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Dunn’s Run SuperKid of the Month American Doll Movie Pompano’s Own Troubadour

November 2013

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909 South Federal Highway • Pompano Beach Between Commer Commercial cial and Atlantic Boulevards

9 954.943.6700 54.943.6700

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H P. des n ts of L ews items relevant to the residen

The Beach Boys Tribute Band

LHP Library Book Sale!

The Lighthouse Point Cultural Arts Committee and Sheehan GMC will sponsor a performance of the Beach Boy Tribute Band on Saturday, November 2nd at 5:30 P.M. at Frank McDonough Park in Lighthouse Point. There will be Food Trucks and fun for the whole family. Be sure to bring chairs and/or blankets for the event. For further details, please call John Trudel at 954-784-3439

The Lighthouse Point Library will hold its semi-annual book sale November 21 – 23, 2013 from 9 am to 4 pm daily at Dixon Ahl Hall (located across the street from the library at 2220 NE 38th Street). Gently used books, DVDs, VHS tapes, music CDs, and audio books will be available for purchase. Prices range from 50 cents for paperback books to $2 for hardcover books. Coffee table and collector books are specially priced.  DVDs and CDs are $1 to $9.  On Saturday, November 23 from 1 pm to 4 pm, $1 will get you as many books as you can fit in a plastic bag (we provide). All proceeds benefit the library.  Donations of books, DVDs and CDs for the sale may be dropped off at the library during regular business hours. The Lighthouse Point Library was established for the purpose of providing the community with access to books and other resources and services for education, information and recreation. The Library strives to aid citizens of all ages in satisfying their need to be well informed, intellectually stimulated, culturally enriched and to appreciate wellrounded leisure time.

Birthday Turns Out To Be Three Times the Fun On August 19th, Rita Slatkow, a resident of Lighthouse Point since 1969, celebrated her birthday in NYC. This was a very special birthday because she was able to share it with her granddaughter, Stephanie, and great-grandson, Dylan, who were also born on the same day. Even though they all were born on August 19th, each is separated by decades. Rita was born in New York in 1924. Stephanie, the daughter of Lighthouse Point Chiropractor Andrew Slatkow, and his wife, Jackie, was born at Holy Cross Hospital in 1982, when the family lived in Deerfield Beach. Last August 19th Stephanie called from New York where she now lives with her husband, Peter O’Grady, to say she was in labor on her birthday. “Andy, Jackie and Rita rushed to the airport and arrived at the hospital in time for the delivery. Dylan was finally born just before midnight. Talk about pressure!” said Andrew. “I wanted to deliver on August 19th for my grandma,” Stephanie explained, “so we’d all have that day to celebrate together. A year later and I still can’t believe it turned out that way.” Rita reported that the first joint birthday brought so much happiness and hopes to celebrate many more together. This year, Andy, Jackie and Rita returned to New York where a big family celebration was held in Glen Cove, Long Island, and Manhattan, where the Slatkow’s son, Matthew, also resides. Dylan Robert O’Grady was named after his great-grandfather Robert Slatkow, who passed away just before Stephanie learned she was pregnant. Stephanie said that she felt that her grandfather knew a new member of the Slatkow Family was on the way, even before she did.

Lighthouse Christian School’s See You at the Pole Event Before school started on Wednesday, September 24 the students, staff, and families of Lighthouse Christian School could be seen gathered around the school’s flag pole, holding hands and bowing their heads in prayer. They were participating in the annual Lighthouse Christian School’s See You at the Pole event, which was started in 1990 by a few teens in Texas and has ballooned into a national event, that attracts more than three million students to their school’s flag pole each year. Ben Hayward, a sixth grader at LCS, described the event as being “Awesome.” He says, “It was a great time to stop and look around at my LCS family and appreciate all of the blessings I have and sometimes take for granted.” Keith Cavanough, director of the youth program at LCS and First Presbyterian Church, was glad to see the huge turnout, and plans to continue his efforts in organizing events that bring teachers, staff, students, and families together in prayer.

Elite Force Martial Arts and LHP Mom’s Club Holiday Bazaar We are excited to announce that we will be holding the LHP Mom’s Club Holiday Bazaar in conjunction with Elite Force Martial Arts, 4754 N Federal Hwy. in LHP Saturday, November 16 from 1-4pm! The holiday bazaar is put together to give stay-at-home moms an outlet to promote their goods and services. This will be an awesome event that will feature Mom’s Club vendors and specials on great gear and training programs from Elite Force! This event will be open to the public and advertised throughout the area. We plan on having a bounce house, food trucks, holiday music, and free pictures with Santa! Please contact Imee Gusich 954-594-5092 for more information.

We reserve the right to reject material that may not be in the best interest of the community. | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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From the

10 Dunn’s Run

15 SuperKid of the Month 30 Majesty of Yellowstone 23 American Doll Movie 37 Pompano’s Troubadour

Advertising Rates & Information The Lighthouse Point Magazine is published monthly by City News Group and delivered by mail, free of charge each month to residents of Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Cove, businesses and the surrounding communities. Check our website for advertising rates and specials for new clients at, or call 954-486-3820.

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Hey Kids, Look What Stella Did!

When I received word from my friend Krista Martinelli that her 8 year-old daughter, Stella, had produced a four-minute music video on her Apple iPod Touch device, I was floored (See page 23). Stella had taken 501 photos of her American Doll in making this animated film. And then, when her mom told me the film had been entered in the 4th Annual LDub Independent Film Festival and would be premiered at the Stonzek Theatre in Lake Worth on September 28th, I totally lost it! As much as I think technology can be a detriment to some children who use cell phones to only become caught up in a world of social networking, here is a case where a hi-tech device was used to create something wonderful, and could very well lead to a happy and productive life for Stella Martinelli. Jon, I can’t even begin to tell you how pleased I was with your story! I had no idea I would be on the cover, and how extensive the article would be. I am most happy about getting the information out to so many people that there is help for wildlife, and a place it can be taken. I can’t thank you enough. It was a pleasure to have worked with you. Please tell Debra Todd that I really loved the photos she took. The magazine spread is a wonderful legacy for my grandchildren to keep.  Thank you again, and much success!  Cindy Rohkmann, The Bird Lady

A Thank You From the Bird Lady

Our Country Is a Rudderless Ship

With our Government in a shutdown, Congress has again reinforced the opinions of millions of Americans that those they were so foolish to elect to office have no intention of serving the people. Yes, Congress has proven to be a self-serving gang of complete blockheads, undeserving of the positions they hold in government. It’s absolutely mind boggling that the people we put in control of our government have no idea how to govern! The American people are leaderless, being held hostage aboard a rudderless ship — and that ship is about to sink. Another company has registered the name.

Our Cover z i n e 3 ag a ember 201




t P o i n t Lauderdale u s e on to For t h o Boca Rat L i g h Serving .com

mag www.LHP

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Dunn’s Run the Month SuperKid of l Movie Dol our American Own Troubad Pompano's


Colorful article on the Majesty of Yellowstone National Park Story begins on page 30.

Photo by Joan McIver

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A Pet Who Needs Love Al’s Corner

A pet who needs love Please Rescue Me


Through this cage that keeps me bound, Slowly as I look around, Into your eyes I hope you’ll see, I need your love so desperately! Hold me close, take me away, Into your loving home, this I pray, I’ll make your life a joy, Oh, please adopt me today! By Charmaine Haines-Hills


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Gracie Hi my name is Gracie and I am an Australian Shepherd mix. I am about 10 years old and I came from the Coral Springs Humane Unit. If you are looking for an easy going companion then I am the one for you. I get along with other dogs, like to go for walks and to be by your side. I am deaf so I would like to be with another dog to help hear for me. Please come and meet me, I really want to go to a home that I can call my own. Gracie and all her friends can be seen at the Florida Humane Society, 12-4 Thursday-Sunday, located at 3870 North Powerline Road, Pompano Beach. We are on the NE corner of Sample and Powerline next to the Citco car wash. You can also view us online at or call 954 974 6152

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Shopping Locally Creates More Jobs!

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17th Annual Dunn’s Run Photos by Debra Todd

Big crowds attended the 17th Annual Dunn’s Run held in Deerfield Beach on Sunday, October 6th. The 5-mile run began on a picture-perfect day with participants ranging in age from 9 to 75 years old and older! We apologize that at press time there was no information regarding winners and awards. Local weekly papers already will have published that information. Dunn’s Run which attracts as many as 2,000 entrants every year benefits the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County.


Lighthouse Point Magazine |

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Continues on page 12 | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Continues on page 58 12

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Each month, Lighthouse Point Magazine will award a $25 check, or gift card to a child who has accomplished something special, or performed an extraordinary service to the school, or community.

Child r u o Y Is a Kid? Super

Lighthouse Point Magazine will now be accepting submissions (emails only) from parents who wish to enter our SuperKid of the Month Award Program. The word count should be under 500 words.

Lexi Masciarella

Please mail submissions to

We are thrilled to announce that our SuperKid of the Month recipient is Lexi Masciarella. Because of his accomplishments, we felt this award is well deserved. My name is Lexi Masciarella and I am a student at North Broward Prep in Broward County. Some children’s interest are riding horses, playing football, swimming or playing the piano. My passion is making a difference in another person’s life. It was sparked back in second grade; my school had an assembly.  Mrs. Landel, a school administrator, told the students about community service and giving back to the community.  She spoke about collecting soda tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities and helping sick children and their families. Afterwards I felt so sad thinking about children being sick and how important it is to have your Mom and Dad nearby. My thoughts kept running and I knew I could help by collecting tabs all on my own. So, I began the mission to collect tabs from all my family, friends and my father’s business. I even rallied a 98 unit condo building where my family occasionally stays to collect. I spread the word like butter, even my grandmothers bowling league! Before long, I was collecting bins and water bottles full of “Pop Tabs.” I collected so many over my second and third grade year that I was nominated in the school “Hall of Fame” for community service. In fourth and fifth grade, I assumed leadership for the lower school Pop Tab Collection.  I displayed canisters in each classroom, made posters and spoke regularly at assemblies and on the school television network.  On my own, apart from school in my fifth grade year, I collected a 50 gallon drum (over 150,000 tabs) full of tabs which was featured on

WSVN Channel 7 News. Upon recycling that drum with all my work, I only received $82.00 for the effort. I knew there had to be a better way to help raise money for the charity. I began tinkering and creating with the soda tabs. After time, I launched the first batch of Pop Tab bracelets for the cause. At the end of my sixth grade year, North Broward Prep held a Community Service Fair where I displayed a PowerPoint presentation of the children I had met at the Ronald McDonald Fort Lauderdale House, along with Pop Tab bracelets I had made.  A sign was displayed on the table that read FREE POP TAB BRACELET WITH A DONATION OF $5.00 to RMHC. The idea flourished and within 4 months I presented a check to RMHC Fort Lauderdale for $1000.00! But it didn’t end there. I continued to collect $500 in the next few months to sponsor a family through the volunteer program called “Share A Night.” I encourage you to help RMHC as well. I feel so good helping the families that reside there. Editor’s Note: Lexi will be hosting a website for her bracelets (still under construction) Tabz4charity. Ronald McDonald House Charity of South Florida will be having their largest fundraiser event “Home for the Holidays” on December 7th, a Christmas holiday extravaganza with food, entertainment, silent and Chinese auction, as well as guest appearances by Ronald and Santa. Lexi will have a table at the event w/her bracelets on display. All info is on the website: | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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You Catch It, We Cook ItJust the way you like it! Comes with salad and choice of one side item

$10.99 each

Didn’t Catch? No Problem! We have the freshest fish around– Just ask your server what the catch of the day is.

Lito’s serves only the freshest seafood, fish, steaks, ribs and more. “Award winning chicken wings” ■ Home made soups, sauces, salads and dessert ■ Ipswich clams flown in fresh from Maine every Wednesday The coldest draft and microbrews in town Enjoy a glass or bottle of your favorite wine. ■

Stop by and give us a try. Let us cater your event. One call and we will do it all!

Lito’s Turf & Surf 2460 N. Federal Hwy., Lighthouse Point In Shoppes at Beacon Light. Serving Lunch & Dinner 954-782-8111 ■ Family owned and operated


Lighthouse Point Magazine |

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artglass Babs



Available by appointment

954.675.4944 ▲ art glass by ▲ G L A S S A RT F O R YO U R H O M E ▲ GLASS:

F U S E D ▲ C A S T ▲ S TA I N E D ▲ M O S A I C ▲ A R C H I T E C T U R A L ▲ U T I L I TA R I A N

Shopping Locally Makes More Cents! | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Quality impact windows and doors bring the world into your home, while keeping the elements out. RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION REPLACEMENT WINDOWS & DOORS 9 Time PGT Platinum Dealer Protect your home from impending storms


954.396.4211 ■ 201 NE 32nd Street ■ Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

ch urch ano Bea h C mp ink he P nue, Po t t a ve th A 6 2 1 NE 233


Lighthouse Point Magazine |

Reduce cooling and heating cost. Security against theft and reduce outside noise. License# 97-8258-G-X

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Lighthouse Point Chamber News

Networking at Howard Grace Mortgage

Welcome new members!!

