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2010 Vol 1

Has the Sexy Boots and Shoes you are looking for.

Joni Fashion Boutique JWMS-000700F -KISS3023 Kiss - Platform Boots: Thigh High 6" Stiletto Heel Lace-Up Platform Thigh-high Boot BlackStretchGloss/Bl ack *6/7/8/9/10 WhiteStretchGloss/W hite *7/8/9/10/11

JWMS-000701F -KISS295

Kiss - Mid-Platform Kiss 6" Stiletto Heel Ankle Cuff RS Platform Sandal BabyPinkRS/BabyPink* 6/7/8/9

Kiss - MidPlatform Kiss 6" Stiletto Heel Platform Sandal W/Spring Leg Wrap

Kiss - Mid-Platform Kiss 6" Heel Lace-Up Platform Sandal W/Interchangeable Laces

Black/Black *5/6/7/8/11


Silver/Clear *5/6/7/8/11

Retail $75.00.

Retail $130.00.

JWMS-000704F -KISS278LN

JWMS-000702F -KISS291

Retail to $68.50. JWMS-000715F -KISS231 Kiss - MidPlatform Kiss 6" Stiletto Heel Ankle WRap Platform Sandal Black/Clear *6/7/8/9/10

Black-RS/Black *6/7/8/9/10

JWMS-000732F -KISS209LT4 Kiss Specialty Light-Up 6" Heel Ankle Strap Platform Sandal W/"Star" Lights Black/Red-BlueClearLights *6/7/8/9

Silver-RS/Silver *6/7/8/9/10

Retail $99.00.

Retail $71.00

Retail $95.00.

Joni Fashion Boutique JWMS-000904F -FEM3020

Femme - Fetish Platform Femme 8" Block Heel, 1¼" Platform Boots BlackLeather *6/7/8/9/10

Retail $470.00.

JWMS-00651F -SEDUCE-1049 Seduce Women's CalfHigh Boot with Lace Up Front Tie. Mid-calf boots, 5" spike heels, open front, lace up tie, inside zipper Black Gloss *6/7/8/9/10/11

Retail $68.95.

JWMS-000733F -KISS209LT3

Kiss - MidPlatform Kiss 6" Heel Ankle Strap Platform Sandal W/"O" Lights Black/PinkLights *9/10 Black/BlueLights *6/7/8/9/11

Retail $95.00.

JWMS-0331F -MIL2015 "Milan" - Women's Pointed Toe Ankle Boots with Multiple Buckles 4½ " spike heel, 5 buckles, full inside zipper. Block Gloss * 6/7/8/9/10/11 White Gloss *6/7/8/9/10/11

Retail to $89.95

JWMS-00432F -TIPJAR728-4 Tipjar - Women's 7 Inch Clear Hollow Platform Shoes with Clear Ankle Strap & Lips Coin Slot Clear/Neon Pink Lips *6/7/8/9/10 Clear/Red Glitter Lips */6/7/8/9/10

Retail $89.95.

JWMS-000342F -XTC2000

XTC - Platform Boots: Knee High (XTC100/B), 7½" Stretch Platform Knee-high Boot, Side Zipper Stretch Black *6/78/9/10

Retail to $89.00.

Joni Fashion Boutique JWMS-000452F -TAB2021 Taboo - Platform Boots: Knee High 7½" Stiletto Heel Stretch Lace-Up Platform Kneehigh Boot BlackStretchGloss/ Black *6/7/8/9/10/11 WhiteStretchGloss/ White *6/7/8/9/10/11

Retail $116.00.

JWMS-000453F -TAB2020LN Taboo Platform Boots Knee High 7½" Lace-Up Lined Platform Knee Boot, Side Zip Black/Black *6/7/8/11

Retail $130.00.

JWMS-000454F -TAB2000 Taboo - Platform Boots Knee High 7½" Stiletto Heel Stretch Platform Knee Boot BlackStretchGloss/Black *6/7/8/9/10/11 .

Retail $109.00

JWMS-00868F-DOMINA-449 JWMS-00740F-KISS-249 Kiss - Women's Platform Heel with Ankle Band and Instep Strap. Open toe platform, 6" heel, ankle band, instep strap Black Stretch Gloss/Black *6/7/8/9/10/11

Retail $65.95.

JWMS-00865F-DOMINA-456 Domina - Women's Ribbon Lace Up Pump with D-Ring Mary Jane style pump, 6" spike heel, instep and ankle lace up strap. Black Gloss *7/8/9/10/11

Retail $77.95.

Domina - Women's Mary Jane Multi Instep and Ankle Strappy Pump with Buckles Mary Jane style pump, 6" spike heel, multistrap instep and ankle buckles. Black Gloss *7/8/9/10/11

Retail $81.00.

