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Sunday 9th January 2011 SEAGULL RESCUED BY STALLHOLDER At our December Market, casual stallholder Lennox local Simon retrieved from the lake edge a distressed young seagull that was tangled in discarded fishing line. The seagull would have certainly starved to death, it was strangled by the line which was cutting into the neck and mouth, with patience and perseverance the gull was freed and taken to the beach and released. With summer here and everyone spending more time outdoors this is a timely reminder that: We can all make a difference. If a flunky fisherman has left dangerous rubbish behind, make a difference and please pick it up! If you are a fisherman, clear up all gear when finished and assist and encourage your friends. Seabird Rescue runs on donations, they also hold regular training classes for new volunteers.

Pale greenish/cream flowers are prolific September to October, providing nectar for wildlife and insects. These are followed by abundant bird attracting capsule like fruit, yellow, rough-skinned, 3-lobed, densely hairy inside, they contain three seeds, black surrounded by orange flesh. They are ripe November to January and are easily spotted in our food area.

These fruits are not edible but make an excellent food source for a wide range of wildlife. This tree is the host plant to the delicate up to 3cm, Bright Cornelian Butterfly; the caterpillars eat the young seeds. Lady Bright Cornelian Butterfly.

Mobile Phone: 0428 862852 Email: Phone: 02 66862852

WHAT ARE THOSE TREES WITH ORANGE FUITS? Small-leaved Tuckeroo Cupaniopsis parvifolia Is a hardy, bushy small tree with a spreading crown creating good shade, hardy but slow growing makes this excellent street tree.

Found in dry rainforests, it is indigenous to Lake Ainsworth and its habitat ranges from Gloucester NSW to SE Queensland.


Gentleman Bright Cornelian Butterfly.

These beautiful trees are native to New Guinea, New Caledonia, Australia and Fiji. Sadly, they have become an invasive plant in some parts of the United States, primarily Florida and Hawaii.

OUR ENVIROMENT Lennox By The Sea…Plastic Bag Free WE ARE ALL PLASTIC BAG FREE… Help us by recycling: save any boxes, cartons or packaging from your stall for other stalls to use. (Especially helpful for our plant stalls) ◊

Thank you to all stallholders on your efforts to look after the Lake Ainsworth Reserve.

We are very fortunate to be able to use this beautiful site for our market. We share it with some very rare species, so let’s work together to protect this sensitive area.

We need to be careful; we don’t want rubbish or pollution in the lake.

Keep our impact to a minimum by not driving over, disturbing or pruning any plants.

Reduce soil compaction - park and drive only in the allocated areas.

As a duty of care to our customers, a non-smoking policy is in place throughout the market area.

We will provide information on how the market can continue to improve the site.

Plant stalls are required to be part of the BushlandFriendly Nursery scheme.

The Lennox Community Market is a fundraising initiative to raise important funds for Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter. Proceeds from the market go directly towards keeping the rescue helicopter operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the 2010 financial year, the rescue helicopter completed more than 330 life-saving missions throughout the northern NSW region. In 2011, that commitment will be more important than ever. The service provided by Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter is free of charge for patients. However, more than half of its annual operating budget - $6.5 million in 2011 – must be raised through community support. This means that fundraising events such as the Lennox Community Market are vital for the service’s existence.


The staff and crew at Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter welcome you to the market and thank you for your support. The service is keen to improve and grow Lennox Community Market which in turn will provide improved opportunities for stall holders.

Please set an example to our visitors by supplying reduced packaging, recyclable materials; and also take the time to sort all the rubbish at your stall. FOOD AUDIT An audit of all food stalls will take place over the next two months. This combined with survey responses is part of continuous improvement at Lennox Community Market.

Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter 18 Brunswick Street, Lismore NSW Address: P O Box 822 Lismore 2480 Phone: 02 6627 4444 Email:


2010 was a big year in Lennox Head with the tornado making headlines in June, a mini cyclone in October making the Market a wash out and the Lennox Head Community Centre becoming almost a reality. We had mostly fine weather, some great local bands, a Facebook page with monthly photos and updates and, most importantly lots of happy visitors.

Please call me if you will be away, or have any queries. Joni Teal Coordinator Lennox Community Market PO BOX 1289 Byron Bay 2481

In December, Lennox Community Market was awarded the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Community Award. This is recognition to all stallholders for making the market such a success and being part of such a terrific day out for the Community of Lennox Head, local businesses and visitors to the area.

*Phone/fax: 02 66 87 4086 Email:

I would also like to thank the team at WLSRH for their constant support.


January 2011 newsletter edition  

Lennox Community Market

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