and visual development • Folic Acid for the development of the nervous system Now, that’s giving you every reason to make Wyeth ProMama part of the most exciting journey of your life!

regnancy tips and exclu sive off Want p ers? roMamaP



Specially formulated to support women during pregnancy and lactation

Available in Vanilla Delight Flavor ASC Ref. No. W012P010912P


m o m m y an d m e


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for mom

an n i k s

Take the spa to your home with these soothing essentials to pamper yourself with. Do a 10-minute massage that includes your head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and legs. Taking slow, deep breaths can ease muscle tension; closing your eyes and visualizing a relaxing imagery can also relieve stress.


3 5





soothing sensations

Let yourself and your baby breathe easy with these relaxation must-haves

P H O T O G R A P H S B Y j onn martin herman



1. Organic Now! Organic Moisturizing Lotion by DELON LABORATORIES, P295 2. Body Oil by FOR ME, P149 3. Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist by EARTH THERAPEUTICS, P525 4. Body Ritual Recipes Body Spritz in Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch by SNOE, P249 5. Rub Rub Rub Refreshing Shower Scrub by LUSH, P595 6. Avocado Nourishing Body Butter by FRUITS & PASSION, P1,450 7. Anti-Stress Mind Repair Pulse Point Cream by EARTH THERAPEUTICS, P525


m o m m y an d m e



bc report skin




7 2




Take a Hands-on Approach with Your Infant

1. Gentle Skin Cleanser by CETAPHIL, P580 2. Baby Milk Bath by JOHNSON’S, P76.50 3. Gentle soap with cold cream - nutri protective by MUSTELA, P450 4. Dream Bath by DELON, P195 5. Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion by FOREVER FRIENDS NATURALS MY LITTLE BEAR, P495 6. Natural Unscented Massage Oil by EARTH FRIENDLY BABY, P400 7. After-sun hydrating spray by MUSTELA, P950



One great way to soothe fussy babies is to massage them. The International Association of Infant Massage says that regularly massaging your infant offers them these benefits: Improves circulation and immune function. Enhances the development of the nervous system.

Helps relieve digestive discomfort and aids in digestion. Relaxes and relieves stress.

Increases alertness, and the parent’s ability to communicate with the baby.

Helps baby to sleep, and contributes to overall development.

Deepens bonding and enhances intimacy between parent and baby.

Cannon Baby Safe Products, Inc.

is the sole distributor of Philips AVENT in the Philippines with office located at LJS Corporate Center, 550 Magistrado Abad Santos St., Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila. email us at or visit our webiste at Philips Hotline: 667-9000 in Metro Manila and 1-800-10-7445477 for Outside MM


bc report R

blood-sucking vector of diseases Small in size. Single bite. Serious effect W o r ds b y R owena V anessa S . C h u a P H OTO G R A P H b y M A R K C A BA L A N G


s the sun shines brightly in the clear, blue sky, you see your kids playing outside, enjoying the oh-so-perfect weather. But there’s a problem. Your kids are not the only ones enjoying the weather. The mosquitoes are also there, breeding, multiplying, and waiting for a chance to strike. Of course, we should be worried. Without a doubt, one of the most notorious insects around the world is the mosquito. Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they can also be dangerous. They carry disease-causing viruses from person to person without being affected by it. While carrying these viruses, mosquitoes remain healthy because of their immune system. In this case, we are the only victims, and thus are the ones who will suffer. Moreover, we don’t want our kids to be served in a platter, right? We need to be as well informed as possible.



In the Philippines, the principal mosquito borne diseases are malaria, dengue, and Japanese encephalitis. There are also a number of outbreaks of Chikungunya in our country. Another mosquito borne disease is yellow fever, but it is only found in Africa and South America. What we need to know is that there are different age groups that are commonly at risk, depending on the mosquito borne disease. A substantial number of adolescents are at risk from malaria infection. However, younger adolescents might be at a higher risk than older adolescents because of immunological and hormonal factors. The age range of the said victims of dengue fever is from 1 to 27 years old with most of the affected age group ranging from 1 to 10 years old. Japanese encephalitis most commonly affects children between the ages of 1 to 15 years old.

n o t o r i o u s i l l ne s s e s Nevertheless, adults too can be infected in populations where the virus is newly introduced to the area. Most of the affected for Chikungunya are in the adult age group. Yellow fever doesn’t have a specific age group, but yellow fever vaccine is required for all travelers over one year of age arriving from a yellow fever-infected country. Areas of the country most prone to outbreaks If you’re planning for family outings and the like, we should take note of the various places where there are cases of outbreaks. Malaria is present in all regions except for three provinces of the country. Health officials declared that Cebu, Leyte, and Catanduanes are the only ones left free of malaria. Most cases in the country occur in rural areas, especially in forested, swampy, hilly, and mountainous regions, which is the preferred habitat of the Anopheles mosquito that transmits the parasite. A good number of the areas with cases of malaria are among the poorest in the country and have a high percentage of indigenous peoples. There are no outbreaks in urban areas. Dengue is prevalent in tropical countries such as the Philippines. Remember that heavily populated areas are more easily prone to dengue although it poses the same danger for both urban and rural dwellers. The factors believed to be responsible for the spread of dengue include explosive population growth, unplanned urban overpopulation with inadequate public health systems, poor standing water and vector control, viral evolution, and increased international recreational, business, and military travel to endemic areas. Is your family planning to spend considerable time outdoors in agricultural areas? Or would you rather engage in extensive outdoor activities in rural parts? Then you should be familiar with Japanese encephalitis. This disease is most prone in rural areas and is thought to occur on all islands. There are outbreaks that have been reported in Nueva Ecija, Luzon, and Manila. Chikungunya is most prevalent in urban areas. Since humans act as the main source

for the virus, the disease is most common in cities and towns. An outbreak of Chikungunya disease in Negros Oriental occurred from March to October 1968 affecting 698 persons. Prior to that, another outbreak was observed among the adult population of Manila. In 1996, there was an occurrence of Chikungunya fever in Cavite. From the 298 residents who were tested, 156 of them had shown evidence of recent infection. Mosquito borne diseases is a serious disease and may be a deadly illness. It usually occurs in the warmer regions of the world, particularly the tropics and subtropics. The high temperatures in these areas allow the mosquito vector of the parasites to increase. Malaria is caused by a single-cell parasitic protozoa Plasmodium. It is transmitted to humans via the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito. The parasites multiply in the liver, attacking the red blood cells of the victim. The signs and symptoms include: cycles of fever, chills, sweats, headache, body aches, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. These will occur at least seven to nine days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Malaria infections with Plasmodium falciparum, if not promptly treated, may cause kidney failure, coma, and death. Even though a life-threatening disease, it is treatable and preventable. It can be controlled with early diagnosis and prompt treatment. These strategies shorten the duration of the disease and prevent the development of complications and deaths.


Dengue Hemorrhagic fever or H-fever is a tropical disease caused by four dengue viruses and arbovirus. It is a growing problem in just about all areas of our country and is more frequent during the wet season. Dengue is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, which bite primarily in the daytime and favor densely populated areas. The typical symptoms of Dengue Fever (DF) include chills and fever, severe headache, especially behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, nausea and vomiting, flushing of the face, neck, and chest, and a rash. Low white blood cell count and low platelet count occur frequently. On the other hand, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a severe, sometimes deadly form of dengue

Getting Rid of Breeding Grounds In addition, having a clean environment reduces the chances of mosquitoes breeding in our homes. To prevent mosquito borne diseases, family and house helpers should not forget to:

1. Cover water containers to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

2. Clean-up gutters so it would not become breeding grounds. 3. Check and replace water in flower vases frequently.

4. Constantly adjust coverings to eliminate standing water. 5. Puncture tires used as roof support to avoid buildup of water. 6. Avoid the collection of water under spouts or faucets. 7. Dispose all unusable receptacles that may accumulate water. { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES


bc report

n o t o r i o u s i l l ne s s e s


ally lasting 3-7 days, some cases result in persistent arthritis. There is also a decrease in the platelet count. There is no specific antiviral treatment available for Chikungunya. Each victim had to be given separate treatment based on symptoms. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may help to ease symptoms of fever and aching. The patients had to take plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. There is no vaccine for Chikungunya.


fever. It is diagnosed when there is a minor or major bleeding, low platelets, and evidence of plasma leakage from capillaries into the tissues or body cavities. The treatment for dengue consists of bed rest, fluid replacement, and analgesics. Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided because they interfere with platelet function and may promote further bleeding. Antibiotics and steroids are not beneficial. There is currently no vaccine for dengue. is a potentially serious but vaccine-preventable viral infection of the brain. It occurs in rural-agricultural areas throughout Asia. The Culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes transmit the virus of Japanese encephalitis and they breed in places where there is abundant water, such as in rice paddies, and feed primarily on birds and local domestic animals, usually pigs. There is less risk of Japanese encephalitis transmission during the day because these mosquitoes are night Japanese Encephalitis

feeders. Most infected people develop mild symptoms like headache and fever or no symptoms at all. For people who develop a more severe form of the disease, it usually starts as a flu-like illness but may cause confusion and lead to severe neurological damage, such as paralysis, coma and death. Good nursing care is important in severe cases but there is no drug treatment for Japanese encephalitis. also known as Chicken Guinea, is caused by the Chikungunya virus which is found primarily in Africa and Asia, and is normally associated with urban environments. It is highly-infective and disabling. Although Chikungunya is not considered to be deadly, deaths have been reported, directly or indirectly related to this disease. The signs and symptoms are characterized by the following: sudden onset of chills and high fever, severe headache, muscle pain, nausea and vomiting, rash, fatigue and often severe, crippling joint pain usu-

Although yellow fever is found only in sub-Saharan Africa and South America, we should still know a thing or two about it because we never know what our travel plans would be. Yellow fever occurs in tropical areas and is not found in other regions with warm climates and Aedes mosquitoes, such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. The symptoms are fever, headache, muscle aches, nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. These acute symptoms are followed by a toxic phase characterized by jaundice, vomiting of blood, bloody stools, coma, and in 50 percent of severe cases, death. There is no available specific drug treatment but there is a safe and effective vaccine against yellow fever. Prevention is better than cure

Chikungunya or CHIKV,

As with any disease carried by insects, the best way for us to avoid contraction is by using a good quality mosquito repellent and wearing suitable clothing that keeps our arms, legs and feet covered. Other ways to prevent insect bites are the following: remain indoors in an air-conditioned or screened area during the peak biting period, spray rooms with products effective against insects, and either sleep in beds covered by nets treated with permethrin or sleep in an airconditioned or well-screened room. bc

“A substantial number of adolescents are at risk from malaria infection. However, younger adolescents might be at a higher risk than older adolescents because of immunological and hormonal factors.�




positive habits



bc report we


5 tips to a happier and healthier new you! This New Year, gear up to make a positive change in your life. Check out these simple, easy-breezy, yet smart ways to improve your health and well-being G R A P H I C S b y Jo N N M A r T I N H E R M A N






bc report we



positive habits or Cycle House fitness guru and head spin instructor Nichelle Hines, staying fit and healthy is a way of life. While many think that getting in shape is impossible, Nichelle’s five simple steps can change even the laziest person’s view. Check out her DIY Steps to a healthy lifestyle:


Have at least eight hours of sleep a night! Your weight is directly related to how much rest you get. With eight hours of sleep a night, cortisol and stress levels decrease while your energy level increases! 2. IT’S TRUE, BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY

Eat a healthy breakfast with a mix of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat! (Eat the yolk, it’s the least of your fat concerns!) Nichelle’s personal favorite: whole wheat English muffin, egg, turkey bacon, and low-fat cheese with an apple. It will sustain you till lunch! 3. INTERVAL TRAINING

Keep your heart rate guessing by mixing it up. Slow, quick, slow, quick is my motto—always pushes your limits and forces the mind and body to engage and adapt. No matter the exercise, this is something you can always practice to keep the body on its toes and always burning. 4. SEE YA, SWEETENERS

No more artificial sweeteners! Sure they give you a fake sugar fix, but they keep you craving sweets and your body does not know how to process them. Keep it simple and natural. If you can’t pronounce it—you probably shouldn’t put it in your temple. 5. FINALLY...HYDRATE!

So often when our body thinks it’s hungry, we’re simply thirsty. Stay up on your H2O—stay low in weight! If I’m really craving juice (which is rare—high in sugar) I do half water, half juice— equals half the calories! Bonus Tip

Always take a moment (10 minutes if you’ve got the time, but a moment or two will do in a pinch) to calm down, breathe, smile and have a peaceful, grateful thought. It always centers the body and promotes positive decision making at any time in your day! These are a few suggestions you can implement today and EVERYDAY to help make your spring the healthiest, happiest and most productive one you’ve ever had! bc

“Always take a moment to calm down, breathe, smile and have a peaceful, grateful thought.”



Let's Get Physical!

