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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2...................Intro from the Director 4...................International Development Snapshot 6.................Summer Trips Summary Summer/Spring Breaks Trips 8.................Asia 20.................Africa 38.................South & Central America 56.................NORTH AMERICA 66.................EUROPE 72.................College TRIPS 82...................Program Summary 84.................ROPES 86.................OUTREACH SUMMARY 90.................FALL OUTREACH 91..................SPRING OUTREACH 92.................STAFF 94.................THANK YOU

Intro FROM THE DIRECTOR Thank you for taking the time to read the “ORU Missions and Outreach 2011-2012 Stories of Impact” from our student-led missions trips and outreaches. We hope that these testimonies from our students and those they were able to serve challenge and encourage you to pursue God’s heart for His people in a new way. We have the honor of working with some of the most compassionate ministries and organizations that are committed to see sustainable impact in cities and nations around the world. Our teams were able to reach remote villages of Africa with no electricity or clean water, malnourished youth in Central and South America, broken and impoverished people of Europe, abandoned orphans in Asia, and even many desperate and in need people in cities across our own country, including our home city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We saw blind eyes opened in Zambia; Muslims that came to the Lord in Togo, Tanzania, and Ghana. We saw young orphans come to know of the Father’s love in several countries of Asia and Africa. Thousands of people gave their hearts to Christ across Central and South America. Our team in Tanzania distributed over 40,000 Bibles and shared the Gospel with many who had never before heard, including a witch-doctor of 30 years who surrendered his life to Christ and now an entire village will forever be changed. This last year we sent out 288 missionaries on 32 trips to 24 different countries as well as sending out 20 Community Outreach teams in the Tulsa community. Some of them brought much needed medical supplies and services, clean water, construction, renewable energy, education and many more resources and talents to serve those who need it most. But the greatest resource we have to offer any village or community is the love of Christ that has the power to remedy what no community development project can fix. “This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be lost; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again.” John 3:16-17 Thank you for partnering with us “to help put the world right again” through our missions and outreach efforts. May His love fill you as you read these stories and lead you to go to great lengths for the world around you. With gratitude, Bobby Parks Director of ORU Missions and Outreach Page 3

International Development Snapshot


uatema la: Through the funds provided by a donors, a team of 6 students were able to build 15 water filters for 15 families in the city of Corrales. Each water filter is able to filter 5 gallons of water per hour. If taken care of properly, the water filter can be self-sustainable for up to 50 years. Along with building water filters, the team was able to dig a water cistern for a family in the city of Santa Maria. The team was also able to build stoves in various homes through-out Santa Maria.


elize: Designated funds allowed a team of ten to implement positive change in Unitedville, Belize through construction. The team was able to expand a store called Edwardo’s Shop which sells hand carved furniture and souvenirs. The team was also able to paint a dorm that provides housing for approximately five people. The team worked alongside Oasis Ministries and was able to paint their church’s store and build a fence foundation. Planting trees, landscaping, and building a grill were other ways the team was able to utilize the money received from funds.


anzania: The money provided for a team of 9 men to Tanzania paid for their work visa’s which allowed them to pass out Bibles. The team handed out a total of 50,000 Bibles; 6,000 in the villages of Konzanza and Entemi, 40,000 in the town of Mpanda and its surrounding villages, and close to 4,000 in the Lake Rukwa region. These Bibles were in the countries’ main language, Swahili, and included the New Testament only. Each Bible was personally delivered to the family’s home.


razil: Team Brazil, made up of ten team members, was able to tear down a church in order to build the foundation and walls for a new one. This project was funded through donated funds. The church is in the city of Partines. With over 100 people attending Pastor Samuel Reis’ church, the members needed a larger building to support their growing congregation. The new building will be able to support 200 to 300 people.


a meroon: Due to the funding by donors, a team of 8 people were able to hold medical clinics in Cameroon. The team was able to do a total of 11 medical clinics. On average, they saw close to 300 people at each clinic.

Each person would take medications such as antimalarials, pain meds, vitamins, antibacterial, or antifungals home with them.


hana: Six engineering students from ORU travelled to Ghana where they stayed and worked on the Radach Lodge and Conference Center in Tamale, Ghana. Through donor funding, the team was able to buy and

install 31 solar powered bulbs on the women’s vocational school, providing free lighting to three apartments, an office, the health clinic, six restroom stalls, a classroom, the dining hall, the kitchen, a storage room, and the grand hall. This project will benefit the 150-200 women who are taught there each semester, 8-10 fulltime employees who live at the school and doctors and nurses who work in the health clinic.


out h A f rica: This year, twelve ORU students, including 8 Division One athletes, were able to travel to South Africa for a soccer-based missions trip this past summer. The team handed out over 200 jerseys, 100 soccer balls, 100

pairs of socks, 70 pairs of cleats and 20 jackets to impoverished youth and children living in Cape Town. The team also spent half a day painting the office and cleaning the carpets at All Nations Africa House, a mobilization base for short term missions that hosts 3-4 missions teams a year.


om i n ica n Republ ic: Med ica l Allotted funds allowed ten students to travel to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for a week during Spring Break. The team set up medical clinics in three different locations where they checked blood pres-

sure and took the heart rate of over 200 local residents daily for three days. After being checked out by doctors, the team gave out over 100 bags of prescribed medicine a day, combating local issues such as high blood pressure, skin conditions and intestinal parasites due to bad water and nutrition.


u r k i n a Fa s o : Through donor funding, ten ORU students were able to travel to Burkina Faso where they painted the Kamboinse Women’s Center; a young women’s training center that holds teaching facilities, living quarters and is also used for village meetings. The team also planted over 400 mango trees to be used for food as

well as an olive tree which when harvested, will provide self-sustaining oil for the village in Kamboinse.

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32 ORU Missions Trips 24 Countries 288 Students 5 Music to the Nations Trips 5 Countries 41 Students 2 College of business trips 1 College of Nursing Trip 1 College of Engineering Trip 1 College of Education Trip 9 Students 5 Countries 30 Students

4100 Total Salvations 356 Total Healings

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CHINA L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Salome Pinto A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Jacob Fitch Te a m m e m b e r s • Amy Billings, Michael Bradford, Catherine Coussens, Holly Davidson, Taylor Diatte, Lydia Erskin, Robert Kreis, & Rachel Schemenaur C o n t a c t s : Directors Byron & Karen Brenneman and Peter Cassetta with Volunteer services

LETTERS FROM THE FIELD q Hope all is well! This past Sunday, we visited the International Christian Fellowship in Beijing. It was a treat to worship with other believers from countries all over, and it opened our eyes to how God can use the experts here in China to bring the gospel to the locals. One of the Chinese students here asked for a Bible. We gave him a Chinese Bible and he was very excited

Maya had an abnormality where her abdomen was extremely enlarged, they were able to spot it, begin surgery and give her treatments in time. I was able to feed her, pray with her & though she couldn’t speak she was inspiring. I loved just being able to see her smile despite all the surgery and things that were going on in her body, it was absolutely beautiful and a testament to how much Maya’s life is truly a miracle. -Taylor Diatte

about it! We told him to start reading through the gospels as he wants to learn more about Jesus; he has started reading through the book of Matthew. The baby we got to name from the Foster Home, Kate, is in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. We are praying that she will be able to receive heart surgery soon. Thank you for your encouragement, your prayers and wisdom. We are incredibly grateful :) -Team China

THE IMPACT Team China worked with an organization called N e w D a y . It is a multifacited organization; the team helped in three branches of New Day. }} At the New Day Learning Center team China assisted teachers on staff with teaching English to college aged students and assisted the school with promotional events. }} Then at New Day Creations

the team helped pack boxes in the manufacturing factory and conducted research on gathering Chinese products that will sell in the U.S market. }} At the New Day Foster Home the team assisted the nannies in taking care of special needs babies and toddlers and taught pre-school and English to the nannies

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L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Chelsea Dillion A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Braden Beck Te a m M e m b e r s : Tamara Evans, Emily Hong, Anastacia Kreider, Jessica Langdon, Joshua Means, Emiko Phillips, Corrine Seay, & Leah Sostman C o n t a c t s : Mark Blakely and Billy Cleary

THE IMPACT }} Planning and putting on events for young adults was the main area of ministry. During these events, the team was intentional to build relationships with the Japanese. }} Team Japan worked with an organization called Fuse Jesus Community. Through them the team was able to get involved in a wide variety of activities. }} They went to colleges and college aged venues to spread the word about events and the church. }} The students also had an opportunity to work with the kindergarten ministry which was mostly manual labor.