Welcome to our newest Lighthouse Point Chamber Members. During our membership drive and renewal, we Howard Grace Mortgage had thirteen new members join the chamber. Come to meet welcomed Lighthouse Point them and other members during our Nov. 19 social at the Chamber members to their Lighthouse Point Yacht Club. new home in Deerfield Beach • Accountable Financial Services Group, Inc. for the September social. • Beacon Light Barber & Salon • Bee Insurance, Inc. Owner Karen Hammett, • Cay Title pictured right, handles various • Chrysler Jeep Dodge Subaru of North Broward mortgages and was glad to be • Dr. Janet Limperis. Phy. D in her new location. She shares • El Tamarindo Café II, Inc. the space with Lauryn Charles • Hair Color Xperts of Accountable Financial • Impero Wine Distributors USA • Integrity Title Inc. Services Group, a new • Natalie’s Solan chamber member, pictured left. • The Leone Center for Orthopedic Card Lauryn Charles and Karent Hammett • Thomas Worchester DDS

Ribbon cuttings in LHP

The Lighthouse Point Chamber along with residents and city commissioners Glenn Troast, Becky Lysengen and Earl Maucker welcomed in the new restaurant Tumminello’s Deli & Café to the city of Lighthouse Point with a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration on Sept. 25. Tumminello’s is located at Gateway Plaza on East Sample Road. They also welcomed El Tamarindo with a ribbon cutting. See El Tamarindo’s picture next month. Tumminello’s Deli & Café ribbon cutting.

10th Annual Taste of Lighthouse Point

The Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that preparations have begun for their 10th Annual Taste of Lighthouse Point. The Taste is the Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce’s signature wine and food event, and 2014’s promises to be the best ever. Held at the Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet club on January 21, 2014, the Taste features signature dishes and drinks from 25 – 30 local restaurants. Be sure and save the date now. Restaurants to date include: Bobby Rubino’s, Bonefish Macs, Cafe Maxx, Cap’s Place, Edible Arrangements, El Tamarindo Cafe, GFS Marketplace, Gimme A Burger, Hott Leggz, Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, Lito’s Surf & Turf, Nauti Dawg, Olympia Flame Diner, The Perfect Pairing, Red Fox Diner, Tumminello’s and Your Pie. The Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce uses the money raised at this annual fundraiser to support local schools, charities and to promote local businesses. They have donated

to Norcrest Elementary’s adopt-a-classroom program, have supported Relay For Life, the Lighthouse Point Fire Department, the LHP Library and many other great causes over the years. Sponsors such as this year’s platinum sponsor The Shoppes at Beacon Light along with Bank United, Kall Graphics and Minuteman Press help underwrite costs for the event and allows us to donate more to local groups. New this year: The Chamber is adding a People’s Choice Award—participants will vote on the best item presented at the Taste and the winning restaurant will receive a special award. Tickets will be $50 in advance or $60 at the door. The evening features food samples, auctions, raffles, entertainment and delicious food and wine from all over the Lighthouse Point area. The Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce is looking for volunteers, auction items, sponsors and more. Please call 954946-3838, email or visit for more information. | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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EXP. 11/30/13

WITH COUPON • EXP. 11/30/13

EXP. 11/30/13

EXP. 11/30/13

LHP MAG NOV 13 10/9/13 9:32 AM Page 21

The Lighthouse Point Specialists Joe Anastasio • Rick Pfister • Jean-Paul Pfister • Paula Anastasio Let’s talk about what is REALLY going on in the current real estate market!

www. TLHPS. com

Joe Anastasio (954) 588-5348

3900 NE 25th Avenue, Lighthouse Point

3740 NE 26th Avenue, Lighthouse Point

Flawlessly cared for Eastern exposure Deepwater "Venetian Isles" gem. 6-Bedrooms, 4½-Baths with 86’ of dockage. Dramatic formal foyer entry, marble and wood flooring, 3 balconies, extensive native landscaping. Just around the corner from the Yacht Club. $1,549,000.

Custom built in 2005 Eastern exposure deepwater home. 90’ dock, 18,000 pound boat lift, impact glass, summer kitchen, media room, sauna. Exceptional details throughout. Short distance to the Yacht Club. Must see! $1,699,000.

2824 NE 23rd Avenue, Lighthouse Point Gated Eastern exposure estate with 88’ of Deepwater dockage. Built new in 2005, this stunning masterpiece features 5-bedrooms, 5 ½baths, 3 balconies, an elevator, and up and down laundry rooms. Offered furnished. $2,398,000.

2848 NE 32nd Street, Lighthouse Point

2319 NE 28th Street, Lighthouse Point

Impeccable 7,200 square foot, 6-bedroom, 6 ½-bath, 3-car garage stunner. Features 100’ of deepwater, marble floors, an open family room, and quality finishes throughout. Located just ½ mile to the Inlet! $2,298,000.

Rarely available Point Lot home with 195’ of dockage - a boater’s dream come true! 4-bedrooms, 3-baths, 2-car garage. Completely remodeled. Located South of Sample Road, only one mile to the Inlet! $1,249,000.










3210 NE 23rd Avenue, Lighthouse Point Spectacular and long Deepwater views. Direct Eastern exposure. 100' of Yacht capable dockage. California mid-century inspired design. 4-Bedroom, 3-bath with bonus den/office/5th bedroom. Open floorplan. Exceptionally maintained! $1,198,000.

1535 SE 14th Court, Deerfield Beach

3921 NE 24th Avenue, Lighthouse Point

Built in 2010! 2 lots off the Intracoastal, 5,184 square feet under air. Custom features include an elevator, 3-car garage, media room, and lanai. 130’ deep lot. Close to 2 Inlets! $1,699,000.

Gorgeous home on of 90’ deepwater! Open floor plan, great curb appeal. Stunning views. New kitchen and roof! 3bedrooms, 2-baths, 2-car garage. $719,000.

LHP MAG NOV 13 10/9/13 9:32 AM Page 22

DREAM DOGWASH '(#",$"%&@&:,$A4"% ?BC&DEFFEGHI !"#$%&#'()%*'+, !"#$%&#'()%*' -"."%/"'012 344'567&8

!"#$%&'$%& !"#$%&'$%&%! !"#"$$"%&'()*+(,)&-.#/.)"$ !"#"$$"%&'(()*+(,)&-. -.#/.)"$ 012"&3*".+4"567.+&8#4"",&39&:,$+.77.+(1,58"+;<= 012"&3*".+4"567.+&8# & 4"567.+&8# "567.+&8#4"",&3 4"",&39&:,$+.77.+(1,58"+;< +;<=

SAVE YOUR BACK AND KNEES, use our professional tubs. You can wash your own pet, or we can wash your pet for you, for a fraction of the price of a traditional groomer. Dream Dogwash has equipment for an interactive bathing time and a small to medium spa tub to help alleviate aches and pains of older dogs, obese dogs, post-operative care and any dog who would benefit from exercise and range of motion without undo pressure on the joints. Groomer available by appointment, call during business hours.

OPEN DAILY AT 10 A M , closed on Thursda y, open late nights Friday a n d S a t u r da y

012"&>","4.+14&:,$+.77.+(1, 012"&>","4 & "4.+14&:,$+.77.+(1, 4.+

SPECIAL PRICES Nails • Tidies • Paw Pad Clean-Up and other services — Cats Welcome, too

?7"#+4(#&-.,"7&:,$+.77.+(1,$5<=)4.%"$ ?7"#+4 (#&-.,"7&:,$+ #&&-.,"7&:, .,"7&:,$+.77.+(1,$5<=)4.%"$ 4.%"$

Leave The Mess With Us

((()*+,,-*./0 )*+,,-*./0-$-1-*.2/*)*+3 ((()*+,,-*./0-$-1-*.2/*)*+3

960 N. Federal Hwy. • Pompano Beach 954-943-8939 • Bring this ad in for 10% OFF!


Lighthouse Point Magazine |

Shopping Locally Creates More Jobs!

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My American Girl Doll Movie 8-Year-Old Stella Martinelli’s Amazing Feat! The 4th Annual L-Dub Independent Film Festival came to Lake Worth in September for a three-day event, and the youngest filmmaker in the festival, 8-year-old Stella Martinelli, made her debut with her animated music video, “American Girl Movie/Red.” The festival took place at the Stonzek Studio Theatre in Lake Worth and included many different genres of film. “I made an American Girl Doll movie. It took 501 photos to make,” Stella said. She had proudly reported her accomplishment in an email to a few family members and friends in past months. “I hope you like it,” she told them, never realizing she would get this opportunity. Using an Apple iPod Touch device, 8 year-old Stella took multiple photos of her American Doll in various positions and produced a slideshow, using a timer. All of this was done without assistance. The only part of the whole process that Stella needed some help with was adding music to the animated film. She also wanted her “stop action” animation video to be accompanied by one of her favorite Taylor Swift songs. “My friend and neighbor Katie (13-years-old) showed me how to do that part,” said Stella. And voila — that was the finishing step. Her first animated film was complete, and her 4-minute music video was launched.

“This 8-year-old filmmaker, the youngest entrant in four years of L-Dub film festivals, took her American Girl dolls and used the old method of stop-motion animation.” –Film Director for the Lake Worth Playhouse Charlie Birnbaum

Most participants in the festival included adult-age directors and producers plus a handful of high school students. Stella Martinelli represented a younger iPhone savvy generation, as the only third grader whose short film was selected. As with all of the participating directors and producers, she participated in a brief question and answer session after the screening of her video. “Stella amazes me,” said her mother Krista Martinelli. “Recently our family was going through an emotionally rough time. We had just received the sad news of a death in the family. Over a period of about a week, I noticed that Stella was taking a lot of photos of her American Girl dolls, but honestly I was quite consumed with other things and didn’t really know what she was up to.” Later, it was discovered that during this time she was taking hundreds of photos of her dolls and on a mission to create a short animated film.

Stella Martinelli

Film Director for the Lake Worth Playhouse Charlie Birnbaum says, “These days when most animation is computer generated, it’s most refreshing to see filmmakers use the time-consuming, more personal techniques that stem from almost 100 years of great animation work. Earlier this year we showed Film maker Stella Martinelli and mom, ‘Consuming Spirits’ a 2-hour animated Krista Martinelli. feature with 250,000 hand drawn cells by artist Chris Sullivan—now we are excited to be able screen a new work by Stella Martinelli.” “This 8-year-old filmmaker, the youngest entrant in four years of L-Dub film festivals, took her American Girl dolls and used the old method of stopmotion animation. This involves photographing a scene, making a slight change and photographing again and continuing in this vein. The resulting frames, when shown on a screen, clearly give the illusion of movement to the story telling. The epitome of this technique can be found in the classic Battle of the Skeleton army in Ray Harryhausen’s ‘Jason and the Argonauts.’” In the past month since the first film, little Ms. Martinelli has completed five other short films, using either dolls or Playmobil® people. She also enjoys making music videos with her friends in the neighborhood, utilizing special effects and dancing. A third grade student at a public school in Lake Worth, Stella is quite fond of her teachers. In her off time, she enjoys playing ukulele, participating in dance classes and being a Girl Scout. Evenings at home include time with younger brother Paul, and her parents, Joe and Krista Martinelli. | Lighthouse Point Magazine


LHP MAG NOV 13 10/9/13 9:32 AM Page 24

A s I Wa s S ay i n g

The BBQ Meatloaf and Bavarian Cream Puff Diet By Alan Williamson

It sounds bizarre, I know. In fact, it makes no sense at all. A classic example of mystical new age mumbo jumbo. The stuff of Internet exaggeration and word of mouth gone wild. Surely there’s not a single shred of truth to it. Well…that’s what I thought, too. But the thing is, The BBQ Meatloaf and Bavarian Cream Puff Diet has changed my life. And it can change your life, too. Let me explain. Seven months ago my world was in a shambles. I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and what I saw filled me with shame and hopelessness. That bright young man who once burned with such passion and promise had been replaced by a middle-aged zombie with a gut big enough to house Reese Witherspoon. It would be a long road back, but I was convinced that my path to redemption had to begin with reclaiming my body. I started with the well-known diets that had produced big headlines and small waistlines. I tried them all – Atkins, The Zone, Jenny Craig, The South Beach Diet. In every case, my results were less then dramatic. So I kept searching, venturing deeper and deeper into more obscure dietary terrain. I tried the Henry Winkler Grilled Cheese and Tomato Diet, but the melted cheese didn’t melt away the pounds. I tried Connie Chung’s “Fish Kabob Your Way to a Fabulous Body,” but couldn’t keep up the kabobing. I ate free-range Cornish game hens raised in Santo Domino by Benedictine monks. For awhile, I lived on potato pancakes handmade by a German farmer’s wife and shipped FedEx from Frankfort. I tried eating three big meals a day, then six small ones, then, as a last resort, just one large raisin a day topped with Cool Whip. Nothing seemed to click for me, until the improbable happened. I was standing in the magazine section at Barnes & Noble flipping through the quarterly issue of a lesser known medical journal when I saw it. There, on page 83, was a report on the results of a five-year study conducted by nutrition researchers at the Crabtree University of Medicine in Shawshank, New York. Their findings were at once shocking and inspiring. A group of 217 chronically overweight heart patients 24