While wellness from within is important to a healthy life, it’s also a must to get physically fit. Here are some fun fitness activities for the entire family:

Play some outdoor games Plan an outdoor party or gathering with your folks and include games that require physical activity, like frisbee and relay races. Add more fun by creating your own games—a round or two of “batty bowling” or “silly jumps” will surely be enjoyed by everyone. Work out with the kids Improvise a rolled-up sock ‘dumbbell’ for them while they copy your routines, or they can count your sets and reps for you. Alternate with simple jump rope exercises. Improve muscle mass, strength, and power with these strengthening exercises, while bonding with the little ones. Walk, run, or ride a bike You can bring along your bike, go for a run or brisk walk with your kids. Make sure the kids are old enough and have mastered bike riding, and don’t forget their helmets. Make it a daily habit to improve your respiratory and circulatory systems. Take a fitness class Alotting a day or two to the gym or a wellness center wouldn’t hurt your schedule (especially if you do it on weekends). Enroll in group fitness classes like dance, aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, or pilates for more interactive fun. There are even fitness programs designed for the whole family.

s w ee t s l u m b er



bc report co


early bird nightmares: coping with kids and the time change Are your sleeping schedules disrupted by the holiday break? Check out these tips on how to keep your tots in tow when it comes to bedtime W o r ds b y A shley G rimaldo and V alerie A nne del C astillo GRAPHICS BY JONN MARTIN HERMAN


s if parenting weren’t already the hardest thing anyone has ever done in the history of doing things, we must deal with time changes and our children. For those of us who juggle our careers, businesses, household, and kids, we know very well the value of the precious time we get to rest at night, and thus it’s quite a challenge to adjust our children’s sleeping schedules once the holiday and summer breaks kick in. The reality is that our kids wake up after the same number of hours of sleep because they have a set, circadian rhythm that doesn’t magically readjust over a weekend. So if you’re gearing them up for the opening of the school year or just training them to sleep longer this upcoming summer break, you must be aware of these six easy steps to help train your kids get some sleep in the right amounts and at the right time.



shopping bag

JOHNSON’S TOP-TO-TOE WASH Here’s a cleanser that will perfectly match your baby’s skin needs. Johnson’s Top-To-Toe Wash has a gently cleansing formula clinically proven to be free of any alcohol, soap and colorants which can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. What’s more, it’s self-foaming; which means there is no need to lather and easier to rinse. Available at leading supermarkets and department stores

JOHNSON’S BABY SUN PROTECTION LOTION Introducing Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Sun Protection Lotion, which helps protect your baby’s soft and delicate skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun that can cause serious skin damage after prolonged exposure. It has a light, non-sticky formula that it is gentle and comfortable enough for everyday use, but packed with effective sun shield for your little one. Available at leading supermarkets and department stores BARBIE What better way to celebrate summer than to don colorful swimwear from one of the most recognized children’s brands in the world? This year, Barbie showcases the Spring/Summer Collection featuring bright pinks with color accents and prints that make for playful designs. Make it a summer to remember with the fashionable and fun in the sun offerings from Barbie. Available nationwide at all leading department stores and Barbie Boutiques

CHICCO SHOES For your little one’s feet, choose only the brand that can provide your child with comfort and style. Chicco understands the requirements of little feet, which vary in the different phases of the growth process. These requirements have been carefully studied and are now present in the different values of Chicco Shoes, whose priority is your child’s foot developmental growth. Available at all leading department stores, distributed by Richwell Philippines, Inc.

DRYPERS WEE WEE DRY DIAPER Drypers Wee Wee DRY Diaper has a 100% breathable clothlike cover that keeps baby’s skin cool and fresh. It features a stretchable waist band that hugs baby’s waist comfortably for a better fit, and a durable absorbent core that makes it less prone to breaking when wet. Fragrance-free, this diaper keeps skin from irritation with its leak guards. Available at all leading drugstores and supermarkets

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s w ee t s l u m b er



Expect grumpy toddlers for up to three weeks.

The younger the child, the longer it will take to adjust. According to multiple studies, poor or inadequate sleep causes irritability, stress and anxiety. No big surprise there. Pile on top of that an inability to verbally communicate and you’ve got a cranky young child on your hands for days, if not weeks. Just brace yourselves and prepare to expect some rocky terrain. Get room darkening shades or curtains.

Kids sense morning like sharks smell blood; the tiniest crack of daylight can wake even the hardest young sleeper. Keeping it dark in your child’s room will encourage more sleep in the morning, something you’ll want all year round. If you’re not a fan of drapes, try having custom blinds made at your local interiors shop. Minimize exposure to artificial light.

There’s solid evidence that exposure to artificial light limits the production of melatonin, a key hormone in regulating the sleep/wake cycle. This goes for TV too. Cut the pre-bedtime cartoons and opt for relaxing, sleep-friendly activities like reading or puzzles. Reduce other variables to focus on sleep.

Kids do really well when they have time to hone in on one skill or hurdle at a time. If you’re potty training, pull back on the reins for a while to let the lack of sleep pass. Trying to concentrate while sleep deprived makes you ineffective and irritable—and the same goes for Junior. Consistency is key.

It’s tempting to give in to Little Darling when she pitches a fit for candy at the gro-

cery store. If you give in to her demands, she’ll just ratchet up the decibels on your next visit. That same principle applies to adjusting your clocks back. Stick to later naps and a later bedtime to avoid prolonged pain. According to Kim West, social worker and sleep coach, children will adjust to your age-appropriate sleep requirements when you are consistent. This means having the exact same routine every night and responding in the same way to your child’s testing. Create and maintain nightly rituals with your child, such as a glass of milk, a short story, or soft music, which should be relaxing enough to lull your child to sleep. These activities may range from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your child. Let him participate by asking him which songs to listen to, or which book to read, so that he will feel more relevant to the activity. Maintain the ambience in your child’s room by minimizing lights and using a comforting room mist that can help him relax and settle in. Start the habit early on and train him to follow sleeping patterns that will benefit not only your child, but also your family, as his sleeping patterns and habits can affect the household’s wellbeing. Lastly, get your partner to help out in nightly duties with your kids. You may opt to take turns putting them to bed, or set a schedule wherein both mom and dad will be there to put the kids to sleep, as this also encourages family togetherness. Nonetheless, know that no two kids are alike, so sleeping rituals for your firstborn may not work with your smaller kids. Try and test different strategies until you find one that works. bc

Your Child’s Sleep Guide Kids of different ages require various amounts of sleep. Take a quick look at how many hours must your little tots get during the night (and even day), and try to work around this schedule to help you get the most out of your day too. Baby Sleeper (Months 1 to 4) Because newborns don’t really have a fully developed circadian rhythm, these little ones typically spend 15 to 18 hours of the day sleeping and napping. Growing Child (Months 4 to 12) By now, your little one may have a recognizable sleeping pattern of around 15 hours a day, with more sleep during the night, during which you can get more rest yourself. Tireless Toddlers (Years 1 to 3) Kids one to three years of age typically get around 12 to 14 hours of sleep in a day, with one to two-hour naps occurring just once during the day, and 10-11 hours of sleep at night. Active Kids (Years 3 to 6) For kids between 3 and 6, the habits of napping gradually disappear especially once they hit five. In total, they usually need 10 to 12 hours of sleep in a day, going to bed at around 7 to 9 p.m. and waking up between 6 and 8 a.m. Social Tweens (Years 7 to 12) Because of factors like school, sports, recreation, and family activities, your tween will most likely go to bed later, and get only 10-11 hours of sleep. The average sleep time for this age group is 9 hours, with bedtimes ranging from 7:30 to 10 p.m., depending also on parents’ stipulations.


1. Johnson’s Baby

Powder P57.50 for 200g Keep your child feeling fresh in the changing weather, especially during the night, with this classic powder that is clinically proven to be safe, gentle, and mild



2. Spinkie Butterfly

Pillow P1,175, Numa Baby Make sure your kids are comfy and cozy with this butterfly-shaped pillow that provides excellent back and neck support on the bed, stroller, or car seat

3. Pigeon Baby Lotion P239.75 Gently moisturizes and maintains optimum moisture content in your child’s skin, and can be used after a bath, during diaper change, or at bedtime




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10 best places to make love at home

One mom lets us in on her insights about the most creative and interesting spots to get intimate with your half—without leaving your house



here was a time that I thought of myself as a sex kitten. Granted, I don’t have the typical physique to actually pose for men’s magazines but I could hold the fort (and my man) down when it came to sex. Now, the only sounds I produce in the bedroom are snores and groans that project my aching muscles and back from a whole day’s work and house chores. We’ve all been there: stuck in a rut and caught up in all things domestic and work–related that we have managed to take care of everything in and outside the house with the exception of sex. As a couple, the mundane demands and

The living room couch (during the day) – If you want to get kinkier, throw back

the curtains! Arrange for the maids (if you have them) to go out on an errand that will take a couple of hours so that you can have the house to yourselves. Conquer the couch and let yourself go. The thrill of doing it in daylight and with the windows open heightens your pleasure. Just make sure that you throw a blanket on the couch if it’s one of those really expensive ones that stain easily. You wouldn’t want any identifying marks of your deed on display the next time the in-laws come over.



requirements of domestication can take over a relationship like a huge wet blanket. Lack of intimacy or the monotonous kind, can adversely affect your relationship. When you’ve come to this point, you have to take matters into your own hands and spice up your sex life. You don’t have to go far or book yourself in an expensive hotel room to do so. Your house can be a wonderful playground for you and the hubby/boyfriend/partner. It is a virtual wonderland filled with toys and nooks and crannies that you can get really hot and steamy on. Try these top 10 places to have sex in your home.

On a bean bag – Word to the wise: make sure that the beanbag is big enough for the both of you. It has to be firm but not stiff, trust me, you don’t want to ruin the sex vibe by sweeping, picking and vacuuming all the stuffing that somehow managed to fill the whole room from the beanbag explosion. No matter what you do, you just can’t get all of those small styro beads in one sweeping! The bean bag wonderfully supports you and your man in any which way, however, having him take you from behind is the most ideal position (for me) so far.

The Kitchen – As I finished typing those two words, a smirk just formed on my face. The kitchen is a great place to have sex in because you can incorporate sexy food play into it. Start by hand feeding each other with bits of food you can find in the fridge—fruits, chocolate, cheese. Skip the sinigang and karekare, finger food will be perfect. Plus, you can use that spatula to lightly spank your partner. Keep away from all sharp and hot objects though.

rea l - l a t i o n s h i p s – If you’ve never experienced car sex, you can have your fantasy fulfilled now. The problem with car sex is that it’s cramped and there’s that risk of getting caught when you do it in public. Fear no more! Slither on to the back seat with your partner while your car is in the garage and let the steam from your hot lovemaking fog up the windows. While you’re at it, maybe you can fulfill that Titanic fantasy of yours and leave a handprint on the fogged up windows, eh?

In the garage

- Having sex in the bathroom is more sensual than sexual. Take turns in lathering yourselves, paying attention to the sensation of skin on skin. The warm water and tactile activity make very good foreplay. This place is best for slow sex. You don’t want to get all rough and tumble only for you to end up in the hospital for a contusion because you slipped on the tiles. Nothing wrecks a sex vibe faster than a trip to the emergency room. Bathtub/shower

Your Bed – It still is a great place to have sex in. You just need to jazz it up a bit. Your conjugal bed is not just for sleeping or reading in. It has to be a place where you can be comfortable as a couple. I guess this is why they say you shouldn’t go to bed angry at each other. Your bed is supposed to be your sanctuary as a couple. Buy some satin sheets or cover it up with rose petals. Hey, you can even start tying ropes at the corners if you want to but make the bed yours.

The stairs – This is a great place for spontaneous

sex. It’s also a good place to have a round 2 from the bedroom! Go down the stairs to get a drink and drag your man with you. Sit on a step and do your best come hither pose and wait for his surprised but turned on look and brace yourself for him jumping on you. The levels and steps support you and your man can plant his feet on the steps for stability. However, this may not be a good place for a long romp. Keep it quick otherwise, things can get uncomfortable. This is your one chance to use the geometry you’ve learned in school.

No matter which way you look at it, the cold hard fact is that intimacy is an important and solid building block in a relationship. With a little creativity, a bit of imagination and a sense of willingness to do something different, you can put the zing back in your sex life. bc

On top of the washing machine...while it’s spinning – This is what I call

kinky multi-tasking. You get a little bump and grind while you’re getting your washing done. But seriously, the laundry room is a great place to get your rocks off. The vibrations of the washing machine help with the rocking motion thus increasing the pleasure factor. The next question is where to find someone who can customize a washing machine with a built in seat...

– The truth of the matter is, any place in the house or even outside the house (for those who are more adventurous) is good. The location is not as important as to what your objectives are.


