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Welcome. We Are So Excited to Serve You.

Greetings. My name is Thom Woodward and I am the Executive Vice President of TargetSolutions, which as you have now learned has joined forces with CiNet’s Fire & Emergency Training Network through acquisition by our new parent company, VectorLearning. This is an exciting time for our company and we couldn’t be more delighted to share our plans with you.

One of the reasons we’re so excited is because of the opportunity to transition clients of FETN to TargetSolutions’ online training management system. Our company’s mission has long been to provide accredited courses, best-in-class software applications, and outstanding customer service to those serving in public safety. After all, a well-trained emergency responder is a better, more prepared emergency responder. And with that in mind, we are thrilled to provide your department with the ultimate system for maximizing the online training experience.

Undoubtedly, you have many questions about how this transition will unfold. We suspect you will be anxious to learn what you are gaining. We understand you purchased services from FETN for a reason. But we’re confident you’re going to find TargetSolutions more engaging for scheduling, delivering and tracking training.

This Support Guide aims to answer your questions. But if you have any additional concerns, please e-mail our migration specialist, Eric Kile, at and he will be in touch right away. Once again, we’re so excited to have this opportunity to serve you.



TargetSolutions Executive Vice President


Making the Switch from FETN to TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions exists to deliver engaging online training courses, powerful fire department software, and world-class customer service. With TargetSolutions you will be gaining more than 160 hours of EMS continuing education, as well as valuable NFPA training courses. In addition to the new courses, you’ll be able to manage training on the industry’s most reliable and powerful applications. We’re confident you’re going to be thrilled after switching to TargetSolutions’ online fire training system. Feature

The application.


What it does.


More Than 250 Hours of Training: TargetSolutions offers engaging EMS continuing education, valuable NFPA training, OSHA, HR and EVO courses.

Bulletin Board, Logo, Dashboard: The Home page features an editable bulletin board and your logo. The Administrator page features a dashboard with real-time metrics. Easily Manage Site Access: Platform managers can manage and update their employees’ levels of access to the online training management platform. Effectively Deliver Courses: Schedule engaging online training courses with powerful, easy-to-use learning management system. Stay Compliant at All Times: Set up e-mail alerts for employees that update key stakeholders when expirations and deadlines approach.

Store Files and Go Paperless: Store organizational resources, including SOPs, new-hire documentation, and other files in a password-protected online location.

Analyze Completion Reports in Real Time: Departments can generate, analyze, save, and print reports on completed and incomplete assignments.

Always One Step Ahead: The TargetSolutions system is fast and reliable. Servers exceed 99.9 percent uptime and system infrastructure has been backed up.

Our Clients

What They’re Saying.

TargetSolutions is the best decision I've ever made. They've gone a long way to assist the department and to assist me with my job. If it's on our TargetSolutions system, we're good.” MARK FLEMING Division Chief

City of Lawrence Fire Dept. (Ind.)

TargetSolutions is critical for us in completing our mandated training requirements. It gives us the ability to do all the things we are required to do. TargetSolutions is an invaluable tool for us.” STUART SPRUNG Fire Training Specialist

Oceanside Fire Dept. (Calif.)



PREPARATORY n Clinical Decision-Making n Common Infectious Pathogens n Communication and Documentation n Cultural Diversity for EMS Providers n Diet & Nutrition n Health & Wellness n HIPAA Awareness n Infectious Disease Control n Medical, Ethical, and Legal Issues n Protecting Yourself from Influenza n Therapeutic Communications n Workplace Stress

AIRWAY n Advanced Airways: Intubation and Beyond (2 hours) n Airway Management Advanced (2 hours) n Airway Management Basic n Blind Nasotracheal Intubation n Capnography n Mechanics of Breathing n Orotracheal Intubation n Respiratory System A&P Review n Suctioning the Patient Airway n Supplemental Oxygen n Tracheostomies Advanced

PATIENT ASSESSMENT n Assessing the Patient with Major Trauma n Patient Assessment Advanced n Patient Assessment Basic n Rapid Secondary Assessment n Special Challenges in Patient Assessment