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who were fed nothing but BBQ meatloaf and Bavarian cream puffs from June of 2007 to April of 2012 had reached and maintained their target weights. What’s more, all 217 had overcome every trace of coronary heart disease and diabetes and were living lives of optimum health and well-being. Three had even won Pulitzer Prizes and two had become Supreme Court Judges, though none of them had any formal education beyond high school. What, I wondered, could account for such an extraordinary resurgence of body, mind and spirit in people who had once been so desperate that they agreed to be guinea pigs in such a controversial experiment? These words from lead researcher Dr. Lamont Meredith put it all in sharp focus: “The fats found in BBQ meatloaf are considered essential fats, because our body cannot manufacture them. BBQ fats in particular are used by the body to create “signaling molecules” that when balanced with the meatloaf as a protein source and the sugar in the cream puffs as a quick source of energy, work to stabilize insulin production, accelerate the metabolism, and safely burn body fat at record rates.” For me, it worked miracles. After only four months on The BBQ Meatloaf and Bavarian Cream Puff Diet, I’ve dropped 30 pounds, taken up kayaking, learned to play the Didgeridoo, built my own hot tub, and made the cover of Zesty Guy Magazine. Twice. Can a diet consisting of BBQ meatloaf and Bavarian cream puffs really change someone’s life for the better you ask? I’m here to tell you: It changed mine. So get that sour taste of defeat out of your mouth and say “yes” to a yummy new way of life. Fueled by BBQ meatloaf and Bavarian cream puffs, you’re sure to find health, happiness and a world of exciting possibilities ahead. Maybe even a seat on the Supreme Court. I guarantee you, no one on the Connie Chung Fish Kabob diet ever made it that far. LHP

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Tomatoes: the holy grail of veggies

The Garden Lady Says… By Donna Torrey

What is it that makes tomato growing the supreme goal of most vegetable gardeners? Maybe it’s because they are so amazingly red, juicy and delicious when grown well. Well, I did it!  This year I have access to an area with full out sun, and I must say , that this is probably the key to a successful attempt at this sometimes difficult crop. So, what do I attribute this success to?  Here are some of my gleanings: 1. Use a mix high in organic matter and well drained.  I have mine growing in potting soil in pots, and also in compost in a raised bed.  Both are doing great. Remember, there is no ONE way to do anything.  Use what you have available first and see if that works. 2. Fertilize and water regularly.  I have been using only organic fertilizers, either Black Hen, Fertilome, or fish emulsion, every two to three weeks or so.  Tomatoes are hungry plants, and will succumb to disease when neglected.  Keep them evenly moist.  They don’t like to dry out completely.

3. Don’t grow your tomatoes exclusively in one area or bed, as this is like a red flag for pests who are attracted by scent, most of the time. Plant lots of herbs and flowers around them to confuse and discourage the bad guys and encourage the beneficial insects.  I haven’t had a single tomato hornworm, or had to treat for any pest problem. 4. If you do find pests, either hand pick the worms, or use Neem, which is also helpful with some of the blights that tomatoes are prone to. Stick to the basics: Sun, water, healthy soil and organic fertilizer, and you too will find your tomato bliss. You can do this. LHP Garden gate Nursery is located in the Pompano Citi Centre. Donna can be reached at 954-783-GATE, or at

Photo by Jan Davey

Beauty Spot of the Month

Congratulations to the Wagner Family at 2551 N.E. 31st Court, winner of Lighthouse Point Community’s Beauty Spot of the Month Award for October, selected by Erica Davey, The Butterfly Lady.

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Caring for your “kids” like they are our own. Bayview Animal Clinic Give us a call today and make an appointment for your next visit. 40 Years in Business 4 Doctor Practice Emergency Services Digital x-ray ■ Surgery Local House Calls ■ Hospitalization Dentals Including X-Ray EKG/Blood Pressure/Ultrasound Eye Exams/Tonometry Convenient Drop Off Exams Routine Health Needs/Vaccinations Full In- House Laboratory Small Animals and Exotics

Dr. Rudd C. Nelson small animal

Dr. Christopher D. Smith small animal and exotics

Dr. Laurie Phillips small animal

2850 East Commercial Boulevard

Dr. Henry Allen Brunz small animal

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Photos by Debra Todd

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Photography by Joan, Laurel and Barbara McIver

A view of the Grand Tetons


igh in the stormy western sky, jagged snow peaks etched a majestic vision on the distant horizon. The Teton Mountains in all their showy glory rose sharp and straight from Wyoming’s prairie land. It was a stunning sight for four road-weary travelers who had driven over 2,400 miles to enjoy the wonders of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Cameras in hand we jumped out of the car, yelping with excitement as we snapped dozens of photos. Planned for a year, our road trip began in early June. My daughter Laurel McIver and I drove from Lighthouse Point home to Anderson, South Carolina where we picked up two more daughters, Jan Ray and Barbara McIver. At dawn the next morning, we climbed into a car stuffed with road maps, cameras, water and bags of snacks. Our route took across took us through the center of the country from the highlands of Tennessee to the Where antelopes play grasslands of Nebraska to Wyoming’s windy mix of mountains and prairie inhabited mainly by graceful pronghorn antelopes. On day four of our journey, we pulled into Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a valley nestled in the shadow of the Teton’s sharp peaks. Hole is Wyomingspeak for the valley that surrounds the town of Jackson, a bustling mix of old west, big money and wide-eyed tourists like us. It was twilight;


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Jackson street scene

Jackson was abuzz with traffic, bright lights and boutiques stocked with high-ticket camping gear, jewelry and art. We checked into our lodging, and then walked several blocks along the town’s wooden walkways lined with Old West storefronts.

Jackson’s Landmark Arch

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Buffalos near Moulton Barn

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Downtown Jackson’s landmark arches built of elk antlers led into a small town square. In 2007, it took 1,948 antlers to rebuild the arch at the square’s Southwest corner. Male elk shed these antlers each spring as they graze in the National Elk Refuge just outside of town. Local Boy Scouts collect the antlers to be sold at an annual auction in Jackson Like scores of other tourists, we took pictures of ourselves standing beneath the arches and then celebrated our arrival at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, a venerable town hangout since Prohibition days. We toasted ourselves with pink, prickly pear margaritas and dined western style on bison burgers, elk bits and steak. In the western-style dining room the heads of antelope, moose and elk peered down from the walls.

In the bar, dancers rocked to the loud and lively country music played by a band from Georgia. Besides nightlife and shopping, the area around the Jackson and the Tetons is renowned for skiing, outdoor sports and recreation. Numerous park trails wind high into the steep, rockbound cliffs, so inviting to hikers and rock climbers. We passed on those strenuous activities in favor of looking for wildlife as we drove onward to Yellowstone, about 50 miles north. The desk clerk in Jackson told us that the elk had left the refuge area for higher ground in Yellowstone, but we’d likely see buffalo herds in the fields along Antelope Flats Road. Great Advice! We spotted a herd of buffalo munching grass near the historic Moulton barn, a relic of a pioneer Mormon settlement. Young calves covered in golden brown fur stayed near their massive mothers. Seeing the bulky adult buffalo was a first for my excited daughters. These animals still shedding their furry winter coats looked shaggy and unkempt, yet majestic. We later learned from a ranger that they are not buffalo and should be called bison. The distance from Grand Teton National Park to the Yellowstone’s south entrance is a is about 50 miles, but the need to be alert for wildlife made for slow driving. The route followed the Snake River as it meandered along the edge of Jackson Lake. Not long after entering Yellowstone, wildlife seemed to pop up everywhere. A handsome elk boasting impressive antlers elk rested among a grove of trees. Further on our car surprised a coyote stalking a Canada goose. The noise caused the goose to flutter away into a nearby lake while the coyote gave us a dirty look before skulking into the woods. Click, click went our cameras. So far, we had seen elk, buffalo and a coyote and the day was not over. It was easy to see why Yellowstone is often called National Park “the Serengeti of America.” Created by Congress in 1872 Yellowstone became America and the world’s very first national park. In size, Yellowstone encompasses over a two million acres, mostly forests and wilderness. Since most visitors come to Yellowstone to see the geysers, hot springs, mudpots and other unique features, the park’s Grand Loop Road makes it easy. On a map, the loop road appears like a giant figure eight that divides the park into an upper and lower area. The road winds about the main landmarks, visitor centers, lodges, campgrounds, and trails. In many areas, boardwalks offer close-up views of many of the park’s 10,000 hot springs and 300 active geysers. From the south entrance, the road brought us to Yellowstone Lake and the West Thumb Geyser Basin, a bizarre landscape alive with smoke, steam and wild geothermal activity. As we walked a boardwalk along the lake, we saw bubbling mud pots, crystal hot springs that ranged in color from inky black to crystal clear turquoise that would be the envy of any owner of a South Florida swimming pool. But a dip in these superheated pools would be instantly fatal. The air smelled of sulphur and steam belched from fissures in the ground. Continues on page 32 | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Mud pot in West Thumb area

Beyond the boardwalk was a barren landscape of dead trees, scorched earth scarred with steaming fissures. Signs warning “Dangerous Ground” added to a surreal scene atop the caldera of a super volcano that last erupted 600,000 years ago. Nobody knows when it will blow its top again. It was epic, creepy and scary all at once. We ended the first day of Yellowstone adventures in the grand old Lake Hotel. The rambling yellow inn on the shores of Lake Yellowstone was the park’s first. Originally built in 1891 then rebuilt in 1903, the hotel amenities include a first-class dining room and large lobby and sunroom, banked by windows overlooking a view of Lake Yellowstone. After dinner, a pianist played show tunes in the lobby. We sat on the lobby’s comfy

Grand Old Lake Hotel 32

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sofas and chairs, sipped a mud pot cocktail and played scrabble as we listened to the music. Here’s a bit of advice about staying here and other lodges within the national park: From late June to September, this is a much-visited park, so make your reservations as early as possible. My daughter Jan booked a twonight stay at the Lake Hotel in January and was told they were the last available rooms. And one more thing to remember, there is no television, no cell phone service and only spotty wifi access within the park. Overnight, the air turned cold. Luckily, we had packed an assortment of sweaters, mittens and jackets. Even bundled up we shivered as we walked to breakfast, served in the cafeteria housed in nearby Lake Lodge that was kept warm by a glowing fireplace in the rustic lobby. Despite the chilly temperature, there was no hesitation to hit the road for the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. To get there, our course led through the idyllic Hayden Valley formed by the Yellowstone River on its meandering southeastern journey. Distant snow-capped peaks of the Abrasoka Mountains sparkled against the sky. Herds of bison grazed amid the meadow’s lush grassland. All at once, we saw an animal digging in the grassy meadow. It was a wolf, a big gray wolf. We couldn’t believe our eyes. It was so unexpected, especially as there was no traffic jam clogging the road. We gazed transfixed with wonder at seeing the rare, wild canine. Wolves had once been wiped out of the park by hunting and trapping. In 1997, 14 Canadian wolves were released into the park. Today 11 wolf packs roam the wilderness. Canadian Wolves The roar of waterfalls filled our ears as we walked the path leading to the canyon were the magnificent Upper Falls cascaded down the steep canyon walls of yellow rock. From an overlook, we could view the canyon’s Upper and Lower falls and the river’s turbulent downhill plunge. Steep paths curved downward to overlooks closer to the canyon. After a bit, the cold wind sent us back to the car. Another surprise, snowflakes swirled and dotted the windshield as we drove back to the wonderful Lake Hotel. To us it seemed like a blizzard in June. The next morning we said goodbye to the Lake Hotel and planned a leisurely drive to Old Faithful Village, for a one-night stay in the cabins at Snow Lodge. Once again we followed the Hayden Valley until we left the main road for a less traveled link to Madison Junction and the Lower Geyser Basin on the opposite side of the park. The route brought us to the Virginia Cascade, a rushing waterfall that splashed into a narrow tree-lined gorge. This backcountry route took us to a camp and ranger station at Continues on page 40

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Local Tax Firm Once Again Amid Nation’s Top Private Companies

The Miami Heat may be south Florida’s most recognizable back-toback champions but when the opponent is the IRS and the game is for keeps, that honor goes to JG Tax Group and CEO David Connell. For a second consecutive year, the Lighthouse Point resident finds himself at the helm of one of the country's fastest growing privately held companies. Under Connell’s watchful eye, the firm known for representing taxpayers in trouble with the IRS has once again been included in the, Inc., ‘500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America’. 1 “Making the national list (Inc. 500) two years in a row just means we have to work even harder this year”, remarks Connell in his distinctive gruff baritone. The hard charging entrepreneur currently serves as director and CEO of the company he founded in 2008. The nation’s 279th fastest growing privately held company in 2012, JG Tax Group rejoins the list they ranked 220th on a year ago. While much of the county struggles to return to pre-recession levels, JG Tax Group has experienced extraordinary three-year growth of 1,562%. From humble beginnings as a two man operation, the local business has expanded to 75 employees throughout the region. The well managed development under Connell has transformed JG Tax Group into the 19th fastest growing company in the sunshine state and 6th fastest in south Florida.2 For Connell and JG Tax Group, the path to success began in 2008. With several successful ventures to his credit, Connell set his sights on the Gallante Tax Group, a tiny tax firm headed by the former IRS director of 31 years, Jeffery Gallante. Gallante’s

decades of experience and insider knowledge of the IRS gave Connell the vital advantage he needed. His strategy was simple, “hire the best high-ranking former IRS policy makers and treat each and every client like a member of the family”, a strategy that has clearly paid off. From this foundation, Connell built one of the most successful tax resolution firms in the country. Determined to protect David Connell and Jeffery Galante taxpayers from overly company has experienced. Recalling aggressive IRS agents, JG Tax Group the accomplishments that have handles all facets of tax liability and elevated JG Tax Group to its current IRS defense. For clients faced with status, the CEO proudly declares, “We have represented over 39,000 clients pursued by the IRS and never had a While much of the county struggles single client successfully prosecuted”. He goes on to add, “We have prepared to return to pre-recession levels, over 100,000 tax returns and not a JG Tax Group has experienced single one has ever been audited”. No small feat by any means. extraordinary three-year growth Considering their stellar track of 1,562%. record and impressive growth, the national recognition JG Tax Group is receiving should come as no surprise. Under Connell’s direction, IRS audits, collections, unfiled the once obscure start-up has become returns, bank levies, wage a leader in the tax resolution garnishments, tax evasion, or undisindustry. With a coveted spot as one closed off-shore accounts, Connell’s of America’s fastest growing private team of former IRS brass are the first companies, once again, it’s clear; and last line of defense. For many Connell knows what he’s doing. taxpayers, JG Tax Group’s dream team of professionals are the 1 Based on gross revenue for the years 2010-2012. difference between going to jail and 2 “The 500 Fastest Growing Best Run, Most going on with life uninterrupted, free Innovative, and Most Inspiring Private from IRS harassment. Companies in America” Inc. Magazine, 32nd When asked for comment, Connell Annual Edition. September 2013. Mansueto Ventures LLC New York, NY cites the successful defense of his clients over the financial windfall his | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Make it Fun For the Family!

