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December 10, 2011 Allegan Public Schools - “Striving for Excellence”

Allegan High School Scholars of Merit Three AHS students were honored at a recent Board of Education meeting for their high academic accomplishments. Sarah McDaniel was named a National Merit Semifinalist and Zoe Norr earned Commended Status. Evan Haffner was a National Achievement Program Semifinalist. All of these awards are given in recognition for their performance on the 2010 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qaulifying Test (PSAT/ NMSQT). High School Principal Jim Mallard explained that these awards open doors for college scholarships and other opportunities. Zoe Norr also was the first recipient from Allegan of a “Carson Scholarship” which is selected on the basis of academics, character, and involvement in school activities. Left to right: Evan Haffner, Principal Jim Mallard, Sarah McDaniel, and Zoe Norr.

School Calendar 2011-12 December 19 - Jan 2 (Christmas Break) January 3 - School Resumes January 18, 19 - Parent/Teacher Conf. (HS) January 20 - STAFF ONLY (Prof. Dev.) February 10 -NO SCHOOL (Midwinter Break) February 28, 29 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (MS & Elem) March 1 - Parent /Teacher Conf. (MS & Elem) March 2 - STAFF ONLY (Professional Dev.) April 2-6 - NO SCHOOL (Spring Break) April 25, 26 - Parent/Teacher Conf. (HS) April 27 - STAFF ONLY (Professional Dev.) May 28 - NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day) May 31 - Last Day for Students

Upcoming News & Events: “CASH PARTY”

March 17, 2012 (fundraiser sponsored by the Educational Foundation of APS and the Allegan All-Sports Boosters)

“CODE ORANGE” community event planned for the fall (also sponsored by the Ed. Foundation and the Sports Boosters) to promote community involvement and support for educational activities. More details coming soon . . .

A.P.S. Board of Education


Allegan Public Schools Telephone Numbers

Administration Office.................................... 673-5431 Kevin Harness (superintendent) Bill Hammer (director of operations) Nancy McKown (curriculum and technology) Allegan High School .................................... 673-7002 Jim Mallard, Ron Orr (principals) L.E. White Middle School............................. 673-2241 George Mohr, James Antoine (principals) Dawson Elementary....................................... 673-6925 Joe James (principal) North Ward Elementary................................. 673-6003 Harry Dalm (principal) Pine Trails Elementary................................... 673-5379 Dave Kanine (principal) West Ward Elementary................................... 673-7000 Harry Dalm (principal) Allegan Alternative High & Adult Ed............ 673-5433 Brenda Nyhof (principal) Special Education........................................... 673-5431 Jodi Zenk (director) Athletic Office................................................ 673-7002 Gary Ellis (director) Recreation Department.................................. 673-7002 Trevor Horwath (rec.), Andrea Murphy (pool) Maintenance Department............................... 673-2085 Wally Brennan, George Zeock (supervisors) Transportation Department........................... 673-2203 Darrell Stoughton (supervisor)

Front Row: Mark Davidhizar (president), Dale Wittkop (vice president), Mary Kasprzyk (treasurer), Grace Gant (secretary). Back Row: Troy Carns (trustee), Vicki Knuckles (trustee), Michael Fairbanks (trustee)

Allegan Public Schools 2011-12 Board of Education Regular Meeting Schedule

December 12, 2011 (7:00 p.m.) January 9, 2012 (7:00 p.m.) February 13, 2012 (7:00 p.m.) March 12, 2012 (7:00 p.m.) April 9, 2012 (7:00 p.m.) May 14, 2012 (7:00 p.m.) June 11, 2012 (5:30 p.m.) July 9, 2012 (5:30 p.m.) Organizational Meeting

School Web page:

New Anti-Bullying Policy

The State of Michigan recently enacted legislation that requires all public school districts to have a policy in place that prohibits bullying. The Allegan Public Schools’ Board of Education has already heard first reading of our new anti-bullying policy and will approve the final version at the December 12 board meeting. Policy #8210 -- Students-Anti Bullying and Harassment defines harassment, bullying, and intimidation, as well as explaining what students should do if they believe they are victims of bullying, hazing, or any other aggressive or intimidating behavior. The policy states, A safe and civil environment in school is necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards. Harassment or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts the educational process and will not be tolerated at any of our schools or any school-sponsored function. To read the full copy of this policy, please contact Central Office administration at (269) 673-5431.