The backyard – Perfect and romantic especially if the sky is littered with stars and the moon is nowhere in sight. Trust me, you don’t want to do this on a full moon (or maybe that’s just me and my insane fear of werewolves...) Take a blanket outside when everyone else in the house is asleep. Lie down, watch the stars and then create some stars of your own. *wink, wink* { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES




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bienvenido a lima Bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile, the Republic of Peru comes into its own as a melting pot of different cultures­—and in this case—stylings

P H O T O G R A P Hs b y T amara M u th - K ing S t y li n g b y K A R I Z tanya F avis W o r ds b y V alerie A nne del C astillo





or a vacation that doubles as a complete sensory experience, fly to Lima, Peru, where you can observe the intricate beauty of the country’s history, and taste the heritage of Peruvian, Spanish, and Asian cultures through their exquisite cuisine bursting with hot-as-the-sun flavors. Lima also offers a scenic backdrop for curious minds and adventure-seeking visitors. You and your children will delight in the Lima’s rich culture, with its various museums and historical spots that tell stories of Spanish conquistadores and religious voyages. Be in awe of the Spanish Neoclassicism of Convento de San Fransisco, a complex built in 1746, boasting of a baroque church, a museum of religious art, and a library that holds 20,000 books dating back to the beginnings of Lima in 1535. The Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera houses the largest private collection of pre-Columbian art in the world, including the Moche Dynasty’s Sala Erotica collection of ceramics. If your kids aren’t mature enough to






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Green velvet dress with gold buttons by Juicy Couture . Lavender knit scarf by Sand Cassel Kids . Purple Knee High socks by Jefferies SOCKS


b c PHILIPPINES { feb-mar FEB-MAR 2011 2012 }


observe the sensual graphics on this display, take them to the Plaza Mayor instead, and explore the immense Cathedral of Lima, where you can admire its gorgeous interiors and visit the tomb of Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro, the founder of the city. Don your hats and put on your sunglasses for a tour around the Pachacamac Ruins, an archeological site just by the Lurin River, and discover a collection of awe-inspiring ancient temples. You and your hubby can also take a relaxing stroll down in Barranco, and fall in love again under El Puente de los Suspiros (the Bridge of Sighs), where sprawling flowers lining the walkway and an old wooden bridge sleepily hang-

ing across the path makes for a walk to remember. For the recreational enthusiast and shopaholic in you, find great deals and attractive scenery in Miraflores, with its lush parks, rejuvenating beaches, and vibrant shopping areas. Check out the great accommodation deals from quality hotels, such as Hotel Se単orial, which features relaxing beachfront views and a gorgeous courtyard. For a more luxurious lodging experience, check into the Miraflores Park Hotel, with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and comfortable living spaces topped by outstanding personalized service and facilities. To learn more about Lima, log on to bc

Location: Streets of Miraflores and El Puente de los Suspiros, Barranco

Tweed coat with floral lining and belt by Kico Kids . Adelia sailor navy denim dress by Little Marc JACOBS . Green knit leggings by Nutmeg by Jazzmin . Woven belt by Mercado del Indios, Ave. Petit Thouars, Miraflores

(Top, left) Velvet Green Dress with elastic waist and belt by Juicy Couture, Neiman Marcus stores . Brown dress with sequins and embroidery by GapKids . Leg warmers (worn on arms) by Jefferies Socks (Top, right) Incan hat by Mercado del Indios, Av. Petit Thouars, Miraflores . Empire cut blue dress by Juicy Couture . Blue leg warmers by Kico Kids . Both sneakers by Ripley, Calle Shell, Miraflores { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES




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Location: Miraflores

Maroon velvet jacket by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear . Skirt with sequins by Funky Kids



LIM A , P E R U Location: Parque del Amor, Miraflores, Barranco

(Left) Brown dress with crochet and bead detail by GapKids . Incan shawl from Mercado del Indios, Av. Petit Thouars, Miraflores (Right) Tie-dye long-sleeved shirt and gold velvet skirt with sequins by Funky Kids . Brown footless tights with optional knot on back of leg by Jefferies Socks . Bracelets and feathers on hair, stylist’s own



bc lifestyle



the best

or ur

The latest trend in baby showers

le guide f


daddy showers


y st

W o r ds b y R o b ert N ickell p h o t og r ap h B Y mark ca b alang

“Be creative, make it fun, and the guys will give it a shot and show up.”


hink baby showers are just for moms? Not anymore! The “Daddy Shower” is the latest trend hitting the scene, allowing the daddy-to-be to be “showered” with gifts and fun as well.

The first decision is “who is going to throw” the BSFD. For the mommy, it is usually the best friend, mother, or mother in-law, or combination of the above. For the Daddy, this role has not yet been established and quite often it is simply put together by a pro-active daddy for his



friends, but here are some thoughts if you are the “best Dad friend” and want to put the party together. Robert Nickell, a.k.a. “Mr. Daddy,” is the founder of DaddyScrubs “Delivery Room Duds for Dads” and writes a weekly parenting blog from a dad’s perspective. The father of six has been heard on TV and radio shows around the United States, giving his parenting advice. Now, Mr. Daddy has some great ideas for how to throw a great “Daddy Shower” for the expectant dad in your circle of friends.

TH E D A DD Y C LUB First, come up with a cool, manly name. “Daddy Shower,” “BabyQ,” “Man Shower,” and “Cigar and Diaper Night” are just a few. Be creative, make it fun, and the guys will give it a shot and show up. In some cases, it may just be another excuse to get together, swap stories, watch the game, and have a beer. Once you’ve decided on the name and the basis of the occasion, start your theme for event. Some suggestions include:

1. Require everyone to bring a case of diapers, and in return they will get a plate of food and a cold beer. 2. Reward them with a cool prize. For everyone that comes, they get their name in the drawing for a gift certificate to Home Depot or tickets to a sporting event. 3. Hold the shower at a favorite venue rather than a home. Consider going bowling, fishing, or to your favorite bar. Guys really do not like to play games, unless its poker or sports, how-

ever, we love to watch the team leader get embarrassed. Suggestions for ways to have the “new daddy” entertain everyone include: 4. Have the new daddy put together a crib, swing or bouncy seat. The guys can take “bets” on how long it will, will he use all the parts, will he follow directions etc. Harassing and heckling are part of the game. ‘Grade A’ embarrassment comes from diaper changing races, eating baby food, or the gross-out “what’s in the

diaper” games. These games require the player to laugh, be loud, and have fun. 5. Have a “bottle drinking contest.” This is good for the whole group. Drink beer (or any beverage) out of a baby bottle. First one finished wins. (You may have to cut bigger holes in the bottle to actually make drinking easier, otherwise make sure you purchase bottles for older children, and a shot of your favorite libation works better than a full bottle of beer).

As always, the loser of any bet must have consequences. Suggestions include:

Eat a jar of baby food. “Yuck.”

Wear an adult disposable diaper for the remainder of the party. “LOL”

Keep a pacifier in your mouth for a determined amount of time. “Truly embarrassing.”

Wear a bib throughout the party. “Some guys do this anyway.”


Keep these items handy for all your baby needs

Make the food “game day” finger food, keep the theme manly, and expect them not to sit around and ogle over baby clothes and trinkets. Just keep it lighthearted and entertaining. You’ll find it’s not only good for men to be involved in the pregnancy parties; it can also be a lot of fun! Robert Nickell, a.k.a. Mr. Daddy, father of 6, founder of, delivery room duds for dads, and the Daddyscrubs blog where he covers topics about parenting and the latest baby and kids gear, all from a Dad’s perspective. bc

1. Mustela Cleansing and

4. GreenBaby Nappy Balm,

Soothing Wipes, P970 Hypoallergenic wipes that delicately cleanses your baby’s diaper-area’s skin with no-rinse, plant-based cleansing milk

P645, Numa The Organic & Eco Baby Store Paraben-free daily barrier cream made of sweet almond oil, organic olive oil, cocoa butter, and natural beeswax

2. Philips Avent Electric Steam Steriliser, P5,499.75 Cleans and sterilizes up to six Avent Bottles and feeding accessories in just 8 minutes. Truly a must-have for parents on the go

3. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser for Baby Accessories, P649.75 for 700mL Made from 100% food grade ingredients, this natural cleanser is safe and effective in cleaning baby’s bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and toys

5. Drypers Soft Diapers, P237.45 for 28 pieces (SRP) Especially made for newborn babies, these diapers feature a breathable cloth-like cover, Stool Lock System and Navel Care cut out

6. Oilatum Bar, P90 for 50 grams Doctor-prescribed emollient bar that has a Moisture Trapping System that effectively seals in moisture, keeping baby's skin clean, soft, and supple { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES




bc lifestyle heal


the healthy meat

What there is to know about the differences between the organic beef and conventional beef that are being sold in the markets and groceries. We did the research for you W o r ds b y A na J . G loria P H OTO G R A P H b y D I E G O J O S E


n organic primer

The word “organic” is thrown around with much enthusiasm these days. It began with organic fruits and vegetables and more recently, there is the addition of “organic beef” being thrown under the microscope by the health conscious. But what exactly is organic beef all about? Based on research, “organic” is a labeling term that tells us that the food has been produced through approved methods that integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Simply, organic farming bears a strong resemblance to the good old days of traditional farming before technology took over. It’s like going back to basics.



ORGANIC BEEF To translate that to meat, organic beef promises to be free of chemical additives, which include growth hormones, antibiotics, antimicrobials, and beta-agonists, the latter which is of another category of a growth-promoting drug frequently fed to cattle. The animal should also be born and raised on pastureland that is free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Living conditions must accommodate the animal’s natural behaviors. This gives rise to the belief that a happy animal is a healthy animal. It should also be fed a diet of mostly grass or greens. The feeds cannot contain any animal by-product. Regarding antibiotics, the minute the free-range animal contracts a sickness and is given antibiotics, its meat has to be sold as conventional beef and no longer organic. The organic truth

It is interesting to note that the United States Department of Agriculture’s regulations state that organic livestock must have access to “the outdoors…fresh air, direct sunlight, an opportunity to exercise, and appropriate clean, dry bedding.” You can already imagine that the life of an organic cow and a conventional one that lives in a feedlot are worlds apart. Most conventional beef come from cattle raised on concentratedanimal feeding operations, popularly known as factory farms and referred to as CAFOs. Tens of thousands of these animals are packed like sardines in a facility, which practice is believed to contribute to their high stress levels and disease. They live in such close quarters that they can hardly move and have hardly any space to lie down. Their normal behavior of grazing cannot therefore be carried out. Concern over hormone use has grown considerably over the last decade. To cut costs of production, conventional feedlots give their animals growth hormones as part of their feed regimen in order to make their cattle grow faster, so that they can be slaughtered sooner. A scary study shows that ingesting hormones from meat may affect us adversely because it may lead to hormonal imbalances that may in turn cause cancer. Driven by low cost and high profits, conventional farming tends to use

as many means as possible to produce more meat per area, which may lead to compromising the health and sanitation of the animals to be slaughtered for our food. Another sad aspect of these CAFOs is that with so many animals living in tightly confined areas and being fed animal by-products and cheaply grown feed, disease spreads quickly. Basically, healthy but unnaturally confined animals are therefore dosed with preventive antibiotics, which residues the animals absorb and accumulate into their tissue. According to research, increased use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, which can be passed to humans. We unknowingly consume these sources of chemicals and these in turn accumulate in our bodies. Organic cattle do not need antibiotics, preventive or otherwise, because they live in wideopen spaces so they are naturally robust and rarely get sick. In turn, no unhealthy elements are introduced into our food supply. As stated earlier, in the event they do get sick and are treated with antibiotics, that animal’s meat will be sold as conventional beef and not organic. All in all, organic cattle are happy cows living a decent life. They graze peacefully around while chewing on the pasture’s nutrient-rich grass, dining on organically grown feed that aren’t sprayed with synthetic pesticides or other chemicals. It has also been revealed that those that eat

The benefits of consuming organic beef · No pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. · 100% organic feed and pasture, which means no genetically modified foods, seeds or feeds and is raised without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. · No nitrates, nitrites or preservatives. · Animals are never fed animal by-products, thereby preventing any risk of contracting Mad Cow Disease. · Freedom of movement for animals, with full access to the outdoors. · Humane treatment of animals. { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES


bc lifestyle Fo




h alt

The Farm Organics

Parents should think twice before reaching for that bag of processed food, such as chicken nuggets or hotdogs in the supermarket. Consider the health benefits of food made with organic beef. Remember that eating organic beef not only helps you and your family get optimal nutrition, but also the best value for your money, because in the long run, healthy bodies can better fend themselves from illnesses, and in turn, live a longer, happier life. The Farm Organics offers only pasture-raised beef which is a nutrient-rich, health promoting food and contains more vitamin E and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that supports our immune system and helps fight cancers, and can actually reduce the risk of heart disease. The Farm Organics is the first to offer fresh organic beef in major supermarkets and specialty stores in the Philippines, such as The Landmark, Rustan’s, Echostore and more. For more information check out: thefarmorganics. For delivery, call 403-9130.



grains have more E. Coli bacteria in their intestinal tract and feces, which can contaminate meat with the deadly bacteria during slaughter. Unlike conventionally raised livestock, organic animals are not fed plastic pellets, formulas containing urea or manure, or slaughter by-products, as stated by the USDA. Organic practices prohibit feeding animal parts of any kind to cattle that by nature eat a vegetarian diet.

gens found in conventional meats.

From the fields to our plate

The biggest concern with conventional beef rearing practices is the concentration of huge amounts of livestock waste produced in a small area. These millions of tons of manure contaminate and pollute the soil, air and nearby water supplies. Also, the CAFOs consume millions of tons of corn or grain that are chemically fertilized, which in turn produce runoff that contaminates large bodies of water and kills large amounts of sea life each year.

Most groceries and health foods now carry organic meats. But note that “organic” isn’t the same as “natural.” Natural is a loose term which generally means that no artificial ingredients were added in meat processing. It has no connection to whether or not the animal was drugged and fed animal by-products. Organic meat goes way beyond artificial ingredients. Knowing that your meat is organic guarantees that the beef went through strict health and safety points before it reached the store. When we buy beef in our supermarkets, we face the choice of purchasing organic beef versus conventional beef. It is comforting to know that when meat is labeled and marketed as organic, it must come from livestock that has lived a happy and healthy life under continues organic management. Though organic beef is slightly more expensive than conventional beef, we can be comforted by the fact that it is healthier to eat because it contains no hormones and antibiotics. A conventionally farmed animal treated with all sorts of drugs can be compared to a healthy person using many drugs, in that the drugs can wear down the natural state of health. And not only is eating meat from sick animals not good for us, it’s not very appetizing either. In terms of nutrient content, organic meat may have the same amount of fat compared to conventional meat, but at least we are assured that we are eating meat with fewer impurities. This is worth remembering because children and pregnant and lactating women are more sensitive than others to the chemical residues and possible patho-

The dirt

Many health consumers are also taking issue with the environmental impact of conventionally raised beef. Remember that cattle from organic farms offer better health benefits with a more sustainable farming approach. Raising organic beef cattle is definitely healthier for the environment too.