LIGHTHOUSE POINT YACHT & RACQUET CLUB Join in on all the FUN! We have so much to offer – stop by and see us… Boating and Tennis, of course… and Swimming, Fitness, Massage, Social Activities, Fine Dining, Club Kid’s Activities and more

Enjoy our Poolside Tiki Bar – Open Friday nights and Sat. and Sun. afternoons

Contact Linda Lennon, Director of Club Membership 954.942.3524 • to schedule a visit.

Be sure to ask about membership and marina specials! 34

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Drs. Jared & Catherine Young

Bright Young Smiles

Lighthouse Point’s Pediatric & General Dental Specialists

Bright Young Smiles providing exceptional dental care for over 40 years to infants, children and teens, is now adding adult dental care!

Dr. Jared Young, D.M.D. the pediatric specialist is joined by his wife Dr. Catherine Young, D.M.D, together the dynamic duo can service the whole family with the very best in dentistry. Our office offers:

• Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Crowns, Cosmetic Dentistry • Warm & Friendly Staff & Doctors • Sedation Dentistry • Saturday and Evening Hours

Please contact Bright Young Smiles today, to make your family appointments.

954-781-1855 1930 NE 34th Court Federal Hwy & Sample Road | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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RAS at John Knox Village Still Thrives

The Resident Auxiliary Services (RAS) at John Knox Village has about 200 volunteers working at service center in Pompano Beach. This is only one reason why John Knox Village continues to remain a premier Continuing Care Retirement Community. In 1978, with the help of administration, the resident volunteers formed the initial structure and 35 years later, the organization still thrives. The volunteer opportunities at John Knox Village include the Curiosity Shop, furniture shop, large print library in Cassels Tower, RAS Office, Maggie Goetz Library in Village Centre, and reception desks. Throughout the years, RAS has collected funds from selling items in its Curiosity Shop, furniture sales and at the Pompano Beach Green Market. These funds are used for approved projects that are presented to and discussed by the entire RAS Board at monthly meetings throughout the year. In 2011, RAS approved a little more than $77,000 toward projects benefitting The Village. The various departments and groups that received generous contributions included Building and Grounds, Dining, the Employee Holiday Gift Fund, Health Center, Libraries, Marketing, Professional Center, Village Centre and Villagers Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chorus.

For more information about RAS, please contact Marcia Ellington at (954) 942-3793, Ann Archard at (954) 784-1334 or Rita Jones at (954) 785-8246.

Exchange Club Honors Outstanding Students

The Pompano Beach Exchange Club on Wednesday, October 2nd recognized exceptional seniors for their outstanding academic achievements at their weekly luncheon at the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club. The Exchange Club has been serving the local community for more than 50 years. One of the priorities of the Club is to fund drop out prevention programs and celebrate academic excellence such was the case at this meeting. 36

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Pictured from left to right on the front row: Amanda Sinatra, Zion Lutheran School, Celine Cruz, Coconut Creek High School, Nidhi Patel, Deerfield Beach High School, Chelsea Draucker, Highland Christian Academy, and Emily Anne Solley, Pompano Beach High School. In the back row, Vashon Palloo, Coconut Creek High, Ryan Kydes, Zion Lutheran School, Lary Nguyen, Ely High School, Yash Soni, Deerfield High School, Carlos Chiriboga, Highland Christian Academy, Alfred Lin, Pompano Beach High School and Pompano Exchange Club member Jim Balistreri who introduced the students.

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Bill “Clancy” Jaycox Pompano’s Own Troubadour Well, it’s finally official that Florida’s Pompano Beach is the city’s official song. Bill “Clancy” Jaycox wrote the composition back in 2004, hoping the Pompano Beach City Commission would give full approval, but it took another nine years to receive news that the city would print 1,000 CDs and, in addition, pay Clancy $100 for his vocal rendition at Pompano Chamber of Commerce events, farmer’s market gatherings, and any city functions that may arise. Clancy and wife Joanne have been Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause to thousands of children in the surrounding communities for more than 40 years, distributing gifts of food and clothing to the needy — all this without compensation of any sort. A real throwback to the days of vaudeville, Clancy has performed his act and sung in every nightclub, beer hall and funeral parlor in the county and beyond. And yes, I did say funeral parlors where he sings a special song called Beauty to the grieving family members, the beautiful words written by his wife Joanne’s father. To this date, he has sung at over 75 funeral ceremonies. On St. Patty’s Day, you’ll find him in any number of Irish Pubs in the area, singing Bill would love for you to have his new CD! original ditties he has composed. Joanne is very active with the Quota Club, volunteering for many charities through the years. Personally, I have never met two people in this world so passionate about helping others. And in that vain, Clancy will sing you his latest song called “Good Neighbor,” a song that preaches giving the friends and strangers you meet all the love and help you can when they are in need. Clancy and Joanne live in Leisure Village in Pompano Beach. Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus appear in 2005 edition of the Lighthouse Point Magazine.

Bill and Joanne Jaycox

Christmas Memorabilia from floor to ceiling. | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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PAC N’SEND OF LIGHTHOUSE POINT Packing, Shipping & Shopping All In One Place!


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• Livescan Electronic Fingerprinting

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We have a great selection of unique cards and gifts! 3640-B3 N. Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, FL Located in the Venetian Isles/Publix Shopping Center


Auto Tech and Body


Mechanical Repairs-Maintenance ■ Body and Paint Service Extended Warranty ■ Dent and Scratch Repair ■ Automotive Sales ■ Restoration Service From the President’s Desk… Serving the South Florida Community for the past 16 years.



(a LHP resident)

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Discount on labor only. | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Old Faithful spouting off

Continued from page 32 Madison Junction. From the Nez Perce parking lot, we watched three bison stroll through a picnic area on the opposite side of narrow, slow moving stream. Before crossing over, the bison dipped their hoofs daintily in the water then splashed with care as they came toward the parking lot. It was time to jump back into the car. The scenery soon changed from pastoral to the weird world of noisy, smelly, spouting, geysers and boiling hot springs. The three-mile Firehole Lake Drive leads to the Lower Geyser Basin that boasts the Great Fountain and White Dome geysers and the smoky blue lake. As if we hadn’t had enough weirdness, Midway Geyser Basin proved a spectacular other-worldly vision. “Hell’s Half Acre,” as author Rudyard Kipling described the site, is home to a 270-foot crater formed by the Excelsior Geyser with a constant stream of water overflowing its rim. On the same loop walk, this geothermal marvel is topped by the larger and more colorful Grand Prismatic Spring. Measuring 300 feet across, it is the largest hot spring in the park and third largest in the world. The spring’s water glows in shades of turquoise, greens and blue with rays of yellow, orange and brown spreading across the surface. The ray’s colors are

Walkway at Grand Prismatic Spring. 40

Lighthouse Point Magazine |

created by algae, nurtured by the heat. A steamy mist wafted across the heated water. The spring edges close to the boardwalk. There’s no railing, so we walked carefully. A fall into the spring could be painful. Onward to Old Faithful, the star of Yellowstone. The Old Faithful Visitor Center posts the times when the famed geyser is due to erupt. Eruptions can be from 60 to 90 minutes apart. We had several minutes to browse in the center’s exhibits, bookstore and gift store. Back outside we joined the crowd on hand for the big moment. Old Faithful did not disappoint. The great, steaming spout shot over 100-feet into the air accompanied by a rumbling roar. We cheered the grand sight. But the Old Faithful Village offered another wonder –this one man made. Built in 1903, the Old Faithful Inn is a National Historic Landmark. Any visitor should step inside the huge log building with a lofty lobby that soars 80-feet high to the exposed roof ridge. Rocking chairs gathered about the hearth of a towering stone fireplace. After dinner, we took another look at Old Faithful as it let off a cloud of steam against in the evening sky. Tired but happy we hustled off to our cabins at the Snow Inn and to bed. After a small bit of morning shopping at Old Faithful General store, we aimed the car north to Canyon Village, an area with a visitor center, post office and lodging where we planned to spend the night. The drive was spectacular especially when we took the turnoff at the Gibbon Falls and walked a bit on the river trail. Wildlife spotting included a wolverine on the opposite river bank, a mule deer and a brown bear and cub playing under the trees. A big night lay ahead as we had made reservations for an exciting chuck wagon dinner in a remote valley, not far from the park’s north entrance. We had to check into our Canyon Village cabins and then change into warmer clothes because it gets cold at night in this mountainous region. At the Roosevelt Coral, we climbed into Chuck Wagon seven, a big yellow covered wagon with room for 10 passengers. Dallas McCord

LHP MAG NOV 13 10/9/13 9:32 AM Page 41

Chuck wagon

recited cowboy poetry as cowhands hitched Shorty and Squirt, hefty Belgium horses, to the chuck wagon. James, our guide, hopped aboard and a caravan of wagons set off on a jaunt through Pleasant Valley. James entertained us with stories of the parkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, tumultuous history and its many colorful characters. We returned to the coral and the aroma of grilled steaks filled the cool air.

In the outdoor valley setting and to the tune of cowboy music, we filled our plates and stomachs with tender meat, corn, salad, cornbread and apple crisp cobbler. Cowboy coffee cooked in a metal pot over a campfire was better than expected. The evening ended too soon and it was time to drive through the lovely hills back to our cabin. Tomorrow would be our last full day in Yellowstone.

Upper Falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Continues on page 42 | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Continued from page 41 In the morning, we said farewell to Canyon Village. The plan was to drive north to the town of Gardiner, Montana, just outside the park’s exit. Peregrine falcons soared from ridges, herds of bison enjoyed the good life in the verdant, stream fed valley, but no wolves appeared. From the valley, we next drove to historic Mammoth Springs, a small village that’s home to the park headquarters, a hotel, post office and a housing community for park employees. In the 19th century this was the site of Fort Yellowstone and permanent army base for the US Calvary. Built in 1909, the Albright Visitor Center, a sturdy building of dark stone, once served as the Bachelor Officer Quarters. Today it provides information for tourists and showcases western art. Elk graze on the former army parade grounds and lounge on shady lawns. But the most amazing thing is the terraced Mammoth Spring itself. From a distance, it appears like a huge tiered cake covered in white and tan icing. Up close, the stair step terraces stream with water bubbling from the spring. The water forms pools and leaves deposits of calcium carbonate that harden into travertine terraces. Boardwalks wind about upper and lower spring area. Our last night in Yellowstone was spent at the Abrasoka Lodge in

Roosevelt Arch 42

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Mammoth Springs Gardiner, MT, a real western town on the banks of the Yellowstone River. On our way back home, we reentered the park through the impressive Roosevelt Arch, a 50-foot basalt structure. In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for the basalt structure completed in 1909. As we retraced our path, Yellowstone gave us a final thrill. South of Mammoth Spring, a huge traffic jam could only mean there was a bear by the road. We jockeyed for position. OMG! A grizzly bear mamma and cubs were frolicking in the in the grass. We tried to get out of the car for a closer look. But the park ranger said no, “Just get your picture and move on.” What an ending to our park visit. We know we only saw a fraction of this incredible region. That would take years of time. But we did see how marvelous and alive our world could be with space for bears, coyotes, a wolves, elk and bison. Who could ask for more? Barbara and Joan at Roosevelt Arch.

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• New Construction • Renovation • Service • Repair Family owned and operated since 1988

Offer expires 11/30/2013 | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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LAW OFFICES OF MARTIN ZEVIN, P.A. Martin Zevin has been practicing in Florida since 1973

FREE CONSULTATION •Personal Injury • Wills • Trusts • Estates 954-569-4878

954-569-HURT 3275 W. Hillsboro Blvd, Suite 204, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 You may obtain free information regarding our qualifications and experience by writing or calling during regular business hours.

Limited time offer: receive $30 off a spiral whitefly treatment now through Nov. 2013. Coupon must be presented in person. Coupon is transferable so share this offer with friends and family. For more information visit our website: Offer not valid with any other offer.