-- Regular meetings scheduled for the 2nd Monday of each month. -- Regular meetings during school year begin at 7 pm. -- Regular meetings during summer (June, July, August) begin at 5:30 p.m. -- All meetings to be held at the Allegan Public Schools’ Administration Building, 550 Fifth Street, Allegan MI 49010. Interested citizens are invited to attend meetings. There is an opportunity for public comments of a general nature at the beginning of every board meeting. Persons with disabilities who need special accommodations should contact the Superintendent at 673-5431, or at 550 Fifth Street, Allegan, MI 49010, ten days prior to the meeting.

The “Our Schools News” is a publication of Allegan Public Schools. It is published at least four times annually and mailed to all residents of the Allegan area. If you know of someone who is not receiving this publication that would benefit from receiving it, please contact Joni VanNieuwenhuyzen, editor, at 673-5431 or email: Page 2


ne r a H

. . . the POWER of Education (A message from the superintendent of schools)

Kevin Harness Superintendent

Full day kindergarten paying off! Despite tough financial times, the Allegan Public Schools’ Board of Education decided to make a significant addition to the investment in the education of our youngest learners – our kindergarten students. According to all of our educators working with these students, the investment is already paying big dividends! In talking with kindergarten staff at each of our elementaries, it was unanimous–growth in all areas of learning has increased greatly as a result of the full day program. Obviously, the increased time is the biggest factor for improving student growth, but it is also how our teachers have been able to utilize the additional time that has helped to make such a dramatic impact. Deb Dalm, kindergarten teacher at Pine Trails, commented that the new program allows her to introduce new concepts in the morning and then revisit and reinforce them in the afternoon. Amy Rogers, kindergarten teacher at West Ward Elementary, said she is able to give students as many as five different “hits” of reading instruction throughout the day. The new, full day program has enabled Dawson kindergarten teacher Kelly Nugent to provide meaningful reading and math instruction every day. Under the former half day program there were days when students attended art, music, or physical education classes, as well as other activities, which resulted in less time for reading and math instruction. Kindergarten students now have an opportunity to participate in enrichment activities on a daily basis rather than only two to three times per week, and still have time for learning opportunities in reading and math every day. All of our kindergarten classrooms utilize small group instructional techniques commonly referred to as “centers.” Utilizing our instructional assistants who are in every kindergarten classroom, as well as frequent parent volunteers, we are able to provide highly productive small group instruction in reading and math on a regular basis. With only three months of full day kindergarten under our belts, it is far too soon to make predictions regarding students’ long range academic success. However, everyone is excited about the initial indicators. All teachers are reporting growth for virtually all students at a rate they have not witnessed in the past. Testing data and daily assignments reveal nearly all students on track or beyond targets across the district. “Huge growth,” “dramatic difference,” and “zooming” were common themes shared by teachers regarding students’ academic progress. In addition to the positive impact on academic development, North Ward kindergarten teacher Becky Corbett has also observed an improvement in social skills as well as fine motor development. In the past, that important play time (or “choice time” as she calls it) was difficult to fit in a half day. Now, play time and other activities that develop social skills can be scheduled without academic instruction having to suffer. Teachers did admit that at the beginning of the school year students were tired and often needed a nap after lunch. As the year has progressed, however, very few students are actually taking naps; but often quiet time activities and silent reading are utilized to give students a short rest period. Later in the afternoon many “hands on” activities are also used to provide a variety of learning opportunities that aid in the development of fine motor skills. Our teachers couldn’t be happier about the switch to full day kindergarten. Kelly Nugent probably summed it up best when she said “I’m exhausted, but loving it!” From the observations of this observer – the investment in our youngest students continues to be made every day, and the return on that investment is even greater than expected! Kindergarten / Young 5’s Instructional Staff: Teachers: Becky Corbett (NW) Ana Marlett (NW) Deb Dalm (PT) Janet Kovach (PT) Margaret Guimond (DAW) Michelle Norland (DAW) Kelly Nugent (DAW) Ashley Knowlton (WW) Amy Rogers (WW) (11 to 1 = Student to Staff Ratio)

Instructional Assistants: Ethel Morrie Mindy Sturman Cristy Burza Maureen Clearwater Merry Hoving Joan Edgerton Piper Raab Sheryce Kruithof Reva Cady Sara Phillips Melissa McKee

During a typical day in Mrs. Corbett’s class, students participate in Math Centers. Clockwise from bottom left: Kindergartners Hayes Kavanagh, Isaac Southwell, Mr. Corbett, and Aly Aldrich.

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Thanksgiving Feasts

Many of our elementary schools celebrate Thanksgiving with their school families by having a meal together. At West Ward Elementary, 2nd graders participated in their annual Thanksgiving feast, which was prepared by parent volunteers. The meal was followed by an afternoon of games and crafts, such as constructing a “Thankful Tree”.