Joni Fashion Boutique JWMS-00506F-VOGUE-33

Vogue - Women's Open Toe Sandals with Wrap Around Ankle Strap. 5" heels, wrap around stay up ankle strap, padded footbed. Black/Black *7/8/9/11

Retail $53.95

JWMS-00656F -SCREAM-2027

Scream - 6 Metal Heel Knee Hi Blk Boots 6’ spike heels, fetish pointed toe, front lace up, full inside zipper, rear buckles. Black Gloss *6/7/8/9/10/11

Retail $110.95


Gala - Women's Strappy Heeled Shoes with Leather Wrap Around Design 5" heel, padded footbed, leather wrap around design. Black Leather/Black *6/7/8/11


Scream - 6" Metal Heel Thigh Hi Blk Boots Retail to to $128.95. 6" spike heels, fetish pointed toe, thigh high, full inside zipper. Black Gloss *8/9/10/11

Retail $128.95

Retail $50.95.

JWMS-00672F-REVENGE-3000 Revenge 6¼ HEEL, 2 Platform Pointed Toe Knee Boots Pointed toe, 6 square heel, 2 platform, inside zipper. Black Stretch Gloss *6/7/8/9

Retail $98.95.

JWMS-00824F -FEMME-3020 Femme - Women's Block Heel Thigh High Lace Up Fetish Boots Super high 8" block heel, 1½ " platform, inside zipper, front lace up. Black Gloss *8/9/10/11

Retail $359.95.

Joni Fashion Boutique JWMS-000636F-PLA109

Playbunny Women's 5 Inch Shoes with Rear Bunny Tail Accent 5 inch heel, front bow accent on ankle strap, rear bunny tail puff. BabyPinkGloss *6/7/8/9/10 WhiteGloss *67/8/9/10

Retail $50.00

JWMS-00731F -LEGEND-8899

Legend - Women's Thigh High Boots with Back Tie. Thigh high boots, back lace up, 5"heels. 4 Colors. Black, White, Red, Brown Pig Leather *6/7/8/9/10/11

JWMS-00738F-KISS-258 Kiss - Women's Knee High Wrap Around Sandal Wrap around knee high sandals, back zipper, 6" heel, clear toe strap. Black /Black *8/910/12 Clear/Clear *8/9/10/12

Retail $65.95.

JWMS-00613F -SEDUCE-5010

Seduce - Women's Chap Boots with Adjustable Belt and Buckle with Dual Cinch Straps. Chap boots, 5" heels, full inside zipper, metallic belt buckle, adjustable belt up to 40"es, dual Cinch straps, pointed toes. Black Gloss *6/7/8/9/10/11

Retail $119.95 Retail $101.95


Milan - Women's Pointed Toe Pump with Lace Up Front. Pointed toe pumps, 4½ " heel, lace up front, open heel. Black Gloss *7/8/9/10/11

Retail $56.95

JWMS-00614F -SEDUCE-5000

Seduce - Women's Stretch Chap Boot with Full Inside Zipper Stretch chap boots, 5" heels, full inside zipper, metallic belt buckle, heart accent on cinch, pointed toes. Black Stretch Gloss *6/7/8/9/10/11 Red Stretch Gloss *7/8/9/10/11

Retail $119.95.

Joni Fashion Boutique JWMS-00700F-MILAN-60

Milan - Women's Oxford Mock 4 ½”Saddle Shoe Design Pumps and Lace Up Front Black/White Gloss *5/6/7/8/9/10

Retail $62.95.

JWMS-0373F-MON32 "Monroe" - Women's Strappy Rhinestone Heel Sandals/Shoes with Rhinestone Accents Women's shoes, 4½ " rhinestone heel accent,¼ " platform, crisscross heel & toe straps with rhinestone accent. Black Satin * 5/6/7/8/9/10 Silver */5/6/7/8/9

Retail $99.99.


Milan – Women's Leather D'Orsay StylePumps with Quarter Inch Criss-Cross Straps D'Orsay style pumps, 4¼ " heels, leather, criss-cross design, quarter" straps, pointed toes. Black Leather *7/10/11

Retail $74.95.


"Heat" - Women's Metal Heel & Toe Pumps/Shoes with Ribbon Ankle Wrap Mirrored Silver Metal 4" heel and toe accent, ribbon ankle lace up, Black.* 6/7/8/9/10/11

Retail $59.95.

JWMS-00718F-MILAN-09 Milan - Women's Classic Pump with Saddle Shoe Design Classic pumps, 4½ " spike heels, lace up front, saddle shoe design. Black/White Gloss *6/7/8/9/10/11

Retail $53.95.

JWMS-0487F-VAN445 "Vanity "Women's Crisscross Ankle Strap Pumps/Shoes Crisscross Ankle strap, 4" Heel. Black *6/7/9/10/11

Retail $52.50.

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Joni Fashion Boutique Shoes and Boots Vol1  
Joni Fashion Boutique Shoes and Boots Vol1  

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