Offer Expires: November 30, 2013


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Sewer Inspection with a color video camera â&#x20AC;˘ Sewer Repairs

8:00am to 1:00pm Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:00 pm & Saturday 8:00am-1:00pm

Backflow Recertification License# CFC1428137 | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Concert Series at St. Nicholas Photos by Jon Frangipane

The St. Nicholas Episcopal Churchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd Annual Concert Series began with a highly rousing delivery of a variety of beautiful songs, performed by J.E.T., a group of three fine musicians. The group entertained an enthusiastic crowd with Latin jazz, world music and fusion, employing different rhythms, timbres and tempos while performing familiar standard popular songs, as well as a selection of operatic and Latin favorites. Soprano Elena Correia introduced the group that included Jackie De Los Santos on double bass, Teresa Flores-Diaz on percussion and special guest pianist, Gary Mayone. Ms. Correia received her Masters of Music from Julliard School in NYC and bachelor of Music from San Diego State University. She has had principal roles in many opera throughout the country.

Bassist Jackie De Los Santos earned her Bachelors and Masters of Music at Julliard in NYC, and performed with Korean Chamber Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, the Florida Grand Opera and Miami City Ballet. Percussionist Teresa Flores-Diaz, a native of Los Angles, attended Fullerton College and earned her Masters degree from Florida International University. She has performed with the Symphony of the Americas and the Palm Beach Symphony, and now teaches music in Miami-Dade. Pianist Gary Mayone is well known for his fine performances in many venues throughout the years in South Florida.

Elena Correia Teresa Flores-Diaz Fr. Mark Andrew

Music Lovers Gary Mayone 46

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Jackie De Los Santos

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Exchange Club Presents Awards for Public Service Photos by Jon Frangipane

Awards were presented for outstanding service by Pompano Exchange President Brian Rask at an October meeting at the Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet Club. Lighthouse Point recipients of those awards were Fire Chief Dave Donzella, Police Chief Ross Licata and Public Works Director Art Graham. Pompano Beach recipients of those awards were Fire Chief John Jurgle, Police Chief Major John Hale and Public Works Director Ron McCaughan. The plaques read the following; â&#x20AC;&#x153;For attaining the highest standards set for public service, we collectively thank you for your integrity, positive attitude and teamwork. You provide many benefits for your community to enjoy as a result of your dedication and tireless work. Thank you for being the best!â&#x20AC;? Mark Ellert

Art Graham, Ron McCaughan, Ross Licata, Dave Donzella and John Jurgle. Speaker for the meeting was Mark Ellert, president of Outpost Magazine, a Guy Harvey publication. He outlined the purposes and goals of the organization, focusing mainly on the conservation on our seas and what steps must be taken toward that goal. | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Celebrating over 50 years of excellence and exceptional service in protecting your family.

FAMILY OWNED Since 1890, families have trusted Fred Hunter’s with their loved ones’ legacies. Our owners Kevin Quinn Sr. and Kevin Quinn Jr., are residents of Lighthouse Point and are committed to providing the highest level of service and compassion to families.

4650 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point William O’Brien, Managing Funeral Director and Lighthouse Point Resident Proudly serving Pompano, Deerfield Beach and Lighthouse Point

One place for all your arrangements. 48

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(954) 519-1550

Shopping Locally Creates More Jobs!

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Senior Senior Senior Connections CoConnections nnections


Jack Crissy is a Partner with William Webb & Associates in Pompano Beach, FL

Look To Continuing Care For Lifetime Retirement Security Many senior members of the Lighthouse Point community moved to the area to enjoy a retirement filled with recreation, social gatherings and activities with friends, or just relaxing on the beach with a good book. But as we age, it is important to have a long-term retirement plan, so you will know exactly what will happen when age challenges your independence. A great place to research your plan for life is at John Knox Village, a continuing care retirement community located right in the neighborhood in Pompano Beach. John Knox Village is a not-for-profit community, guided by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Council composed of local professionals, residents, and business owners dedicated to the area and service to the community. Jack Crissy, a Partner in the Accounting Firm of William Webb and Associates of Pompano Beach, is a member of the John Knox Village Board of Directors. Jack is a native of Pompano Beach and has been a resident of Lighthouse Point for over six years. He has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1989, and was previously on the Board of Directors for the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce, Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and other local organizations. Jack became an Advisory Council member of John Knox Village last September as part of his commitment to the area’s senior population and feels that The Village provides an excellent community that allows area residents to retire in a comfortable, safe, active, well run environment. Jack understands the mission of John Knox Village on a very personal level as well. Jack’s mother has lived at John Knox Village for over ten years. Previously she lived in Pompano Beach since the 1950s. After Jack’s father died in 1994, she moved to a condominium in Ft. Lauderdale for about nine years. While living alone in her condominium, she encountered some health issues which encouraged her to make her decision to move to John Knox Village. Knowing that her family had their own careers, responsibilities and families she decided it was time for her to look into John Knox Village. It was comforting to her and her family knowing that the stafff of John K Kn nox Village would be able to provide Qualified Health Care if necessary. An analysis of the costs of John Knox Village versus the costs of continued ownership of her condominium was done. When you consider the guarantee of long-term care that will be provided, it was an easy decision to make the move. Jack’s mother has been very happy with the decision, and the decision has given the entire family the peace of mind knowing that if she becomes ill, she will have professional health care staff to assist and care for her. Her only regret is that she did not move into The Village a few years earlier.

As a Certified Public Accountant, Jack understands the importance of a financial plan, including an individual’s plan for long-term care. He feels that continuing care in general, and John Knox Village in particular should be considered by anyone who wants to retire and live in a comfortable, friendly and safe environment. Jack feels that The Village provides quality living facilities, good health care and an active safe environment. When a resident enters John Knox Village, they feel that they are entering a great residential community, that will provide excellent health care as an added benefit. It provides peace of mind to the individual and their family that they will be well cared for after they make the move to John Knox Village. Residents ensure that they will live in a safe and secure retirement community. When analyzing the costs of John K Kn nox Village, it is not much more expensive than living in their own residence, but it does provide many additional amenities that most people do not have access to in their own private residence. Consider John Knox Village and give piece of mind to yourself and your loved ones. Mail the coupon below for your free retirement information kit, or call (954) 783-4040.

FFREE REE Retirement Retirement Information Information Kit Kit Please calll:

(954) 783-4040 or clip and maiil the coupon

 Yes, I’d likee my free retireement information kit. Please cllip and mail thhe coupon to: John Knox Village, Markketing Department 651 S.W. 6thh St., Pompano Beach, FL 33060


Name__________________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________ City_________________________________State________Zip__________ e-mail_____________________________________________________ Phone____________________________________________________ lhp11-13 | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Skin Care

The Modern Man is Here: Maximizing Cosmetic Procedures for Men in 2014 By Melanie S. Hecker, MD, MBA Skin Biology

When it comes to skin biology, men and women share many characteristics. But what is important when treating men’s skin is the differences in their skin biology. Although the facial epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin) is similar in men and women, the dermis (deeper) layer is 20% thicker in men than women. For women, skin thickness remains constant until menopause (in their 50s) while men experience skin thinning at a younger age than women. This is due to the role of testosterone in maintaining collagen content. Also, there are numerous other significant differences in their skin versus women including: • Overall less subcutaneous fat and higher facial bone density mass in men • A fourfold increase in sebum production in men • A 30% increase in overall sweating in men • Different facial hair distribution than women • Stronger skin tone in men • Greater susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections with associated slower healing rates due to testosterone in men • Greater sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation (may burn more easily) for men

Rejuvenation Goals

Given the differences between men’s and women’s skin types, it is not surprising that men have different rejuvenation goals than women. The

number one reason men seek cosmetic treatment is for a “tired, sinking face,” as they want to look refreshed, confident and natural. One of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic interventions is neurotoxin injections (whether Botox, Dysport, Xeomin). This treatment helps soften expression lines and men can treat the upper face facial lines from the nose up. Skin resurfacing is increasing in popularity as well among male patients as men also wish to improve their complexion and tighten lax skin. It is important to remember that preservation of the masculine appearance is a must. A combination of Neurotoxin with Dermal filler (such as Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse or Sculptra) for the wrinkles from the nose down is an excellent combination for achieving desired, natural results. The modern man is here and he is looking for advice on safe, natural and effective cosmetic procedures and top-shelf recommendations for skin care. Every day in our practice we have an opportunity to educate our male patients on the multiple, non-surgical treatment options available for them and keeping in mind the differences in male skin from women’s skin. Thus, we are able to formulate tailored treatment options to obtain the best cosmetic results for men. LHP To learn more about this exciting topic, please visit us at: Hecker Dermatology group, P.A. Call 954-783-2323 or visit us on-line:

He a l t hw i s e

Spiritual Yoga and Meditation May Be Exactly What You’re Missing

By Kelly Doyle, Thermae 604 Organic Detox Spa | dfp Pilates Studio

Gyanpriya, or Gyan is a Yoga Teacher and Practioner. She is remarkably different, interesting, and unique instructor. Q: What is your name and how did you get interested in yoga and meditation? A: My name, Gyanpriya, was given to me by a spiritual master, a guru in India when I was initiated into an ancient spiritual order. Spiritual names of this type give direction and insight into one’s essential character in its most elevated form. For me, yoga and meditation are spiritual paths. When I think back to my interest in spirituality, I recall browsing through books at the library at ten years old. I stumbled across a book simply titled Metaphysics. I had no idea what "metaphysics" was, but I felt drawn to it. I can also remember doodling a certain type of flower. Later, I recognized they were lotus flowers - a flower that has spiritual significance in the East. I started my meditation and yoga practice with Insight Meditation in my early 20s and later began to explore yoga. My first teachers were Tracy Rich and Ganga White of White Lotus Foundation. Q: What type of yoga did you study? A: I studied Satyananda Yoga. I have to say it was never my intent to teach. Studying was just a way to learn the tools I needed for my own spiritual journey. As such I knew I wanted to study with authentic masters with depth and breadth of experience and wisdom. I also knew I wanted to study “spiritual” yoga. This was nearly 15 years ago before there were so many different styles and brands of yoga. I was 52

Lighthouse Point Magazine |

initiated into the teachings of yoga in the traditional gurukul style during a residential stay at the Bihar Yoga Bharati ashram in India and furthered my training at the North American Academy and the ashram in Australia. I feel training in an ashram setting allowed me to more quickly imbibe the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga and meditation because it completely immerses you in both 24 hours a day. Q: What is meditation? A: Meditation is both a practice and a state. In the beginning stages, yoga meditation is a tool to go within, steady and focus the mind and ultimately bringing it to one-pointed awareness. That single point can be anything, such as a sound or the breath. It's important to note not all meditation practices require body stillness.  If you want to try meditation the easiest way to learn is systematically - one step at a time. If you've been unsuccessful in meditation in the past or feel drawn to meditate but don't know where to start, I recommend starting with a meditative style yoga class such as Yoga for the Soul or finding a type of meditation that starts with the basics and builds from there. For more information about Gyanpriya’s classes please call 954-604-7930. LHP For more information please contact, Kelly Doyle, dfp Pilates Studio, 954-648-5831,Galt Ocean Mile and Thermae 604, 954-604-7930, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale

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Legal Matters

Information on Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Surrogates

By Martin Zevin, Attorney

Many clients mistakenly believe that a Revocable Living Trust is only for the wealthy. The current Federal Estate Tax exclusion is $5,000,000.00. However, your decision as to whether to have a Simple Will or a Revocable Living Trust really has nothing to do with the Federal Estate Tax exemptions. The main purpose of a Revocable Living Trust is to avoid probate in Florida. If the only real estate you own is your home, your heirs would still greatly benefit from a Revocable Living Trust. Let us assume that you are married and you own your home jointly. You have two children and you want them to have your home when you both pass away. Your other assets include CD’s, a brokerage account and an IRA. Without a Revocable Living Trust, you could still avoid probate on all of your assets except your home. You would simply name your children as the contingent beneficiaries for your other assets. When you both pass away, your children would get those assets immediately by showing the death certificate and identification. However, the same is not true for your home. Without a Revocable Living Trust, your home would have to go into probate. Probate involves hiring a lawyer, approximately nine months in the court system, publication in the newspaper, costs and attorney’s fees amounting to several thousand dollars or more, depending on the value of your home. Your home would also be tied up in the probate process which would mean that your children would not be able to quickly sell it. If you want your children to have the least aggravation and eliminate

fees, costs and time, a Revocable Living Trust makes the most sense. At the time you sign the Trust, you would also sign a Quitclaim Deed whereby you transfer the property from your names individually to you as Trustees of your Trust. This does not change your ability to sell your home, get a mortgage or refinance. You continue to claim your homestead exemption. In fact, owning your home as Trustees of your Trust does not change anything except that when you both pass away, there will be no probate of your home. You should also consider having a Durable Power of Attorney to take care of your legal and financial affairs outside of your Trust. In addition, there is a document called a Designation of Health Care Surrogate which provides for making all medical decisions in the event of incapacity. The final document which most people already have is a Living Will. These documents are separate from a Revocable Living Trust. The Trust document is called revocable because you can change it or terminate it at any time during your life. If you wish to make changes, an amendment to the Trust is prepared. The original Trust document remains in effect except as to any amendments. This article summarizes the basic concepts involved in a Revocable Living Trust, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Surrogate. It is always important to speak to an attorney regarding your specific needs. LHP For further information, please call me at 954-569-4878 for a free consultation. We are located 3275 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 204, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442 (just East of Powerline Road). Our web site is and our e-mail address is