Grass from organic pastures is treated with manure, thereby eliminating the problem of disposing tons of manure as well as the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Organically raised livestock may also benefit the environment because the grass they feed on prevents soil erosion. With the many scares lately relating to foodrelated illnesses like Mad Cow Disease, E. Coli, salmonella that come from improper food handling, pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones, instead of avoiding meat altogether, it may be the time for the carnivores to be a little more health conscious and explore the world of organics. Making a choice

We are what we eat. In our health conscious world where there is an abundance of food readily available to most people, it is nice to be able to be a little more discerning about what we choose to ingest. Choosing high quality organic animal products will certainly reduce the amount of chemicals and contaminants we consume and lead to a healthier life. That’s what we all want for our families. And even better, the health benefits of choosing organic foods reach far beyond our bodies to our environment as well. bc




bc lifestyle CL E A N


start the year right! As each year passes, we acquire a load of things that take up space in our homes, but do not necessarily serve us a purpose anymore. Discover a meaningful way to let go of our beloved belongings in this heartfelt story from a mom of two herself W o r ds B Y C R I S T I N A P E C Z O N - R O D R I G U E Z P H O T O G R A P H B Y j onn martin herman




’s the start of a new year and as always, I like to start with a clean slate. After moving one time too many with what seemed like a gazillion boxes, I really appreciate the annual purge. But like many other parents, there is just one category in my house that is extremely difficult to tackle: the belongings of my children.

h an d - m e - d o w n s I still have the outfit my eldest son wore coming home from the hospital, even though it’s terribly stained. I kept the hospital red stocking that my second baby was placed in for just a couple of minutes for photos, just before we took him home on Christmas morning. My friends tease me that our home could pass for a branch of a children’s toy and clothing store, as we have so many pintsized things all over our home just for my two little boys. I argue that since they are so close in age, I might as well just keep all the toys until the younger one outgrows them. But the truth is, I do not relish the thought of getting rid of their things. Blame it on my obsessive-compulsive disorder or on my being plain old too sentimental. But I waited over 35 years to have these children, and I am relishing every moment of their existence. With both my kids, we decided not to know their gender until the moment they were born. So when I painstakingly stored all of Aiden’s clothes and toys, I did so because I wanted to keep them, not because I was to give him a baby brother less than two years later. In fact, when Lucas was born, I was shocked speechless because I was sure that I was having a girl. The truth comes out: I was storing all of Aiden’s things just because I just couldn’t bear to let them go. Now that little Lucas is wearing the same cute outfits that his older brother did, they have even more sentimental meaning to me than they ever did. Except now, the totes that I had organized baby clothes in by size have multiplied in my garage because there are twice as many memories of my little ones associated with them. But I am well aware that I cannot keep everything. And so, I make a conscious effort to take lots of pictures of my kids in those outfits that I love the most. I keep a weekly journal that I someday will give to them. But I try my best not to hold on to

every single thing that they own. Here’s the truth—when these children have grown up and have kids on their own, these clothes will be outdated and most likely be ruined over time. I have kept a very select few pieces that I will give back to them when they are older. I have set aside a relatively larger portion of items that I will pass on to my nephews one day. But the bulk of them—I have either donated or given away to friends with little boys. Because right now, these clothes are still good and they can still be happily worn by some other children. I know that I am not alone in this motherly attachment to her treasured memories and favorite things of her little ones. But I have come to point where I know that I have to let go. These adorable things, no matter how happy as they make me just to look at them—they are not my children. They are just items. That’s part of starting with a clean slate, right? Letting go and starting clean. And so, every few months, I sort through the boys’ outgrown things, prepare a big box and have it shipped to the White Cross Orphanage in San Juan where I have been a supporter and volunteer for 10 years. Those less fortunate would love my boy’s clothes—and I actually look forward to visiting the orphanage one day again and seeing their things being put to good use. And each time I seal up a box for shipping, I cannot tell you how good it feels to give. Again, I have saved some special pieces and I will continue to do so. I have taken thousands of photos and have printed them in a huge photo book that I make for my kids every year. I write down all the treasured moments and motherly tidbits and pieces of advice when I can. And I know that one day, when they are old enough to understand, they will appreciate that more than if I had saved all their clothes and toys. And then I can start 2012 knowing that I have spread a little of my family’s love with others, and it will all make for a great start for the year for all of us. bc

“These adorable things, no matter how happy as they make me just to look at them— they are not my children. They are just items. That’s part of starting with a clean slate, right? Letting go and starting clean.”

The White Cross Children’s Home The White Cross Children’s Home is a privately run orphanage that survives purely on donations from supporters. Just last year, the orphanage celebrated its 100th Foundation day—celebrating the joy of thousands of kids that have been cared for in this loving environment. Children ranging from newborns to 6 years old have called White Cross their home for many years— some abandoned, others seeking temporary shelter. In the many years that I have volunteered and celebrated my birthday with these special children, I have always left with my heart filled with such hope and love. It is an awesome feeling to give. And now as a mother myself, I can appreciate more than ever how special it is to give to the little ones. If you can only imagine for a moment how much you love your own kids and would do anything you could for them—and then think about how these less fortunate ones would feel even a fraction of that love and hope through a donation from your family—wouldn’t that make parting with their outgrown clothes more meaningful? Find a charity that touches your heart and share—it will make a world of difference to them!






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kids can learn to control their lives by controlling their money Dropout-turned-millionaire offers tips for raising ‘take charge’ children




earned his first $1 million in one year. And he did it simply by coming up with a plan and putting it in motion. “My life has nothing to do with luck, good or bad,” Bolin, 32, writes in his new book, Take Charge and Change Your Life Today.

By 17, Bolin decided he’d had enough. He came up with a plan, and within two years, he’d quit drugs, lost more than 100 pounds, and was close to paying off $85,000 in debt. By 28, he

“It revolves around working hard, giving back as much as (if not more than) I get, accepting that attitude is everything, and being grateful for what I have.” He wishes he had learned those lessons long before he became an unhappy teenager with a seemingly hopeless future.


s a teenager, Trevor Bolin was a drug-abusing high school dropout who weighed in at more than 300 pounds. He supplemented his meager income pumping gas by hauling possessions to the pawn shop, where he picked up just enough money for hot dogs and Kraft Mac and Cheese.


Sayings like “money is the root of all evil” and “a fool and his money are soon parted” are negative and therefore not helpful. Make a commitment, starting today, not to use those phrases. Imagine what a child believes about money if that’s what they hear all the time? Money is a great thing—when you know what to do with it and when you control it, rather than allowing it to control you. HELP CHILDREN RECOGNIZE THE FINANCIAL LESSONS THEY LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE

Say you warned your child he should set aside some of Grandma’s birthday money, but he spent it all on impulse. When he’s disappointed later because he can’t buy something he wants, remind him why he can’t. Tell him that feeling disappointed is a small price to pay for a valuable lesson. And won’t it be much easier if he learns the lesson after just one sad experience?

While many parents teach their children the basics of fiscal responsibility by giving them an allowance, Bolin says his experience offers less obvious but equally important lessons. Children need to have a healthy attitude towards money, not only to avoid making choices that make them unhappy, but to allow them a life path that they control. “I learned my lessons the hard way,” he says. “You can start now to make sure your children never reach the bottom that I hit.”

“Money is a great thing— when you know what to do with it and when you control it, rather than allowing it to control you.”


If your child receives a weekly allowance, he should immediately put 10 to 15 percent into a savings account that won’t be touched. Or set a milestone for when money from the account can be used, such as the child’s 18th birthday. By then, he’ll be so accustomed to saving, she probably won’t tap the account even when he can. HELP YOUR CHILD SET GOALS

Setting financial goals, noting progress toward achieving them, and enjoying the satisfaction of crossing them off the list are fiscally sound lessons and a good way to nurture healthy attitudes in general. Your child might set goals for the month (P450 to go to the movies), for the year (save P9,000 for a Wii system) and for the future (P15,750 a year for the next eight years for a car when I’m 16.) “Goals are the first step in achieving what you desire in this world,” Bolin says. “You can create success in any aspect of life—not just money—as long as you’re putting a plan in motion.” bc

About Trevor Bolin Trevor Bolin owns three realty companies in British Columbia, including one in his hometown of Fort St. John, which was named the No. 1 RE/MAX small-density office in the world. He’s also chairman of Bolin & Co. International Training, which offers coaching and seminars for business people. He has served three terms on the Fort St. John City Council. { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES





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increase your office’s prosperity with feng shui This New Year, take active steps in ensuring that your working environment can help you become a better person, and thereby yield better results. The experts chime in with sound advice p h o t og r ap h B Y J O N N M A R T I N H E R M A N


your career stagnating? Or are you having a hard time being productive at the office? There’s a good chance your office has bad Feng Shui. Whether you’re a supervisor who feels productivity isn’t as high as it needs to be, or an employee feeling stuck in a rut needing some motivation or looking to move up in the company, with a change in the environment’s Feng Shui, things can improve quickly.



To help you do that, utilize the Easy Feng Shui with Augmented Reality app to guide you. Using an overlay technique known as “augmented reality,” users can use their viewfinders to literally look around a room, while the app shows them exactly which part of the room is represented, such as the wealth corner and areas representing career and reputation. By following the app's suggestions, you can make adjustments to troubled areas and compensate for any issues. Before

too long, you may find yourself with a promotion, raise, or more highly respected. When you apply Feng Shui principles to an office, you can increase profits and employee efficiency. In fact, many successful companies and professionals use Feng Shui, including CocaCola and Donald Trump. A clean, well-organized, appealing workspace will make you and your fellow employees happier and more productive.

g o o d f o r t u ne Healthy Home and Lifestyle experts Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes have put together a few simple tips to Feng Shui your office: PLACE YOUR FURNITURE IN THE COMMAND POSITION.

In Feng Shui, the Command Position, also known as the Power Position, is used to describe the place in a room where a person will feel the most protected and empowered. The Command Position is where you have a view of the door (without being directly in front of the door) and, ideally, a solid wall behind your back. Placing desk chairs in the Command Position will allow you to feel more in control. Powerful offices are usually arranged so the person sitting at the desk has the most commanding view of the room—just think of the Oval Office. Sitting in the Command Position in your office is also beneficial for two other reasons. First, it allows you to concentrate and focus more fully without being distracted by what is happening behind you, and, second, this position symbolizes facing your opportunities. PLACE HEALTHY, GROWING PLANTS OR A WATER FOUNTAIN IN YOUR WEALTH AND PROSPERITY CORNER.

Just as in acupuncture, different parts of your body correspond to different organs; in Feng Shui, different parts of your home affect different areas of your life. In Feng Shui, there are nine main areas in your home that correspond to areas of your life, including a Wealth and Prosperity area. Using the Easy Feng Shui App, locate this area in your office and enhance it with objects such as the colors of purple, blue and red, upward growing plants, fountains, or valuable objects. REPLACE FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS WITH FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHT BULBS.

Full-spectrum bulbs emulate natural sunlight and create a more relaxing atmosphere. If you can’t change overhead fluo-

rescent bulbs in your office, consider turning them off and using lamps instead. Proper lighting will reduce strain on your eyes and make you and your employees more comfortable. DE-CLUTTER YOUR OFFICE.

Clutter not only looks unprofessional, but in Feng Shui, it drains our time and energy, weighs on our minds, takes up space, and blocks new things and opportunities from coming into our lives. To save space and avoid overflowing file cabinets, try to scan as many documents as possible so you can store them online rather than in file cabinets. Also, be sure to remove any old or broken computers and electronics. In Feng Shui, broken items or unused electronics can negatively affect the energy in a room. If you need to find a recycle center that will take your old computers and electronics, visit SWITCH TO ALL NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS.

Conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals including ammonia and phenol, which can irritate your skin and lungs, and cause headaches. These products are also one of the leading causes of indoor air pollution. So instead of cleaning your home, you’re actually polluting the air you breathe! In fact, the EPA says pollution inside can be two to five times higher than outside, even in large industrialized cities. Most natural cleaning products are biodegradable, non-toxic, chlorine-free, and petroleum-free—all good for the planet, but better for your body. To avoid exposing yourself and your employees or co-workers to these hazardous pollutants, switch your cleaning supplies for non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning products. ENHANCE YOUR FRONT ENTRANCE.

Carlin and Forbes are sisters, writers and co-founders of Inspired Everyday Living, a home and lifestyle company, believe that you can use your home as a vehicle for self-transformation—as you change your home, you can transform your life. They are co-authors of The Peaceful Nursery: Preparing a Home for Your Baby with Feng Shui, as well as two eGuides—Love at Home: The Single Girl’s Guide to Feng Shui and Life Design and Laura and Allison’s What You Will Need for a Healthy, Green Baby Nursery. They are also the creators of the Easy Feng Shui with Augmented Reality, Feng Shui For Love with Augmented Reality, and Peaceful Nursery: Green, Healthy Tips For Your Baby’s Room apps compatible with iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, as well as iPod Touch, and available from Apple’s App Store. They are also available for Android and can be purchased on the Google Android Market. Their weekly blog posts, guides, book, and consultations offer practical ideas and tips to transform your home and life, covering topics such as healthy and green living, Feng Shui, simplicity, parenting, clutter clearing and organization, homemaking, decorating, and spirituality in the home.