“One night I was talking to my Japanese friend Wam, and I felt God’s love tangibly come on me. I just started speaking life over him and telling him he is different for a reason. I asked if I could pray for him. In this moment God let me feel what his love felt like. T hi s i s w h at I h av e -

b e e n s e a r c hi n g f o r o v e r t h e pa s t y e a r .” Leah Sostman

LETTERS FROM THE FIELD q Hello from Norborito! This is Chelsea and Braden reporting from the kitchen of the PAZ ministry! Woo Woo! Here is our update: We have done TONS of outreach everyday. This includes things such as Street Band Outreach which is where a band plays and the other people around hand out flyers and talk to the people who stop to listen. We also just do flyer handouts where the team splits in teams of 2-3 and goes up to people to talk to them about Fuse, the English class by the church, and our Friday night international dinners. We have also done outreach at two of the local universities where we get to talk to college students and build really great relationships with them. It is amazing how we have already accumulated friendships with these people and how they come to our

events to see us again. Due to all of our outreach, we were able to assist with the largest turnout in the history of the Friday night international dinner. There was double the amount that they usually have. We have talked to around 20 people deeply about Christ and our faith. Please be praying for the people of Japan and that their hearts would be open to Jesus when we talk to them.

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Only two percent of Indians, knows Christ.

L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Michael Reyes A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Hannah Starke Te a m M e m b e r s : Austyn Clift, Sarah Dixon, Molly Laufer, Jasabet Munoz, Lilibeth Ramerez, Nydia Gutiérrez, Jessica Shorman, Stephanie Stoddard, & Benjamin Ray C o n t a c t s : John Chacko and Sarjin Varghese; Manjue John

LETTERS FROM THE FIELD q “...So far we have been able to spend two days at Pastor Sarjin’s orphanage and two days at the other compassion project nearby. We have been able to perform skits, sing songs, and teach various Bible lessons to over 600 children. They love the bracelets that you sent with us! The team has fallen in love with them all and we are all trying our best to learn all the names! Hannah and I have been asking the team to be vulnerable with the children and to not be afraid to let them know what they have gone through in their lives. During the service on Sunday, Jessica opened up to the congregation and shared, about everything she has gone through. She began to cry as she shared but she continued on and her testimony not only blessed the congregation but our team as well...”

“During the youth camp in Hyderbad, I met a college aged girl named Glory Kim. She is of Chinese descent, but Indian born and raised. She wants to work in Government. While we were talking ,

God gave me a vision of her bringing light to the darkness. God will use her to be a prophetic voice for the nations of India and China, I have no doubts.” -Sarah Dixon



Team India spent the first two weeks in the state of Kerala. While there, they worked with an organization called I n t e r c e s s i o n I n d i a . They worked in various avenues of ministry including: teaching orphans, facilitating games, leading small groups, performing skits, singing songs.

Team India spent the last two weeks in Hyderbad working with Operat ion Mobi l i zat ion I n d i a while there they helped with: }} A Youth camp (prayer/laying hands, dramas, games, media) }} Slum ministry (evangelizing, prayer, etc.) }} Work projects (painting, administration, etc.) }} Church services Page 15

Philippines L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Carl Roth A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : C ady Kendall Te a m M e m b e r s : Jalil Ashford, Jorden Bonanno, Erica Graham, Tammera McClenton, Rachel Meirink, Mallory Miller, Jacey Sirios C o n t a c t s : Toby Huyssen/Gabe Orr

LETTERS FROM THE FIELD q “...We have been hard at work in an attempt to finish the Field of Dreams. We have spent a total of five days out there and it has been quite taxing some days. Despite all of the work we had done, day four was causing most of us to feel as if our efforts were in vain due to the vast majority of land of which was still covered in weeds, trees, and trash. But in that moment, the Lord blessed our team with a group of Filipino people from down the street. They were staying at a rehab center nearby and one man said, “the rehab center changed my life so I want to help others in anyway that I can.” They were such an awesome addition to Team Philippines! On Saturday night, we went back to Tondo for the last time. We visited Pastor Herbie’s church, NewLife, and got to be a part of

their youth service. For the first part of the night, we got to watch the students have open mic. Our very own Mallory Miller even got to sing! Then a few of us were able to share our life and testimonies. After that, we got to worship with the youth of Tondo and hear a message from Pastor Herbie. Being able to see a completely different side of Tondo was truly a blessing for our team. When we are out in the city, we can feel a sense of hopelessness and despair, but the moment you walk into NewLife, things are completely different. Pastor Herbie is making such an impact within his city, but made such an impact on our team, as well. ...”

THE IMPACT }} Land development: cleared land that will become a community center sponsored by Compassion International }} Children’s ministry: handed out clothes, organized children’s events, taught Sunday school, led children’s services }} Adult ministry: prayer and healing ministry, made community visits }} Youth ministry: taught at youth retreats, organized youth events }} Worship seminars: organized worship workshops, taught at worship seminars

“During our trip to Tondo, we went to Smokey Mountain which is where coal is made. The air is filled with smoke and most families live in piles of garbage. Our team prayed over an

83 year old woman w ho h ad n’t b e en a ble to walk in four weeks due to hip problems.

After praying, she was healed! She was able to stand on her own and Just started dancing.. It was incredible to see her praise God for this miraculous healing even though she was literally dancing on garbage.” -Cady Kendall

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Thailand ED L e n g t h : 5 Weeks Te a m L e a d e r : Bradley Hinton A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Elizabeth Boisselle *Dr. Livingston, Professor of education traveled with the team Te a m M e m b e r s : Bethanie Head, Jeremiah Herbert, Noel Suggs, Therese Tipton, & Nicole Tucker C o n t a c t s : Ethel (school director) & Rung Maosi


Hello! “...Our team has been significantly stretched these past two weeks from the various teaching schedules, church services and along with high pace city life. Nonetheless, seeds have been planted and Christ has been glorified wherever we have placed our feet. Teaching at Santisuk has been an eye opening experience for all of us. The curriculum that we

teach from is Bible based; which has given us a tremendous platform to express our love for God. Because of our faith and passionate lifestyle, a number of students independently approach us and want to know more about Jesus. ....Our students from Santisuk have really been intrigued and fascinated with our lifestyle and the way we live for the Christ. This opened a huge door for us to

present the Gospel to them, especially when we have breakfast, lunch and dinner with them. We invite them to our services and cell group meetings and thankfully some had came with sincere hearts to learn more about God. Personally as a team, everyone has been experiencing God in a whole new way; understanding better what it means to be fully dependent on Him.�

THE IMPACT }} Teaching English: Santisuk English school offers 2 hour English classes to students 15 and older. There are 5 levels but only levels in 1-4 are taught by volunteer teachers. }} Building community with students: All volunteers are asked

to spend 4 hours each day building personal relationships with students. This can be done by just spending time in the lobby talking and playing games with students or by going out to eat with them and planning class trips. }} Ministry through the school: The school presents the Gospel daily through reading comprehension lessons. There is also a day during the session called English for fun

that is an interactive presentation of both the English language and the Gospel. }} Ministry through the church: The church at Santisuk has two services each week. A Thai service on Friday and an English service on Sunday. Each service starts and ends with everyone coming together to eat and fellowship with each other.

“My most memorable ministry experience was Tong’s conversion. Before coming to Santisuk, Tong had never heard about Jesus--

he was 100% Buddhist. God did an awesome work in his life. After only 3 and a half weeks of hanging out with our team, Tong told one of the staff members that he wanted to have the same God I had.

Tong accepted Jesus as Lord! ” -Jeremiah Herbert

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burkina faso L e n g t h : One month Te a m L e a d e r : Charles Shull A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Kathrine Roso Te a m M e m b e r s : Daniel Dickie Ciera Hill , Leah Bickers, Andrea Martinez-schleusz, Alexandria Wadsworth, Alexis Weber, Christina Williams C o n t a c t s : Danny Bayasen and Joel Hayslip

letters from the field q A couple highlight testimonies from Banfora are: 1) “There was this man who had a thumb that was bloated and it busted open from the pressure. Daniel and John Pag did some make shift surgery on his hand with some biodine and some tweezers to get out the puss. It was extremely gross, but giving this man some help and some antibiotics opened the door to sharing the gospel. Then the next day this same man came to church and was ecstatic to see us. I really believe this guy may become a believer just because we bandaged his thumb. 2) Secondly, there was a time that we went door to door in

the village and we were able to pray for a few families. While we were praying one time, we heard the muslim call to prayer ring throughout the village. But from this door to door ministry almost all of those people we prayed for came to church on Sunday. It seems so simple, but in the act of praying for peace in their families, a spark was lit in their heart to find the true peace in this life. Also, the local church pastor said he felt like God had broken the ground in the village and that many seeds were planted that day! I hope this pastor is encouraged and that God will greatly bless him.

Please pray that God will make us encouragers. We want to really uplift pastor Danny and his family and Joel and his family. I pray that through this last week we will encourage them to keep on going strong and do great ministry even after we are

the impact ´´ Children’s ministry: VBS and puppet shows with handing out Operation Christmas Child gifts. ´´ Work projects: Painted a women’s center, planted over 400 trees, painted a school. ´´ Evangelism: Door to door ministry, prayer walks, discipleship. ´´ Film showings: Christian film showings for villages. ´´ Preaching and teaching: Youth service and Sunday morning church services.

“My favorite ministry experience was when we were able to go to a refugee camp and see the most

joyful and sweet children.

It was amazing to see that even in their conditions of living they are still full of joy and so loving. We got to build relationships with them and that was definitely an amazing experience.