MEDICAL n Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Advanced n Allergies and Anaphylaxis Advanced n Allergies and Anaphylaxis Basic n Altered Mental Status Advanced n Altitude Emergencies n Aquatic Emergencies n Asthma Advanced n Behavioral Emergencies Advanced n Behavioral Emergencies Basic n Carbon Monoxide Poisoning n Cardiac Emergencies Advanced n Cardiac Emergencies Basic n Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology Review n Complete Resuscitation: Integrating Post-Care Advanced

n Date Rape Drugs n Diabetic Ketoacidosis Advanced n Endocrine System Emergencies Advanced n Epilepsy n Fundamentals of 12 Lead ECG Operation and Interpretation n H1N1 (Swine Flu) n Heat Illness and Emergencies n Hematology n HIV/AIDS Awareness n Intraosseous Infusion Advanced n Intro to Arrhythmias: Escape Rhythms and Premature Complexes n Intro to Arrhythmias: Tachy-arrhythmias and Fibrillation n Managing Cardiac Arrest: During and After Resuscitation n Medication Errors n Methamphetamine n MRSA Infections n Non-Traumatic Abdominal Injuries n Non-Traumatic Chest Pain n Obstetrical Emergencies Advanced (2 hours) n Operating an AED n Pharmacology Advanced n Pharmacology Basic n Poisoning and Overdose n Prehospital Pulmonary Embolism Care n Renal Failure Advanced n Respiratory Emergencies Advanced n Respiratory Emergencies Basic n Toxicology and Substance Abuse Advanced n Understanding the Basics of ECGs

TRAUMA n Abdominal Trauma Advanced n Abdominal Trauma Basic n Amputation Injuries Advanced n Bleeding and Shock Advanced n Bleeding and Shock Basic n Bomb Blast Injuries Advanced n Burn Management Advanced n Burn Management Basic n CNS Injuries Advanced n CNS Injuries Basic n Environmental Emergencies Advanced n Environmental Emergencies Basic n Femur Fractures n Gunshot Wounds n Head and Facial Injuries Advanced n Injuries and Infections of the Eye n Kinematics of Trauma

n Musculoskeletal Injuries Advanced n Musculoskeletal Injuries Basic n Pelvic Fractures Advanced n Spinal Cord Injuries n Thoracic Emergencies Advanced n Thoracic Emergencies Basic n Traumatic Head and Brain Injuries Advanced n Traumatic Injury During Pregnancy

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS n Bariatric Patients n Geriatric Behavioral Emergencies n Geriatric Emergencies Advanced n Geriatric Emergencies Basic n Geriatric Hip Injuries n Managing Chronic Care Patients n Neonatology Advanced n Obstetrical Emergencies Advanced (2 hour) n Obstetrical Emergencies Basic n Patient Abuse and Assault n Patients with Special Challenges n Pediatric Airway Management Advanced n Pediatric Assessment n Pediatric Burns Advanced n Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Advanced n Pediatric Emergencies Advanced n Pediatric Emergencies Basic n Pediatric Shock Advanced (2 hours) n Pediatric Trauma Advanced n Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

OPERATIONS n Back Injury Prevention n Confined-Space Entry n Crime Scene Awareness n Driving Safety n Emergency Response to Terrorism (Mods. 1–4) n Fire & EMS Grant Writing n First Responder Operations Level Refresher (Mods. 1–4) n Introduction to Hazardous Materials n Managing Multiple Casualty Incidents n Medical Extrication & Rescue n Hazard Communication ADDITIONAL COURSES n AHA HeartCode ACLS n AHA HeartCode BLS n AHA HeartCode PALS


NFPA 1001 SERIES | FIREFIGHTER I & II n Building Construction n Fire Behavior n Fire Control n Fire Department Communications n Fire Detection, Alarm & Suppression Systems n Fire Hose n Fire Prevention and Public Education n Fire Streams n Firefighter Orientation and Safety n Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment n Firefighting Foams n Forcible Entry into a Structure n Ground Ladders n Loss Control n Portable Extinguishers n Protection of Evidence of Fire Origin & Cause n Rescue and Extrication n Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus n Vehicle Extrication n Ventilation n Water Supply NFPA 1021 SERIES | COMPANY OFFICER n Action Plan Implementation n Assuming the Role of Company Officer n Budgeting

n Community Awareness n Company-Level Training n Elements of Supervision and Management n Fire and Life Safety Inspections n Fire Department Communications n Fire Department Structure n Fire Investigation n Firefighter Safety and Health n Government Structure n Incident Response Safety n Incident Scene Communications n Incident Scene Management n Information Management n Labor Relations n Leadership as a Group Influence n Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities n Pre-Incident Planning n Professional Ethics n Public Education Programs NFPA 1500 SERIES n Adv. HAZWOPER Awareness (Mods 1–4) n Bloodborne Pathogens Safety n Combustible & Flammable Liquids n Compressed Gas Safety n Confined Space Entry n CPR Academic

n Driving Safety n HAZMAT Spill Prevention & Control n HAZMAT Transportation n Laboratory Safety n Materials Handling, Storage, Use & Disposal n Personal Protective Equipment n Respiratory Protection n Hazard Communication n Welding Safety