The front entrance to your office is where first impressions are made and the location where visitors are welcomed. In Feng Shui, it also believed that your front door is where all the energy that circulates through your space enters, bringing abundance, new opportunities, and vitality. It is therefore important to make your front entrance as appealing and inviting as possible (particularly if you own a store and attracting customers walking by is important to you). Make sure the path to your front entrance is clear of obstacles such as fallen tree limbs and overgrown bushes, and the sidewalk in good repair. You do not want your customers or vital energy to encounter any obstructions when trying to reach your front door. Brighten your front entrance with lights. Make sure your door is well-marked so your street or suite number is visible from the street and people do not have to search to find the entrance. By clearly marking your front entrance, you are not only helping people find your office, you are signaling to the world that you welcome new opportunities and abundance into your office and into your life. Finally, create an inviting welcome area for visitors and, ideally, make sure visitors are greeted by someone. bc





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8 frugal dating tips for parents Dates with your significant other does not necessarily have to be extravagant enough to empty your pocket. Celebrate Valentine’s (and all your other special days) with these money-smart ideas


W o r ds B Y A ndrea W oroch P H OTO G R A P H S B Y M A R K C A BA L A N G

ummer seems to be the season for love, but in order to spark a romantic connection worthy of the sizzling heat, parents, whether single or married, need a night away from their kids. As exciting as that may sound, tight family fi-



nances make it difficult for moms and dads to get out of the house—let alone have fun without the worry of their wallet on their mind. With a little savvy planning though, parents can create magical dates without blowing their budgets.

b u d ge t- fr i en d ly Stop stressing about money by following these 8 frugal dating tips:

Battling nanny Costs

Dependable yayas are sometimes more expensive than your average help, but they can alleviate a lot of stress for your “grownups” night outs, if you plan to be doing a lot of these. If you don’t prefer a full-time nanny, ask your trusted parents, relatives, in-laws, friends (or last resort, neighbors and co-workers). Also offer your care and “services” should another couple ask you for the same help. Enjoy an At-Home Date

If finding a babysitter in the lastminute is out of the question and budget, put the kids to bed early and create a romantic date-like experience at home. Set the mood with a candlelit dinner and dancing for two under the stars in your backyard. Banish Booze

Even if you find a dining deal, like an early-bird special, a couple of drinks can greatly add to the bill. You might want to hit a restaurant that doesn’t serve booze, or make it an afternoon date. Otherwise, plan to drink and dine at a restaurant or bar that offers happy hour prices. Do-It-Yourself

Creativity goes a long way, so plan a picnic and pack a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, and portable speakers with your date’s favorite music uploaded to your iPod. Dial Into Online Discounts

Group-buying coupon companies offer some great deals—up to 50-percent off—on such entertainment experiences as spas, wine tastings, boat tours, museums and comedy clubs. If you’re worried about appearing “cheap,” redeem the offer when your date is in the restroom.

Find Freebie Dates

Not all dates are intended to include dinner and a movie. For a fun date idea that doesn’t cost a dime, consider events and activities in your area that are free like hiking, biking or browsing a local flea market. Otherwise, some libraries and coffee shops offer free screenings or musical entertainment. Look for art gallery tours or free museum days to improve your cultural IQ while impressing your date. Makeshift Movie Night

Instead of shelling out money for movie tickets plus the cost of popcorn, soda and candy, consider hosting a movie night at home. Recreate a theater-like experience at home with fresh popcorn (extra butter per request) and your date’s favorite candy. Then dim the lights, snuggle under a blankie, and make sure to turn your cell phones off! The trick to a successful date is having fun and not stressing out. If you find a suitable date, chances are, they will enjoy spending time with you whatever you do regardless of how much money you spend. bc

“With a little savvy planning though, parents can create magical dates without blowing their budgets.”

Consumer Savings Expert, Andrea Woroch has been featured as a media expert source on NBC Today Show, MSNBC, FOX & Friends,, ShopSmart Magazine and many more. To view interviews or for more savings tips, visit { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES


Beef Tastes Better.

Premium Quality Meats Landmark Supermarket Makati . Trinoma


the best A S S I S TE D B Y V alerie A nne del C astillo


bc delicious





Treat your loved ones to a sweet surprise postValentine’s with an easy-to-do cupcake recipe

Y g u i d e fo


cherub cupcake




Get your kids to help you with food preparation. This way, you can spark their interest while educating them about the things that go into their food.

A N D Jonn M artin H erman




crea t i v e C U P C A K E S


bc delicious MOUTH



Cupcakes (can be your recipe or bought from your favorite bakery) Pink or peach-colored frosting (a great alternative is whipped cream mixed with very little strawberry jam to give it a pinkish color) Large white marshmallows Pretzel sticks Crisped rice cereal Chocolate-coated pretzels Candy coated chocolate Melted chocolate

INSTRUCTIONS: Bake a batch of cupcakes using your favorite recipe, or buy plain cupcakes from the bakery. If you’re using whipped cream as your frosting, take a bowl and spray on some whipped cream into it. Take a little bit of strawberry jam and mix it carefully into the whipped cream, making sure it stays light and fluffy. Spread your pink icing all over the top of each cupcake. 2. Take a handful of crisped rice cereal and attach them to one side of the cupcake. This will serve as your cherub’s hair. Set aside your cupcakes. 3. For the wings, take a large marshmallow and cut it into half. For every half, slit one side three times to make four finger-like shapes. 4. Attach a pretzel stick at least 3 inches long to the sticky part of the marshmallow. Firmly attach the other half of the marshmallow to make it appear whole again. 5. Insert the end of the pretzel stick into opposite sides of the cupcakes, making sure that the “hair” (rice cereals) are on the upper half of the cupcake. 6. Take a piece of blue candy-coated chocolate and cut them into half using a knife. Attach these to your cherub’s face. Add some smiling cherub lips using melted chocolate. You can also opt to decorate your cherub with a bow and arrow using chocolate-coated pretzels, or heartshaped chocolate candy.










Kristine: Black dress by DEPT . Jewelry by SM ACCESSORIES, all stylist’s own . Beige ankle boots by PARISIAN, P999.75 Oyo: Gray jacket by DIESEL . Gray polo by ZARA MAN . White pants by D&G . Blue belt by D&G . Yellow shoes by NIKE, all stylist’s own Kiel: Blue polo by DIESEL . Gray Shoes by PEPE, both stylist’s own



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines











( pa r t I )

Not too long ago, one of the most beautiful faces of Philippine cinema and TV, Kristine Hermosa, was a more hi-profile celebrity. Same goes for her dashing and charming husband, actor Oyo Sotto. In recent years, their life did a total 360. Now, together with their adorable adopted son, Kiel, and married to one another’s soulmate (a match made in Chuck Taylor heaven), and having given

birth to daughter, Ondrea Bliss, Kristine and Oyo are the picture of marital perfection. They have that quiet way about them of people that has weathered storms and came out on top. Domesticated and now settled in the south of Manila, the family of four shows us how a strong and close faith in God can turn an almost bleak past into a bright, new beginning– with an equally blissful ever after in plain sight.


FEB-MAR 2012 philippines



kristine hermosa-sotto Kariz: You were born and raised in Masbate. Then you lived in Laguna? What are your favorite memories from childhood? Kristine: Yes. Back then everything was

simple—the tricycle, pedicab, and jeepney rides, trips to the palengke,



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

gardening with my lola, snail-hunting, piggy banks for Christmas, the greeting cards that I would make, which was enough to make someone happy... K: Is it true your family is based in Canada now? K: Yes. K: How and when did you know you

wanted to be an actress? K: I started embracing the

blessing I was given when God taught me a lesson and made me realize that this is where He wants me to be.

K: You came from a previous marriage. What have you learned from that relationship? K: That you should really be married.

Kristine: Black coat by DEPT . Blue knitted dress by EVA & OLI . Jewelry by SM ACCESSORIES all stylist’s own . Black Ando heels by RAJO! FOR PARISIAN, P1,799

FEB-MAR 2012 philippines



heaven sent

K: I thought I would, but surprisingly it happened sooner than we expected. K: How is your son, Kiel, adjusting to the coming baby? K: Kiel is a loving child. He knows that

I’m pregnant and that I have a baby inside my tummy. We are teaching him that he will and should be taking care of and protecting his baby sister. That he will be a kuya, and he is really looking forward to it. So we’re believing and praying for good things to happen. K: What are the funniest things Kiel does? K: He has a lot of funny and cute

antics. So many that I can’t think of anything specific right now... K: Pregnancy cravings? K: Always want my husband


K: Best and worst part about being pregnant? K: Best, is the fact that there is another

life inside you, and that you have a major role in fulfilling one of God’s purpose for you and your baby. Worst? Maybe the part that I have a hard time looking for what to wear, something that fits me well. (Smiles) It should be a covenant with God and your spouse. K: How did you and Oyo meet? K: On the set of Enteng Kabisote. K: Best memory from your wedding? K: The joy and love Oyo and I felt,

the joy and blessing we received from all the people we care about, and the “thumbs up” from God.

K: You had a Beatles-themed wedding, wherein you and Oyo were wearing rubber shoes. Who came up with the idea? K: I came up with the idea only be-

cause I couldn’t find a pair of shoes/ sandals that I would be comfortable wearing on that day. Oyo liked the idea and agreed. Thank God it turned out nice and comfy at same time.



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

K: Which moms do you look up to? K: All moms that have the purest

K: What are your husband’s top 3 best qualities? K: One, Oyo’s top priority is God, so

everything he does is always in line with God’s word. Two, his integrity. Three, faithfulness, perseverance, and his natural comic side. (Smiles) K: Worst challenge as a couple and how you got through it? K: When everything seemed to fall

apart, when we thought that being together wasn’t really part of God’s plan for us. When we almost gave up. We surpassed it when we surrendered everything to God and waited patiently for Him to move in our situation, in his own time. K: This is your first pregnancy. Did you have a hard time conceiving?

and godly intentions for their children. K: What have you bought for the baby so far? Wish list? K: Got a breast pump! K: Where did you get the name, Ondrea Bliss? K: Oyo and I prayed about it. We want-

ed something biblical, and one day I came across “Bliss,” which means immeasurable joy. While Oyo was looking for a unique name that starts with letter “V” or “O,” he found “Ondrea,” which means strong and courageous.

K: What are the most important lessons you’ve learned from motherhood? K: To love unconditionally, and to

hold on to God more and more each day.

We wanted something biblical, and one day I came across “bliss,” which means immeasurable joy. While Oyo was looking for a unique name that starts with letter “V” or “O”, he found “Ondrea,” which means strong and courageous.

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Oyo: Maroon Knit Sweater by H&M, stylist’s own



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

At the end of the day, for me, it’s not about how you discipline your child, or how you are towards him. For me, it’s your lifestyle because that’s what he sees, so that’s what he’ll imitate when he grows up.

oyo sotto Kariz: With both your parents being actors, and you and your sister obviously following the same path, are you okay with your kids if ever, working in entertainment also? Oyo: Siguro if they do, commercials

lang muna. I’d rather [that] they do commercials and finish their studies. K: Did you and your sister do that? O: My sister finished college.

Ako, high school lang. I haven’t finished college.

K: But did you work when you were kids? O: I first appeared on TV at around 5

or 6 years old, in daddy’s movie, but for one or two scenes only, like an extra. Then after that, during his

days, we would sing in Eat Bulaga. Then when I was 12—

them would be like, “Ah ganyan pala siya.”

K: It became more consistent? O: Because at that time, it was

K: I can imagine. O: But recently parang

Ka, Fairy Ko.


K: What was it like growing up with celebrity parents and a famous clan? Was there any pressure to step into the limelight as you grew older? O: No pressure at all, but minsan pa-

rang mahirap kasi parang— K: High expectations? O: Yes. I wish [we had

lived a] simple life. Like, what would it feel like if no one knew us? Like while you walk, no one would look at you and say, “Uy, si ano, anak ni ganito.” Sometimes it’s hard when you go out, you need to watch your every move, because all of

okay lang. It’s up to all of you, what you want to think of me. This is me, and if you like me, then great. If not, then that’s fine too.

K: Especially now, may mga anak na kayo. O: Yes, it’s different now. You think

more of your kids than yourself.

K: Best childhood memory involving your parents and your sister? O: Dami nun. Simple lang naman ako

e. I’ve never really experienced a complete family because I was just two years old when mommy and daddy separated. FEB-MAR 2012 philippines



Kristine: Cropped leather jacket by COUNTESS . Printed sub tank by WET SEAL . White slight curve jeans by LEVI’S . Gray booties by H&M . Jewelry by SM ACCESSORIES, all stylist’s own Oyo: Green shirt by GIRBAUD . Striped pants and yellow shoes, both by DIESEL, all stylist’s own



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

K: Oh, that young. O: Yes, I really wouldn’t

remember. My Ate, she would tell me stories— K: How old was Danica then? O: She was four. She would

tell me, “Do you remember yung ganito, ganyan.” I’m like, no eh, I don’t remember anything because I was too young. For me, the best moments when I was a child was when we’d be together with my mommy and daddy, because that’s when I’d feel that our family’s complete. By the time I was going to school, I’d wonder, why do the other kids have a daddy? I knew I had a daddy, but I’d wonder why he wasn’t with us. So I’d remember when my dad would visit my mom’s house, then we’d have dinner, or during Christmas, and I’d be so overjoyed that I wouldn’t want to let him leave. K: I grew up with my mom too, so I can relate. Ultimate dream as a boy? O: When I was a kid? Astronaut. K: Mine too. Seems like everyone wanted to be one. O: I don’t know why. K: Now, you’ll have two kids, a boy and a girl, just like you and Danica. How was it like growing up with a sister? O: Hard. (Laughs) My Ate and I were

mortal enemies when we were kids. As in we’d throw things at each other. Once, she threw a bunch of keys at me. All the keys of the house—my mom had a complete set. I have no idea how she found out where all those were kept because those were keys to the whole house. K: That’s a lot of keys. O: Yes, she threw it at

me, so this— (motions to his face) bled. It really bled, the blood flow was strong, and I was then holding my pencil, so I stabbed her with a pencil.