They knew our names and we knew theirs.” Raquel Martinez-Schleusz Page 23

c a m e r o o n Medical T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Debra Nicklas A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Aaron Hollenbaugh M e m b e r s : Brittany Balke, Vanessa Garcia, Jennifer Rogers, Quinlyn Ryan, Jessica Sabatka, Javana Santa Ana C o n t a c t s : John and Cathy Ngoh

letters from the field q “...My goodness, it has been a very busy past 10 days or so. We’ve done about 7 clinics and have seen close to 2,000 people if not more. Giving out some medicine and glasses and seeing the people with so much thankfulness and joy has been amazing. The team is healthy. Quick testimony: The last vil-

lage that we went to yesterday in Kokobuma, the chief talked to us after the clinic and he was saying how much the mixture of medicine and gospel is impactful. If we only brought the medicine, once the medicine was gone the people would go back to their traditional practices, but because they have the gospel and Jesus it has so much

more of an impact. He also said that we will not see the benefits of what we did, but he will. That was really good to hear because it’s not about us and US seeing how God is moving, but it is all for the glory of God....”

the impact ´´ Nursing & Pre-med students helped with medical clinics to impoverished people. ´´ Students went through the streets, ministering to people and sharing the love of Christ. ´´ Students put on church services for the nationals in the area.

''i k n o w missions will play a huge role in my future.'' -Debra Nicklas

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ghana Engineering Trip Leng t h: 1 mont h Team Leader: Dan Holman A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Bethany Dickie M e m b e r s : Annamarie Garick, Sean Mcdonough, Jesse Schettler, Charles Tines C o n t a c t s : Pastor Johnson and Pastor Monday Amoak

letters from the field q “...On Tuesday, we accompanied Pastor Monday and Pastor Paul out to another outlying village of Tamale to show the “Jesus Film.” Many people came and the reception was encouraging. Watching the film and the people’s reaction was an interesting experience because I am familiar with the life of Jesus but many of the people were hearing it for the first time. It was a good reminder to not forget that Jesus was a real manhe went through many hardships and people relate to that! In addition, I was reminded to not take salvation for granted. The grace that is required is so miraculous and eternal life is such a precious gift! That is a BIG DEAL! As you read this, think about all the missionaries and missions teams that are spread throughout the world and just recognize the significance of what they are doing- they are fulfilling the great commission, a purpose that we are all meant for....”

´´ Taught English, Mathematics, and Christianity to students ages 3-15. ´´ Worked in an orphanage assisting with daily feedings, laundry, and diaper changing. ´´ Installed solar panels on a women’s vocational school and health clinic. ´´ Witnessed to the local Islamic community and shared the gospel in surrounding villages.

the impact We had the opportunity to install solar panels on a brand new women’s vocational school,

providing free electricity to over 75% of the facilities ,

including classrooms, bathrooms, apartments for full time employees, and the health clinic. The school will provide vocational training such as textiles, business, and teaching to women in Tamale, Ghana. It was extremely rewarding to utilize my background in mechanical engineering to personally

design the ideal roof mount for the panels and then put in the light switches and sockets. The first time we tested the system, it was amazing to see all of the lights coming on while keeping in mind

t h e potential that the l i g h t represented

to all of the women whose futures we are indirectly impacting.

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the impact ´´ Coaching and mentoring young at-risk children at an after school soccer program ´´ Prayer walking through Ocean View and Masi, picking up trash and ministering and praying for the large Muslim community ´´ Doing skits, teaching songs, presenting the gospel and praying with abused children of Ocean View at Kleinberg Elementary school and a kindergarten during their recess.

T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Aaron Quinn A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Brooke Williams M e m b e r s : Rachel Carroll, John Chau, Helen Erb, John James, Daniel McCarthy, Lauren Parks, Griffith Poindexter, Juelie Scanlon, Brandon Sherrill, Briana Williams C o n t a c t s : Karl Ostrand, Cedric Present, Treswill Overmeyer

letters from the field q “...But these past couple days have been so amazing. It is pretty clear that the team is going to have a hard time leaving South Africa. The connections with the people and relationships, reaching out to the kids, and presenting the Gospel message have been some of the awesome things that have happened on this trip! We are believing that this is only the beginning for what God has in store for Cape Town. We believe that we have been planting some seeds, and that much fruit will come as a result of this time here. On Sunday, we had the privilege of going to watch the African Soccer Developmental Academy team play the Un-

der-20 Kenyan National Team at the University of Cape Town. The guys on the team had the awesome experience of getting to meet these ASD guys and have a Bible study with them. Getting to see these guys play was truly a treat. They ended up beating Kenya 3-1 and are truly so talented. After the game, we got to stick around and talk to the players on the team. We just encouraged them again and told them to use all of their soccer skills for the glory of God. These men truly have talent, and it’s amazing what the Hope Academy and Bruce are doing to reach these men. So many of them have already made commitments to follow the Lord and have awesome testimonies.

I got to pray with a couple of the guys on the team and it was such a cool experience. You could tell they really wanted more of God in their lives and were so interested in our thoughts about God. After the academy boys left, we stuck around at the university and ended up playing the University of Cape Town soccer team, just like we did last Saturday. It was so much fun.

´´ Mentoring individual soccer players and presenting the gospel after practices and games to teams including the University of Cape Town Mens soccer team, a South African prison team, a U13 youth club team, a U20 Academy team, and a young men’s team from Ocean View.

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tanzania [m a n t e a m ] T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Jonathan Patterson A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Seth Whitaker M e m b e r s : Charles Adams, Isaiah Liston, Caleb Ngoh, John Richards, Nathaniel Stahlke, Joshua Wagoner, Austin Whitaker C o n t a c t s : Tori Rasmussen

the impact ´´ Distributing 48,000 Swahili NT Bibles door-to-door in various villages throughout the western part of Tanzania. ´´ Preaching in local churches and being a part of the church family there. ´´ Praying for sick people and people seeking salvation. ´´ Door-to-door evangelism.

i went to a house and there was about 30 people there

and after ministering,

2 7 p e o p l e g ot s a v e d .

and one man looked at me and said, ''the reason i believe you and what you have said is because you have traveled halfway around the world to share with people about a god you've n e v e r s e e n .' ' - c h a r l i e a d a m s Page 31


T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Jordan Carter A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Mariah Shryock M e m b e r s : Ashley Boone, Mushiya Bukasa, Adreanne Cates, Katherine Jennings, Jeremy Patterson, Noelle Smits, Arnold Staton, Olivia Vinzant C o n t a c t s : Nadjombe Nadjombe

letters from the field q “...We have arrived safely in Togo and have been resting for the past two days. Tomorrow morning we leave for the bush around 4:00 a.m. In the bush we will be planting a few churches in villages that have been unreached. The spiritual atmosphere here is very intense. But we know that our God is greater than any other power. So tomorrow we head off into the battlefield well equipped with the greatest weapon to ever be wielded……the Gospel. Please pray that the people of Togo come to know Jesus Christ and the power of the one true God....

the impact

´´ This trip involved a heavy emphasis on church planting throughout various villages in the bush of Togo. ´´ Along with church planting, the team focuses on evangelism and hut to hut ministry where many have never heard the gospel message. ´´ As the team travels throughout Togo, there are multiple opportunities to speak and encourage the established churches in the villages. ´´ Togo is filled with children, so this trip is great for children’s ministry. ´´ Finally, many of the Togolese are in need of physical and emotional help, which allowed the team to administer God’s healing.

“in the village of kuouloumi, arnold and i were doing hut to hut evangelism and we met a man who had been experiencing back pain for 10 years. we prayed for him to be healed, and he was healed! after recieving healing he said,

''now have no choice but to accept christ....'' Page 33

ugan d a T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Jonathan Bansuelo A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Rachel Scroggs M e m b e r s : Joshua Cabrera, Monica Carpenter, Erin Fisher, Garrett Guttman, Azariah Hadarah, Vanessa Herrara, Karla Herrara, Beatriz Lozano C o n t a c t s : Benjamin Kintu, Gerald Kasozi, Israel Nabimanya, Tushebe Frederick

letters from the field q “...A phrase that describes our life for the past 3 weeks is “African Style”. This basically means go with the flow. Everything here is based on being flexible and making relationships. Even when you plan things out the night before, things always change. There has not been one day where we have done things according to schedule. This is awesome to see in action though, because it has taught each member on our team to fully rely on the Holy Spirit and stay completely grounded in the Word. You never know when you are going to have to put together a message or share your testimony. Something that happened last week was our whole team was in the middle of Josh giving a message. We were seated at the front, and one of our contacts, Frederick told me we needed to plan out a kid’s service for the church service in the afternoon. I nodded and said that sounded good. Five minutes later, I took a couple girls to the bathroom, we step outside and there are 50 kids gathered by a tree. Frederick runs up to me and says “Okay, they’re ready!” This is when you have to just laugh, plan out a kid’s service super fast in your head, grab half of the team, and go with the flow.....

