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Lawrie would to thank; His wife, Gill for her continued support and love. My agent Tony Turner, and Sam and Lynn Turner at Cheshire Art Agencies. And to my loyal band of collectors who continue to buy my work and to whom I am eternally grateful.

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Lawrie Williamson born 1932


Lawrie Williamson,N.D.D.,F.R.S.A.,R.B.SA.,M.A.F.A. Lawrie Williamson was born in 1932. He was educated in Derbyshire and at the age of 16 won a major exhibition to study at Nottingham College of Art, followed by Nottingham University and L’Ecole des Beaux Arts. His subjects vary widely and are drawn from a wealth of experience and observation. The common factor is light; a beery pub interior, launching a curragh on the beach or views of the Grand Canal or Florence. Each is filled with a light of its own which remains undimmed even in a darkening room. Winner of the Cornellisen Prize and twice winner of the Stanley Grimm Prize at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, also the Canson Prize at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. He paints in many media but mostly in oils. Twelve years ago he moved to Ireland with his wife Gill who also paints. Each has a generous studio on the side of a hill in County Tipperary where there are quietly amazing sights.

Recent Publications Artist & Illustrator July 2007 My Friends, Today’s Great Masters Jack Richeson Fine Art Series. Vol 2. ISBN 0-9779906-1-3

A portrait of Lawrie Williamson by his wife Gill Bickerstaff

We are all going to write a book; the question is ‘when’? At the moment A. I’ve been asked. B. I am in a period of hesitation. C. I am compelled to review my position. In the light of the foregoing, the time is now. All this is due to the following. In 2009 I had a hip replacement. Immediately after this I had a stroke which isolated me from reality, or perhaps clarified it. Afterwards I was scanned. A cancer was found and a portion of my lung was removed. As I recovered, another cancer was found in my kidney, this was then removed. Anyway, what’s left of me is in pretty good order and I’m still painting. That is my excuse for dropping off production a little and, I apologise. Now, I feel happier and I am solidly back at work. Life has gained a purpose outside itself. Tony Turner my close friend and agent and I have assembled a broad selection of works. The earliest was done when I was sixteen, some whilst I was at college and most in the last twenty or so years. They are informed by what I have seen (as painting perhaps should be), and by exposure to the methods of the masters. I have been particularly charmed by the Florentines over a very long period. Their influence persists. Here I must quote my old and dear friend Brian Sewell, ‘I don’t know what art is, but I do know what it isn’t, and it isn’t someone walking around with a salmon over his shoulder, or embroidering the name of everyone they have ever slept with on the inside of a tent.’ (Independent 26 April 1999)

Anyway, so far I’ve said nothing about making paintings. Entering my studio, I find some beautifully washed brushes and one which I missed. This is the story of painting at its simplest, we never quite get it right, so others always have something to do. Noses appear from the darkness of a pub corner, and dogs creep into the foreground or wrap themselves and their masters coats in their leads on a cold morning. The pool of interest is unending and the methods of recording are limitless. Each country defines its contribution in its own language. Germany gave us the ‘mahl’ stick or painting stick. The term ‘Sfumato’ (smoke) came from Italy. A substantial history of painting can be grasped from a broad examination of these terms. I can bumble on with ‘Alla Prima’ ‘Art Brut’ ‘Art Nouveau’ ‘ Au Premier Coup’ ‘Chiaroscuro’ ‘Capriccio’ and so on. However, this is about painting so I had better get up and paint. Having read this far, you will be no wiser, but much better informed.

My Dog Pencil Sketch

Nudes Oil on Canvas Painted in 1950 when Lawrie was 18

Beauty Before Age Watercolour

Hunkered Down Oil on Canvas

< Clock Watching (detail) Oil on Canvas

Giant Prawns Oil on Canvas

Friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dog Oil on Canvas

Hawker Oil on Canvas

Find the Lady Oil on Canvas

Long Bar & Dogs (detail) Oil on Canvas


< Hiatus Oil on Canvas

Reflection Oil on Canvas

Settling Oil on Canvas


Revelation Watercolour

Unanimity Oil on Canvas

< Barley Mow Oil on Canvas

> Alla Prima (detail) Oil on Canvas

Festival Flowers Oil on Canvas

Jolly Colliers Oil on Canvas

< Dazzle (detail) Oil on Canvas

Bonfire Night Oil on Canvas

Loading at the Arsenal Oil on Canvas

> Launch (detail) Oil on Canvas

< Lismore Busker Oil on Canvas

Salmon Reel Oil on Canvas

Card Trick (detail) Watercolour

Joiner Oil on Canvas

> Dropping Off Oil on Canvas

< Wodge Oil on Canvas

Chuck Oil on Canvas

On (detail) Oil on Canvas

Nuisance (detail) Oil on Canvas

Lamps Oil on Canvas

> Canale della Giudecca (detail) Oil on Canvas

< Boat Sketch (detail) Oil on Canvas

Dull Morning Oil on Canvas

Best Opinion Oil on Canvas

Head On Oil on Canvas

Rough Beach Oil on Canvas

Standing Off Oil on Canvas

Dog Biscuit Watercolour

Stroller Watercolour

< Loose Talk Oil on Canvas

Three Hot Dogs Oil on Canvas

< Runners Oil on Canvas

Pit Top Man Oil on Canvas

Quiet Word Oil on Canvas

Saloon Bar Oil on Canvas

< Third Round Oil on Canvas

Back Door Oil on Canvas

Chip Basin Oil on Canvas


Return Match Oil on Canvas

Hint Oil on Canvas

Grub Oil on Canvas

South West Oil on Canvas


String Oil on Canvas

Additives Oil on Canvas

< Hot Coals Oil on Canvas

Two Glasses Watercolour

Boats Venice Oil on Canvas

Canal Venice Oil on Canvas

< Cover (detail) Oil on Canvas

> Mutual Examination (detail) Oil on Canvas

< Couples Out Watercolour

Thumbs Up Watercolour

Best Room Oil on Canvas

> By the Step (detail) Oil on Canvas

< Study for a Head Pencil Sketch

Group of Heads Pencil Sketch

Kelp Sketch (detail) Pen & Wash

Girl with Creels Pencil Sketch

Shore Wind Pen & Wash

< Sickles Oil on Canvas

Wet Day Kelp Pen & Wash

Over the Stones Oil on Canvas

Flat Beach Watercolour

By the Boats (detail) Oil on Canvas

Musketeers Oil on Canvas

> Fly Tier Oil on Canvas

My Dog Nudes Beauty Before Age Hunkered Down Clock Watching Giant Prawns Friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dog Hawker Find the Lady Long Bar & Dogs Hiatus Reflection Settling Revelation Unanimity Barley Mow Alla Prima Festival Flowers Jolley Colliers Dazzle Bonfire Night Loading at the Arsenal

Launch Lismore Busker Salmon Reel Card Trick Joiner Dropping Off Wodge Chuck On Nuisance Lamps Canale della Giudecca Boat Sketch Dull Morning Best Opinion Head On Rough Beach Standing Off Dog Biscuit Stroller Loose Talk Three Hot Dogs

Runners Pit Top Man Quiet Word Saloon Bar Third Round Back Door Chip Basin Return Match Hint Grub South West String Additives Hot Coals Two Glasses Boats Venice Canal Venice Cover Mutual Examination Couples Out Thumbs Up Best Room

By the Step Study for a Head Group of Heads Kelp Sketch Girl with Creels Shore Wind Sickles Wet Day Kelp Over the Stones Flat Beach By the Boats Musketeers Fly Tier

Lawrie Williamson Book  
Lawrie Williamson Book  

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