K: This is morbid, haha. O: Yeah, that’s how we

would fight. We’d throw things at each other, pull each other’s hair.

K: Love/hate. O: Yes. It was

hard because like, we’d have a lot crying moments but growing up, she was okay. Now, my Ate and I are super close. Love na love ko siya. K: Kristine is your father’s co-star in some movies, right? What did he initially think about your relationship? Did he expect it? O: No, I don’t think so. He wasn’t

surprised, but as it came out in the newspapers, he asked, “Is it true, are you and Kristine going out?” I said, yes we’d go out. But at that time, it wasn’t really clear, as we had our hang-ups,

We are teaching him that he will and should be taking care of and protecting his baby sister. That he will be a kuya, and he is really looking forward to it. FEB-MAR 2012 philippines



heaven sent

Tin and I. So we just went out as friends. My daddy, he’d ask me, baka may gulo yan ah. I said, “No, we’re just friends.” So we made another Enteng, which was Enteng 3, when we were going out. Enteng 4 was the last in which Tin was included, and that was when my daddy noticed something different about us. So the following Enteng, I saw his interview—but I didn’t hear it from him directly—I saw his interview, someone asked him, “Will you still get Tin to play the role of Faye?” My dad was like, “Maybe not anymore, kasi nakakahiya naman kay Oyo.” Tin and I were just laughing when we found out. Tin and I wanted her to play the role. But it was okay, it didn’t matter because it was okay with us. So my dad wasn’t really surprised. K: So that’s where you and Tin met? While she was doing that? O: The first Enteng. But I’ve known

her, of course, during her time with Jericho. I’d watch her on Pangako Sa ‘Yo. I really liked her during that time.

K: When you were single, did you date around a lot? O: Yeah, I won’t deny that. I dated a lot,

but one thing that I didn’t do was to have different girlfriends at the same time. K: Was it mostly showbiz people? O: No, mixed talaga. K: Best and hardest thing about having a pregnant wife? O: Best and hardest? Best is siyempre

yung baby.

K: Does she always sleep? O: Yes, and I’d eat with her,

sleep when she sleeps. Every time she sleeps, I sleep. Hardest—this pregnancy is not—

K: It’s easy? O: Yes, because

she didn’t have morning sickness and she wouldn’t feel anything—and she wouldn’t have much back pains. She would complain about painful body parts but when I’d assist her, she doesn’t like that. She’d say, “I don’t want to feel so pregnant.” So I



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

Oyo: Black jacket by BEN SHERMAN, stylist’s own Kiel: Mohawk knit hat by KNIT-HEAD, stylist’s own

FEB-MAR 2012 philippines



heaven sent

was like, are you okay? And she’d say “Okay lang.” And she wouldn’t ask for things. K: No cravings? O: None.

follow what’s written. K: That makes it easier. O: Yeah.

K: You’re lucky! How old are you guys? O: I’m 27, Tin’s 28.

K: I can imagine education is very important for Kiel and for the baby, because you haven’t finished college. O: Yes. I don’t want to force them.

K: So you have a new TV show with channel 5? O: Yes. Actually, it’s a remake. Valien-

K: They might become unhappy with what they’re doing.

They might—

ing moments with Kiel—we love eating together.

K: He’s a tall boy. O: He’d eat anything,

but there are times that he wouldn’t try what I’d tell him to try. I always tell him that I will let you eat only the good food.

K: So how will you manage that, she’s pregnant, then you’re taping? O: The last time I did Bangis

with TV5, I had my manager draft a contract saying that I have a cut-off—I can only tape twice a week. Unlike what I’d do before, I’d do two shows at the same time. You know how it is in this business.

K: Because you and Tin are healthy eaters. O: Yes, but during weekends


eat chocolates so early in the day, and until the wee hours of the morning, I wouldn’t want to sleep because I know the next day, we can’t do it anymore.

24 hours—Going until they still can. So that’s what I told them. My time with my family is very important, so I wanted to be done at a certain time. Finished or not finished, I’m going home. So taping twice a week only.

K: Weekends are cheat days. O: Yes, during weekdays, no

soft drinks, no chocolate, but during weekends, even at two, I’d stay up just so I can eat.

K: That’s nice. O: It’s okay if they

K: Best advice about fatherhood that you’ve received? O: For me, your lifestyle. It’s not

would sometimes request, if it’s badly needed. O: Yes. K: How do you bond with Kiel now? Does he know he’s going to have a baby sister? O: Yes, but it hasn’t really sunk in


about how you discipline your child, or how you are towards him. For me, it’s your lifestyle because that’s what he sees, so that’s what he’ll imitate when he grows up. He sees the way you treat your wife, his siblings, so at the end of the day, it’s your lifestyle he’s looking at, like, “My dad’s like this.” bc

Oyo: Blue Plaid Polo by BEN SHERMAN . Jeans by KANE . Yellow shoes by DIESEL, all stylist’s own Kiel: Gray and orange knit sweater by KICO KIDS, stylist’s own



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines


K: Pig out? O: Yes, we’d

K: You can go on forever taping. (Laughs) O: Walang katapusan, as in

so strict, but also cool. Though Tin and I are both disciplinarians. We really want them to learn at a young age. And of course, we talk to our pastors. We just

K: Cute! O: “Ah okay, okay,” he’d say. My bond-

K: What’s his favorite? O: Nowadays, he’d eat anything.

te—I haven’t taped yet because they’re taping the younger characters.

K: What kind of dad are you to Kiel? O: Disciplinarian who’s not

because sometimes he still jumps on Tin and like, I’d say, “Kiel, no. Look, mama’s baby is inside.” We’d tell him and he’d say, “Yeah, my tummy too. I have a baby.” “No you don’t have a baby. Only girls.” We’d tell him that.

I’d remember when my dad would visit my mom’s house, then we’d have dinner, or during Christmas, he’d visit us and I’d be so overjoyed that I wouldn’t want to let him leave.

FEB-MAR 2012 philippines




ainment f o



ou rF

bc reviews


the best


t er

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Who will win the Pirate of the Year Award? Hugh Grant, in his first animated role, is the luxuriantly bearded Pirate Captain —a not so successful, but still enthusiastic, terror of the High Seas. He sets out on a mission with his oddball of a crew to make sure he defeats his arch nemesis Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz. Seemingly blind to the impossible odds stacked against him, he fights his way to the top but never loses sight of what a pirate loves best: adventure!

movie madness

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Don’t miss out on these upcoming blockbusters that will hit the big screen soon

The Hunger Games

Now that we’re done with the Harry Potter movies, Suzanne Collin’s epic best selling novel is here to take the spotlight. Every year, as a punishment for a previous rebellion, their government (a.k.a. the Capitol) draws the names of one boy and one girl from each district and they force them to compete. Katniss, Peeta, and Gale now have to they fight for survival in the arena against the other “tributes” from the districts of Panem.



Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Here’s another classic tale from the one and only Dr. Seuss. The story follows the journey of a 12-year old who wants to win the affection of the girl of his dreams, but to do so, he must discover the story of a the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. Voiced by Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and created by the makers of Despicable Me, this movie is a sure fire hit with every member of the family.

The sequel begins when Sean (played by Josh Hutcherson) receives a distress signal from a mysterious island filled with strange creatures, mountains of gold, deadly volcanoes, and more than one astonishing secret. Together with his stepfather (Dwayne Johnson), a pilot (Luis Guzmán), and his daughter (Vanessa Hudgens), they set out to find the island and rescue its lone inhabitant before it gets destroyed.


EAR CANDY Spend the season of hearts jamming to these uplifting tunes

iPAD APPS Recommended downloads for hours and hours of fun and entertainment Kid Art - $0.99 for iPad

Kid Art is the premier drawing app for children. Let their imagination run wild and let their creativity evolve with its bright, lively colors, simple controls and over 20 different pre-drawn backgrounds. Kids Song Machine – Free App

A fun and educational app that’s guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for hours as he sings along to all the classic nursery rhymes like Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Jingle Bells. Best part of it all, it’s free! Where’s Wally? The Fantastic Journey - $0.99 for iPad Brighter Than the Sun - Colbie Caillat

A lighthearted take on falling in love, this track is sure to welcome in the summer with a guitar-driven pop melody. You and I - Lady Gaga feat. Sugarland

For the older crowd, here’s an interesting duet by the iconic pop star and country group, Sugarland, performed at 2011’s Grammy Nominations Concert. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Part of the soundtrack for the recently released Twilight film, Christina Perri sings about unconditional love that transcends time. Fade Into Me - David Cook

A subtle yet romantic track about how ‘me’ and ‘you’ become ‘us,’ Fade Into Me is the latest single from the American Idol’s sophomore record. Where You Are - Gavin De Graw

One of DeGraw’s tracks on his latest record, Sweeter, this song is about coming back to the one person you truly love. Hold On ‘Til The Night - Greyson Chance

Straight form his Manila visit, he releases this new track that talks about hope and not giving up on what you love.

The first game in the original franchise has sold millions of copies around the world and is now updated for the new generation. It’s the ultimate searchand-find adventure for all ages. Now it’s your child’s turn to ask, “Where’s Wally?”

YOUTUBE VIRAL HITS Check out these hilarious and amazing videos of these pets for an instant laugh Bath time fun with pet dog

If there’s one thing to describe this video, it’s adorable. Watch as their pet dog plays with the baby while he’s taking a bath and see how much he seems to enjoy it. His priceless laughter is definitely contagious. Molly the cat meets the printer

Cats just do the most unusual things, don’t they? See how this entertaining feline reacts when she hears the sounds that the printer makes. Looks like she’s not into technology that much. “I love you”

Who says dogs can’t reciprocate love? Listen closely to the Husky about half way through the video and be amazed (or shocked) at what he does (or says). They weren’t kidding when they said that this breed was smart. { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES


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“I learned that no problem is that bad as long as my kids are around.”



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

living a dream The Prieto home is a classic example of serenity in chaos. With two adorable toddlers and one cherubic baby running the place, Ria and Paolo show that with huge doses of love, patience and laughter, the family that they’ve created is their own perfect life P h o t og r ap h s b y M artin F avis S TY L I N G B Y K A R I Z T A N Y A F A V I S W o r ds b y A na J . G loria A ddi t io n al P h o t og r ap h s b y M ark C a b alang and Jonn M artin H erman M ak e u p b y D on de Jes u s of M A C C osmetics


Hai r b y R ick R eyes of Basement S alon

eauty columnist Ria Prieto’s home is a lot like her fashion style, simple yet stylish with a healthy dose of vintage flair, while progressing onwards to contemporary chic. Together with her husband, Philippine Inquirer’s company director, Paolo Prieto, they are in the process of creating a home where comfort and cheer easily trumps the uptight and stuffy. Upon entry, their philosophy of having a welcoming yet relaxed home is immediately obvious as their approach to decorating their split-level family home is considerate of their little guys. Ria says, “Our home is not just Paolo’s and mine but our three boys’ too, so we have to accept the fact that they may break something once in a while!” With three sons, Benito (4 this April), Balthazar (aged 2) and Dimitri (5 months old), there isn’t much clutter around the house to get knocked over, but there is quite a number of fragile (and unique) objects strategically positioned around the house. But Ria keeps her cool even during the most nerve-wracking moments. “Most of the time, the two older ones go around the house on their motorcycle, but luckily haven’t bumped into anything!” It all began with Paolo’s love for vintage chairs. He emphasizes form and function as top considerations while shopping On background: Benjamin organic plush frog in green, P1,495, Plush toy bear, P1,195, both by MIYIM . Camera toy by MOTHERCARE, P699 . Squishy pillow red car by PAPERTRAIL, P590

Ria: Dress by IVARLUSKI ASERON . Beige pumps by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, both model’s own Benito: Beige long-sleeved polo by FERD . Denim pants by DIESEL KID . Rubber shoes by CREATIVE RECREATION, all stylist’s own Balthazar: Cool Denim polo and Cool Denim pants by CHICCO . Shoes by GAP, model’s own Dimitri: Plaid polo and denim pants by MOTHERCARE, P1,999 . Chocolate Tiger soft sole leather shoes by BOBUX P1,395 FEB-MAR 2012 philippines



for vintage furniture. “I think because of the limited materials available during those times, design had to be a lot more creative. Plus, it’s art that people can use and enjoy.” The art that he is referring to is indeed distinctive. But it is not only the chairs, which he carefully handpicked, that are remarkable for their creativity and simplicity, but the artworks decorating the walls, shelves, and corners of the room are quite arresting as well. Done by masters as well as upcoming artists, it is obvious that



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

the pieces were selected not for investment, but for the happiness and fulfillment they bring to the homeowners. Ria unequivocally states, “The only consideration I have when buying art is if I fall in love with the piece. Both Paolo and I make sure that when we pick an art piece, it is very personal to us. It has to be something we both like. It has to make us happy, regardless if the artist is popular or not.” Her favorite piece in the house is easily a

wired sculpture entitled “Hollow Humans.” Immediately upon seeing it in a picture, Ria knew she had to have it in her home. It does make quite a dramatic statement in its special corner. Uniquely set up, the depths in detail and artistry that went into this sculpture is evident. She also became good friends with Alab, the artist, and has even helped him sell a few of his pieces to friends. Paolo’s interest in furniture awoke Ria’s

“I pray a lot, that they wont get into accidents. That puts me at ease.”

was an ostrich egg that Benito threw. When I asked him why he did it, he answered, ‘Mom, it’s hatching!’” Already exposed to the arts in general at a young age, Ria also credits her mother’s side of the family for her inclination to the arts. When she couldn’t find the right bar and dresser, she didn’t think twice about having them specially designed. The whole process actually led to a realization that a future in furniture design just might be in the works. Another piece in the house that takes center stage is a complicated looking music system. Old friends attest to Paolo being an audiophile, to which his reply is, “My complicated music system was a product of my free time when I was single. It’s a compilation of equipment meant to reproduce music as close to the original music.” Paolo also has an impressive collection of records lining the wall in their den which upon closer look, resembles a playroom for their boys. Though it has the requisite big screen, there are also numerous rideon toys, trucks, trains, blocks, and other gizmos that would keep little boys happily entertained for hours. Paolo says, “I used to play a lot of vinyl and high fidelity CDs but now, I have an iPod deck, which is convenient.”