learned no matter how many things the impact i'vewe want to plan out, god is in control. he ´´ Traveled around to different villages and did doorto-door evangelism ´´ Conducted crusades ´´ Helped lead kid’s services ´´ Preached in church services

is the one reaching his people, we are just the instruments he is using. he is working in so many ways, and no matter what the devil will try to throw at you, you have to dig your heels in deep and trust in the lord.

every person saved or healed has been because of him, not us. -rachel scroggs Page 35

z a mb i a T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Will Retherford A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Olga Tokarev M e m b e r s : Elizabeth Clark, Meka Comier, Laura Feller, Stephen Guzman, Nicole Hopkins, Jonathan Hyre, Breanna Shields, Leah White, Raymond Winterhalt C o n t a c t s : Butch and Janet Berner

the impact

´´ Orphanage ministry-we would go to 2 orphanages every night to build relationships with the kids. These relationships built the foundation for a ropes course for both orphanages at the end of the trip. ´´ Hut-to-hut ministry-we went from hut-to-hut in the village of Sekute and preached the gospel, prayed for healing and just visited with the villagers. ´´ Taught in schools- we taught at Sekute and Maoong Basic Schools and used the schools’ curriculum while slipping Biblical principles into the lessons. ´´ Physical Labor- we cleared out the land where we held the ropes course, helped build another orphanage for Kwathu Orphanage.

while my team was at sekute village a blind woman, anastasia, asked for prayer to receive sight. so we all laid hands on her and prayed for her healing together. i felt god tugging at my heart and i knew he was telling me to speak up. but being one of the shyest, quietest people on the team, i held myself back. it was almost time to leave and my tl started wrapping up, when i felt god tugging at my heart again and i knew i was supposed to pray for anastasia one

more time. meka looked at me and said, ''i think leah should pray this time.''

so i walked over to anastasia, put my hand right over her eyes and began to speak healing over her. i took authority over the spirit of blindness and began to thank god that when she opened her eyes, she would be able to see clearly. it's hard to explain- as i was praying, i could feel the blindness leaving her and i knew with everything in me that she was going to be able to see. so i took my hands off her eyes, and she opened them, and immediately she began to look around, amazed. tears rolled down her cheeks as she smiled and pointed off into the distance. we didn't have to wait for the translator to tell us that she could see.

we knew by the look on her face. -leah white

Page 37


Belize T r i p L e n g t h : 2 weeks Te a m L e a d e r : Joy McLeod A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Jonathan Hutchins M e m b e r s : Audrey Bixler, Rosie Burgher, Sarah Fry, Avarice Holman, Rhett Hostetler, Sephanie Ottman, Timothy Ramirez, Tiffany Rogers C o n t a c t s : Ron & Linda Braaten, Oasis Ministries

letters from the field q We got up early and had devotions together, followed by breakfast at the base. We then went off-site to a recently built house and painted it all morning! It looks great! We finished around noon and headed back for lunch. Following lunch, Andrew took us to a river to go for a dip. It was wonderful. Some of the kids who live here came with us and we had a great time! that we are able to spend more time with her, because she said During the service last night, that it is very difficult being at we had the opportunity of pray- school with everyone making ing with a sixteen year old girl fun of her. Today in the river, who has a horrible family situa Hispanic guy came and was ation and who recently had her showing us his puppy. Tiffany life put in danger due to somemade excellent use of her Spanone attacking her with a knife. ish and invited him to church She is covered in scars but has on Wednesday! We are hopeful a beautiful attitude. Please pray that he will come!


• Construction – we used the grant money to provide resources for different projects around the area that oasis ministries sees to such as; painting homes, building a deck, beginning foundation for a house, expanding a local shop and creating new sidewalks • School programs – we created a 45 minute school program for several local schools. This included dramas, stories, songs and teachings. • Church services – we assisted Pastor Ron with his Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday services. We led worship, shared testimonies and conducted children’s church.

“I felt extremely privileged to be able to get to know the kids and to be able to impart in to their lives if even for a very short period of time. More than anything it was the

opportunity to show them love. That was what I saw that they needed the most, and what a privilege! to be given the opportunity to come in to their home, participate in their church, to be accepted by their family for a short time, and to be able to thank them with my time, my hard work and with the love of God.� -Tiffany Rogers Page 41


brazil T r i p L e n g t h : 2 weeks Te a m L e a d e r : Michael Fletcher A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Sarah Robinson M e m b e r s : Samuel Adenihum, Johann Green, Grefsha’ Lee, Mikey Manghum, Patrick Reside, Seth Swank, Bethany White, Mandi Yanovitch C o n t a c t s : Adalgiso Cirilo dos Reis Junior

“I feel as though God healed me in many areas where my heart was broken. he is revewing my confidence day by day. His faithfulness has seriously astounded me!” -Sarah Robinson

ââ Speaking in schools – Our team shared the love of God to children in the public schools of Brazil. We shared this by performing skits, sharing testimonies, and performing worship. ââ Church services – we preached the Gospel in church services by performing skits and worship. We also shared testimonies and preached at services.

letters from the field q We spoke to a school of kids yesterday and was able to share the Gospel with them. Our team also got to experience a Brazilian church service last night! We are on our way to another school where we will be speaking and then our team will be doing an entire church service tonight. Please pray that the ministry would be effective! We are having a chill day today, we went to a school earlier and later on tonight we are going to be having a prayer meeting with our amazing contacts! Tomorrow, our guys will take on the Brazilian pro team!

Page 43

Brazil Amazon T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Jessica Jordan A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Rufus Dewaanou M e m b e r s : Gabriel Anderson, Scott Becker, Isaiah Campbell, Omar Canas, Joshua Jordan, Domonique Lyons, Celena Ocon, Eileen Perli C o n t a c t s : Claire Heiring, Pastor Samuel Reis

Impact ââ Construction ââ School ministry/children’s ministry ââ Church ministry-praise/worship and preaching

Impact “I will be more obedient to the Holy Spirit in ministry opportunities. This is one thing I have learned in missions, to be more sensitive to the voice of God.” -Alex Canas

letters from the field q Hello friends back home! Everything is going well here in Brazil. For the last two weeks we have been mainly traveling, however we have had some opportunities to minister. Our story so far has been filled with adventures, excitement, and much growth. It all started with the day and half of traveling to fly into the city of Santarem, a small city boasting single runway airport completely engulfed by rainforest. From that moment we knew we had finally encountered the Amazon basin. Our excitement continued to grow as we travelled that Friday by boat for a two day trip down the Amazon river. The boat ride along the river though gave us a glimpse of the impoverished hearts and land of Brazil. Finally on Saturday we reached our destination of Parintins. Since that time we have been working hard to construct a local church building, interacting with the locals, and leading services. We will be continuing this great work for the next two weeks! Praise God! The lord is truly here within Brazil, our contact, Pastor Samuel, is impacting the local community and there is abundant evidence of God´s grace and mercy within the church. We thank you for your prayers and support.... Blessings! Page 45

Guatamala T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : Carolyn Udall A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Adenrenu Alao M e m b e r s :Taylor Barnett, Antonio Dilillo, Beatriz Navarro, Elena Ottaviano C o n t a c t s : Gerber and Michelle Perez, Margarito Vasquez, Luis Carlos Castillo, and Mission Impact

Impact 1. Built and installed water filters with Gerber 2. Built and installed fuel efficient stoves and built water cistern with Margarito 3. Taught discipleship/values and principles in public schools with Luis Carlos

“If we have god, we have it all. The people of Guatemala taught me that” -Carolyn Udall letters from the field q months. On Saturday, we had

our last free day in Antigua and Well, this is it. We have one more work day, and we’re heading home a team banquet with our contacts for dinner. It was a nice time home! Wow! This past week, we spent every day for all of us to share what we’ve learned from our contacts. Also, building a water cistern. That is quite a lengthy process and it still they had nice words for us individually. Today, Sunday, we did a isn’t finished yet. In Santa Maria, there is little to no water available children’s service in Santa Maria when it isn’t the rainy season. This and had lunch in our contact, water cistern will help store water Margarito’s home. for this family during the difficult There have been several children

hanging out with us during our work days this week. There is always someone from the team interacting with them and we’ve shared a few Bible stories with them and also taught them to pray for each other when they get hurt. It’s been fun to watch them learn from us and for us to be able to just love on them. Also, a few team members prayed for two people they met at the market yesterday. Page 47

Haiti T r i p L e n g t h : 2 weeks Te a m L e a d e r s : Seth Silvers and Michael Diatte A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r s : Raquel Cardenas and Sarah Dinwiddie M e m b e r s : Chelsea Belcher, Kristie Chute, Chandler Elmore, Amanda Heersche, Kristy McCreary, Samantha Nichols, Nicole Reed, Christopher Snuffer, Chelsea Brown, Jenna Cheung, Tanika Childs, Corey Doohan, Arielle Harrison, Nathan Porter, Hannah Rundell C o n t a c t s : : Chris Baker, Jake Jones, Victory Missions

Impact ââ Schools – ran kids clubs, performed skits, played games, and shared Bible stories with the children ââ Orphanages – visited local orphanages on several occasions to play with, minister to, and love on the kids ââ Work days – assisted contacts by helping them move a lot of supplies around the base as they prepared to move to a different location in Haiti.