GENERAL n Customer Service for Fire Dept. Personnel n Emerg. Response to Terrorism (Mods 1–4) n Fire & EMS Grant Writing n Fire Industry Driver Intersection Safety n Fire Industry Driver Operator n Fire Industry Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior n First Responder Hybrid Vehicle Incidents n First Responder Operations Level Refresh (Mods 1-4) n Firefighter Rehabilitation (Mods 1 and 2) n NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training Evolutions n NFPA 1584 Firefighter Rehabilitation WILDLAND FIREFIGHTING n RT-130 Annual Wildland Fire Safety (Mods. 1–4) n S-190 Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior (Mods. 1–4)


OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY n Advanced Construction Safety (Mods. 1–4) n Aerosol Transmissible Diseases n Alcohol-Free Workplace n Asbestos Awareness n Back Injury Prevention n Building Evacuation and Emergencies n Diet & Nutrition n Disaster Preparedness n Drug-Free Workplace n Electrical Safety n Eye Safety n Fall Protection n Fire Extinguisher Safety n Fire Prevention Safety n First Responder Operations Level (Mods. 1–4) n Forklift Safety n General Construction Safety n General First Aid Parts 1 & 2 n General Office Ergonomics n Hand & Power Tool Safety n Health & Wellness n Hearing Conservation n HIV/AIDS Awareness n Incident Investigation n Indoor Air Quality n Industrial Ergonomics n Ladder & Scaffolding Safety n Laser Safety n Lead Awareness n Lock-Out / Tag-Out n Office Safety

n Radiation Safety n Risk Assessment Analysis n Slips, Trips, & Falls Prevention n Working in Extreme Temperatures n Workplace Stress n Workplace Violence COMPLIANCE n Cal/OSHA Log 300 n General HIPAA Awareness n Sexual Harassment Awareness n Workplace Diversity

HUMAN RESOURCES n Alcohol-Free Workplace n Computer Security Awareness n Customer Service n Drug-Free Workplace n Ethics in the Workplace n General HIPAA Awareness n General Office Ergonomics n Health & Wellness n Office Safety n Red Flag Rules (Identity Theft Protection) n Sexual Harassment Awareness n Workplace Diversity n Workplace Stress n Workplace Violence

EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES FOR SUPERVISORS n Anger, Violence, and Conflict in the Workplace n Dealing with Issues of Alcohol & Substance Abuse

n Discipline and Termination n Employment Practices Overview n Interviewing and Hiring n Performance Management n Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace n Reasonable Suspicion of Alcohol for Supervisors n Reasonable Suspicion of Drugs for Supervisors n Understanding Employee Leave n Motor Vehicle Incident Investigation for Supervisors n Motor Vehicle Personnel Selection for Supervisors n Motor Vehicle Safety Overview for Supervisors n Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

CALIFORNIA STATE MANDATED TRAINING n CA Local Agency Ethics (AB 1234) n Cal/OSHA Log 300 n Sexual Harassment for Supervisors (CA AB 1825

DRIVER CURRICULUM n Accidents & Emergencies for EVO n Adjusting to Changing Conditions for EVO n Dangers of Speeding for EVO n Defensive Driving Strategies for EVO n Distracted Driving for EVO n Driver Safety Orientation for EVO n Emergency Vehicle Characteristics n Emergency Vehicle Operations n Impaired Driving for EVO n Intersection Safety for EVO n Legal Considerations for EVO n Safe Backing for EVO n Seat Belt & Airbag Safety for EVO


Questions and Answers on Switching to the TargetSolutions Platform

The questions listed below are aimed at providing answers to the most highly anticipated questions FETN clients will have regarding the switch to TargetSolutions. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact TargetSolutions’ Migration Specialist Eric Kile at (858) 376-1633.

Who Will Support My Transition to the TargetSolutions Platform? With TargetSolutions, you will have a dedicated account manager to help you during the transition and ongoing utilization of the TargetSolutions platform. In addition to the account manager, TargetSolutions offers support 24/7 at (800) 840-8048, a comprehensive online help system, live-chat functionality during normal business hours, and regularly scheduled webinars. If you have any questions, we are here to help. Will my current contract with CiNet (FETN/LETN) need to be changed when I switch to TargetSolutions? No. TargetSolutions will honor your department’s current contract. Prior to expiration, you may receive a new contract for your TargetSolutions license renewal. The new contract may be necessary to adjust the terms, duration and pricing you need going forward.