On-Line Marketing

Making the Most of Little Space

As the online medium continues to grow, the space we have to work with gets smaller and smaller. There are ads on every site we visit, every video we watch, all social channels and so on. The web is driven by content, so what content are you putting out there? If you are utilizing Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Google Network or Affiliates, how are you positioning yourself to convert that viewer in 7 seconds or less? Now, every marketer might not agree with me, but this is where I say INCENTIVIZE. Twitter allows 140 characters, Google Ads 25 characters for the title 70 characters, Facebook ads is 135 rumored to be moving to 95. So why not create an offer that gives them a reason to ‘Click Here?’ Don’t be afraid, it’s only discounting if you tell them too much.  For example, if I had an ad that was 50% off Logo Design, I wouldn’t say, Logo Design Now $175 from $350. That would comprise the integrity of our services. We’re not selling a mattress, or “slashing prices,” no offense to anyone reading that owns a mattress store and uses that approach, but that type of marketing is car stopping, not click through conversion.  Meaning, when I’m driving down Federal Highway thinking about how much I hate my 10 year old, stiff as a board mattress, and I pass a store that says 50% with huge red numbers everywhere, okay, I may pull over and see what all the fuss is about. When I’m perusing the internet, I’m usually doing research on something, even if it is a purchase.  Now, the web can be scammersville sometimes, so I might click on the ad that says 50% off, but you bet I am then going to that 54

Lighthouse Point Magazine |

By Jennifer M. Garcia

advertiser’s website, reading reviews and doing my homework. Why, Because I can.  All the information I need is at my fingertips.  Use your characters wisely. Position offers attractively, don’t look like a scammer. Be eloquent but inviting.  Include your phone number in all ads, this way if someone decides they’re interested, but calls instead of clicks, you just won yourself a free lead.  Create different campaigns for different sources. You have to know your audience, which I am sure you do, so think like them. Where are they searching, what other sites are they on, and what ads do they want to see when they’re on them? If you don’t have an offer at that time, or don’t believe in incentivizing then be specific and straight to the point. Larry Chase has good examples on his website, here’s a few: • Need to Invest in an IRA? Growth, income & balanced funds for 160+ years. No commissions. • Children’s Math Software — Get math up to speed with fun & easy to use software. Order today! Don’t try to paint a pretty picture, just be honest and instant. People don’t really believe you anyway, so stop trying to sell them and just tell them.  LHP For more information, please call 954-533-0283 or 954-547-2175, or email

Shopping Locally Creates More Jobs!

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• Located in Lighthouse Point area • Open 365 Days a Year • Professional On-Site Management • Clean and Secure • Hess Gas Station • Executive Office Suites • U-Haul Truck Specials • 24 Hour Digital Recording • Discounted Moving Supplies • Gated Access

$19 Price Guaranteed per mo

for 3 years

Air Conditioned Storage Limited Supply


6 Months Free Rent* Valet Moving Service Complimentary Move-In Truck**

New Rental Office Hours Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm Saturday - Sunday 8am - 5pm | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Cantankerously Yours

Confessions of a Lothario Wannabe By Wendell Abern

Dear Y Chromosomers, ‘Fess up, guys. We all imagine ourselves as great lovers; Romeos of Don Juan proportions. Well, I abandoned such fantasies long ago. In fact, given my history with women, I try to not even permit memories of past relationships creep into my consciousness. However, this is November. Alas! I confess that November always makes me think of Cindy Berman. 1 – Thanksgiving week, 1945. My brother and I had attended eleven different grammar schools in seven different cities before coming to Chicago. I was twelve. I walked into my first class—seventh grade—in my new school, looked around at all the strange faces, and fell in love. Dimples. Dimples! She had dark brown hair, combed neatly into a little flip at the bottom, all the way around, framing a face shaped like a valentine. And dimples! And chestnut brown eyes behind glasses that swept upward into points at the end. Cindy Berman. I learned her name later. In 1945, after attendance, the “new kids” were always asked to go to the front of the room and tell the class a little about themselves. I had done this so many times, I’d memorized a short little speech. However, Cindy was whispering to a friend. I had to get her attention! So I improvised. After rattling off the names of the towns we’d lived in, I said, “We have a dog. A girl dog. A Cocker Spaniel. Her name is Blondie. But we had a fight over her name. We got her in Omaha, just before we moved to Minneapolis, but my brother and I were both born in North Dakota, and I wanted to name her Fargo and he wanted to name her Bismarck, so I said we should just name her Peezalot, and then my parents got mad.” Most of the guys smirked or chuckled, Cindy wrinkled her nose in disgust and I was sent to the principal for using foul language—in those days a crime almost as heinous as chewing gum in class. 2 – The Sunday before Thanksgiving, 1948. Cindy Berman again. More beautiful than ever, and in my confirmation class at Temple Beth Am. I knew she had just broken up with Jerry Gordon (mediocre third baseman), so I decided it was time to make a move. The rabbi had asked our class to name some famous Jews in sports besides Hank Greenberg, and no one could come up with an answer. An idea occurred to me. No, I thought. Don’t say it. Don’tsayitdon’tsayitdon’tsayit, but I had to get Cindy’s attention, so I blurted out, “Jew Louis.” My friends laughed. Cindy grimaced and shot a deprecating look at the ceiling. The rabbi sent me to his office. I never make good impressions when I blurt. 3 – June, 1950. Her name, I learned from my teammates, was Maxine Klein. I had joined a softball team that had won the Windy City Championship the previous year. Great hitters on that team. In those days, there were few athletic teams for girls. Many of them would follow the guys’ teams and cheer them on. The better the team, the more girls it would attract. 56

Lighthouse Point Magazine |

My first year with the team, we led the league in extra base hits, home runs, runs batted in and paternity suits. Anyway, each game, I noticed one girl who always sat on the ground, covered in a blanket and surrounded by several friends. I thought she was gorgeous and whenever I looked at her, she smiled. The guys told me her name and said, “She always asks about you! She’s told us a thousand times, she wants you to ask her out!” So one day, before the game began, I walked over to her. She and her friends saw me coming. They all smiled. “Hi,” she said. “Hi,” I answered, demonstrating my ability for clever repartee. She smiled. “You’re cute,” she said, “but I don’t date center fielders.” Her friends giggled. “Hey! Sometimes I play shortstop.” She looked at her friends. They all smiled. She stood up. She literally towered over me. She was so tall I thought an eclipse had happened. She peered down at me. “So, sometimes-shortstop,” she said, “you gonna take me to the prom or what?” I looked up at her and couldn’t believe she was even more beautiful up close. And there is nothing more alluring to a short guy than a tall, beautiful woman. “Will you marry me?” I asked. Another blurt. She collapsed into her crowd of friends, laughing with them. I looked over at my friends, who were rolling around the lip of the infield, holding their sides. Some of them are still laughing. 4 – January, 2012. I had been married for 54 years, and a widower for a little more than two, when I went to a regional bridge tournament in Pompano Beach. I had been playing a lot of organized (or duplicate) bridge, and knew several of the players. But I had spotted a woman at one table I’d never seen before; she looked exactly like a sexy young art director I’d worked with decades ago. I had not really pursued women now that I’d reached my dotage, and this young lady—probably in her early forties— was clearly too young for me. However, I found her irresistible and initiated a conversation filled with thinlyveiled suggestions and not-too-subtle innuendoes. My partner, embarrassed, said, “C’mon, Wendell, she’s too young for you.” Keeping my lifelong streak alive, I turned to the young woman and said, “Okay, I know you’re a lot younger than I am, but I was kind of hoping you had daddy issues.” Another wonderful blurt. I played terrible bridge that day. * * * It’s November. And yes, I’m thinking of Cindy Berman. But no more gaffes with the opposite sex. In fact, since that tournament a year ago, all of my bridge partners are men.

Cantankerously Yours, Wendell Abern

Wendell Abern can be reached at dendyabern@comcast. net.

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Where can I get my jewelry appraised? at




& ENGRAVERS “One of the most recommended stores in Lighthouse Point.” Conveniently located in Beacon Light Shopping Center

2484 N. Federal Highway • Lighthouse Point, FL 954-942-9318 Monday-Friday 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Florida’s Finest Home Care, Inc. “Senior Care in the Comfort of Home”

Lighthouse Point’s Choice


Home Care • • • • •

Hourly Care Live in / Live Out Cooking Housekeeping Errands and Shopping • Respite Care • Transportation “Your loved one deserves the finest quality companion.”

Call Us Today



Present coupon at time of sale. Exp.11/30/13

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17th Annual Dunnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Run Continued from page 12


Lighthouse Point Magazine |

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S6 2 C : ? 8 . : D . H9 2 E . 4 @ ? ? 6 4 E D F D . E @ . @ ? 6 . 2 ? @ E 9 6 C . & . & . &

M6 E E 6 C . 9 6 2 C : ? 8 : D . @ F C . 4 @ ? 4 6 C ? &

%S   $Z OU IJ B  %  )FJ T F  "V  %



B Z OF "  )FJ T F  #$ )* 4





LHP MAG NOV 13 10/9/13 9:33 AM Page 60

d i ble Facts! e r c n I ■

■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■

Certain Chinese and American alligators can survive the winter by freezing their heads in ice, leaving their nose out to breath for months on end. Polar Bears are capable of jumping as high as 6 feet and can run as fast as 25mph. Sea Otters use so much energy that they need to eat as much as one-third of their weight each day. The ‘crosshairs’ of gun sights were made of spider web filaments until the 1960s. The sailfish, the swordfish and the mako shark have all been clocked at swimming over 50mph. Mosquitos are attracted most to the color blue. The male penguin incubates the single egg laid by his mate. During the two month period he does not eat, and will lose up to 40% of his body weight. Honeybees have hair on their eyes. The heart of a shrimp is located in its head. Over 10,000 birds a year die from smashing into windows. An adult lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away, and warns off intruders or reunites scattered members of the pride. The only continent without reptiles or snakes is Antarctica. Some frogs are able to be frozen and then thawed, and continue living.

Come to the Fair!

■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■

A group of herring is called a seige. A Holstein’s spots are like a fingerprint or snowflake. No two cows have exactly the same pattern of spots. Cats prefer to eat their food at 86º F, which is why they don’t immediately gulp down the half-eaten can of food from the refrigerator. A goldfish is the only animal that can see infrared and ultraviolet light. One in 5,000 North Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue. A snail can sleep for 3 years. A group of jelly fish is called a smack. The oceans contain 99 percent of the living space on the planet. The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene. There are 701 types of pure breed dogs. There are about 100 breeds of cats. A tiger’s paw prints are called pug marks. Over 100,000 birds, whales, seals and turtles worldwide are killed by plastic rubbish every year. Marine life, in particular turtles, is prone to mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish, ingesting them and dying of intestinal blockage.

Senior Shout Out!

By Emily Jancura

Fall is here! It’s time to start thinking about those decorations all boxed up neatly in the garage and think, just maybe, this will be the year I buy one of those nice smelly cinnamon brooms. This time of year brings such big decisions; from which holiday cards to send out to whether it’s time to replace the front door wreath. Fall gives everyone extra energy, so why not make the most of it? Take walks, work in the yard, and of course—Go to the fair! Right now there is a fair for every reason, mood, and age. There are family fairs with rides and roller coasters; like the Saint Coleman Italian Festival and the Saint Ambrose Carnival. And then there are quieter, more mature fairs that feature arts and crafts; like the Pompano Masters Art Festival, or the Deerfield Beach Festival. And if you like anything that has to do with boats and sea, you don’t want to miss the Pompano Beach Nautical Flea Market. Here you can find everything from fishing lures, to life vests and home décor. If you’re up for an evening of just relaxing with live music and friends, mark your calendars to see the Beach Boys Tribute Band. They’ll be at the Frank McDonough Park Saturday, November 2nd, at 6:30pm. The night is sure to be fun. Just bring your chairs, a blanket and maybe even a picnic basket. Or if you prefer to travel light, leave the food at home and pick your favorite food truck. Now the annual LHP Health Fair on November 9th is an informative, practical event you don’t want to miss if you have health care on your mind. This fair offers a great opportunity to 60

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chat with local physicians from internal medicine, ophthalmology, cardiology, and much more, all in a nice, informal setting—The LHP Fire Department. You can interview and learn about different health care providers’ right here in our own community. And even get free health services on the spot; like blood pressure checks, cholesterol and blood screening, 12 Lead EKG screening, and eye exams. Fall brings lots of fun, social activities. Most are free, and if there is an entrance fee it’s usually minimal. So why not take a break from your fall decorating, and go outside and get social! I hope to see you at the fair! LHP November 9th , 9am to 12pm: LHP Health Fair, LHP Fire Department, 3740 NE 22nd Ave., Lighthouse Point December 7th and 8th: Pompano Beach Masters Art Festival, 3412 E. Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach January 25th and 26th: Pompano Beach and LHP Nautical Flea Market, 830 NE 18th Ave., Pompano Beach For more complete listing of events try www.lighthouse or This article is brought to you by Emily Jancura owner of Florida’s Finest Home Care for seniors. If you, or your loved one, is in need of a compassionate, well-matched Senior Companion, please call Florida’s Finest Home Care at 561-929-0123.