We got to go to one of the orphanages 4 times and build rel at io n s hi p s wit h t h e kids. Our first time, they sang us some worship songs and recited full chapters of the bible. Our last time there they sang again a n d pr ay e d f o r u s .

They prayed for US. 3, 4, a nd 5 y ea r o l d o r p h a ns w i th n o t h in g l a i d th ei r h an ds o n a b u nc h o f college kids...

-Nicole Reed

Page 49

Honduras T r i p L e n g t h : 2 weeks Te a m L e a d e r : Lauren Kelly A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Andrew Balla M e m b e r s : Elizabeth Arnold, Taylor Brooks, Alexandria Graham, Ashton Loehr, Nathan Lovell, Brenda Paniagua, Mariah White C o n t a c t s : Millie Maximo/ Cheryl Kuney

letters from the field q We have been over in Honduras now for almost a week, and have been able to serve in amazing ways for God’s kingdom! As soon as we got here the team from Agape Christian Academy welcomed us with open arms and grateful hearts. They are becoming an accredited school through ORUEF in December and have much to do! They have put us to work helping with everything from classroom english assignments, chapel services, and painting some of the buildings. The past two days we went out and evangelized at a couple of schools in El Negrito. We were able to minister to over 600 people and had 223 salvations in yesterday’s outreach! God is so amazing, and we are all so excited to watch as he changed the lives of the people of Honduras.

“I learned God can do all things. When you think there is no way the people will be reached, He reaches them and touches them in a way we will never be able to.” -Ali Graham

ââ Evangelism in local schools – presented skits and the gospel. Played games with the kids and talked with them personally after the “service” ââ Door to door ministry – went and talked to people on the street and in their homes, evangelizing and praying for them. ââ Went to a factory to evangelize to the workers – presented a skit and the gospel message for them. ââ Went to an orphanage to show love to orphans and abandoned kids – held them, played with them and worked with special needs kids. ââ Worked with youth in a city and a village – played soccer with them, shared the gospel in youth services and empowered them spiritually and vocationally (ESL & computer classes)


Page 51

Panama T r i p L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r : David King A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Abigail Woodhead M e m b e r s :Josh Alam, Zxyrlina Allen, Meggen Hayhurst, Caleb Reynolds, Taylor Rittinger, Rachel Smith C o n t a c t s : Alex and Jennifer Cabezon

letters from the field q In Yavisa, Panama they are used to waking up and walking down a jungle path about a quarter of a mile to use the bathroom. Then they wash up in the river and in the same river, go to the bathroom. The river water is also the same source they get their drinking water from. It´s a huge problem and has caused a lot of sickness for the people of Yavisa. A missionary couple from Columbia named Aner and Yerlisa have been trying to fix this problem by encouraging the villagers to build composting latrines; which is a more economic way to relieve yourself. If the people in Yavisa can embrace the idea of building these latrines and stop using the river, then the spread of disease will decrease. Aner decided the most ideal place to build the first latrine was at a house on top of the highest hill in Yavisa. It was our responsibility to take the materials needed to this location, which included 100 bricks 800 pounds of cement and 1000 pounds of sand and gravel.´ What made the


“Relationships are important in ministry. Instead of just trying to get thousands saved and move on, task even harder was that it was 95 degrees and the humidity was at %80. As the team of Americans began this task the locals began coming out of their houses to watch. We formed an assembly line and began filling buckets of sand and moving it to the top of the hill, every bucket that was lifted the more the sweat poured from each person working.

It took 2 days just to get the supplies to the top of the hill. The work wasn’t glamorous; the team looked crazy and smelled bad. The question is was the village of Yavisa impacted? One girl on our team had a chance to pray and lead 4 of the people who were watching to Jesus. We invited all the young people who were watching to a service that we were doing after the day of work. At that service another 20 people said the prayer of salvation. Yes, Yavisa was impacted. It all started with carrying dirt up a mountain to help build a toilet house.

I will truly pour myself out into people. Every reltaionship in a ministry of some sort, either just encouraging each other or other ways. Because of this I will take time with each relationship.”

ââ Ministry and encouragement to the Wounaan people. ââ Practical development and construction work/labor in needy communities. ââ Children’s services and children’s ministry. ââ House to house encouragement, evangelism and relationship building.

Page 53

Dominican Republic T r i p L e n g t h : Spring Break Te a m L e a d e r : Lacey Condron A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Ethan Hacker M e m b e r s : Courtney Baker, Kathethryn Brand, Kyla Combs, Brianna Meacham, David Murray, Ope Oyewole, Marrissa Thomas, Natalie Tims, Jonathan Walter C o n t a c t s : C u r e I n t e r n at iona l, A racely s Ca mejo

Impact -Medical Clinics: During the trip, the team held three different medical clinics, treating over 700 people. -Orphanages: Served at local orphanages by caring for the children and building relationships with them. -Evangelism & Outreach: Through the medical clinics and other outreaches the team was able to share the gospel with

over 800 people and saw nearly 100 salvations.

“I was blessed with the opportunity to lead someone to Jesus this week and I want to become better at always being open to the people around me and being bold in sharing the gospel� -Lacey Condron

T r i p L e n g t h : Spring Break Te a m L e a d e r : Kerry Kammerlohr A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Bobby Baehr M e m b e r s : David Addison, Jonesha Aiken, Segun Awe, Nafatara Beebakhee, Matthew McAfee, Kyle Ng, Ryan Nordon, Idaishe Nyawayi, Favor Omakuru, Tyler Summerlin, Julion Ware C o n t a c t s : C a t a c u m b a s I n t e rn a t i o n a l , F r a n k To l e n t i n o

Puerto Rico


“This was my very first missions trip. It taught me to appreciate every luxury and not to complain without them. It helped me to clarify the purpose of missions. This was not a vacation with a Christian title, this was us, going in head first and serving, hoping that we held nothing back.�

-Tyler Summerlin

-Evangelism:The team witnessed though outreaches in needy areas. -Church Ministry: Ministered in local church through preaching, teaching & children/youth programs. -School Ministry: Helped with after-school programs and outreaches.

Page 55

[ US A ]

Page 57


During ORU’s Spring Break, Directors, Coordinators and all of the summer missions Team leaders head out to Atlanta for a week of training and ministry. The leaders are split into groups based on where they will be traveling in the summer. Each group is paired with an organization to work with for the week in the Atlanta area. Atlanta is the second largest U.N drop point for Refugees in the United States. The team’s did a variety of ministries working with all different people groups. Some of these included: îî Working with refugees by helping them adjust to America îî Tutoring and ministering in international schools and lower income housing projects îî Sharing the gospel with people from other religions îî Helping care for children of single mothers or under-privileged families îî Sharing testimonies and leading training seminars îî Various work projects for the different organizations. îî Each leader is given a day to lead their ‘team’ and receive feedback. The evenings consist of worship, prayers and speakers to pour into the students.

“This trip GAVE me a mental shift in thinking and caused me to relax, submit to God’s will and come to the conclusion that if God was going to use me and my team then it would not be reliant on anything I said or did but his building the kingdom through us.” -Jessica Jordan Page 59

Wilmington T r i p L e n g t h : Spring Break Te a m L e a d e r : Cole Proffit A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Kelly Doom M e m b e r s : Megan Cain, Matthew Dean, Stacy Dodd, Phillip Fagan, Tim Rink, Destinee Thames, Joshua Turvey C o n t a c t s : Urban Promise

The Impact -After School Program: The team helped tutor students in the Urban Promise Academy, helping them with reading, writing, and speeches while building relationships with the kids -Sports Outreach: The team put on sports outreaches for the at-risk youth in the local community. -Work Projects: The team helped with Urban Promise’s needs in tangible service capacties.

“I learned that I have a that working in Wilmgreater impact on people ington over break has than I realize, through allowed me to see the talents, testimonies, min- potential of my ministry and steward-ness to istries and so on, and the Lord and how I can that I can reach more people that way... I feel use it to touch other peoples’ lives.” -Matthew Dean

IMPACT Miami T r i p L e n g t h : Spring Break Te a m L e a d e r : Amy Vormbrock A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Daniel Howell M e m b e r s : Laura Myers, Chidumebi Nwokolo, Leah Thomas, Jessica Votaw, Kara Woodward C o n t a c t s : His House, Jean Gonzalez

“My favorite times were when we worked with the kids in the Academy during school. I loved helping them with their work and I loved

-Tutoring and Mentoring: The team helped to tutor and mentor students and foster children, who were mainly immigrants, refugees, and at-risk children and youth. -Practical Ministry: The team helped to serve His House needs through tangible service/ work projects such as gardening. -Building Relationships: The team was able to show the love of Christ by building relationships with the children.

helping them figure out that they can do their assignments even if they don’t believe in themselves at first.” -Jessica Votaw

Page 61

New York City


T r i p L e n g t h : Spring Break Te a m L e a d e r : Richard Clear A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Kristina Buonviri M e m b e r s : T.J. Altekruse, Kaylee Gallagher, Bettina Minaya, Helenia Quince, Caleb Reynolds, Anna Seymore, Frances Seymore, Tara Traxler, Laura Voth C o n t a c t s : New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM)

-Evangelism and Outreach: -Homeless Ministry -Food/Kitchen Ministry -Hospital Ministry

“This trip impressed upon me again how much missions is a lifestlye. It’s not a week or month here or there; it’s a continual way of living.