Wearing their festive turkey headresses at the West Ward Thanksgiving feast were (left to right): Shilyn Barrett, Levi Hitchcock, Beau Hitchcock, and April Hitchcock. Superintendent Kevin Harness takes part in what has become a 2nd grade tradition -- reading them the story, “A Turkey for Thanksgiving”.

Where is that Gingerbread Man?

Kindergartner Hunter Warren with his decorated gingerbread cookie.

Painting the Playground

Several families spent time this fall giving the playground equipment at Dawson Elementary a new paint job. Pictured is Iraeda Mendell painting one of the playground tunnels. A big THANK-YOU for all their hard work!

Dawson kindergarten students in Mrs. Norland’s class always enjoy the story about the Gingerbread Man. They even made cookie dough and baked their own gingerbread men. But when they went to get them out of the over, the gingerbread men had disappeared! The students had to follow clues around the school until they found them. But once they were found, they got to decorate them and eat them! Yum!

Students from Pine Trails Elementary helped decorate a tree at 4-H Camp Kidwell that was auctioned off during their “Festival of Trees” event December 1-4. With the assistance of Pine Trails staff and volunteers (including Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Chestnut, and Mrs. Main) the students in Mrs. Baker’s Social Skills class made ornaments and decorated this festive tree. Page 4

Festival of Trees

“Michigan Chillers”

Reading a scary tale are (left to right): Zakary Foster, author Johnathan Rand, Breanne Simpson, and Caleb Kovach.

Students at West Ward Elementary enjoyed an assembly with author Johnathan Rand, who wrote the Michigan Chillers series, as well as other children’s books. The students learned that, “Reading is not something you do, it is somewhere you go!” Author Rand also discussed what he considered to be the secret of all good writers. (Ask a West Ward student to find out!). The event was sponsored by the West Ward library and was funded with proceeds from book fair sales.

Donuts for Dads

Arts & Sciences 2nd grade students from across the district experienced a day filled with arts and sciences. They attended a field trip to the Saugatuck Art Center Children’s Film Festival, where they got to preview five short films. Then a special treat -- a visit to the Children’s Museum of Fennville for an afternoon of exploration and discovery! One student from Mrs. Hurst’s class declared, “It was the best day ever!”

Levi Hitchcock using a hand-crank wheelchair.

Enjoying this year’s “Donuts for Dads” at Dawson was Bristyn and Culver Neldon, with their dad, Tod Neldon.

Brady Hamlin explores tiny particles through a microscope.

Dawson Elects Student Council

Elected to serve on the 2011-12 Student Council at Dawson Elementary this year are: (back row, left to right) Madison Teachout, Davontae Lawshea, Alexander Powers, Cameron Day, and Caylie Riess; and (front row) Landon Coffindaffer, Hazel Allen, and Korbin Sisson. Page 5

Hayden McDade and his mom Amber Caldarona try to photograph their own distorted images!

5th graders SKYPE with teacher In order to stay connected with her class while she is on maternity leave, 5th grade teacher Bethany Burnett uses technology to “visit” with the class on a weekly basis. With the assistance of their substitute teacher, Sandra Kipen, Mrs. Burnett uses “Skype” to keep in touch, read a story, or ask questions of her 5th graders. In the photograph, Stephanie Klinkhammer eagerly raises her hand while Mrs. Burnett (on the white screen) reads them a short story she wrote called “Friday the 13th” which was part of a lesson on creating fictional writing from actual events. On a happy note, Mrs. Burnett gave birth to healthy twin girls (Charlotte and Amelia) and expects to return to the class yet this school year!

West Ward students (in between Consumers staff) helping with motions to show how electricity is made (from left): Holly Curtiss, Riley Scofield, Jaelee White, Logan Carns.

Bright Kids

3rd graders at West Ward and Pine Trails were treated to a “Bright Kids” presentation, sponsored by Consumers Energy and The National Energy Foundation. This unique, hands-on program teaches kids about renewable energy, natural resources, and protecting our environment. Students were each given a kit to take home, containing CFL light bulbs, a LED nightlight, and other energy saving ideas.

North Ward Walk-a-thon

North Ward students Gavin McElwee, Mikhail Peters, and Ally Brown enjoy a golf cart ride after their walk.

(Left to right): Lily Clark, Logan Abraham, Gabby Wagner, and Meg Manley and some of their Titanic projects.