Ria: Cream jumpsuit by G-STAR ORIGINALS . Pumps by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, both model’s own Dimitri: Blue t-shirt by DKNY, stylist’s own . Shorts (with top, not shown) by NATURE COLORED . Ice Blue Puppy soft sole leather shoes by BOBUX, P1,395

enthusiasm for design and architecture in general. Like a true unit, the couple regularly treks to the bookstore to look for design books, and those have influenced their aesthetic today. But what is more endearing than what they do in their free time is their attitude towards their home. “Our home is filled with things we love, things given by friends and family. But these are things that we won’t cry over if our kids break them.” But kids being kids, parents have to expect the unexpected. Ria shares, “Luckily, the only thing that ever broke

In spite of their busy schedules, this couple does find time to meet up with close friends. When they do entertain, both prefer small intimate groups, with people they are close with already. Ria says, “When people enjoy each other’s company, it is almost impossible not to have a good time!” Paolo in turn points out what a party’s must-haves are. “A party must have good company, good food, comedy, and drinks in that order!” And to which Ria adds, “It helps that Paolo has a good collection of music and is very funny!” Another delightful discovery is that Paolo is quite good in the kitchen. The doting wife names risotto, steak, and shabu–shabu as a few of his specialties. Citing the kitchen as her least favorite room in the house, Ria professes a love

for eating over a love for cooking. She is currently thinking about whether or not to give in to her husband’s appeal for an air conditioner in the kitchen, since admittedly, Paolo is the culinary man of the house. It is interesting to note that every free minute both Ria and Paolo have while at home is spent with their boys. Generally, these lucky boys have their parents with them for all three meals of the day (especially since Paolo lives five minutes away from the office). This is a far cry from their hectic schedules before the kids arrived. Though still packed, their activities now revolve around the boys. As Paolo shares, “Schedules have dramatically changed ever since the kids. My priority is the kids now. I used to have all these hobbies that kept me occupied after work, but now, I have my hands full—literally!” Dimitri, their 5 month-old, is especially angelic, needing nothing more than a warm lap and a cuddle, as he peacefully surveys the world around him. During the chaos of the photo shoot, Ria calmly directs the boys and as one acts up, directs Paolo to hold the other. But as the third runs free, their smooth response to the commotion is nothing short of a united choreography. So who is the good cop and who is the bad cop? Ria says, “Pao is the good cop and I have to be the bad cop because he is such a spoiler! But I think that’s a good thing since Paolo is the man of the house so when the kids are grown, they will be able to confide in him and be unafraid to ask questions.” Ria dreams of bringing her family to the Gold Coast, as well as exploring New York’s culinary and art scene with Paolo. And as any parent with kids would know, the biggest challenge with travel is packing the essentials. But with three boys, all under the age of five and the efficiency of good yayas, they succeed with fun beach trips to Tali and Calatagan. Ria and Paolo are quite cool and unFEB-MAR 2012 philippines



Ria’s Top 5 Beauty Picks

1. Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover – I find it to be the mildest and fastest way to take out stubborn eye makeup. 2. Shu Uemura curl lash – It is the fastest way to liven up the eyes. 3. Bobbi Brown lip and cheek cream – Easy to use for anyone on the go. 4. Diptyque candle – I love Diptyque candles, particulary Baies, since it relaxes me and makes me happy. 5. Clarins SPF 40 – The first defense against wrinkles and age spots. It’s very important to use sunblock. Any brand will do, but I particularly like how easy this one goes on and how light it feels.



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

Ria: Mini dress by CHARINA SARTE . Beige pumps by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, both model’s own Benito: Striped sweater by KNUCKLEHEADS . Rubber shoes by CREATIVE RECREATION, both stylist’s own Balthazar: Striped sweater by PETIT BATEAU . Black Li’l Hutch corduroy pants by EARNEST SEWN Dimitri: Red striped shirt by CHICCO . Pants by CHILDISH CLOTHING, stylist’s own . Shoes by FISHER-PRICE On background: Dump truck by GREENTOYS, P1,495 . Bags by LASSIG

flappable about parenthood. Though Ria says, “I always pray that Pao and I will raise God-fearing and responsible men. I also pray that they grow up to be good husbands. I believe a good husband treats his wife well, makes sure that he is able to provide for his children, and is a good example to them. That for me is the most important. I think after that, everything else will follow.” Their alliance in loving and raising their kids to the best of their abilities is perfectly obvious. Paolo states that the best thing about being a father is coming home to the kids. “Being a father has been a change of scene. It has given me something to look forward to aside from my own selfinterests. The kids are amazing.” When asked the question, “What in your house is important to you, what can't you live without?” Ria summarizes, “It may sound cheesy but definitely, it would be the people inside.” bc

FEB-MAR 2012 philippines



ironwoman, iron spirit finishes ahead Anything is possible for those who are truly driven to succeed. Learn how one mother chose to go against the odds and overcome her physical ailments to become an inspiration for many today wo r ds b y C hit J u an P h o t os C o u r t e s y O F A gnes Jacinto - T insay



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines


the recent Ironman 70.3 in CamSur, we saw a lot of 30-year olds finishing in record time and of course are impressed with their accomplishment. But what if the finisher is a 50-year old woman, who came from being paralyzed neck down, and almost had to relearn everything, including how to walk? Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation that seems like a curse. Then, it becomes a gift. For 51-year old Agnes Jacinto-Tinsay, better known as Nining Tinsay, she did not even know what struck her that fateful morning some six years ago. All of a sudden, she could not get up from bed. She struggled as she tried to explain to her husband that she could hardly move her legs, her torso, even her hands. Nining has been a swimmer since her childhood years, took up ballet, and was generally active, as she was a regular gym habitué, even doing weight

training with the usual routine combined with treadmill exercises. She is on the slim side and with a physique toned by disciplined exercise and healthy eating. Since she lived in Bacolod, she sought help from the doctors in the city, but they sadly did not have the tests to further assess her condition. She had to be air flown to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City, where tests confirmed that she had a rare condition called Guillain-Barré (say Gheelan Bar-ray) syndrome or GBS. It is a condition that chooses no age, gender, or physical fitness. As with the case of Nining, why her? She was active, not sedentary. She was slim, not obese. She ate well and not indulgently. Why her? According to the GBS Support Group Quick Guide, Guillain-Barré Syndrome is an acute disease of the peripheral nervous system, in which the nerves in the arms and legs become

“Not to be downed by this condition, Nining started to make follow up visits to the doctor’s clinic alone, unaided by crutches or by a companion. Even her doctor, neurologist Dr. Ludwig, was amazed at her indomitable spirit and her progress to get back to normalcy.”

FEB-MAR 2012 philippines




inflamed and stop working. This causes sudden weakness leading to limb paralysis, and a loss of sensation, sometimes with pain. The support group further states: “The illness is neither hereditary or contagious. About sixty percent of patients suffer from a throat or intestinal infection, influenza or stress symptoms in the previous two weeks. These infections trigger an incorrect response in the immune system, which attacks the nerves. First symptoms are usually tingling and numbness in fingers and toes with progressive weakness in the arms and legs during the next few days. In some cases, the weakness progresses and leads to complete paralysis of the legs and arms may also be affected.” Nining spent three months in the hospital and had to relearn how to swallow, how to open and close her hands, and finally, how to walk. She was like a child being taught the most



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

2 1. The Podium—Female category 50-54 2. This is it!! Waiting for gunstart 3. My family—Tam, Nina and Bobby 4. Unexplainable feeling of joy



“Nining could not be stopped. Her spirit is her gift and with it, she started to engage in running and train in biking as well. Let us remember she was a swimmer at age 8. The next call was to train to be a triathlete.” basic movements, by able young therapists who were patient enough to see her through. Not to be downed by this condition, Nining started to make follow up visits to the doctor’s clinic alone, unaided by crutches or by a companion. Even her doctor, neurologist Dr. Ludwig, was amazed at her indomitable spirit and her progress to get back to normalcy. But it does not stop there. Yes, three months later, she started to get back to normal routines like checking chores at home and in her office, and attending to her two daughters’ needs. Nining could not be stopped. Her spirit is her gift and with it, she started to engage in running and train in biking as well. Let us remember she was a swimmer at age 8. The next call was to train to be a triathlete.

And so, in the last Ironman competition in CamSur, Nining was there. Yes, she now belonged to the 51-54 age group, but she finished and placed as the top Filipina in her age group. She had trained for six months before the competition and proved to herself that her bout with GBS would not stop the spirit inside her. How many people are so normal, they could not even try to train for a competition as major as the Ironman? How many people just lose hope because they were stricken by an acute disease and now feel so helpless? And how many people are specially-gifted with such fire like Nining? Nining now helps out other patients with GBS or similar conditions. She has provided support through talks, text messages, and consoling discussions with the family of the

afflicted. And she believes that her condition and her progress from that debilitating period is actually a gift and a mission she now has to fulfill. She can now be the spokesperson for the “comeback” of people who have been downed by an acute condition. And what a comeback. To finish ahead of the pack and do your country proud is one achievement. The other achievement is being able to get over that predicament, that almost lifethreatening condition, and rising above it like a phoenix. Chit Juan is the President of the Women’s Business Council of the Philippines, a non-stock, non-profit organization working for a better business environment. She also collects stories of inspiring women who could lead and inspire not only through business acumen but through the strength of spirit and resolve. bc

FEB-MAR 2012 philippines



“The best part of being a young mom is that you’ll literally grow up with your kid. There isn’t much generation gap, and understanding and connecting with each other is much easier.” Jen: Porcelain romper by SINEQUANONE, P9,450 . Shoes, model’s own Jellipie: Fur vest by MARKS & SPENCER, P4,950 . Green dress by H&M, stylist’s own . Purple shoes by GIBI, P1,199.75

seeing red Because it’s the season of hearts, BC pays tribute to the most dedicated ‘hearts’ in the family—the moms who manage to pursue careers, raise equally smart and beautiful children, and never lose sight of their identity. Take a closer look at one mother who does exactly that, all while running her own blooming business P h o t og r ap h s b y M artin F avis S t y li n g b y K ariz T anya F avis M ak e u p b y T oni A viles of P a u l & Joe Hai r b y A nna V anessa L o



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines


en Jimenez Yalung, whose poised beauty and svelte body shows no signs of having had a child at a young age, welcomed us into her humble home sitting atop one of Makati’s tallest hotel buildings, giving her a view of literally the top of the world. But as she stands equally tall amidst her accomplishments as the marketing manager of one of the world’s most recognized brands in the Philippines and the founder of a unique online store that globally caters to chic women like her, Jen doesn’t lose sight of her first and foremost role in her life—being a mother to 11-year old Jellipie, whose youthful style is definitely modeled after Jen—truly, like mother, like child.

accessories, travel essentials, and a lot more. Everything that makes girls more beautiful, more gorgeous and every inch a better and happier woman.

Tell us more about your beauty store. How did RedGirlShop start?

In a nutshell, we offer a totally fun and unique shopping experience for girls. This is an entirely new option for them to have the most-coveted beauty products at their convenience.

RedGirlShop is a product of my passion for finding out what’s new, what works and what unique personal care products are currently available. I also love discovering a lot of makeup brands that are constantly being introduced in the market. But that passion does not come cheap. It resulted to a lot of hoarding of stuff when we travel abroad, or sometimes I resort to online shopping, with which the international freight charge is more than thrice the actual cost of the product that you are buying. That personal experience brought RedGirlShop to life. It was established to cater to the needs of women who exactly have the same interests as me. They want variety and choices in their makeup brands. They want to try out new personal care products that are out in the market. They want value for their money and not to spend extra amount for international shipping, etc. Now, RedGirlShop is an established business that carries a lot of internationally-known, credible, and trusted brands that are not available locally, and it has a wide range of products from makeup, skin care, foot care (we always have the love-hate relationship with our highheels, and it just happens that we have a lot of good products to solve this), hair

I never expected that the demand will be that immense, that we continuously add at least 20 products in our portfolio every week and we’ve even expanded our service to personal shopping in the U.S. So if they want items that are not available in our store, but they want us to source for them, they can also get the services of our shop. It is very convenient for them, with just two weeks waiting time, plus very cost efficient, as we have one of the most competitive prices in the market (even for imported products).