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Authorized Dealer for:

“From Bottoms to Repower, WE DO IT ALL”

Full Service On-Water Facility Dockside Service & Repair ● Fuel & Dockage ● 50-Ton Marine Travelift ● Sales/Brokerage ● We Buy Boats ●

9 5 4 - 5 6 7 - B O AT 800 S. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach ■

VISIT OUR NE Gas/Die W Fuel Do sel ck | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Cookin’ With The Community

We encourage those who can perform magic in their kitchens to submit favorite creations that can be enjoyed by readers of our magazine. To submit your recipe, please email us at: and type “RECIPE” in the subject line.

Date, Walnut and Bleu Cheese Ball

I found this in Cooking Light magazine. It certainly is a huge hit! Ingredients: • 1 C (4 oz) crumbled bleu cheese • 1 Tbsp nonfat buttermilk • 8 oz lowfat cream cheese, softened • 3 Tbsp minced and pitted Medjool dates (about 3 dates) • 1 Tbsp minced shallots • 1/2 Tsp grated lemon rind • 1/4 Tsp kosher salt • 1/4 Tsp black pepper • 1/4 Cup minced, fresh, flat-leaf parsley • 2 1/2 Tbsp finely chopped walnuts, toasted Method: Place first 3 ingredients in a large bowl; beat with a mixer at medium speed 2 minutes or until smooth and creamy. Add dates, shallots, lemon rind, salt and pepper; beat at medium speed until well blended, scraping sides of bowl as necessary. Spoon cheese mixture onto a large sheet of plastic wrap. Form into a ball using a rubber spatula. Wrap cheese ball in plastic wrap; chill overnight or 4 hours if making the day of. Combine parsley and walnuts in a shallow dish. Unwrap cheese ball; gently roll in nut mixture, coating well. Place on a serving plate; serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Coconut Macadamia Crusted Halibut This was so easy and tasty. You can make it with fully cooked frozen sausage and any vegetables you have in your kitchen! Serves 2 Ingredients: • 2 Halibut filets (or other mild white fish) cut 1" thick • Juice of 1 lime • Kosher salt • Fresh ground black pepper • 1 Tbsp melted margarine • 1/2 Cup macadamia coconut nut crusters (available at Whole Foods in the seafood section) Method: Marinate fish fillets in lime juice, kosher salt and black pepper for 1 hour. Preheat oven to 350°. Baste both sides of each filet in margarine, and coat each side in coconut macadamia nut mix. Press into fish so it doesn’t fall off. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, flipping once.



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Lighthouse Point resident, Courtney Stephens, shares some of her favorite recipes. You can find all of these and many more recipes on her blog at

Cauliflower and Sprouts O’Gratin with Bacon Serves 10-12 as a side dish. Ingredients: • 1 1/2 Lbs brussel sprouts, trimmed and quartered lengthwise through core • 1 1/2 Lb head of cauliflower, trimmed and cut into small florets • 2 3/4 Cup heavy whipping cream • 1/2 Cup chopped shallots • 1 Tbsp fresh chopped sage • 6 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled • 1 1/2 Tbsp olive oil • 1/2 Cup plain breadcrumbs • 1/2 Cup pine nuts, chopped and toasted • 2 Tbsp fresh chopped italian parsley • 1 1/2 Cups fresh grated parmesan cheese • 1 1/2 Cups fresh grated romano cheese Method: Preheat oven to 375°. Wash and trim sprouts and cauliflower. Place vegetables in a buttered 9x13" dish. Set aside. Combine cream, shallots, and sage in a saucepan. Boil, then reduce heat and simmer until mixture is slightly reduced, about 10 minutes. Set aside. Heat oil in large non-stick skillet over med heat. Add breadcrumbs; stir until slightly brown, about 5 minutes. Transfer to bowl and cool. Toss with pinenuts, parsley and bacon. Sprinkle vegetables with salt and pepper, then pour the cream mixture evenly over veggies. Add romano and parmesan cheese. Cover with foil and bake for 35 minutes. Uncover, top with breadcrumb mixture, bake uncovered 10-15 minutes.

Quick and Easy Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries Ingredients: • 2 Large sweet potatoes • 1 Tsp garlic powder • 2 Tbsp coconut oil, melted • 1 Tsp salt • 1/4 Cup grated parmesan cheese • 1 Tsp pepper Method: Preheat the oven to 450°. Place a large non-stick pan or cookie sheet in the oven to get hot. Peel the potatoes and slice into large “fries” or wedges. Try to keep all slices about the same length/width so they cook the same. Toss with coconut oil, cheese and seasonings, and spread out on the hot pan. Cook for 15 minutes, then turn all fries over and cook an additional 15 minutes. Serve alone or with ketchup, or your favorite dipping sauce.

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954.946.8200 • Tuesday thru Friday 10am to 6pm • Saturday 10am to 5pm 1809 NE 24th Street Lighthouse Point, FL

$49 1 Hour Soothing Massage $25 pedicure • $14 manicure

$69 Age Defying Facial | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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John Offerdahl is…

The Gridiron Griller When I came into the NFL in 1986, I had the privilege of playing with Bob Brudzinski, a linebacker from the “Killer B” defense that helped propel the Dolphins to two Super Bowls. Bob became a trusted mentor who led by example on and off the field. When he retired he channeled his hard-hitting work ethic into opening a chain of sports bars called Bru’s Room. His entrance into the restaurant business was an encouragement to me when I started my own restaurants. Now, he continues to spur me on with his participation in my Gridiron Grill Off, a food, wine and tailgate festival that raises money for charity. Our family’s favorite wings on the planet are Bru’s Triple Threat Wings, which we take out for every Dolphin away game. Now you can make them yourselves with Bob’s recipe. Short on time? Call ahead!

John Offerdahl, Chef Jimmy Dean of Bokamper’s Sports Bar & Grill with Kim Bokamper.

Bru’s “Triple Threat” Wings READY…Line up your ingredients Hot Sauce:

2 C Bru’s Sweet & Tangy Sauce

3 1/2 c BBQ sauce

Chicken Wings:

10 wings

2 t minced garlic

3/4 c hot sauce

PREP…Prepare Your Entreé, Rubs, Dressings & Sauces… Hot Sauce: Mix ingredients Chicken Wings: Cook wings in a deep fryer with vegetable oil, heated to 350° for 10 minutes. Remove wings from fryer and place in a large bowl. Toss wings with 3 oz. Triple Threat Sauce and coat thoroughly. LET’S GRILL…Take it to the Grill… Preheat the grill to 400 (Medium High) and consistently toss the wings until crisp to ensure they don’t burn. Remove wings from grill and place in basket. Sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of minced garlic and serve. Recommended wine pairing… Drifter Pale Ale Beer JOHNNY SAYS… “A Dolphin defense was a double threat with the Killer B’s, but nothing beats the Triple Threat Wings at Bru’s!”

John Offerdahl’s Broward Health Gridiron Grill-Off Food, Wine & Tailgate Festival Country Artist Lee Brice performance 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm • Saturday, November 9 Pompano Beach Amphitheater & Park • 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm For info & tickets go to


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Shopping Locally Creates More Jobs!

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Cucina di Verona Authentic Northern Italian Cuisine

Private Chef Maria from Verona,Italy

Private Parties Sit Down Dinners Regional Recipes Make Your Next “Get Together” A Memorable Event For details call



11/30/13. | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Florida Spor t Fishing

Freedom Of Choice

Custom Built Or Off The Rack, What’s The Right Rod For You? By Capt. Mike Genoun

If you are in the market for a new rod, or set of new rods than you know the decision over custom built or off the rack is one that we all face. Truth is, both options have pros and cons.

Custom-built rods offer three main advantages, functionality, fit and finish. Functionality is exactly how and where you intend to use the rod. Custom built rods can be designed technique specific starting with blank construction, to length, taper and action, to guides, grips and reel seats. If you’re anywhere near as serious as we are, before making a final purchasing decision ask yourself what species and size fish you intend to target? What type and size of live or artificial baits do you intend to fish? Do you need a soft tip, plenty of backbone, or both? Is sensitivity or weight a serious concern? Answering these questions will help a custom rod builder design the perfect tool for the desired application. Here is a perfect example. I recently had Chaos Rods ( custom build me a pair of 8 ft. snapper/grouper sticks specifically suited for fishing the Dry Tortugas. I wanted a little extra length for underhand casting and for keeping my fragile monofilament away from the jagged hull of the aluminum headboat I regularly fish. While I also requested enough backbone to beat big black grouper, a sensitive tip was key for allowing me to keep in touch with my bait in deep water with stiff currents. However my biggest concern was overall weight, as I would be standing at the rail for extended periods without a break from the action. I requested a maximum weight limit of 16 ounces, a tall order to fill for a beefy 8 ft conventional rod. After sampling multiple 66

blanks, we selected a pair of 30-50 lb. graphite blanks and combined them with ultra lightweight titanium guides and the lightest components available. Coming in at 15.9 ounces with the precise strength and sensitivity I was hoping for, it would have been impossible for me to find a mass produced rod with the same characteristics. Fit is another major benefit to custom built rods. Anglers of all ages vary greatly in size and reach so no; one size rod does

Custom built rods provide the perfect balance of functionality, fit and finish.

not fit all. With a custom built rod designed specifically for the intended user you can select butt and foregrip length, a range of grip materials and dimensions to accommodate large or small hands and of course, the action and overall length and weight of the rod. It’s possible you only have so much room to work with under your hardtop or in a horizontal rod holder. Plus, a small statured female or child will be much more comfortable and successful fishing with a shorter butt rod. Mass produced rods are typically made for the masses so their specifications are designed around the average angler, all of which provide reasonable performance. However, those who demand more usually turn to

Lighthouse Point Magazine |

custom rod builders for the style of fishing they prefer and the performance they demand. The final factor is finish. Custom built rods look great and can be fabricated in any theme with an unlimited number of colors, wrap designs and materials like abalone shell or metallic film to match your boat, to match an existing set of rods, or simply to match your favorite species. Patriotic or lucky symbols…fish decals… boat names…angler names…nearly anything can be portrayed on a custom built rod. Along with these key benefits there are however a couple of downsides. Custombuilt rods require your initial input and time to build, usually one to four weeks depending on specifics so if you need a replacement rod for Saturday’s trip with the guys, you better head over to your local tackle shop and grab something off a rack. Additionally, anything custom often comes with an inflated retail price, which is fair considering this is not a mass produced product made in Taiwan. A custom built rod is typically a high quality product hand crafted locally specifically for you. And just so you know; many high quality off-the-rack rods retail for just as much and sometimes more than custom-built rods so don’t make any decisions without due diligence. LHP For more tips, tricks, tactics and techniques, visit Like Us on Facebook. Watch Us:

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Identity Theft

November is a Time to Remember: Turn Back Clocks, Replace Smoke Detector Batteries & Reset Passwords!

By Denise Richardson

How secure are your passwords?

If you are like most computer users, not secure enough. If you use an easy-to-guess password, criminals can easily find their way to your banking records, email accounts and computer files. Keep your personal information private by choosing the right password. Your house key is one of the most important possessions you will ever own. That key gives you access to your home while keeping intruders out. A password is the electronic version of a key. It gives you access to your banking records and e-mail accounts online while keeping your information safe from criminals and hackers. Just as you protect your house key, you need to protect your password. Start by choosing the right word.

Don’t Get Personal

You might be tempted to use your personal information— your address, pet’s name, telephone number, or birthday— as your password. You might forget a complicated string of letters, but you will always remember your cell phone number. Unfortunately, criminals can also easily guess your address, telephone number, and birthday. So don’t honor Fido by naming your password after him; aim to create a password so complex, even your own mother wouldn’t guess it.

The Longer, the Better

Many sites and systems require passwords to be at least eight characters long - but that doesn’t mean your password should be that short. When it comes to passwords, the longer the better. Consider using a pass phrase—consisting of several words or even a complete sentence—to make it difficult for criminals to crack into your online accounts. Pass phrases are easy for you to remember but hard for criminals to guess.

Don’t Just Use Letters

Keyboards have many keys beyond the alphabet ones in the middle, so try to use them all. The “Shift” key is invaluable in creating passwords; instead of capitalizing the first letter of each word in your pass phrase, capitalize the last. Mathematical symbols, quotation marks and square brackets are rarely used in passwords—making them the ideal symbols to include in your password. And consider misspelling words or inserting numbers into words—“apllE” instead of “apple” or “co0ki3” instead of “cookie.” A short password made up of a variety of symbols is very secure. If your pass phrase includes only letters, it needs to be long to afford you the same protection.

Don’t Rely on Memory Alone

Many people use simple and easy-to-guess passwords because they are afraid of forgetting a complicated string of letters and numbers. Writing down and storing all of your

passwords is a good idea. Just remember to keep your passwords in a safe location—and not on a slip of paper taped to your computer monitor. Hide your list of passwords in a safe in your closet, in a locked drawer in your desk, or even in a box under your bed. Never save your pass phrases in a file on your computer or on an online storage site. This is the first place criminals look when searching for passwords— don’t give them easy access to your personal information.

Treat Your Passwords like Batteries in Smoke Detectors That is, you should change both often and regularly. Criminals will have a hard enough time guessing your complex password; if you change your password regularly, they might never break into your online accounts. If you have a long, complex password, change it monthly. Change your short passwords every week.

Variety is Key

Never use the same password for all of your accounts. Remembering 20 different passwords might be hard, but those 20 passwords safeguard your life savings, your credit rating, and your online identity. If a criminal guesses one of your passwords, he can access your e-mail or your eBay account. But he can’t gain entry into your other 19 passwordprotected accounts.