It’s getting up when you don’t want to and being faithful when you don’t feel like it. It’s honoring what God has done for you by sharing him with others. It’s helping people see where God is already working in their lives.”-Anna Seymore

Sacramento T r i p L e n g t h : Spring Break Te a m L e a d e r : Caitlin Blose A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Ellen Stines M e m b e r s : Sheena Higgins, Vanessa Sweet, Elani Vogt, Dominique Williams C o n t a c t s : Mercy Ministries, Vicki Stone

“...One of the girls we worked with at Mercy brought our team together and told us that

if it hadn’t been for us coming this week she was going to leave the home. Thank God she stayed!” -Dominique Williams

The Impact -Practical Ministry: Cooking, cleaning, and helpng with office and administrative work at the home. -Building Relationships: Spent time building relationships with the women, exercising, shopping, eating; joining them in their daily routines. -Sharing testimonies and dramas, leading worship and devotions at meetings with the girls in the home.

Page 63

St. Louis The Impact -Practical Ministry: Cooking, cleaning, and helpng with office and administrative work at the home. -Building Relationships: Spent time building relationships with the women, exercising, shopping, eating; joining them in their daily routines. -Sharing testimonies and dramas, leading worship and devotions at meetings with the girls in the home.

T r i p L e n g t h : Spring Break Te a m L e a d e r : Melody Ruano A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Shannon Headley M e m b e r s : Ellie Cogles-Pasarell, Philida Ignacio, Jonnan Ogle, Jordan Rednifroe Whitney Shumaker, Jill Wilsey C o n t a c t s : Mercy Ministries, Lauren Fasnacht

“My most memorable ministry experience was sharing my testimony for the first time to a crowd. It was freeing! In that moment I noticed the healing that had taken place and I let God speak through me. I found a preacher hidden in me. But the best part was when girls approached me after to tell me how blessed they felt and how they identified with my words.� -Ellie Cogles

New Mexico T r i p L e n g t h : Spring Break Te a m L e a d e r : Lauren Escobedo A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Benjamin Norell M e m b e r s : Megan Culley, Mark Farah, Amanda Helton, Janelle Knaus, Grace Macjones, Sophia Thundu Contacts: A p p l e Tr e e E d u c a t i o n C e nt e r, R e b e c c a D o w

“I never understood the power of missions until I went on this one, which was my very first. The most important aspect is that missions brings hope.

The Impact

The sense of hope may not be seen at the start of the mission, but in steadfastness and faithfulness, we can always trust in the end result.� -Sophia Thundu

-Youth Ministry: The team led youth services at the local church and spent time reaching out to at-risk teens. -Practical Ministry: Helped to meet practical needs such as landscaping and cleaning. -Apple Tree School : Tutored, mentored and built relationships with children through the Apple Tree after-school program. Page 65


Page 67

Germany L e n g t h : 2 weeks Te a m L e a d e r : Josiah Pinto A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Lauren Steele Te a m M e m b e r s : Daniel Dunagan, Tammy Jones, Emily Lippert, Lynae Lunderstadt, Amanda Roso, Darius Russelle, Johanna Sheppard, David Siscoe, Natalie Spack, Tracy Washington C o n t a c t s : Miri Qaiyum, Steve Fail, and YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Germany

THE IMPACT • The KIC Ministry is strategically placed in a mall. Team Germany had the opportunity to work with kids from Germany, Afghanistan & other parts of Europe. ORU students were also able to lead services and had one on one time to develop relationships. • While in St. George (illegal red light district) team

LETTERS FROM THE FIELD q “...Well, we have now been here for seven days! I can’t believe it. We have grown so much as individuals, and as a team. We have had many great opportunities for ministry in our time here already.

and young adults who have chosen to follow Christ, even though it may not be the “cool thing” to do. We were given the opportunity to do a short skit, share two testimonies from our team, and hang out with the youth after the service.

So, Friday night, we had a group of people from our team go the Red Light District with a few of our contacts. It was very eye opening and powerful. They each had very individual experiences and were grateful for the opportunity to go.

This afternoon we got to do a children’s service at an international church in the city. The kids were so engaged and seemed to have a great time. We also got the opportunity to eat and talk with some of the church members after the service!

Saturday was an extremely busy day for our team! In the morning we had breakfast for the kids at KIC. In the afternoon we did a photo booth on the street to help advertise for a big barbecue we are having next Thursday. We were also able to hand out all of our flyers for the barbeque, which was the important part. Finally, we had a youth service to attend at night. This part of the day was so fun and rewarding. It was incredibly refreshing to be with a group of teenagers

We are all looking forward to the rest of our time here in Hamburg. We only have four more days of ministry, since tomorrow is our free day, and we intend to make the most of them! I hope that you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers! We would greatly appreciate it! Until next time, Tschuss! -Team Germany

we went to a Salvation Army that was located in Reeperbahn, the red light district. We stayed at the Salvation Army and prayed for the women going out to minister, as well as individual prostitutes and other women mentioned to us. For about two hours, we were in the middle of this horrendous place praying and worshipping God. We were praying God’s will, love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness over each and every woman! It was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever been a part of.” – Lauren Steele

Germany was able to work alongside contacts in small groups ministering and giving food to the prostitutes. In Reeperbahn (illegal red light district) the team worked with the Salvation Army. Students had the opportunity to Pray for women as they ministered in the clubs and brothels. University of Hamburg – did a “treasure hunt” to find and pray for students at the university. Page 69


Leng t h: 1 Mont h Te a m L e a d e r : Christopher Barker A s s i s t a n t Te a m L e a d e r : Elizabeth Tvedt Te a m M e m b e r s : Hannah Brandt, Rebekah Dunbar, Morgan Ellis, Kristina Simberg, Mercedes Thomas C o n t a c t s : Gerald and Jane Dollar

LETTERS FROM THE FIELD q “... Привет! (“Hi!” in Russian)

If you could hear us say that in person, we would hope that our Russian accents are at least somewhat passable! As language is such a vital part of our ministry, we’re doing our best to cram as much Русский (“Russian”) into our American brains as quickly as possible. When it comes to repeating phrases, we’ve become fairly good at phonetically imitating the locals – as for actually retaining what we hear, that is a different story! Hopefully as the trip progresses we will be able to converse less awkwardly! So! After a 55-hour journey from ORU through Detroit, Amsterdam, and Куів (“Kiev”), we have made it to our final destination, Симферополь (“Simferopol”), capitol of Crimea which is an autonomous republic in the country of Ukraine. Perhaps the most important thing to tell you about where we are geographically, is that we are in an

area heavily influenced by the Tatar culture. Now the term Tatar is most likely as foreign to you as it was to me until a month ago or so. The most important thing in our brief explanation to know is that they are essential an unreached people group in terms of evangelism. Although only a few of the original tribes of Tatars are of Islamic background, those few have been very influential in making the association that to be Tatar is to be Muslim. As such, many of those who do not necessarily associate with actual Islamic morals or traditions tend to be opposed to any non-Muslim religious jargon or practice thus, we must make a very strong effort to contextualize our faith without compromising the truth of the Gospel. I really want to stress to you what a ground-breaking experience this trip is, as our contacts are among the very first missionaries in HISTORY to work with these unreached Tatar people. The very first Christian Tatar church EVER has been birthed and one of

the first tactics for building relationships with the Tatars is actually what we are here for. In approximately a week, we will begin the first of two 10-day Englishlanguage emphasis camps for 50+ village children, ages 10 to 15. Until then, we will be here in Simferopol preparing a complete schedule and curriculum for those camps. Just to put this into perspective, the few Christians here have given us the responsibility of carrying out their primary means of opening doors for beginning to share the gospel with these people. What the children take away from the camps will determine how their parents view and relate to the Ukrainians we are working with. As such, we must be seeking the Holy Spirit constantly for discernment as we don’t want to close the doors that some have spent literally decades in prayer to open.”


• The primary focus of the contacts was the two English camps which entailed English lessons for various levels, serving as counselors, doing morning services, and cleaning the campground. Team Ukraine went to several Tatar villages during our week • of preparation for the camps. They brought a bounce house, played with kids, and put on a program of songs, skits, and games. Also during their week of prep, they focused on ministering to • our contacts by doing things around their house for them, cleaning, tutoring and playing with their kids, and fellowship.