Finding the Titanic

4th graders at West Ward Elementary participated in a “layered curriculum” unit about the Titanic. In layered curriculum, students are allowed to choose from a variety of different ways to study about a topic, based on their preferred learning styles. Students in Mrs. Criger’s class made a diorama of their favorite scene from the story Finding the Titanic. Some students chose to research icebergs

and create a model of an iceberg.

Apple Day

Held in October to raise funds to renovate the playApple Day at North Ward ground, the Walk-a-thon Elementary is an opportuat North Ward Elementary nity for students in Mrs. was a tremendous success! Corbett’s kindergarten The entire school particiclass to learn about apples, pated and walked to the while using all five senses. sounds of a D.J. while they Students working at six difsnacked on fresh apples ferent stations, got to make and water. The students applesauce and other appleraised over $10,000 for based products, taste and new playground equipEnjoying Apple Day activities: Ragan graph their favorite kinds ment, between the pledges Meeter, Nick Borke, parent helper of apples, and read stories and community/business Tanya Maurer, and Carter Ahearne. about apples. support. Page 6

K-3 Buddies Kindergarten student Gavin Clark (left) and 3rd grader Kylar Boylan (right) using letter tiles to work on their letter sounds.

Making friends is an important skill for elementary students. This year, 3rd graders in Mr. Beauregard’s class and kindergartners in Mrs. Norland’s class at Dawson Elementary have become friends. Each week, students in both classes listen to a story, then work together on academic skills. This experience is teaching 3rd graders leadership skills and the importance of being a good role model. Over the last several weeks, students have become good partners and look forward to their weekly sessions.

Foreign Exchange Students

The Educational Foundation of APS and the AHS All-Sports Boosters present: the 9th Annual

Cash Party March 17, 2012

nd 100 a are $ on!) s t e so ick • T 0 (on sale $5 music ner, n i d of s e d lots nclud • I ancing, an & d ES !!! PRIZ

KID POWER - Coming Soon!!!

5th graders at Pine Trails Elementary are busy thinking, investing, and creating their projects for “Kid Power Enterprise.” With this project, students invest a little money into supplies and make an item to sell on December 14 in the Pine Trails gym. All money earned will help students pay for 5th grade camp outdoor educational experience in late March. Come on in and experience this project first-hand!

4th Annual

Allegan High School is once again host to 15 foreign exchange students. Colleen Fortney, who organizes host families through the International Student Exchange program (ISE), was recognized by the Board of Education at a recent meeting. Board President Mark Davidhizar stated that their presence at AHS provides a wonderful opportunity for our students to interact and learn from different cultures. This year’s foreign exchange students, their country of origin, and their host families are listed below: Amanda Aas (Norway) ~ Beth and Jeff Herpst Kaique Baccarini (Brazil) ~ Lisa and Steve Kent Xacobe Galan Rio (Spain) ~ Sue and Dennis Brooks Montserrate Velazquez (Mexico) ~ Mark and Dawn Varner Sebastian Jordan (Columbia) ~ James and Katrina Burchfield Lucia Martinez (Spain) ~ David and Sandra Wright Karolina Odensaker (Sweden) ~ Morgan and Laura Sullivan Michelle Oellingrath (Germany) ~William and Teresa Creech Friderike Poser (Germany) ~ David and Sandy Wright Deborah Rios (Brazil) ~ Walter and Sandra Owsiany Lucas Sabbadini (Belgium) ~ Katrina and James Burchfield Catherina Santos (Brazil) ~ Peter and Lori Spreitzer Gonzalo Gascon (Spain) ~ Colleen and Dave Fortney Francisco Santana (Brazil) ~ Colleen and Dave Fortney Noemie Macedo (France) ~ Stephanie Clark

“Outstanding People for Education” Award (Sponsored by the Allegan County School Boards Association) Do you know someone who has made a difference to a student or students in your district? Consider nominating them for this award - Nomination forms will be available soon in all schools, or online connected to each school’s website. Up to 3 winners are announced annually, from each school in the Allegan County AESA. Past winners have included teachers, volunteers, coaches, secretaries, administrators, board members, and support staff. Deadline for nominations is April 1, 2012

Page 7

Art Prize 2011 3rd graders throughout the district ventured to Grand Rapids’ Art Prize in October. This special field trip was organized by elementary art teachers, Jayne Seymour, Kim Licavoli, and Deb Hilsbos. One of the paintings entered in this year’s competition was by Dawn Hollister, mother of of 3rd grade student from North Ward, Cary Hollister (pictured above). Mrs. Winderbank-Lucas’ class wrote about their favorite pieces of art, then spelled out ART PRIZE using the photographs and captions (photo above, left). Students had many favorites, including this “touchable” exhibit featuring cast iron images of each of our states.