Why did you choose to retail beauty products?

Because I think beauty product options are very limited locally. The beauty brands available here are not that wide [in range] and the distribution outlets are concentrated in high-end malls, which tend to be a lot more expensive. I saw an opportunity there because if you’ll compare the beauty retail landscape here versus in other countries, we don’t get to enjoy much. Think of a Hong Kong shopping experience wherein you have a beauty store right in every corner. That was the initial premise that I had, and the gap that I wanted to address, and my intuition was right. Hence the demand of RedGirlShop sky-rocketed even in its infancy stage (we just launched a few months back). What’s a typical work day like for the Marketing Manager of Levi Strauss Philippines?

Earlier, I talked about being a very passionate entrepreneur, but my work doesn’t stop there, as I am also Marketing Manager of Levi Strauss Philippines. To head the marketing team of an established global leader in denim wear

is challenging as well. I am always up on my toes to keep Levi’s the number one brand locally, and I’m constantly doubling my efforts to make the brand relevant to Filipinos—beyond the brand’s great legacy behind it, I want people to wear Levi’s because it signifies their personalities—free-spirited, individualistic, youthful, and original. My day is always full of strategizing new marketing concepts that the brand can adopt, plus I study the market a lot—the fashion industry, both local and international, and even the retail environment landscape as a whole. I also build a strong alliance with our partner advertising agencies, media, and celebrities to really establish their connection with the brand. That doesn’t stop there, as I am also very hands-on, implementing marketing activities and promos that the brand needs in order to sustain its high-awareness and relevance to its target market. What has been your greatest experience so far working with Levi’s?

To be part of a global giant brand such as Levi’s is an undoubtedly amazing experience. How do you strive to achieve a life/work balance?

Even though I know that I am a busy entrepreneur and at the same time a high-profile marketing head of Levi’s, I always have this mindset that these roles are just my sidelines, because my main job is to fulfill my duties as a wife to my husband, and as a mom to Jellipie. When you have clear cut priorities set in your mind, it is easy to have a life/ work balance because you will always know what comes first, and the rest just follows. That gives order to my life, especially that I’m juggling a lot of roles under my hat. Did you know that in that busy schedule of mine, I can still manage to have extra time for some personal recreation like attending dance classes? That’s one of my hobbies and that also makes me feel young, energetic and always recharged to face different roles each day. In summary, the key to havFEB-MAR 2012 philippines



Jen: Animal print dress by H&M, stylist’s own . Freppy black shoes by GIBI, P1,499.75 Jellipie: Black dress by H&M . Brown boots, both stylist’s own

ing a work/life balance is to know what your priority is, and to be able to have a good hobby or routine that will make you feel recharged and on the go all the time (happy hormones, get lots of it). What’s the best part about being a young mom?

The best part of being a young mom is that you’ll literally grow up with your kid. There isn’t much generation gap; understanding and connecting with each other is much easier. And of course, to be consistently complimented that you and your kid look like sisters is really flattering—one of the real good perks of being a young mom! How is your relationship with Jellipie, who’s already reaching her teens?

It is exciting for a mom to see how her daughter or son matures as a young adult. It is amazing to see how they discover things for themselves, start to involve themselves in more productive things in school, with the environment and having a sneak preview of what this life has to offer them, like she already is talking to me about what career she wants to pursue in the future, etc. If it excites the kid to have a taste of life as a teenager and so is for me as a parent. But it doesn’t stop with excitement, as



FEB-MAR 2012 philippines

sometimes a parent like me can feel insecure as my kid is already creating her own world and parents are no longer her priority. There is also some fear as the social environment now is very different with their exposure to media, internet, and social networking sites. Of course, I don’t want her to be influenced in a negative way. But as parents, we cannot control them most of the time; our kids are their own selves. We just have to equip them with values, good examples and so much love that can serve as important building blocks as they go through life experiences. How are you preparing yourself for that time when you will have a teenager in the house?

It is always about setting a connection with them. As they go through a very challenging phase (adolescence to puberty), it is important that parents still connect with their children. Parents and kids should be friends; they shouldn’t stop enjoying each other’s company. Parents should always make a constant effort to do this in order for them to understand their children as they go through many changes in this phase. As the children undergo a lot of adjustments during their teenage years, the parents should be ready to make a

lot of adjustments with their kids as well. Any funny memories of when you were still a new mom?

There were a lot of funny memories when I was a new mom, like dressing up Jellipie every time she has a costume party in her play school. To dress her up like a Broadway performer one day and a cartoon character the next day—it’s really amazing. When she was smaller, I always bring her along with me, wherever I go. When your kid is young, it seems like every hour, every day is “bonding day.” I always want to relive that in my memory because it suddenly changes when your kid reaches the adolescent stage. What’s your favorite time and place for family bonding?

We usually stroll to the nearest mall to eat out and watch a movie. It is also a getaway for the family to go to Hong Kong for long weekends and eat our favorite food there—McDonald’s Big and Tasty Burger. There were a couple of times that we did it this year and just ate the Big and Tasty Burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days—I think that is called “family addiction.” Simple joys but priceless moments for me. bc


Want a but not willing to give up your

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BC’s cover mom, Daphne Oseña-Paez and her daughter, Lily

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BC U.S.’s Cover Mom, Kourtney Kardashian with her son, Mason

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bc moment a look b


We bought Charlie a car for his 16th birthday. Biggest mistake we ever did.



m ar t i n s h een

martin sheen

The esteemed actor submerged himself knee-deep at a man-made waterfall for his photo shoot with the BC team in Los Angeles. Surreal as that day was, Martin is about as real as it gets in Tinseltown


ow I know why Martin Sheen always gets those meaty ‘President of the U.S.’ roles. He enters the meeting room of the Four Seasons in Westlake (where we prepped for the photo shoot) with a commanding presence, yet you can tell he is affable and gregarious by the way he introduced himself to everyone throughout the duration of the shoot. This was one of those good days in Hollywoodland where you meet a down-to-earth actor who seems genuinely interested in the topic—which that day was full-on parenting mode. Dad to three sons and a daughter, Martin sheds light on how to succeed and enjoy both a career and a family. In their brood, he is not the only headliner. As father of two big stars who have made their mark in Hollywood (he also stars in son Emilio Estevez’s much-

Francisco Estevez

Martin, or Ramon Estevez (he adopted the stage name Martin Sheen after the moniker of a televangelist on national television—Fulton J. Sheen—whom, as a boy, he found to be fascinating) says his father Francisco is probably one of the shyest men outside their home—but in their house, “He was a lion. But one interesting thing about my father— I was 36 when he died—was that he still called me ‘honey’ to that day. He called all of us, ‘honey.’ Every son and daughter.” Martin’s mother passed away when he was almost 11, “That was in 1951, so my father ran the

awaited film, The Way), you can ask the Sheens anything about acting, because they did live it as a family—from how Martin didn’t go to college in order to pursue his dreams of being a thespian, and how the wife and kids would always join him on location, which was good especially since he suffered a near-fatal heart attack while filming one of his career highlights, the Coppola-directed, “Apocalypse Now.” He recalls recovering at the care of our very own Makati Medical Center and the University of Santo Tomas hospitals. This year, Martin is finishing production for the exciting role of Ben Parker in the latest installment of the “Spiderman” franchise. The kind-hearted, warm uncle of one of the greatest superheroes ever told can only be brilliantly portrayed by such an exemplary man and father himself.

show.” Known to all who follow Martin’s career, his father disapproved of him pursuing acting. “When I was in high school, I would always be doing theater, but not once did he show up. The only time my father ever saw me was on Broadway in the summer of ‘65—he was retired then, and I was in a play called “The Subject Was Roses,” and it was a story about fathers and sons. I was so excited when he came to New York and stayed with us for a week, while he waited for his boat that would take him from New Jersey so he could live out his years in Spain. He got to Spain, he lasted six months. There was no electric-

ity, and he was just, “No, I’m a true American.” (Smiles).” Apocalypse Now in the Philippines

In 1976, Typhoon Olga (Didang) wrecked the set of Coppola’s revered war film. Sheen discloses, “While were in Iba, Zambales, there was a hotel there, but we didn’t feel comfortable so we took rooms. We went into the community and found someone who would rent us a room and we stayed with the family. And now, typhoon “Didang” came. Just ripped Zambales apart—240 people were killed. And we were in this house, we kinda stayed in this room but they { FEB-MAR 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES



bc moment a look b



2 4

3 5

1. Martin Sheen with his sons, Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, who was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in September 1994 2. Martin Sheen as U.S. Army Captain Benjamin L. Willard in the 1979 American epic war film, Apocalypse Now 3. Father and son tandem team up for The Way, written and directed by Emilio Estevez, and starred in by Martin Sheen 4. Charlie and Martin Sheen present an award at the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2006 in Los Angeles 5. Apocalypse Now was shot on location in the Philippines between 1976 and 1977 in Baler and Pagsanjan.

would call us out and say “We need your help, you gotta go and take this...” I didn’t realize that this couple was just responsible for their children but they also have her grandparents. And they were living in another room and I didn’t even know they were there! When the storm came, the husband couldn’t get back for the storm. So she, the mother, his wife, organized the whole community. They were dishing out rice. They were responsible, they had storage rooms in there. They all look after each other.” Martin is more pensive now. “In the Philippines, you live so close to death. The volcanoes, the floods, the hurricanes, the poverty. You can’t imagine it. Children who are malnourished, they function as adults. But in the Philippines, people—it seemed to me—whom they cherish the most are the littlest babies and the oldest people because that’s what they lost, most of, in tragedy and through poverty. The grind of poverty. This is so horrible. I admit it, it created a profound impression on me. It is not the first



third world I [went to], but it was the most intense.” Love, American Style

After staying wed to the same woman for 51 years, “When you are married or in a relationship, you have to help each other become yourselves. Don’t become the other person. I’m not gonna save you. I’m not gonna make you happy. No one can make you happy. Live an honest life. Keep a record of your history in your hearts.” When Janet gave birth to Emilio, Martin wasn’t allowed to be in the room. So for their second baby, they delivered son Ramon all on their own. And we mean just the two of them, no midwives, no doctors—just Martin and Janet in their living room in Staten Island. It became an emergency because she ruptured and was bleeding very badly, so Martin had to call an ambulance for help. “Not much scares you after that. It was foolish and we shouldn’t have done it. We should’ve had a midwife. So for the third one, Charlie, we went to Lamaze class. We were the guinea pigs in

m ar t i n s h een the ‘60s. One of our classmates was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” That’s ‘Your Honor’ to the rest of us, but huffing and puffing partner to the Sheens. Like Father, Like Son

Who is he most like among his four children? “Emilio, without question. He is scrupulously honest, responsible and loyal. I look at Emilio and I see myself. He is stubborn, like me, which serves him well in this business. Emilio is extremely disciplined, and he’s also very sensitive, but he doesn’t always let on that side. He’s extremely courteous, and honestly loving. Watching him on the set is such a thrill because he is so caring and compassionate towards the actors. He begins the scenes by saying, “Action, please.” And he’ll end it by saying, “Cut, please. Thank you.” That’s every take—it’s just his natural way.” We’ve Got A Spoiler Here

Most extravagant purchase for his children? “We bought Charlie a car for his 16th birthday. Biggest mistake we ever did.” At this point, Paula checks on us at the corner of the hotel lobby where we were doing the interview. Martin addresses her and tells me that, “She knows that it was the biggest mistake we ever made with our kids.” So a lot of things apparently happen when you buy your kid a BMW in their teens. Emilio even called it the ‘magic carpet’ because he knew they wouldn’t be seeing Charlie around anymore. Fondest Memories

Martin turns back to me after I asked him about his most sentimental thoughts about his kids, and he tells me that the best and worst are yet to come, even though I may feel that I already have a lifetime of narratives about my children. “Your natural inclination is to protect them from everything. And you must do this. But when they start heading for the door, you have to open it for them—or at

least unlock it. If you don’t, then they won’t come back. I would love to take on all the pain of my children, but I cannot. Otherwise you deny them of their right to live. That is the most painful thing about parenting. They have to experience everything. You just have to love them all the more, unconditionally. Let them know that that door is always unlocked, which is really the door to your heart.” The hardest thing Martin went through with his family was sticking it out with Charlie through his addiction, which lasted for a couple of years. “So often there’d be reasons to celebrate and rejoice, but then again there would be devastation by equal pain, and it culminated on the year he finally got sober.” Now the father to three beautiful daughters, Cassandra (with Paula Speert), Sam and Lola with actress Denise Richards, Charlie was beaming with pride

as he presented the Golden Globe nomination to big bro, Emilio for the latter’s film, “Bobby.” Sibling Revelry

“Emilio had hit a snag when he was writing “Bobby,” and Charlie read it and said to him, “Go, do it. This is really good, this is gonna change your life.” Martin continues that, “There was one time I remember my wife and I were talking when we were young—when we reach the age of our parents, we were wondering will our children be friends when they got older. All of our kids are very close. I think that the thing I’m proudest of is that I’d like to think I was just conscious. Janet and I both we were there for them, despite our problems, difficulties, the struggles— I think they knew that we were there and that we responded in their time of need.” bc



bc moment k

m ar t i n s h een

a look b


Let them know that that door is always unlocked, which is really the door to your heart.

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Part 1 of our exclusive on this family as they talk about raising son, Kiel, their new daughter, Ondrea, and how they faced trials through f...