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Engineer Assistance 2009-2010 Given task was to improve Auto CAD drawings and manage document control and report. Arranging meetings and attending them with vendors and conductors. Patroled on construction site and kept up with changes that are needed. Communicated with vendors and prepared presentations for meeting with the owner of Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Fine Art, 2012

MOOYOUNG ARCHITECTS Seoul, Korea Architecture Intern 2008 Hired as paid summer intern and for additional freelance work for a firm focused on designing mixed-use buildings. I worked on a brochure for a multifunctional residential/commercial use building and developed new layouts and redesigns to showcase the project. Gained first hand experience and understanding of all aspects of working in mid-size architecture firm.

BENSON HALL PRINTMAKING Providence, RI Senior Assistance 2008-2011 Worked at the Benson Hall assisting a printmaking technician. Learned more about the printmaking process.

RISD CONTINUING EDUCATION Providence, RI Computer/Photo Lab Monitor 2007 Assisted students to use equipments in the photo lab. Troubleshooting and repair of lab computers and printers, and assisting students with general software support. Darkroom Monitor 2006 Assisted students to develop black and white film. Reminded students of safety precautions to protect their projects and use of chemicals. SKILLS

SOFTWARE EXPERTISE Auto CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint Rhinoceros 3D, Sketchup and Maya 5.0


CITY OF THE FUTURE 2012 The project was sited in downtown Providence, RI. It was focused on pushing the existing condition to change how people live their daily lives. The proposal was to redefine the purpose of alley ways to make active paths to bring children and family out and create fun and safer passage ways to travel.

PASSIVE HOUSE COMPETITION, SPRING 2011 The competition was sited in New York City. It was open to architecture students and focus on the idea of applying sustainable design to a skyscraper that also met the standard of Passive House requirement.

EURFURT GERMANY, SPRING 2011 The Studio, Ecological Design, was a collaboration with the architecture students of Passive House University, Fachhochschule Erfurt. The objective was to bring a younger generation to the city, which is currently occupied by older generations and suffers from younger generations leaving to bigger cities. The project was proposed with two different buildings: The first building is occupied as class rooms and the second building is for dormitory and hostel.

BUILDING FOR WAYUU COLUMBIA, FALL 2010 The project was located in La Guajira, Columbia. The proposal was for nomadic people of Wayuu to become self-sufficient in the creation of their habitats. Wayuu are known for their textile, mochila bag, hammock, and unique way of building structures. Helped to design a school which fit the construction methods of the tribe. The school is used for children to get better education to prevent their poverty from spreading further and improve life style.

ART AND DESIGN Architectural drawing, drafting, bookbinding, ceramics, darkroom photography, silk screen printmaking, jewelry

Award AIA scholarship 2011

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