Photography Awards

The HS library sponsored a photography contest for photos depicting Allegan landmarks. Winning photographers were: Jordan Norman (right), Marisa Henrickson, (below)...

After honing her photography skills in Photojournalism class last year, Alyssa Owsiany entered some of her photos in the Allegan County Fair photography contest (Open Division) and won 4 ribbons! Alyssa took 1st place in the Black and White Misc. category with a close-up photo of a chain link fence; 2nd place in the Black & White Action category with a photo of Calvin Woodard playing tennis; 3rd place in the Black & White Architecture category with a photo of the Eiffel Tower; and 3rd place in the Allegan County Historical sites category with a photo of the Regent Theater. Page 8

... and Alyssa Owsiany (right). The winning pics can be viewed in the media center.

Allegan Band “Notes”

Important Band Dates: Dec. 5

Dec. 16

Holiday Concert (HS/8th grade bands) Holiday Concert (6th/7th grade bands) Pep Band (6 pm)

Jan. 27

Pep Band (6 pm)

Feb. 4

Solo & Ensemble (East Kentwood HS)

Feb. 17

Pep Band (6 pm)

Feb. 28

Pre-Festival Concert (7 pm)

Mar. 2

Band Festival (TBA)

Mar. 24

State Solo & Ensemble (TBA)

Dec. 6

Middle School Solo & Ensemble:

Division I (excellent) ratings were earned by Cameron Zeter, Dylan Henrickson, Beth Storey, Benjamin Andrews, Alana Kugelard, Ethan Hill, and Spencer Davis. Division II (good) ratings were earned by Connor Benham, Maya Geiselhart, Skylar Recker, and Kara Bishop.

“Tour de France” -This year‛s marching theme featured

music pertaining to France and Paris and included: a cafe scene with music from “An American in Paris,” the “Can Can” featuring a brass sextet, the popular “Vincent” featuring an artist who portrayed VanGogh, and “Tour DeFrance” with Parker Johnson as Lance Armstrong. The AHS band placed 6th in Flight IV at the MCBA State Finals at Ford Field with a score of 76.21, which is the highest score our band has ever received at State! Congratulations on a great competitive marching season!

National Anthem

The AHS Chamber Choir was asked to perform our National Anthem to a sold-out crowd for the Grand Rapids Griffin’s opening hockey game at VanAndel Arena on October 14. The choir was selected from all groups who performed the National Anthem last year to perform for opening night!

“Bye Bye Birdie” a resounding success! This year’s recent production of “Bye Bye Birdie” was dubbed a success for the AHS Drama Department. Ben Wallace and Zoe Norr were sparkling in their roles as Albert and Rose, and Calvin Woodard was convincing as teen idol Conrad Birdie. Ashley Greenbey made her debut in a lead role and wowed the audience with her pure voice. Some hilarious comic relief came from David McKeever (in his fatherly role as Mr. MacAfee) and Parker Johnson (as the nerdy Hugo Peabody); but especially from Kate Stanloski whose perfect comedic timing in her role as Albert’s mother, had the audience in stitches! The orchestra should also be commended for their lively rendition of a difficult score. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, along with directors Kim Sparks and Devyn Morris, as well as musical directors Rebecca Balkon and Colin Weber!

MSVMA Regional Honors Choir

Congratulations to the pictured choir students who were selected by audition into the Regional Honors Choir, where they will perform at WMU on December 3 - Adarae Davidhizar, Holly Hagerty, McKennah Heckman, and Kate Stanloski.

Band Camp 2012: July 23-27 and July 30 - Aug 3.

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Allegan Alternative High School “Where Students Soar”

New Classrooms - Students were excited to be able to utilize two newly-constructed classrooms in the basement level of the Administration Building/Alternative High School beginning in November. Blood Drive - On November 4, the students conducted their 2nd annual blood drive with the American Red Cross, collecting 19 units of blood (10 were first-time donors)! Thanksgiving Feast - Students and staff were served a Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings on November 22. Special thanks to Mark Horn and Doug Bunting Carly Earl, Gabby Turner, and Sebastian who were the supervising chefs, along with the Community Relations class, as well as Draney serve turkey and trimmings to Administrative staff and board members. Todd Gardner, Food Service Director, for his assistance.

Allegan Adult Education is enrolling now! Classes are open to anyone 17 years old and up • High School Diploma • GED Certificate • Career & College Readiness

FREE CLASSES (regular and on-line) & GED TESTING

Enroll: January 23 - February 8

Al Sanchez and Ashley Edwards keep the punch bowl filled!