Page 71

M2N and College Trips

L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r s : Suzi Land, Hudson Ford Te a m M e m b e r s : Kelsie Wardell, Bryce Reheard, Micah Baxter, Libby Elliot, Izaac Hernandez C o n t a c t s : New Testament Church, Bishop Edward Grabovenko


• Traveling to villages and performing concerts • Presenting the Gospel to distant villages • Serving the New Testament Church in Moscow

RUSSIA M2N “It was so humbling to see how others live and serve, and so encouraging to see just how helping with the small things could be so impactful.” –Suzi Land Page 73


GHANA L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r s : Adam Highfill, Kamber White Te a m M e m b e r s : Geena Fontenalla, Steve Matthew, Delaney Rives, Joshiah Barton C o n t a c t s : Pastor Tony Doeh, Reverend Harry Insaidoo

“We love being able to travel from city to city. God is moving in awesome ways and we are seeing numerous healings and salvations. On to another city tomorrow!” -Team Ghana

IMPACT • Worked with Lifeline, a women’s institute, speaking to abused girls • Took part in street evangelism and saw Muslims give their lives to Christ • Cleared land for the Sanctuary of Hope AG church in a 400 person village • Led worship for many unbelievers at multiple venues

L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r s : Jacob Sweat, Destiny Reyes Te a m M e m b e r s : Jessi Yanovitch, Katie Pace, Jason Proffitt, Griffin Fox, Josiah Liston, Keith Duell C o n t a c t s : Ray William, Face2Face Foundation


• Held numerous prayer and worship services at The House • Taught lessons on worship in the Face2Face School of Worship • Worked intimately with contacts on other Face2Face projects • Led worship at multiple local churches

INDIA M2N “At one point we were singing Here I Am to Worship and the congregation was so loud we stopped playing and singing to let their voices be heard. It was beautiful to hear & see that across the world the name of the Lord is being glorified with such passion.” –Team India Page 75


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r s : Jake Yarbrough, Alexis Sauter Te a m M e m b e r s : Jonathan Justus, Sierra Hayes, Kayla Swanson, Mitchell McCain, Eric Smith C o n t a c t s : Orlando Terrero

“Alexis gave a great word of salvation. We saw two healings happen that night. We also experienced a whirlwind of the Spirit in the drug and rehab center yesterday, where we all did worship and we shared about hope, redemption, and strength. Nursing home was so much fun today. People outside the gates were looking in and getting saved. -Team Dominican Republic

IMPACT • Ministry to the local pastors through prayer and worship leading • Numerous healings • Building relationship with/encouraging teenagers in the local church



L e n g t h : 1 month Te a m L e a d e r s :Jon Torres, Ashley Holderness Te a m M e m b e r s : Aaron Whitehurst, Daniel Jones, Jon Grogan, Lacey Russ, Alison Stoner, Derek Lynch, Galen Jernigan, Kelsey Reynolds, Kemper Vogel C o n t a c t s : Lee and Natalia Carlson, Global Church-Bali

IMPACT • Taught music lessons at 2 different orphanages • Worked with a ministry in the slums of a Muslim complex • Had worship and kids ministry at Global Church

“This trip broadened my perspective of God’s love for people. It taught me how to see people the way Jesus sees people.” – Lacey Russ Page 77

GHANA NURSING L e n g t h : 3 Weeks Te a m L e a d e r s : Rebecca Poore, Patricia Catts Te a m M e m b e r s : Emily Barden, Hays Bourgeois, Kaitlin Broadurst, Julianne Dickie, Bethany Fron, Nian Muang, Grace Mueller, Matt Ortiz, Rachel Ortiz C o n t a c t s : Dr. Seth Ablor

It’s an overwhelming thing to reflect upon, being part of saving a life. It shows how great God’s grace is and how he holds the world in his hands. We all learned the power of obedience. Had we not obeyed that still small voice in our hearts, the world may have never heard that cry of life. We followed up with the mother and newborn the next day, and there were no complications. The baby was nursing successfully and the mother was resting. -Matt Ortiz

IMPACT • Worked in Manna Mission Hospital • Worked in various hospital clinics *Outpatient Clinic *Eye Clinic *Antenatal clinic (Pregnant women)

*Well-baby Clinic • Conducted health clinics at these sites *Island of Ada *Swedru • Health teaching to following groups *Hospital Staff *School children *Residents of a girls’ home, Kumasi

HAITI NURSING/EDUCATION L e n g t h : 1 Week C o n t a c t s : Fishers of Men Ministries International


IMPACT “We love being able to travel from city to city. God is moving in awesome ways and we are seeing numerous healings and salvations. On to another city tomorrow!” -Team Ghana

• Worked with Lifeline, a women’s institute, speaking to abused girls • Took part in street evangelism and saw Muslims give their lives to Christ • Cleared land for the Sanctuary of Hope AG church in a 400 person village • Led worship for many unbelievers at multiple venues

Page 79

PARAGUAY BUSINESS Te a m L e a d e r s : Dr. James Russell Te a m M e m b e r s : 12 ORU business students C o n t a c t s : Centro Familiar de Adoracion

Summer Trip

IMPACT “The people are so receptive and have so much faith...amazing how the Lord moved to save these children.” -Team Paraguay

• Held business workshops, gave business talks, and prayed for thousands • Taught business principles and ministered in churches, schools, universities, and business organizations

PERU BUSINESS Te a m L e a d e r s : Dr. James Russell Te a m M e m b e r s : 4 ORU business students C o n t a c t s : Iglesia Catedral de Fe


IMPACT “I was amazed at how the Lord would put words in my mouth... I have never felt the Holy Spirit so strong.”

• gave business presentations and ministered at churches, schools, universities, businesses and congress • spoke on television • worked 12-16 hours per day teaching, preaching, and ministering • held business workshops, gave businesstalks, and prayed for thousands

-Team Peru

Page 81

PROGRAM SUMMARY ORU Missions sends out ORU student-led short term missions trips during their spring and summer breaks. Our focus is to be a strategic short term investment to the long term work of the organizations we partner with. Our goal is to bring the love and healing power of Christ through sustainable impact. All of our trips have different focuses (clean water development, sports outreach, construction, youth outreach, etc.), but in all of our efforts we seek to serve those that will be there long after we leave. We create a long lasting impact through serving our contacts, learning others’ stories, sharing our story, and communicating the greatest story ever told, the Gospel. We encourage ORU students to consider “what’s worth it” as they travel with ORU Missions during spring break and summer trips.

Team Leadership and Development: ORU Missions seeks to have strong leaders and healthy teams. Part of the student experience with ORU Missions is not just the trip itself but the development process during the school year leading up to the trip. Leaders and members go through this process with a variety of opportunities:

Ropes: teams participate in a week (summer) or weekend (spring break) of pre-departure training, focusing on team unity and personal growth. Leader meetings, Leader retreats, and Atlanta: Summer Missions Leaders are trained during the year and team leaders serve the refugee population in Atlanta over their Spring Break for a unique leadership training week. Spring break leaders also have a weekend retreat of rest and training.

Weekly Team & Prayer meetings Big teams: All missions members get to participate in practical training, hear guest speakers and field preparation Fundraising: Students are given the tools necessary for successful fundraising, through support letters, resources, and events. EQUIPPING & TRAINING: Training at ORU Missions centers on a few main keys: -Tenets of the Gospel: Students learn how to share the gospel specific to the culture they are reaching. -Ministry: Students are trained in traditional ministry such as: -Preaching, Planning a service, Children/ Youth Ministry, Testimonies, Building relationships -Our teams also participate in practical ministry, such as: -Drama, Dance, Sports, Construction, Medical, Development work & Projects (water, hygiene, microfinance etc.) -Contact Relations: students are trained to see that their priority is to serve the organizations we partner with -Cultural Training: students learn about cultural sensitivity, relevant to their nation, linguistics, etc. -Safety

Page 83


“I think Ropes was one of the MOST beneficial and equipping parts of the ORU Missions experience. I really did see how every portion of ropes has a unique and specific purpose to equip you for your trip.” -Member of Team Thailand Education

Both our spring break teams, prior to their trips, and our summer teams, following spring commencement must go through a week of ropes training The purpose of this week is to help teams unify, connect with Christ, and prepare them for what they will experience on the field. The week is run by a team of facilitators led by Jayde Duncan, ORU grad and pastor of Freedom church in Colorado Springs. Evenings at Ropes consist of worship, prayer and speakers sharing messages pertinent to the missions trips. The days consist of five parts that each team rotates through: îî Towers: Teams participate in climbing rock walls, team wall, and other high ropes elements îî High Ropes: Teams participate in high ropes elements such as zip-lines and pamper poles. This helps teams to encourage, support and trust one another as well as learn to stay engaged. îî Scenarios: the teams walk through various mock situations or ‘scenarios’ relevant to their trip locations to help prepare them for things such as safety, cultural sensitivity, contact relations and ministry îî Low Ropes: the teams go through various team building elements that help to unify the teams, deal with personal as well as team issues and solidify their purpose of missions îî Drama & Athletics: In the morning teams spend time being taught practical tools such as children’s skits, attention getters, and how to communicate with a language barrier. In the afternoon teams spend time doing athletics with coaches who lead teams through physically and mentally difficult exercises that help teams to practice self-less behavior and team work.

Page 85

<Tulsa> Outreach

Big Brothers Big Sisters L e a d e r s : Abigail Jimenez ORU was able to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters, one of the nation’s most respected mentoring organizations, to offer students the chance to build a meaningful friendship with a local child. Volunteers were paired with a local “little,” whom they visited during lunch or recess at their school once a week.