Are TargetSolutions’ Online Training Courses Accredited? Yes, TargetSolutions is accredited in the various industries it serves by more than 100 agencies across the United States.

Why Is Accreditation Important to Your Fire Department? You can use TargetSolutions to renew your EMS or fire certification. TargetSolutions offers accredited continuing education for all EMS provider levels in 49 of the 50 states, with the lone exception being Wyoming. TargetSolutions is also accredited in several states for fire recertification, including Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. If you have any other questions about accreditation in your state, please contact TargetSolutions at When Will FETN’s Online Training

Courses Become Available Inside the TargetSolutions Platform? TargetSolutions is in the process of evaluating all of FETN’s online training courses and videos and prioritizing the migration into the TargetSolutions library. TargetSolutions is extremely excited to have the ability to combine FETN content with TargetSolutions content, creating an online training library that is second to none. It will take some time to work through this process, but TargetSolutions will keep you updated with the progress.

Can I Stay on CiNow If I’m Not Ready to Switch Over to TargetSolutions? It is the intention of TargetSolutions to sunset the CiNow platform by June 3, 2014. TargetSolutions is encouraging clients to make the transition ASAP so they experience no interuption to their service.

Timeline of Your Department’s Transition to the TargetSolutions Platform

This overview breaks down how the process of transferring from FETN’s CiNow to TargetSolutions will unfold. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (858) 376-1633.


VectorLearning Acquires Web-Based Training Services Provider TargetSolutions

With the acquisition of TargetSolutions, VectorLearning will enhance its multi-vertical learning platform and further expand its course offerings for public safety professionals and emergency responders.

Tampa ---- VectorLearning, a leader in online education and training for a broad range of industries through its RedVector, CiNet, and CiNetRedVector brands, recently acquired San Diego, CA-based TargetSolutions, a pioneer in web-based training, learning and records management software for fire departments and EMS providers. The acquisition will uniquely impact VectorLearning’s CiNet brand, which currently provides online training for public safety organizations with a focus on firefighters, security professionals, law enforcement officers and emergency responders. “The opportunity to combine TargetSolutions with our CiNet public safety business puts us in a unique position to lead and rapidly grow our public safety training course library for fire, EMS, law enforcement and private security organizations,” said Tom Wallace, CEO of VectorLearning. “The mission of supporting and helping our first responders—the real heroes in our society—is one we take very seriously, and we are dedicated to continually investing in our online course library as well as our learning and records management software to provide our customers with an exceptional product and unparalleled support.”

With the acquisition of TargetSolutions, VectorLearning will significantly expand its existing public safety course library—making it by far the largest of its kind in the industry. In addition, VectorLearning will take advantage of the opportunity to provide even more best-in-class products and services to its customers. Since 1999, TargetSolutions has delivered powerful and intuitive training solutions proven to reduce injuries and improve ROI.

“TargetSolutions is always looking to improve technology for our clients, and part of that involves evaluating beneficial business partnerships and acquisitions,” said Thom Woodward, EVP of Sales and Marketing for TargetSolutions. “VectorLearning stood out as a viable partner because its products, services and technology were in sync with our own commitment to innovation and excellence in online education and training. Our decision to merge with VectorLearning is one that will help us continue to improve technology and services, broaden our reach with new resources, and introduce new and better ways for our clients to constantly do more.”

Together, VectorLearning and TargetSolutions will offer a robust online continuing education and corporate training solution to more than 1,800 companies in a broad range of industries—with a combined course library of more than 3,500 course titles and a state-of-the-art eLearning and training management solution. As a result of the acquisition, VectorLearning will employ more than 165 individuals at three different locations throughout the U.S.

About VectorLearning VectorLearning sets the standard for excellence in online continuing education and training for organizations as well as licensed technical professionals in the design and construction, industrial operations, and public safety industries. Through its award-winning Learning and Performance Engine, the company offers individual courses as well as large-scale corporate training solutions featuring customizable and easily accessible online universities with a full range of tracking and reporting features. With an online library exceeding 2,000 interactive and accredited courses authored by more than 200 subject matter experts, VectorLearning serves more than 300,000 working professionals in all 50 states and Canada. The recipient of numerous community honors and industry awards, VectorLearning was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. For further information call 1-866-546-1212 or visit

A well-trained emergency responder is a safer, more efficient and more effective emergency responder. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s most powerful training management system featuring dynamic online training courses and applications. | 800.840.8048

Platform Solutions: TS Fire Service Training Trackers  

TargetSolutions features a unique, one-of-a-kind records management system with ready-made tools for managing critical requirements, includi...

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