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays (1:00 - 6:00 p.m.) (Enrollment will take about 1 hour.)

ADULT EDUCATION Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (12:30-6:30 p.m.) Thursday (3:00-7:30 p.m.)

Allegan Alternative High School 550 Fifth Street, Allegan, MI 49010 Questions? Call (269) 673-5433 Sue Chappell or Brenda Nyhof

It’s time to complete your education . . . . and we are here to help!

New Staff at Allegan Public Schools:


Check with your High School counselor or call (269) 673-5433 to receive information on Credit Recovery. If you have failed five classes in high school, you are not on track to graduate with your class. You need Credit Recovery NOW!

Other New Employees:

Ashley Knowlton

(Kindergarten teacher - West Ward)

Codie Nieder

(Adult Ed. teacher)

Mindy Sturman (instructional assistant North Ward Elementary)

Elise Millmier

(Speech Therapist)

Char Madison (Middle School Social Worker)

Sheryce Kruithof

(instructional assistant West Ward Elementary)

Page 10

Tracie Allen (library aide - DAW) Jean Wall (noon supervisor - DAW) Leanne Miller (bus driver) Kevin Gilligan (girls varsity basketball coach) Adrian Hall (noon supervisor - PT) Catherine MacDonald (noon supervisor - WW) Amy Davis (instructional assistant - DAW) Melissa McKee (instructional asst. - DAW) Maureen Clearwater (instructional asst. - PT) Jessica Pegg (student receptionist - Admin) Amanda Stegink (HS science coach) Tarin Abraham (HS reading/writing coach)

Yearbook Info: Order your 2011-12 Yearbook Today - Cost starts at $63.60 (personalization, icons, covers, photo pockets, etc., are extra). Order at or call 1-866-282-1516. Yearbooks make great Christmas gifts! Senior portraits - Due to the high school yearbook staff by Jan. 15, 2012. Vertical, high-resolution, digital photos required. Submit via email to (or bring a CD or USB drive).

2011 Andrew Betke Matt Cochran Chris Gallagher Sam Goldschmeding Kyle Keynen Chelsea Hunt Sally Jerkatis Carolyn Oisten Matt Peyerk Brittany Rader Philip Schipper

Congratulatory Ads - Purchase one for your favorite senior grad! All you need are a few photos and a special message and we will design your ad. For more information about ad sizes and prices, contact the yearbook adviser (see below).

2009 Toby Park Stephanie Wunderlin

Donate a yearbook? If you are interested in purchasing a 2011 or 2012 yearbook and donating it to a student who would like one but cannot afford it, please contact the yearbook adviser (see below).

2006 Kyria Bird Matt Brindley Mike Grisham Aaron King Kelsey Fales Brian Davis Jachelle Kizer Adali Ladd Christina Murphy Krista Prentiss Mitchell Roe Jessica Rucks

Extra Yearbooks - The yearbook staff has some extra yearbooks available for purchase for the following years: 1947, 1981, 1984, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Please contact the yearbook adviser at the address below if interested. Also, we have many unclaimed yearbooks. If your name appears on the list at the right, please contact the high school yearbook staff immediately. Yearbook Adviser: Jen Conrad 269-673-7002 (ext. 5715)

Shakespeare Workshop

Literary Honors

Unclaimed Yearbooks:

2008 Lanie Hunt

Mary Northrup

Congratulations to Mary Northrup for earning top honors and a monetary prize in “Creative Communication’s” national writing contest. Her essay, “Strength Training” contrasted her summer job on a farm to the physical challenge of training for the U.S. Navy.

Kudos to Megan Locatis, who won first place (and an iPad) in the Michigan American Nuclear Society “Careers in Energy” essay contest. Her essay described many types of nulear energy workers and explained how they make “life as we know it” possible. Megan Locatis

1981 Sheryl Sebright Beth Wilson

C.O.D.E. Orange What does it mean to you?

Students Donna Evans, Zach Boysen, James Hattey, Corrie Wolthuis, and Logan Raab act out a scene from Macbeth.

In October, members from the Stratford Festival’s Teaching Shakespeare group visited English and Acting classes at AHS. The workshops, made available through MSU’s extension program, were on how to interpret Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

Help design a logo & t-shirt design for the first annual “CODE ORange” event -- designed to promote school and community spirit! Pick up design contest form at any of our schools! Page 11

Jack and the Beanstalk

Pine Trails students with no disciplinary referrals were treated to a special presentation by the AHS Advanced Acting class, who performed a “Readers Theater” play of Jack & the Beanstalk. Pine Trails’ own principal Dave Kanine played the beanstalk, and in this photo Jack (Steve McKeever) tries to escape with his golden goose (Danielle Slade). The students enjoyed the narrators, the actors in their various roles, the sound effects, and especially the audience participation!