B o y s a n d G i r ls Clu b L e a d e r s : Bobby Baehr and Timothy Weisser Boys and Girls Club is an after school program, where students are given the opportunity to work with the kids of West Tulsa. They got to meet with kids and help them with anything they needed during that particular time-whether it was homework, playing sports, or simply playing games and getting to know them.

C hil d r e n ’s M e d ic a l C e n t e r L e a d e r s : Amber Albrektsen, Justin Allen, Lynae Lunderstadt, Ricky Ortiz, Andrew Summerer Three nights a week, students had the opportunity to visit children undergoing long-term treatment at the OSU Medical Center. They played board games, read stories, and spent time loving children that were staying there.


Nearly one in five Tulsans, (19.5% of the reported incomes in 2009) live below the poverty level.

Page 87


29.5% of children in Tulsa live below the poverty level.

Cypress Springs L e a d e r s : Kelly Doom, Lori Fielding, Ariel Flores One evening a week, students visited the residents at Cypress Springs, a local Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s care facility. They played instruments and sang for the residents, or helped put together a craft project. By simply listening to the amazing stories these seniors had to tell gave them a chance to stir up their memories.

Down Syndrome A s s o ci at io n o f T u l s a L e a d e r s : Ariel Dominguez, Tori Varnell Once a month students had the opportunity to love and build relationships with children affected by Down syndrome and their siblings in various age groups. Students also helped with childcare while parents attended meetings.

H a b i tat f o r Hu m a n i t y L e a d e r s : Christina Halsmer, David Hayes, Amanda Helton, Braden Beck, Leo Wood Every Saturday morning, students helped to build houses for people in need all over the Tulsa community. This organization builds houses for low income families and is able to sell the houses at cost because they are completely constructed by volunteers, often including the future homeowners.

H o s p i ta li t y H o u s e

H o p e f o r t h e H o m ele s s

Hospitality House offers families of patients being treated at local hospitals a place to stay. Students serve there by doing light housekeeping, working registration, and other jobs that help keep the House running smoothly, as well as offering comfort and a listening ear to the families that stay there.

L e a d e r s : Levi Stewart, Monica Carpenter, Rashad Cummings, Shawna Doty, Abby Woodhead, Tori Varnell Students worked with the Salvation Army Center for Hope in Downtown Tulsa and had the opportunity to serve meals and minister the Gospel to some of the homeless in Tulsa. They also were able to lead worship/ church services and participate in kids ministry.



I n t e r n at i o n a l C o n n ec t i o n L e a d e r s : Beth Niestemski, Tanika Childs, Rachel Gluesenkamp International Connection is a great opportunity to build relationships and tutor students from abroad. Once a week over lunch, we met with international students studying English at the Citiplex’s language school, and extended a hand of friendship.

Oklahoma ranks 8th in the nation for most number of people per capita who are hungry.

“I’ve learned that the number of people that go on an outreach is less important; what is important is that the right people go on outreach-even if it’s just two of us.” -Danny Howell

S o u t h T ul s a Communit y House South Tulsa Community House (STCH) offers after-school programs to local children and adult learning classes only miles from our school. ORU students were able to help with tutoring and playing with the kids.

T uls a D r e a m C e n t e r

T ul s a H o p e A c a d e m y

L e a d e r s : Seth Whitaker, Tamara Evans, Beatriz Lozano, Michael Smith This outreach gave students the opportunity to play basketball with the youth at the Dream Center in North Tulsa. After the games, they were able to share a short word with the guys. The focus of this outreach was to have fun getting to know the guys.

At Tulsa Hope Academy students had the opportunity to tutor at-risk high school students in Math and Reading, act as a mentor and even aid them in the classroom. Tulsa Hope was founded to address the escalating dropout rates in Tulsa, and through this outreach students were able to be a part of that

Page 89

Fall Outreach Oral Roberts University students collect over 8,000 cans for Fall Outreach 2011 More than 600 Oral Roberts University students went out in the neighborhoods in Tulsa and collected over 8,000 cans of food that was donated to local food banks that are meeting hunger needs in Oklahoma during the holiday season. “Because of the combined efforts of the ORU community, thousands of families will be fed through the organizations we were able to supply canned goods to,” said Bobby Parks, director of ORU Missions and Outreach. “We are thankful for the investment of time and so much effort!” The majority of the cans (5,655 pounds) were donated to Tulsa charity John 3:16 along with monetary donations to buy turkeys for their Thanksgiving week outreach. John 3:16 feeds over 5,000 Tulsans during Thanksgiving week by giving away 13-pound turkeys with a food basket. They also serve a large hot dinner at their downtown location on Thanksgiving evening and invite the public (a large majority of the Tulsa homeless population attends this dinner). John 3:16 said that their food appointment requests are up 40 percent this year mostly because of the current state of the economy. Canned food was also donated to three other outside food banks: Mid-Del Food Bank, Agape Love Ministries, and South Tulsa Community House. The cans that ORU students brought to Fall Outreach to receive a T-shirt were donated to the food pantry on campus for international commuter students who are struggling to stay fed without the ability to work off-campus due to student visas. In addition to meeting immediate hunger needs in Oklahoma, ORU students raised $1,300 to buy a cow, two goats, chickens, vegetable seeds, and more to provide long-term solutions to hunger in Third World communities worldwide through World Vision International.

Spring Outreach Spring Outreach themed “Color Your City” was an incredible opportunity for students to show their hearts for the city of Tulsa. “Color Your City” took place on Easter weekend which was Saturday, April 7th. The ORU Community Outreach hosted a neighborhood block party at the Tulsa Dream Center and the South Tulsa Community House. Hundreds of students were able to serve the people of North and South Tulsa by bringing “color” to the city through a large Easter egg hunt, dance workshops, games for the kids, business seminars, hip-hop, and basketball.

“Last year at Spring Outreach we had the opportunity to set up a block party for the children of North Tulsa. It started to pour rain during the event, but the kids kept coming! We had so much fun sliding down the blowups with water on them. We also had an Easter egg hunt with hundreds of kids in the gymnasium. It was worth it rain or shine to see the kids and their smiles at this event.” -Aaron Quinn

Page 91

Staff: “The greatest strength of the ORU Missions and Outreach program is our staff of ORU students. They are some of the most passionate and talented group to work with, who challenge me and others to pursue God’s heart for people and His call on our lives to reach them. Our staff calls themselves a “staff family” and have been intentional to encourage and minister to everyone who comes along their path, including each other. These students help not only with planning our events, fund-raisers, finances, document preparation, marketing and media, trainings, outreaches, and missions trips; but they are the ones who lead our teams, serve our contacts on the field, and see the Lord use them to reach thousands across the campus of Oral Roberts University, the Tulsa community, and nations around the world. They truly have already changed the world and will continue to lead others to do the same long after they leave this university and program. I am extremely grateful for their commitment to seeing lives changed, including theirs and mine.” – Current Director, Bobby Parks.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Working on staff changed my life. It challanged me in every aspect: Mentally, definitely Spiritually, and sometimes even physically. and my most positive experience at oral roberts university. I am so grateful for the opportunity.â&#x20AC;? -Hannah Starke, Documents Coordinator

It was whole man education

Page 93

Thank “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17 who said “Here am I” to the Lord.

• The generous donors who are friends, family, and supporters of our students who have invested prayers and money into our teams and all those they were able to reach. • Our FAM “Friends and Alumni of Missions” supporters who pray for our teams and gave financially to our scholarship fund so that more students could fulfill the call to go. •

• Our “Anonymous” International Development Grant Donor whose impact is immeasurable. •

• Our gracious contacts in the Tulsa community that allow us to partner with their vision to reach a city.

• • The over 30 missionaries around the globe that we work with that are our true heroes. •

• Our guest speakers and facilitators who help train our missionaries throughout the course of the year, especially our Ropes Training Director, Jayde Duncan. • ORU Board of Trustees Chair, Mart Green whose generosity and humility is an example to all of us aspiring to be the leader that he is. •

You! • ORU President, Dr. Mark Rutland whose consistent leading and teaching has strengthened ORU and all of its students. •

• ORU Provost, Dr. Ralph Fagin who “empowers whole persons to go.” •

• ORU Dean of Spiritual Formation, Dr. Clarence Boyd who supports our office in so many ways. •

• Our Former Director, Tammy Schneider, who taught us what it means to pray for the nations and what a servant leader looks like.

• • So many other ORU Staff and Faculty that have served and poured into the students to prepare them to “leave the harbor.” •

• Our Missions and Outreach “Staff Family,” especially Hannah Starke and jon grogan for their diligence to work tirelessly compiling these pictures, graphics, and testimonies, to “Tell THE Story.” • • Our late Chancellor, Oral Roberts, who began this vision to:

• “raise up students to hear God’s voice, Go where His light is seen dim, His voice is heard small, and His healing power is not known, even to the uttermost bounds of the earth.” Page 95

Year End Report  

This is a year end report for the ORU Outreach Department