Keep Your Password Private

The best password in the world is useless if a criminal can see you typing it into the computer. Never enter a password into a public computer; it could be infected with software that records your keystrokes. A criminal can see every letter and number you type, capturing your passwords and other sensitive information. Leave the public computers for random Internet browsing, and do your online banking at home. And never reveal your password to anyone, either in person or online. Banks, credit card companies, and e-mail providers will never send out e-mails asking you to click on a link and enter your password. This is a phishing scheme; criminals send out spoof e-mails, create phony links, and then capture the passwords unsuspecting people enter onto the fake site. The criminal will then enter your account using your password. To avoid all phishing schemes, only enter your password on your bank’s or e-mail provider’s website. The ideal password needs to be easy enough for you to remember but hard enough to stump a criminal trying to decipher it. No password is 100 percent safe—if criminals can hack into the most sophisticated computer systems in the world, they can guess a single password. But by creating a complex password—complete with numbers, symbols, and uppercase letters—you can foil any would-be cyber criminals and keep your information safe. LHP For additional information email me at DeniseRichardson (at) | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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License # CFC1426002

3981 SW 12 Court, Suite A Ft. Laud., FL 33312 Office 954-791-2327 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax 954-584-4866 68

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Shopping Locally Creates More Jobs!

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Toys in the Sink IN-YOUR-HOME Dog Grooming for small and “toy” breeds



561-316-TOYS (8697) Fully Insured Professional, Gentle & Caring





Lessons from “Save for Retirement Week”

Extend the Life of Your A/C System With Preventive Maintenance

We Install All Brands FREE ESTIMATES On All Replacements

Inquire about our plan.



With any new A/C installation. With mention of this ad. Exp. 11-30-13




Shopping Locally Makes More Cents!

Congress has designated the third week in October as National Save for Retirement Week — which means it’s a good time to think about your own retirement savings strategies. To help boost your prospects for a comfortable retirement, consider these suggestions: First, envision your retirement goals and estimate their costs. Knowing how much you’ll need to accumulate can help you develop appropriate investment strategies. And, of course, contribute as much as you can afford to your IRA and your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan. Within these retirement accounts, consider putting appropriate amounts in growthoriented vehicles. You’ll also need to review your progress toward your retirement goals. If your portfolio is underperforming, you may need to make some changes. And, in the years immediately preceding your retirement, you may want to shift some dollars into income-producing investments. National Save for Retirement Week comes just once a year. Take its message to heart.


Robert Friedman, AAMS 1827 NE 24th Street Lighthouse Point FL 33064 MEMBER SIPC | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hey Kids! Born in December—Send us your photos before November 6th! Include your name and birthdate and Email: and type “Lighthouse Point Birthday” in the Subject Line, or mail to: City News Group, LHP Birthday, 3467 17th Terrace, Oakland Park, FL 33309




SHOW THDAY KI Y RECE OUR PHOT DS! IVE YO O UR O AND FREE Y OGUR WN AT M T 2488 ENCHIE’ N. Fe S!!! d e Light house ral Hwy. Point

Makena turned 11 on August 21

Connor turned 1 on October 9


Julian Martin


turned 7 on October 26

turned 6 on October 28

Lighthouse Point Magazine |

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Loving Pet Birthday Gallery Sponsored by Local Restaurant NAUTI DAWG MARINA CAFE

Send us your pet photos before November 6th! Include the pet’s name and age and Email to: Please type “Lighthouse Point Pet Birthday” in the Subject Line, or mail to: City News Group, LHP Birthday • 3467 17th Terrace • Oakland Park, FL 33309

Athena Arrien

Atos Arrien


turned 4 on February 3

turned 8 on April 5

turned 13 on October 1

Zoey turned 4 on October 1

Peanut turned 6 on October 8

Buddy turned 13 on October 13

Bowden turned 2 on October 19

Dexter turned 4 on October 31 | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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Life’s Journey Faith

By Reverend Jack Noble

No, I’ve not ever made any attempts to walk on water, and do not expect to feel the urge to do so any time soon. Furthermore, I am not at certain that would exhibit any particular kind of faith required in my daily living. That’s not to say that in extraordinary circumstances some such faith might not be called for. But for most of us, faith is a much more intimate and immediate matter.  I am coming more and more to see that what is required of us, in the normal run of things, is the necessity of having faith in ourselves, remembering all the knowledge that has been stored-up across the years, deep inside our soul.  To be certain, there are those moments in which we cannot see our way clear to our truth—moments of horrific darkness and uncertainty. It is the grossest sort of understatement to say that life can be difficult.  These are the moments about which I am talking that require REAL faith. The faith I am referring to is the kind that requires the lighting of the lone candle when we feel jettisoned into outer space. The faith I am talking about is the kind that believes there to be an invisible net stretched beneath us as we stumble along. Faith is that what carries us through those patches of temporary amnesia. Faith is simply believing, without any tangible proof— even though truth is sometimes eclipsed at times, but it doesn’t last forever! We see faith every day, every day. Faith is what we see carrying-along the single mother of two who, in the months after her painful divorce, could not recall how it felt to experience joy. Faith is what kept a well-to-do man going after loosing every tangible thing in life to a factory fire. Faith is what keeps a woman grounded after taking a new job in a new city thousands of miles away from her network of family and friends. That’s what I am calling faith. Faith is the means by which we remember

our capacity to experience wholeness during those times when wholeness seems forever lost. There are myriad ways to restore our faith during the dark and hazy moments when the light appears too dim, and the truth so hidden we despair of ever finding it again. Here are a couple of things that come to mind: The most obvious, I suppose, is to surround ourselves with people who know us, who love us, and who believe in us. We can touch base with them and ask them to remind us of our truth. Often they are able to spark in us a faith that has grown weak. Another way to keep faith alive is through what I call the touchstones. These are the things we have collected across the years that connect us to the sources of our faith. For me its my Bible, wise sayings, affirmations, journals, photos, symbols—things that bring me to that place inside that is connected to God. They are the things that remind me of who and what I am. Faith can also be re-figured by engaging is those activities that centers us. For me its prayer, meditating, remembering to breathe, reading, serving others, turning OFF the television, radio and stereo.  These activities can snatch me out of my amnesia.  I ask the simple question: what gives you spiritual energy? What acts as your life-preserver? What pulls you in when you are sinking? What holds you up when every other force is seeking to pull you down? You alone know what it is that reconnects you with your truth, with your essence. Find it. Treasure it. Hold it close. Draw strength from it in those moments when you have lost your way.  And finally— remember to live with thanksgiving for all the blessings of your life! LHP

Al ’s Co r n e r

New Jersey Boardwalk Fire

The September fire that burned several businesses on the New Jersey boardwalk was determined to be caused by an electrical defect according to fire officials that investigated the incident. It was determined that the fire started under a wooden floor in a store selling ice cream and candy. Apparently, during the flood there was salt water flooding and sand intrusion into the junction boxes that degraded the splices in the wiring and caused the fire to occur. The result of the fire destroyed fifty businesses in two towns. According to the articles I read, there is 15 million dollars of Hurricane Sandy money available to help rebuild the businesses and 5 million available for clean up. The article does not include any information on the loss of income from the businesses that were affected or the economic impact on the area. All that was mentioned was that a lot of construction jobs were expected to be created as a result. In my opinion, this incident could have been prevented from happening. The Cities should have required electrical inspections on all of the properties that were affected by the flooding before the businesses were allowed to reopen. In South Florida we also need to be careful of salt water intrusion into electrical junction boxes. One area we see a lot of problems is dock wiring. Too many times we are called to trouble shoot power and lighting problems on docks. The problem is usually found in a junction box under 72

Lighthouse Point Magazine |

By Al Siefert

the dock that has been submerged in water. This will happen when we have unusually high tides. Once the salt water gets into the splices, it will begin a corrosion process that will eventually need to be repaired. Due to the occurrence of new higher tides, we are making all of our splices above the new high water level at peak tides to assure that the splices do not get wet. We are also encouraging property owners to raise their dock power pedestals so they are not sitting in water at high tide. Salt water is corrosive and will affect most metals including copper. When mixed with electric it will cause electrolysis that will create a current in the water that will allow electricity to deteriorate any metal in the water near the source of the power leak. One example of this is when the zincs on your boat do not last and need to be replaced often. If this is happening you may want to check your dock power, but remember the electrolysis could also be coming from your neighbors dock. LHP Al is a State Licensed Electrical Contractor and owner of Al Siefert Electric. The articles he writes are about items of interest and questions from his customers. Please call Al if you have questions concerning electric service, installation and repair. For further information, please call (954) 493-9411

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Au to Ch at How Do You Choose the Best Car For Yourself? By Jay Ghanem

So, you are in the market for a new vehicle and have not decided on a specific one. With over 250 new models rolling out, choosing a vehicle can be overwhelming. Here is a simplified version where you can decide on the size of the car and of course, you will need to check on the payment plan (pay in full, lease with option to buy, or just opt to get a used car). The questions to ask yourself are whether you need an all wheel drive; cargo capacity; towing capacity; sports car, economy or luxury car, and of course, the size of the car. Here is a list of the different cars styles with the recommended “Auto Tech and Body’s Best” vehicles. Coupe/Convertible: If you want a car that makes a statement about you, coupes and convertibles are typically the most expressive designs, but restricted access to the back seat you may consider the 2013 Mazda Miata, 2013 Chevy Camaro, 2013 Porsche Boxster, or 2014 Chevy Corvette. Sedan: If there are kids in the picture, or in the near-future plan, four doors are a likely requirement. We highly recommend the 2013 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 Ford Fiesta, 2013 Jaguar XF, or 2013 Mercedes E Class. Now, if you are environmentally conscious and don’t mind the extra cost, then we highly

recommend the Hybrid car. Hybrids tend to use less fuel around town, when low speeds and frequent braking keep them running on battery power longer. We recommend the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid, the 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid, or the 2013 Lexus RX Hybrid. SUV: Seats 4-5 adults comfortably. The higher seating position of a crossover, or SUV is something many people enjoy, for its increased visibility and for the ease of entry and exit as the seat is at a more natural height. But keep in mind that height adds weight, and weight diminishes fuel economy and stability. Consider the 2013 Subaru Outback, the 2013 Acura TSX, or the 2013 Toyota Pruis. Van/ Minivan: Those with large families find the vans very practical. It seats 5-7 adults. The new styles are elegant and drive beautifully. We recommend the 2013 Honda Odessey, 2013 Chrysler Town and County, 2014 Acura MDX, or the 2013 Infiniti JX. Happy Car Shopping! LHP Jay Ghanem is the President of AUTO TECH AND BODY, INC., 429 N. Dixie Hwy in Pompano Beach, FL 33060. For further information, please call 954-946-9730 | Lighthouse Point Magazine


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SUBARU 909 South Federal Highway â&#x20AC;˘ Pompano Beach Between Commer Commercial cial and Atlantic Boulevards

888.861.0986 888.86 1.0986

LHP MAG NOV 13 10/9/13 9:34 AM Page 75


(954) 784-6703

Stunning Coastal Contemporary point lot featuring 190’ of deepwater dockage on the North Grand Canal within one block of the Intracoastal. Downstairs master suite with panoramic water views. Totally renovated. 4-bedrooms plus office, 4 ½-baths. A wonderful home. $2,345,000.

Expansive and beautiful 5-bedroom, 4 ½-bath home on a deep lot with 100' of waterfront. Waterfront balcony the entire length of second floor and large covered porch and open patio in spacious waterfront yard. Close to inlet. Circular drive and 3-car garage. $1,749,000.

Unique deep water home on ½ acre - one of the largest homesites in Lighthouse Point. Completely reconstructed in 2012, this home has ample room for a big family plus an inlaw/guest suite with kitchenette. 6bedrooms, 4 ½-baths. The finest finishes throughout. $1,995,000.

Spacious 3-bedroom, 2-bath home located in the heart of desirable Lighthouse Point. Split bedroom plan with large master bedroom and guest bedrooms. Open living spaces with ceramic tile floors throughout the house. Screened-in porch and a big, fenced yard. $369,000.

Direct Intracoastal views from this lovely first floor 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit. Offered fully furnished. Updated kitchen has been opened up to the living areas. The beach is 2 blocks away! Well managed and maintained, low fees - no land or rec fees. The perfect location! $299,000.

Panoramic views of the Intracoastal Waterway from this 4-bedroom, 3 ½bath home in the “Marina” section of Lighthouse Point. Open and bright floor plan. Very rare direct Intracoastal home with a southern exposure and Lighthouse view too! $1,550,000.

Great duplex in Lighthouse Point! One unit is a 2-bedroom, 2-bath and the other is a 1-bedroom, 1-bath. East of Federal Highway (US1) and close to everything. Newer central A/C. $299,000.

Enjoy breathtaking Intracoastal views from this 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit. Like having your own waterfront villa! Tasteful updating throughout. Living areas open to a porch the width of the unit. Offered beautifully furnished. Small complex-private home feel. $329,000.

Broward County’s #1 Sales Team! Over $66 Million in sales so far this year!

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It’s unique. It’s prestigious. It’s closer than you think.

Ceylan Grosso

Philip A. Franchina

Marketing/ Event Coordinator

Your turn to feel it.

General Sales Manager 20 Year Lighthouse Point Resident

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