Wishin’ Upon a Star . . Students from Allegan Public Schools worked together with students from Otsego High School to raise funds for the Make-AWish Foundation this fall with the goal in mind of earning enough cash to make a wish come true for one of our students, Drew VerHoeven. Drew is a 5th grader at Dawson Elementary who has muscular dystrophy. His wish was for his entire family to take a Disney Cruise. When Allegan students and staff found out that Otsego was mounting the fundraising campaign, they asked if we could help. The two schools together raised over $10,000 to make Drew’s wish a reality, with over $3,000 being raised by Allegan Schools in less than a week! The VerHoeven family wishes to thank both communities for their unselfish efforts on behalf of their son, who is bursting with anticipation for the Disney trip this winter!

Drew an d his fam mother, Becky, is ily (his pictured were gu ) es Homeco ts at the Otsego ming foo tball gam against Alleg e were pre an, where they sented w Make-A it -Wish do h the nation o n their beh alf Drew and his instructio nal assistant, Jolene M iller, who has been his one-o n-one aid for ov er 7 years!

rs t Leade Studen dent o g e ts ,O Stu Dardis llegan and l Herve ma Bomeli, A a e, ip n c a r in C r d Em uren day n a OHS P a L r d e y n n o a o the Lydia M Deidre Smith evin Harness d been met s Leader perintendent K aising goal ha u S ndr n a their fu urpassed! Alleg ed that ds n r n a a le they

Above: Allegan football players watc h the presentation for Drew at the Octo ber 7 football game. Above, right: Otsego student leaders pose with Drew and his fam ily!

Page 12

ORANGE Krate goes PINK for the cure

West Ward staff and students get in the “pink” spirit!

Thank you to all the APS staff members who participated the 2011 “Passionately Pink for the Cure” campaign. Together, staff raised $796 for Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. Students at West Ward and Pine Trails also participated, bringing the grand total up to $1,042.50. In the last five years, APS has raised over $4,000!!! Donations were made in memory of former employees Deb Kasprzyk and Lisa Hopkins. Kudos to Laura Sullivan, teacher at West Ward, for organizing the campaign each year. Mrs. Sullivan even added pink highlights to her hair for every $100 raised by students at West Ward!

AHS “Krate” students Tanner Boysen, Stone Evans, and Kendall Luckett model the popular t-shirts that were sold.

For the 2nd straight year, students in Allegan High School’s Orange Krate participated in a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness by selling t-shirts, with proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Special thanks to Audra Lang at Dawson for her help in this year’s project. A check in the amount of $225 was sent for the cause!

Swim for Safe Harbor

Not only was this an historic year for the Allegan women’s swim team because they broke many school records and finished in 2nd place in the conference, they also made history by teaming up with Plainwell’s swim team for a charity swim meet to benefit Safe Harbor. This organization in Allegan provides help for abused and neglected children. The combined teams raised $2,226 !!!

Soccer Balls for Charity

AHS students are collecting new and used soccer balls for children in South Africa. Collection boxes are in the high school media center and in the high school office. More information on the charity’s website at:

Middle School Student Council members who helped pack and deliver the food items were (left to right): Brandon Day, Thomas Loftus, Kara Bishop, Nevada Henrickson, Benjamin Andrews, Jacob Sturman, Thomas Voglewede, Kaitlyn Barnes, Jaqueline Hurtado, Shayna Gomber.

Food Pantry Collection

Students from L.E.White Middle School collected non-perishable food items that were delivered to the Allegan Ministerium Central Food Pantry in November. The school collected 1,445 items during the week before Thanksgiving.

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Want to be more involved in the athletic program? Want some of the “best seats in the house”? Want to do something to help make the athletic events go? There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available at the high school and middle school athletic events: scorekeepers, ticket takers, announcers, concession workers, Booster Club committees and much, much more. Contact the Athletic Department for more information or to volunteer for one contest or many. No experience required – we’ll get you ready.


The most up-to-date schedules for all of our teams can be found on the Athletic Department webpage: www.alleganpublicschools. org. Click on “Programs”, “Athletics”, then “WEEKLY SCHEDULES”. From there you can select the team you want. Schedules, results, parent meetings and other athletic information can be found there. Pocket schedules are available at the athletic office at the high school, as well as at athletic events.


Athletic Passes are now on sale at the athletic office. Take in more of the excitement of high school and middle school sporting events and SAVE! The Wolverine Conference has set individual admissions at $5.00; buy a pass and pay as little as $2.40 for each contest. 10-Event Pass…………….$25.00 25-Event Pass…………….$60.00 Passes are also available from our ticket-takers. Join us in the fun of school athletics.


There was a lot of excitement this fall on the fields, the courts, the pool, the course and the links. Numbers of participants were up, numbers of spectators were up, numbers of wins were up and the fun of high school athletics was in evidence at all venues. Hopefully you took some of it in. At the conclusion of the fall season, the Tigers were in 6th place in the Wolverine Conference All-Sport race, with Otsego holding the top spot. • •

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Highlights The girls golf team, in just its third year of existence, won their first conference jamboree and finished 3rd in the final conference standings. The girls swim team, in just its fifth year, recorded their best conference finish, 2nd place. Ten Tiger swimmers qualified for the state final meet, with Samantha Ellis finishing in 11th place in the backstroke and Emily Hartman notching two 16th place finishes in freestyle events. The tennis team won the conference championship and qualified for the state final tournament where they finished 11th. The #1 Doubles team of Jesse DeBoer and Alex Wittkop were selected to the all-state team. The team was recognized for their academic achievements as well, receiving an all-state academic award. The volleyball team finished in 3rd place in the league, its best in 10 years Jessica Shaw qualified for the state meet in girls cross country. Page 14


December 10 – Allegan Wrestling Invitational December 13 – Boys Basketball Conference Home Opener vs. Vicksburg December 16 – Girls & Boys Basketball Varsity Doubleheader vs. Plainwell December 17 – Bowling Home Opener at Sunset Lanes January 25 – Wolverine Conference Cheer Jamboree (H) January 27 – Snowcoming Game vs. Dowagiac February 15 – Wrestling Regional Team Tournament (H) February 18 – Competitive Cheer District Meet (H) February 24-25 – Conference Swim Meet (H)


BOOSTER CLUB INFO 1. Allegan Tiger Spirit items make great Christmas gifts for those on your list of any age. Contact the Athletic Office or check things out at the games. 2. Keep informed…..Please find our page (Allegan All-Sports Booster Club) and click “Like” so you can receive the most up to date information regarding the Booster Club and our athletes, coaches, and events. The Booster Club also has a website filled with information about what’s going on. The site is linked to the Allegan athletic page. 3. Don’t forget to support the organization that is supporting your athlete. Join the Booster Club today. Annual dues are $10 per person or $15 per couple. Lifetime memberships are also available. 4. Watch for news about this year’s Allegan Educational Foundation/Booster Club Cash Party. It will be another fun-filled night.

Allegan Recreation & Aquatic Center 2011-12 Winter Programs

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Trevor Horwath- Rec. Director (ext 5506) Andrea Murphy - Aquatic Director (ext 5507) Pool Information: 673-7002 ext. 5541 email:

FROM: Allegan Public Schools 550 Fifth Street Allegan, MI 49010

ECRWS TO: Current Resident Allegan, MI 49010

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The Allegan Public School District complies with all federal laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, marital status, political belief, or physical or mental handicap or disability--in all of its programs and in employment. Inquiries or complaints should be directed to the Superintendent of Schools, 550 Fifth Street, Allegan, MI (phone 269-673-5431).

Holiday Concerts at the Allegan High School Performing Arts Center: Dec. 5 - HS, 8th grade bands (7 pm) Dec. 6 - 6th, 7th grade bands (7 pm) Dec. 13 - Choir Concerts: MS choir (6:30 pm) HS choirs (8:00 pm)

Creative Fun with Pumpkins

Kindergartners from Mrs. Norland’s class at Dawson Elementary, along with their families, used their creative abilities to decorate pumpkins, without puncturing or cutting them. Students then voted for the winning pumpkins during Halloween activities. Winning pumpkins were (left to right): Theo Lange (1st place-vampire), Campbell Brooks (2nd place-SpiderMan), Ella Mae Carter (3rd place-princess).

Downtown “Spruce-up” Middle School students were involved in their annual service project to “spruce up” the downtown Allegan area with decorated Christmas trees. Once again, this project was coordinated by Alva Morgan, middle school instructional assistant, with help from the various middle school teachers who supervised the decorating. Pictured from one of the decorating groups are (clockwise from bottom left): Megan VerHoeven, Molly Long, Dylan Johnson, Tyler Krcma, Tyler Flores, Christian MacCartny, Lydia Huff, and Josselyn Van Horn. Page 16

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